Part 1: She Knows He Knows

He touched her finger that was still pointed at his chest, "Still manage to scare the day out of me, I see." She smiled. Too sweetly. "Are you trying to get us killed? Not a good day to die, you say?".

How To Cross Road In Margonda

Somebody should publish this kind of booklet long before I even got enrolled in University of Indonesia. Duh! 1. If there's eventually a traffic light for passerby, please DO pay attention. It's not there for decoration purpose (only).

Dream High

Once upon a time, in one particular high school, lived one particular girl student. Let's call her Suzy. Not only that she got the looks, she also had the wealth and singing talent and lots of antis. All things other girls could only imagine.

Story From Far Java

On my last visit to Jogja (seriously this city has something captivating), I happened to visit Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat and Kraton Surakarta in one-day-trip to Solo.

Letting Go

The big question of letting go bugged my mind around these last couple of months. Some things.. are they worth to keep, or should I let them go. Think I'm pretty good of letting things go, but when inputs and comments started to coming in, I'd have to reconsider my decision.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Unsure state

Sebenernya mulai berpikir hal beginian sejak ada usulan mencantumkan gambar penunjuk jalan sebagai cover depan Buku Angkatan Fasilkom 2002. Penunjuk jalan yang menjadi simbolisme pilihan yang akan diambil selepasnya kita dari bangku kuliah. Apakah bakal ngelanjutin S2, langsung melamar pekerjaan, atau menikah? =P

Alhasil, I stumbled upon so many scholarship sites, mulai dari Erasmus Mundus, DAAD, Fulbright - AMINEF, dll... and somehow at one point I thought, "What the hell am I doing?"

Oh my God, I'm not sure about my future =(

I'm not sure about what kind of job I would like to do. Heck, I'm not even sure what kind of field I would pretty much enjoyed to surf in.

Aaaaargh.... what have I done in the last four years in this %$%#$%&% faculty???

Back when I was just a highschool student, I was so damn sure where and what is the next step I'd like to take (ALERT: grammar confuse!!)... entah itu melanjutkan ke SMU mana and universitas mana...

But then, after all those struggling and pencarian jati diri yang agak-agak payah dari seorang Maya -_-#, it's seems that I've been doing this whole brown motions and ended up in a null state. Damn it!

Last Christmas eve, I was asked by one of my uncle about my next plan. And all I could do was smile politely and said that I was in the middle of searching for vacancies and scholarships. Yeah right!

I'm panic, for telling you the truth...

And I'm thinking of doing some business on my own. However, the idea is totally humorous and just for fun thingy. I don't think it will actually be implemented in such way. Masalahnya, kalo mikirin tu prospek usaha I'll feel somewhat cheerie and whole ideas (and the passion) spontaneously come up... just like that!

I luv it when my creativity and niat and semangat untuk melakukan sesuatu tu muncul, which is a rare phenomenon -_-# Mein Gott!!!

Then still, the big Q... what the heck am I going to do with my future?

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas here I come

Nyooong >_<

Happy happy Christmas everybody!

May this year will be filled with laughter and joy instead of some crazy assholes bombing everywhere...

Wawawawawa... pengen belanja buat Natal.. Since selama 20 tahun gue hidup di dunia ini, ngga pernah ngerasain belanja khusus Christmas (-_-#) jadinya tahun ini ingin berbelanja...

What exactly do I look for in this time shopping?? Well, first, gue pengen merasakan jalan2 di area perbelanjaan yang penuh dengan suasana Natal, dekorasi Natal, dan lagu-lagu natal...wawawawawa...

Lebih bagus lagi kalo ada saljunya >_< Wawawawawa...

And second, I dunno, I just wanna have fun, I guess =) Berhubung tahun ini (lagi-lagi) ngga bisa balik, sigh, akhirnya saya terpaksa menghibur diri dengan coklat, nastar dan baju baru, wakakakaka...

And so this is Christmas...
And what have you done?
Another year over
A new one just begun...

Monday, December 19, 2005

Against all Odds

Lagi pengen ngebakar lagu2 ke VCD, and I'm pretty much confused about what exactly will I put on that one CD.. I'm planning to give it to my beloved cousin =D

So far it's up to 170 MB and ... err... after I put those Harry Potter OST (both 3 and 4) and the GIE OST, it's still spare an empty space.. -sigh-

The Chronicles of Narnia

Fine, fine, lemme just list the bad things about this movie...

  • Some scenes are just too obvious showing that the background is a fake one

  • Special effect is not as good as LOTR or HP --> according to my humble opinion though

But, despite the major failures mentioned aboved, I think Narnia is a pretty heart-warming movie, ESPECIALLY if you didn't read the Book at the first place (thank God I didn't). I liked the ending, it somehow filled me up with excitement seeing the four of them being grown up after all these years =D and then it turned out that...

Yeah, well, I'm looking forward for the next movie of Narnia, then.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Rapid growth

Duu... baru saja menonton film Indonesia berjudul Lovely Luna, yang sangat murni dipilih berdasarkan tampang pemainnya yakni Herjunot Ali =P Sungguh, that movie was suppose to be called Lovely Desta instead of Luna..

Belakangan gue beli 11 judul film Indonesia, murni gara2 sepupu gue minta dibeliin, dan sayang sekali, saudara-saudara.. sebab film2 yang dia minta semuanya belum terbit =D

Ada ngga seh yang jualan film Indonesia bajakan? Ngga ada kan ya??

Duuuh, lagi2 kesasar dan stuck di deviant... sedang tergila-gila dengan yang namanya heise
Anjrit, cara pewarnaan skinnya keren banget... huhuhu...

Daaaan... tadi baru saja menonton FF VII - Children Advent (ok, rada basi) tapi graphicnya sangat-sangat-sangat 'parah' as in 'sinting'... giling, they could possibly draw a human skin so damn close to the original one... Too bad the fight scene was always a bit too fast I could just skipped that part away =D

Friday, December 2, 2005

Malam-malam sepi

Ku sendiri di lab lagi... lalalalala, lagi nungguin anak-anak Telematika selese kuliah jam 9 malam >_< jadi laper..

Anyway, tadi barusan nonton Behind the Scene of HP4, and you could call me freak but I enjoy the scene where Tom Felton was flirting with that Watson babe =D

Gosh, it was really refreshing my day (or.. err, night?) since I could see them both interacted with each other, exactly in one frame =D Gyuuu, seandainya shipper gue menjelma menjadi kenyataan =D

Long live Draco-Hermione!!! =D

Trus, kemaren ada kejadian rada bego, jadi yaa... ada yang namanya de-javu tapi terbalik yang terjadi pada gue.
Perhatikan ini: (btw, semua based on my lousy memory, so don't count on the exactness --> is this even a word??)

A: Gue ngga berani ah!
Gue: Elaaaah, sms doaaaang??? Udah gue kasih alasan yang bagus juga..
A: Ntar kalo dia ngga bales gimana??
Gue: Ya nasib lu..
A: Tapi, ntar dia mikir macem2 lagi..
Gue: ...

Dan bandingkan dengan yang ini:

Gue: Tau ngga, sebenernya sekarang ada seseorang yang pengen gue YM-in =D
B: So?
Gue: Tapi gue jiper =P
B: Elah, YM doang! Tinggal buzz sekali trus tinggalin windownya
Gue: Dududu....
B: Jangan pake mikir!
Gue: Dududu...

Moral of the story

You may as well as to figure it out yourself =D

Thursday, December 1, 2005

At last... Harry Potter 4 - My Take

Kemaren berhubung jadwal ngajar saya berkurang drastis dari yang seharusnya 1 1/2 jam jadi hanya 45 menit, timbullah niat nekat ngabur ke PIM 21 (which is exactly my place of tutoring, mind you) untuk menonton my dearest beloved Harry Potter series.

It's a bit annoying since I could be considered as the early people who knew that there will be Harry potter 4 coming soon in the theater yet I was kinda the last people to watch it. Hate it! Ugh, damn schedule and money!


Setelah gamang sekitar 2 menit di depan loket, akhirnya saya membeli satu tiket yang sedianya bakal mulai 5 menit lagi dan berlarilah saya dengan paniknya ke dalem theater 2, dan JRENG JRENG... koq sepi ya??? Ternyata jamnya salah -_-#

Duuuh... you wouldn't believe it, but I actually shed my tears in the early scene, yang pas Hermione ngebangunin Harry n Ron, and he cover himself up =D I'm so touch >_< Have been waiting for this movie for such an entire two years and then again, the movie was not dissapointing me...

It was great show, no annoying screaming children, no bloody spoiler(s), no kissing couple sat mext to me... aaah, suasana menonton yang menyenangkaaaan...

Anyway, the movie was great, amazing, the best adaptation of the book.

Spare me, I know there's no SPEW scene, elves scene, Narcissa Malfoy scene, Ludo Bagman scene, not even any Draco-Hermione captured in the same frame (since I'm such lunatic when it come to both of them =P) but it was great nonetheless.

My fave was when Harry in the prefect bathroom =D
Couldn't stop laughing out loud when seeing that one =D

Lanjutin lagi

That particular scene pretty much assure that Harry Potter from now on is no longer balita's material. So please stop taking your young children to the theater to watch anymore Harry Potter series! Please! >_<

Harry looked so much more normal in this movie. Fell in love, teasing Ron for his 'crush' to Victor Krum =P, felt sick seeing Hagrid's affair =D, shy upon himself on the bathroom, heartbroken seeing Cho went out with Cedric, even cried upon Cedric's death (me myself shivered on that very scene)...

Aaah, the sucks part is (again) the hugging scene between Hermione and Harry. I mean.. what's going on here??? Hullo??? They're not even pairing, and mind you, Hermione is certainly not that typical mushy-fluffy girl, who could just hugged her mate based on hormones... DUH! What's wrong with those director these days??? I could stand the Ron-Hermione thingy (but not with that adegan maksa kuadrat di filmnya yang PoA, yang oncee again hugging out of nowhere), but Harry? Tzziiing....

Anyhoo, I satisfied with this movie, dan thanks to Ramot and Adhita (yang ngasi tau gue), sekarang I already had the WHOLE soundtrack. Yipee! Not to mention I already downloaded the "HP GoF Behind the Scene" video clip... hahahaha, yang sedikit banyak mengambil shoot Draco-Hermione together =D

I'm such a freak maniac of Harry Potter...

Edited again

I forgot to add, the Death Eater wearing their mask was so way cool =D
I love the mask, dan ada kesan bahwa wajah-wajah dibalik topeng itu ganteng-ganteng, wakakakaka.....

Saturday, November 26, 2005


taken from here

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Opera, how I adore Thee...

Guys, di kelas sinematografi gue, baru saja diputar live opera di Kanada dengan tema cerita Hunchback of Notre Dame... great setting!! Spectacular dance and music and songs... dan bahasa France yang dipakai... way cool! Aaargh, adegan pembukaannya saja membuat gue merinding... So damn keren!!! I wish someday I'll be able to book a seat on Broadway or anywhere in France... dengan panggung yang sedemikian megah, gedung yang mewah dan pertunjukan yang spektakuler! Mana pemain2nya tadi pada ganteng2 =P walaupun tertutupi kostum dan make up yang fantastis, tapi tetap terlihat aura2 kegantengan =D

Elaah... pengen nonton opera!!! >_<

Ooookay, recent days I've been crazy in love with Notre Dame de Paris.. God, I even found the mp3 on the internet, and I played it on and on with my WMP. Huee... pengen nonton opera yang benerannya >_<

Duuu, lagu yang paling ngga bosen2nya gue dengerin adalah Le Temps des Cathedrales pas yang nyanyi tokoh Gringoire-nya... waaaks, lucu banget >_< Gue masih merinding aja pas nginget bagian dimana layar diangkat pas nada refreinnya.

Il est venu le temps des cath├ędrales

Mana bahasa Perancis yang dipake bikin mupeng... huaaaaaa... somebody!! Buy me an opera ticket, puh-lease? >_<

Monday, November 14, 2005


These days I've been thinking (again) about marriage -_-#

Have no idea why such idea came up so much often in my mind... pertama-tama kemaren pas nonton Extravaganza, duuh.. Widyawati dan suaminya Sophan Sophian (gini bukan seh nulisnya???) itu sangat sweet... mereka emang manteb banget dari dulu >_< aura2 yang ditampilkan tu mirip banget ama salah satu kakek saya... yah, you know lah kalo orang Batak dimana-mana ada yang dipanggil kakek ngga tau urutan kekerabatannya dari mana tau -_-# Trus dia bilang kalo tiap malem dari mulai awal pernikahan ampe hari gini, tiap mau tidur n bangun tidur he always kissed his beloved wife, cipika-cipiki... waaaa.... I dunno, it struck me at some point, I've never seen my parents behaved like they were... at least when my dad was still here... tsk tsk... lucu yaa...

Dan dan.. hari ini di gereja, gue melihat sepasang suami istri saling cipika-cipiki dan berpelukan seusai kebaktian (yang pas bagian salam2annya ituuh) waaaaaw.... gue spontan tersenyum lebar... and omigod, I blushed when getting caught watching them with awe =D Ya ampuuun... *envy mode on*

Trusss... sms dari Adji cukup bikin gue ngakak...
A: Duuuh, jadi pengen punya cowo neh! Bosen banget tiap hari ngga ada kerjaan =D
B: Cowo? Ngapain? Ribet banget! Lo kudu belajar masak, trus nyiapin dana lebih buat bales sms, trus harus behaved.., Dih, mending punya cewe aja de =D Lebih gampang!

Wakakaka, emang bokek sih ya kalo punya bokinan (bokinan? -_-#) hihihi, tapi cukup membuat gue berpikir, emang lebih nyusahin punya cewe apa punya cowo ya? Hmm...

Another poster
Ni sekali lagi ngga ada kerjaan di weekend akhirnya iseng2 bikin lagi, dah lama banget ngga nyentuh PS jadi terharu pas upload semua brush2nya >_< Comments are much appreciated =)

Image hosted by

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Food and Vacation

Despite all the house working things I've been doing this couple of days, I really interested in the so-called-cooking activity =D Meaning that all I did was simply ngupas-ngupas bawang putih dan bawang merah, ngiris-ngiris ampe nangis, dan just stood there watching all my oma' doing their magnificent artwork!

Menyenangkan sekali yaa...

Humm, my house had turned into temporary resto, mulai dari ngidangin beberapa jenis kue-kue lucu macemnya kue tart coklat, bala-bala (??), brownies kukus, dan the upcoming NASTAR (thank GOD my oma will finally make one), hingga lauk-pauk lucu kaya nasi goreng ala Meksiko (bercampur wortel dan buncis yang yummy!), ayam Coca Cola, ayam bakar, ikan asam manis, bola-bola daging, ayam rica-rica, ikan kuah asem (ni gue ngarang total nama masakannya, but pretty describing actually =P)... hiyaa...

Berasa banget puasnya abis cape-cape masak di dapur dan berkotor-kotor ria, pas dihidangkan di meja makan akhirnya disantap dengan lahap oleh semua anggota keluarga... waa... jadi pengen jago masak.. pasti bisa mengikat hati suami dan anak-anak... wakakakakaka...

Monday, October 31, 2005

Up down the Hill of the So-called Mood

Well, well...Another nu post..

Baru-baru ini baca koran tentang sejarah Kongres Pemuda 1928 yang pada akhirnya melahirkan Sumpah Pemuda yang kita kenal sekarang.. and uhm, I'm a bit jealous. Jaman baheula dulu, semangat nasionalisme pemuda2 Indonesia bener2 bikin ngiri, fyi mereka masih bicara dalam bahasa Belanda dan hanya segelintir yang bisa bicara bahasa Melayu.
Up to one moment, ada mahasiswa dari Jawa yang permisi ngomong dalam sidang, dan sebelum ngomong dia minta maaf karena tidak bisa menggunakan bahasanya sendiri.. and then he started to speak in Dutch.

Lemme rephrase that... dia minta maaf karena belum bisa menggunakan bahasanya sendiri...

Is there still any kind of respect these days? To our nation, language and people?

Gue jelas-jelas bukan manusia Indonesia yang fanatik terhadap negaranya, no... honestly, I want to get out from this country as soon as possible... lucunya, denger2 dari pengalaman orang, bangsa Indonesia di negeri orang itu cenderung lebih punya nasionalisme daripada yang ada di dalam tanah airnya sendiri. And I'm okay with that, I may be one of them some day, but for now... I'm not that proud for being an Indonesian, either for being Bataknese...

Gue lagi baca Shaman King, dan bacaan ringan-ringan lainnya. Dunno why, but these days semangat anak-anak gue muncul =D Majalah-majalah anak-anak sekarang macemnya XY Kids dan Kreatif dan Princess lagi sering gue baca (walaupun lebih karena sepupu gue membelinya =P) tapi lucu aja de, bener2 berasa balik lagi ke masa lalu saat gue masih belum dipusingkan dengan pernak-pernik kuliahan, kerjaan, dan imajinasi gue masi bebas mengelana ke mana2...

Gue masi suka baca KungFu Boy, Doraemon, Cedric, Donal Bebek dan sebangsanya... Cerita2 macem gitu tu masi enak dibaca, ngga ngikutin jaman banget2, dan ngga basi kalo sepuluh tahun lagi gue baca lagi =)

Aaah, so happy to be a child...

[darker mood mode on]

Kemaren gue menyadari sesuatu yang cukup bodoh. Ternyata I still can't let go... Kapan gue bisa memfilter memori gue dan mengambil elemen2 yang menyenangkan doang dari semua ingatan gue? Asli lah, ngga lucu banget bisa tiba-tiba berkaca-kaca pas lagi buka-buka blog, ketawa2 sampe sakit perut bareng Adhita dan di saat yang sama pengen nyambit tu anak pake sendal karena bikin gue inget sesuatu yang ingin gue lupakan... Damn it, I felt so not me...

Dari semua orang yang pernah ninggalin gue, mulai dari bokap gue, kakek dan nenek gue, ampe ni temen2 gue... dia adalah manusia yang paling bikin gue berasa menyesal. Jeez, gue bahkan bisa ngerasain tuh perasaan sekarang, in exact moment when I wrote this line. Seandainya gue ngga balik duluan, seandainya gue tetep di lab bareng dia ngerjain Anaperancis gue, seandainya gue ikut makan siang bareng ama dia, balik ke kampus bareng dia, pulang dari lab bareng dia...
will it still be happen? Or will it be me instead of him? Damn it, it will be much better if that's what least I won't feel this damn feeling

Gosh, you will never know how it felt pas hari Seninnya, gue membuka email gue dan ada message dari dia yang isinya pembagian tugas Anaperancis gue beserta kata-kata dia banget yang sok merintah2 dan seenak jidat ngasi deadline, yang masi bisa bikin gue ketawa di tengah2 perasaan gue yang only God knows what...

Can you imagine how it feel to see the new email subject in your inbox, and it turned out it was from your dearest friend who just went away the very same day he wrote that freakin email? It made you felt like all things you've been through is just a f*ckin dream... You actually felt the hope, goddamnit... But it became worse when you realized the truth, it was SO not a dream, he's still gone, and the email is the last thing you ever read from him again... ever...

Dear, I missed that friend so much these days, when everything seemed to get harder and tougher... when I could pictured his very reaction if he dealt the same situation as I did right now... when I know that I could shared my problem and stressing it out to him just to annoy that guy... when I know there's still him I could hang on to (and to tease with)...

I refuse not to call myself a selfish lil prat, yes right now I'm feeling that much selfish, if only he's still be here... if only it was another person instead of him that died on that day... I actually thought if only it was just another person from my class, anyone but my group... Aaah, jadi ingeet lagi gmana jahatnya pikiran gue pas gue nerima tu kabar...

I should've known it's now time where I should behave, but... then again, I felt hopeless...

[darker mood mode off]


Been deal with this issue for quite some time, and I'm getting tired of it... What do they want??? For God's sake, can't they just leave me alone?? How I envy the life without so much bothering and nagging and yelling right upon my face. Gosh, grow up! It's my risk I'm taking this goddamnit subject of computer science that cause me lack of sociality at home, but puh-lease... no other family seemed to take this personal.. Aaargh... If they want me to give some attention to the so-called family-member, then FINE... should I shove it right down their ass or sumtin?? My God, haruskah gue melakukan semua yang gue lakukan pas mereka lagi ada?? Emangnya gara-gara mereka ngga ngeliat sendiri kontribusi gue di DEPAN MATA mereka, trus they consider it as it was never happen? Well, f*ck them!

List whatever things that I'll have in the next year and on...
- getting the bloody nu place to stay!
- getting out from Indonesia, whether it's legal or not, who cares?
- my own money! F*ck their money, i've never asked anyway...
- a bachelor degree!
- a guy to torture (nah, just kidding) =P A boyfriend would be more likely...

It's me again
Moody, pretty suit my post theme today, isn't it? Figures, since I wrote it continually in two days, maan, what a mood! Tadi iseng2 ngga ada kerjaan bikin flier buat OpRec Ristek yang hanya Tuhan (dan Arnold) yang tahu kapan bakal dilakukan =D Trus seharian sms-in orang2, just to keep myself busy (bahkan waktu kebaktian gereja pun gue ber-sms ria -.-)

Klik to enlarge... Any comments and constructional critics are welcome... Other than that, get lost!

Image hosted by

Tontonan gue selama dua hari ini adalah dvd ngga jelas berjudul Six Feet Under yang lama2 bikin cape berhubung no episodes without somebody showed up naked or doing sex -_-" tapi kadang2 bikin gue ngakak gara2 dialognya itu so damn ironic and literally sarcastic =D Thx to Vina and Cecep yang merelakannya untuk gue tilep sementara...

Daan, gue sakit lagi dengan suksesnya. Ugh, nasib! Udah sembuh dari batuk dan ritual meminum obat sialan itu, eeh gue malah flu sekarang... tiap pagi sukses megap2 nyari udara berhubung hidung tersumbat dan malem2 seperti sekarang udah menuh2in tempat sampah dengan tissue. Yeakh!

Teman-teman saya... either udah pada jadian, ato sedang pdkt dengan gebetannya, or mati2an menghindar dari gosip anak2 padahal sering keliatan berdua (he must've killed me for writing this down, but that will only happen IF he read this blog of course =D), kadang2 membuat gue berpikir, apakah gara2 ini tahun terakhir jadi pada ngejer target buat bersama seseorang yang spesial? Lucky you...


Hey to all of you who happen to read this, sorry for the improper choice of words =D Just finding this blog as my cozy lair to tell everything. Despite all the opinion and judgement and whatever feeling you got there, pals =) Sorry if there's such thing that might offended you in any means (yeah, rite!) So, I guess that's all... and uhm... I shall bid you goodbye now =D Tchuz...

Friday, October 21, 2005


GIla, gue baru nonton tuh pelem sinting yang judulnya SAW, and if one of you happened to watch it before, please... spare me the umpatan2 indah >_<

Elaaaaaaaaaah, gilaaaa, gue benci banget tuh film, and it's not because it was a sucks one, nooo... it was a good thriller psychotic movie... but the ending... AAARGH!!! I hate it!!! It hurted me when I knew who the bad guy really is, but it hurted me MORE when I know the ending!!!

Aslilah, banyak umpatan2 'lucu' keluar dari mulut gue pas abis nonton >_<

What the peeps????

Sebenernya sih gue kagum, aslilah gue suka ama pelem yang bikin gue ber-"What the???" ria.. tapi aga2 sucks lhooo kalo tau akhirnya itu.... idiiiih, tinggal sejentik doang!!! Seiprit lagi tamat daaah!!!



Kutu bebek kurang ajar!!! I should've known better when I took notice on the set... I should've AWARE about that stupid STUPID bald guy.... aaaaargh, pengen nyekek oraaang....

Guys, nonton de... dengan hati yang tenang dan pikiran yang jernih... di ruangan gelap sendirian dengan sound system mantab... and it will really really absolutely caught you off guard =D

Recommended for a sick movie lover like me (and tjepo -_-#) and not recommended for you who have a tender loving care mumbo jumbo feeling =P

Oh yeah, ini movie sejenis SE7EN tapi masi mendingan... ngga bikin 'hiee??' alias bengong lemot di akhir cerita =D

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Guys, take my advice...

Don't get sick!

Omigod, dari jaman kapan gue tu paling ngga bisa nelen obat... tau de ya, kayanya pas jamannya SD sempet bisa, tapi entah mengapa (jieh) sekarang ngga bisa lagi..
Gue mutlak benci obat >_<
Kalo ngga sakit2 amat gue ngga mau nelen tuh obat, amit-amit... huhuhu....
Mending gue dikasi puyer (ewww...) ato ngga kapsul biar nelennya gampang, yaelah... gue bahkan ngga bisa nelen Panadol >_< Ngga sukaaaa...


Tadi di helpdesk gue dengan suksesnya melakonkan adegan ngancurin tablet menjadi puyer biar bisa diminum (mana niat bgt gue pake bawa2 2 sendok segala)... dan btw... tuh obat yaa.. antibiotik baunya minta ampuuun... uuugh...


Friday, October 14, 2005


My first attempt on making this horrible banner is that... uhm, when i'm trying to relocate my mind from that stupid, endless effort, thinking about that silly comment Sylvi had made.... aargh, so bloody ridiculous...erase that line this instant, My!

Image hosted by


Baru menonton Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants... and I don't think that's a lousy movie at all =) In fact, I sort of like it =)
If you watched this movie, you'll be served a very nice view of Greece, Mexico and US (duh!), and the plot was quite lite, easy to understand and it's sooo girlish =D
Hahahaha... but, that's a nice watch, anyway...

Trus trus, kemaren menonton Janji Joni, dan dengan semangatnya meng-assign that one to be my paper in Sinematika subject... and that simply because of that one tiny scene inside the trash-cart (don't exactly knowing the real term anyway), the scene where Nicholas Saputra and Rachel Maryam both nyalain pemantik mereka....
Oh so sweet...

Dan tadi pas kelas Sinema akhirnya menonton sekelebat dari film Secret Garden! I haven't watched that movie for about.... 6 YEARS!!!! Aaaargh, nostalgic... very nostalgic...

Friday, September 30, 2005

Harry Potter

Aaaaah, sedang ingin menonton Harry Potter....!!!



Harry Potter ituu... everything related to it I'd love to discuss, the Book, the Movie, the Character, the Plot, the Poster&Merchandise, and most top of all, the Fanfiction =P

Just now, I read a hillarious fic about HP yang judulnya ehm... Customer Service and it cracked me up =D

Gila lu, parah amat mah ceritanya... ngakak ngga jelas pas baca, well... although I gotta admit it took a very understanding worshipper (like me ^^) to comprehend the story, huahahaha...

Too bad my cinematography class didn't result this movie to be discussed and be assigned as midle-semester project... Aaaargh, malah ada lima pelem yang kudu dipilih untuk dibahas dan tidak smuanya sekeren Harry Potter IV: Goblet of Fire >_< Nooo... Pilihannya itu Bourne Identity, Janji Joni, Big Fish, The Terminal, dan entahlah satu lagi apaan...


Pengen de liat adegan2 yang ada di buku 4 itu, adegan kecil2nya malah... kedatangan kedua sekolah, adegan Triwizard, Quidditch World Cup, Maze, hint2 yang Harry dapetin pas dia mandi di kamar mandi Prefect =D Adegan dance di Yule Ball, Malfoy n Granger...

Jehh... lama amat seh keluarnya...!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


You know, recently my life had been crossed over with somehow-love-life-romantic-and-stuff. First I saw this pretty couple in Electronic City, where the male was very much looked like one of those Bragi's Brother and the lady was pretty cute, both were examining the DVD player, smiling n laughing with each other and damn it I was staring at them for about 3 minutes, envy and admiring at the same time =D



Second of all, recently I watched the GO Show featuring Memes n Adie MS (did I write it correctly?) 16th anniversary (or so) and their beloved son Kevin (whom I got a crush on when he was like 8th or sumtin =P) celebrated the moment by giving them a surprise cake >_< Kevin looked so damn stunning...hiaaa, is it really that cutie boy I once saw in TV?? He's changed! ANYWAY, the point I want to talk about is... their marriage was somehow looked cool, they've been together for that long and still... I can see the LOVE in their eyes >_< I craved for such marriage... Adie MS was not even a romantic-type-of-guy! Aaaargh...

And then... this morning... my friend (Syntia) asked me to come to her brother's marriage which gonna be celebrated in modern Chinese wedding event way... That's it! I'm through with this... not to mention Adji yang pengen punya bayi, Cecep yang udah punya ponakan... maan, people and their love intention...

ps: I've just been tought by Mr Alexander Rusli, someone from Kominfo and he really is a nice guy with widespread knowledge. He's practically talking about sumtin I didn't really pay attention to, the WSIS and the regulation here in Indonesia about going open source (or IGOS for that matter) and... ehm... yeah, what an interesting lecturer...

Friday, September 23, 2005


Gue baru membaca laporan kerja praktek salah seorang senior gue... dan entah bagaimana mood gue going down sepanjang gue membaca tuh laporan. Pengen nangis... Gila, kerjaan KP gue kebanting banget! Dia scope-nya apa dan gue scope-nya apa. Teknologinya bisa bikin bahkan orang awam yang ngga ngerti IT bisa terbengong-bengong kagum, lha gue? Cuma modal MySql n PHP doang. Itu juga ngga jago-jago amat. OK lah kita pake smarty...trus?


Tidak tidak, jangan bicarakan KP... aargh...apa gue drop juga tuh MaKul? Bisakah gue menyelesaikan laporannya sebelum semester tujuh ini berakhir? Bisakah? Teman-teman seperjuanganku di DKSH.... mari berjuang! Yosh!

Anyway, kamar yang gue tempatin ini udah dari jaman kapan dipoles dengan warna biru, ngga dindingnya, ngga lemarinya... jadi gelap >_< Sebal! Tapi lumayan juga ada AC baru... dan gue jadi sering ber-laptop ria ampe malam. Komas, Seminar n E-commerce down, three more to go! E-commerce Mr. Rifqi, KP dan Pargit! Go Mayaaa....

*euh, jadi sakit perut*

Btw, hehehe... tadi ada kejadian rada-rada... =P

Gw: Jadi yaa, Karin... ini kalo ratusan di bawahnya harus sama-sama ratusan juga, ngerti? *sedang menjelaskan penjumlahan bersusun ke bawah*
Karina: *mulai mewek* Ngga mauu...! Ngga mau ngerjain...!
Gw: Ayo coba lagi, nih... 299 + 64... *ketus*
Karina: *langsung nangis meraung-raung* HUAAA...HUAAA...HUAAA....!!!

Tiba-tiba terdengarlah derap langkah kaki menuju kamar dan sosok sang ibu muncul, "KEVIN!!! KAMU APAIN ADE KAMU???"

Tziiing... tiga orang yang ada di kamar itu serentak terdiam, gue, Karina dan Kevin (yang juga lagi belajar dengan antengnya)

Kevin: BUKAN KEVIN!!! Mama nih nuduh-nuduh Kevin mulu!!! *marah campur kaget*

Dan gue yang juga melongo melihat sang nyokap melotot dengan kejinya ke Kevin (aslinya sih gue pengen ngakak) langsung membela sepupu kecil saya yang lucu itu >_< "Bukan, bukan Kevin kok..."

Monday, September 19, 2005

Nu Mood

Changing the mood (and the layout) is definitely a refreshing way to cure you from that sick basdat assignment. And as a result, came this nu layout (and an announcement that I officially dropped the subject, Amen!).

What a day I've been throught yesterday. I was helping my uncle to build this new book case and while he was memalu dan memaku di mana-mana, dengan suksesnya tangan gue kebaret-baret gara-gara papan rak bukunya rada2 ngga halus jadi banyak serat-serat kayu yang masuk ke kulit T__T

Hiyaa... dan akhirnya gue tidur jam setengah satu pagi gara-gara kegiatan pertukangan itu selese jam sepuluh dan gue kudu ngerjain komas n e-commerce -_-

Anyway, what a great news I heard this mornin (aside from that rushing quiz by Mr.Rifqi) ^___^ Wooow, Alex... congratulation >__< I hate youuu...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Guys, marilah kita mengheningkan cipta sejenak...

Untuk mensyukuri segala rahmat dan karunia yang telah diberikan oleh seorang penemu sendal jepit...

And cursing those bloody pump shoes inventor, not to mention the stiletto and all of those damn high heels...


Friday, September 9, 2005

Nice Lecture

Banyak kuliah-kuliah aneh yang gue ikutin belakangan ini, mulai dari Sejarah Diplomasi Jepang yang sebenernya agak-agak bikin telinga panas berhubung tuh dosen sinting demen banget maki-maki anak muridnya (you name it, he'd said that already), sampai Pengantar Kajian Sinema yang dosennya ibu-ibu baik hati yang berhasil memikat hati gue dengan tutur katanya yang lemah lembut =P

Cinema, also known as film or movie, is the seventh recognized art in this universe, along with the architecture and comic book. It has plenty of material, and the most important is movement.

Itu basic kuliahnya sih, trus akhirnya ngebahas angle2 kamera yang dipake, tilting, travelling dan dolly (yang sangat2 mengingatkan gue akan bukunya Icha Rahmanti yang kedua), panning, close shot dan bla bla bla.

Really2 interesting, mana dosennya yang anak sastra Perancis itu senantiasa mengait-ngaitkan pelajarannya dengan Perancis (sinematek itu ada di sebelah sononya dari manalah di Perancis) dan selalu bercerita tentang film-film yang udah dia tonton (salah satunya adalah karya sutradara Perancis Nouvelle Vague -maaf kalo salah- tentang sejarah perancis dari awal abad 20 yang lokasinya HANYA dishoot dari sebuah ballroom, benar2 bikin ngiler berhubung tuh film MINUS kata2, hanya ada musik dan cerita bisu dari pemainnya >_< Uhh, mauu...)

Huee... trus diputerin Master and Commander - Far Side of The World, dan dibahas angle2 kameranya, inti ceritanya, dan sejarah Inggris dan Perancis =) Berhubung gue emang belum nonton =P Jadinya lumayan ngeliatin Russel Crowe, fufufu...


Saturday, September 3, 2005

Mood On Off

Well...kapan itu baru aja ke Gading lagi, aseli cuman buat ngabisin duit ngga jelas n balik2nya gue nyampe di rumah jam SETENGAH DUA BELAS MALEM!!!!
Dasar manusia2 sopan!!! "Jieh, baru pagi nih, May...masa dah mau balik aja???"

Damn, gue dengan suksesnya bengong depan pagar rumah gue, meratap dalam hati minta dibukain pintu... dan agak-agak menahan diri untuk tidak manjat pagar (berhubung ada bapak2 dan om2 tetangga gue yang sedang duduk2 bercengkrama di depan rumah mereka and not to mention they're staring AT ME!!!) Ugh, what a nite, mana hape gue mati, ngga ada caralah buat ngebangunin sepupu gue selain dengan bertebal muka minta tolong ama tetangga2 gue itu buat nelfon rumah gue (Oh my God, gue maluuuu banget, bayangin...anak gadis pulang jam setengah dua belas naek ojek trus ngga tau nama tetangganya!!! Aslilah gue ber, "Eh, eh..") Ngga lagi-lagi ya, Maaaay????

Trus.... hari ini gue mengikuti tes EPT ulang untuk mengukur kemampuan gue berbahasa Inggris... dan... I have no comment on this...

Anyhoo, abis baca curhatannya Ajay... aga2 mellow mode on tapi jadi ilfeel berhubung sekarang ini (in this exact place and exact time) ngga ada temen cewe buat diajak curhat, yang ada manusia2 cuek seperti julie, josef dan satria yang ngga berperasaan.... bah... girls!!!! urgent!!! need to talk!!!

Napa yaa... belakangan ini aga2 eneg ama semua orang yang ada sangkut pautnya ama cinta2an, pacaran, jadian, and taksir-menaksir...

Aga2 gmana gitu ngeliat orang suap2an di depan mata gue while I'm having NO ONE to get a crush on... *sedih juga ya gue*
Mulai dari syn, adji, satria, julian, ary, kuya, dwi, vita.... wuedeh... cinta bersemi di mana2... brengsek...

And I'm turning into a violent girl... with words... more cursing... bad...

Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday Morning

Sabtu, 10.00pm...

Here I am, in a cold bedroom belongs to my cousin, listened to Kelly Clarkson - The Trouble With Love Is...jadi mellow ngga jelas...

Demi menyukseskan gerakan 17.00 - 22.00 milik pemerintah, akhirnya gue bela2in nyalain notebook jam 10 malem lewat 1 menit =P Hihihi, ngga ada kerjaan banget gue seharian, euy, tadinya mau datang wisuda tapi entah mengapa kaki begitu berat melangkah, akhirnya ngendon di rumah sambil maen Pop Cap Games ama nyobain panada home made >_< wuih,uenak tenan, rek!

Belakangan ini mood bertualang gue ke tempat2 baru jadi ilang =(
Bener-bener berasa aga-aga capek dan bokek =P jadinya suka menyibukkan diri dengan KPku yang baru saja resmi dimulai...sigh...orang2 KPnya dah pada selese lah gue baru mulai...

Tidak kangen sapa-sapa (which is pathetic) jadinya bengong aja gitu seharian ngga ada yang dikerjain... Pengen ngambil kuliah luar bahasa Itali malah kelebihan sks, kutu bebek! Pengen ngambil semester depan aja, eeh...malah jatah kuliah luar ngga cukup...

Senin depan pengen ikutan prediction TOEFL,'s about years I don't take such test, ntar gmana yak nasib saya?? Mana katanya ada tes lisan segala, ya bodo amat lah... Anyhoo, kemaren ngobrol2 ama supervisor gue, orangnya asik gitu diajak ngobrol (bahkan lebih seru ngalor ngidulnya daripada pas ngebicarain sistemnya), dia cerita2 gmana dia pas kuliah (mencakup IP yang pernah cuman 0.8 gilaaaaa...!!! ngambil 14 sks yang lulus cuman 2 sks, tuh orang apa ngga di-DO?? Trus lebih prefer kuliah malem soalnya 'setan'-nya lebih sedikit, masa yaa....supervisor gue itu mantan pemadat >_<), trus ngasih wejangan-wejangan buat wawancara, ngga bole duduk dengan gaya beginilah, tangan ngga boleh dilipat, ngga bole berpangku tangan di atas meja, wuedeeh...

Dan kini dia berbahagia dengan istri dan 2 orang anaknya yang masih 4thn & 2 thn (mungkin) dengan gayanya yang rada slengekan ancur-ancur ngga penting dan TMnya, "plis de ah!" (O_o) Huuuuu, hopefully KP gue lancar...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Liburan yuks

maya says:
syn syn btw adji mau nonton tuh elephantnya

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
baru gw pinjemin ke gun

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
suruh dia dateng ke rmh gw aja

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
btw, rmh gw udah bisa tuk nginep loh he3x

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
gudangnya udah diberesin

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
tinggal bli laptop n meja kecil, perfect dah..

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
tapi laptopnya baru bisa beli 5 taon lagi

the_yellowjacket_02 says:

maya says:

maya says:
perlu disumbang ngga?

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
perlu dong

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
10 juta yak

maya says:
kata adji asalkan 5 taun lagi anjing lo dah ngga ada, dia mau nginep tuh

maya says:
adji : takutnya gue nginep pas bangun jari gue udah tinggal empat ajah..

maya says:

the_yellowjacket_02 says:

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
bilangin adji ya

the_yellowjacket_02 says:

maya says:

the_yellowjacket_02 says:

maya says:
tapi teuteup...

maya says:
kata adji kalo anjing lo niat mah apapun bisa terjadi

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
tolong bilangin adji lagi ya..

the_yellowjacket_02 says:

the_yellowjacket_02 says:

maya says:
tapi kan anjing lu cukup gede buat ndobrak pintu!!!

maya says:
my: bwahahahahahhaha...

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
tolong bilang lagi sama temen lu yang ntah gimana caranya bisa masuk fasilkom itu:

maya says:

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... (inhale...)

maya says:
bilangin ape??

the_yellowjacket_02 says:

the_yellowjacket_02 says:

maya says:
hei hei.. kali aja pas dia liat gue dia merasa gue terlalu menggoda buat digigit..

the_yellowjacket_02 says:

maya says:
dan merasa perlu sekali mendobrak pintu gudang loe malam2 hanya untuk mengigit jari gue yang menggoda itu

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
hahhh... (exhale)

maya says:
napsu makan woyy!!

maya says:
lu pikirannya mah napsu mulu..

maya says:

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
tolong bilangin lagi ma temen lu tuh:

the_yellowjacket_02 says:

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
DAMN, i'm spose to work right now

maya says:
damn! gimana caranya anjing vegetarian??!!!

maya says:
udah takdir dari sononya anjing tu kanibal!!

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
u liat daftar makannanya, it makes him veggy

maya says:
jangan coba2 nipu gue dah..

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
gw juga takjub ma anjing gw

the_yellowjacket_02 says:

maya says:
abisnya lu siih.....kaga pernah ngasi dia makan tulang n daging

the_yellowjacket_02 says:

maya says:
lu telah mengubah takdir dari Tuhan loo...

maya says:
dosa lu

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
dari hongkonglah!

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
nyokap gw ampir tiap hari bliin dia ati, tapi ga pernah dimakan..

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
dia makannya biskuat

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
sehari 2 bgks

the_yellowjacket_02 says:
+ permen2 dan biskuit2 coklat lainnya yang manis2


What a good laugh! Abis itu nongkrong sesiangan di DPR (dibawah pohon rindang) maen kartu (O_o) dan makan siang. the end nyasar ke Ancol dengan modal nekat bersama dua mahluk (mengaku) ganteng dan cute cuma buat kecipak-kecipuk di aer asin.
Bener-bener jalan-jalan ngga pake persiapan (baca: ngga pake mikir)

Begonya, pas mau nyuci kaki di ombak yang kelihatannya jinak2 merpati, DUAAR!!! Tau2 ombaknya membesar dan dengan suksesnya nyirem kita bertiga. Kutu emang! Asin banget! Mana pake acara masuk ke mata segala pasir2nya...Deeuh...!!!

Di Ancol, cuma duduk2 ngga jelas n mandangin sepasang kekasih sedang memadu asmara. Wakakaka, posisinya tuh aneh2 de, jam limaan masi berangkulan, jam setengah enam, cewenya dah dipangku, jam enam, udah peluk2 ngga jelas sambil memandang horison di kejauhan...Ciu ciu ciu!!!

Abis itu keluyuran di Pasar Seni (and fyi, Pasar Seni hari Senen malem adalah Pasar Seni yang sepii banget dah), jalan-jalan di sono, ngeliat-liat patung and lukisan replika manusia (yang aslilah mirip abis) dan tertawa-tawa dengan harganya =D
What a price for an art... Mahaaal, cing! Patung seiprit doang bisa 250rb, bisa gue beliin kemeja baru noh..

Acara diabisin dengan makan malem, nyari seafood murah bermodalkan kata-kata syntia, "cuma 10rb bisa kenyang!" akhirnya parkir di depan RM 1001 apalah namanya itu... in the end, walopun makanannya enak (hehehe) tapi diambil kesimpulan, ini bukan tempat makan yang dimaksud ama syntia =P

It's been a fun trip with my fellow, rada2 bikin bokek (walopun status gue masih ngutang) tapi cukup bikin liburan berasa liburan... bayangin aja di tengah2 KP kita masih sempet2nya keluyuran luntang-lantung ngga jelas keliling Jakarta...hehehe...

Ok, guys! Here comes the tough week..!! UAS and KP!!!

Monday, August 15, 2005


This world has been worse enuf without some ordinary student started to shoot their classmates...

Read this!

Gue dah lama nonton pelemnya, tapi semenjak hari ini saya mengubek-ubek internet buat nyari tau insiden Columbine Highscool, maan...that was a great loss...gue ampe merinding, belum lagi kisah2 tentang after the massacre itself yang bikin orang2 masih ngga bisa lupa ama tuh kejadian, which btw dirangkum dalam sebuah film festival yang judulnya Elephant (the only animal who won't forget)

Made me think, if the question, "Do you believe in God?" showed up the moment before I got shot...what would be the answer? "You know I do."


Monday, August 8, 2005


Jalan-jalan...puncak...perahu karet...maen kartu...karaoke...bokek...

It's just one hell of fun! What a hillarious weekend, me went with my classmates of 2002, ke Puncak yg harga busnya gila2an... despite all the financial issue =D (since gue ini bendaharanya) the trip was excellent!

Cape banget seharian ketawa n nyanyi2, mana waktu perang aernya gue disirem dengan sopannya ama orang2, trus difitnah *aaargh* pas sharing =P hahaha, tapi seneng... *maksudnya bukan seneng gara2 difitnah*

And the top of it, gue ngga ketauan ma om gue kalo gue sabtu-minggu sempet2nya ke puncak =D

Huehehehehe, senengnyaa... sayang badan pada sakit n tepar, anak2 banyak yang ngga ke kampus hari ini =(

Beeh, sebenernya banyak yang mau ditulis, tapi gara2 udah tidur seharian, ampe lupa dah mau ngomong paan...

Kapan-kapan jalan-jalan lagi aah..

Monday, August 1, 2005

Movies, Films and Others

Gie - A glimpse of History

Ok, thanks to this movie, I just knew that there was these slaughtered people in Bali during 1966, when there's PKI issue and Kebangkitan Bangsa Indonesia.
Hell, this movie was cool, the actor was good and the soundtrack was awesome. I love it. Here's the review...

The bad:
- editing was totally a mess, blurry dialogues mixed up with the background song, and poor movie editing, imagine... I swore couple of times when I watched it just because I thought the screen went off (hey, it's getting blank for about 3 seconds in a very important scene!)
- Adegannya suka loncat-loncat ngga jelas, pas satu scene belon klimaks eh dah ganti adegan...
- Were they sure to put xxx as grown up Han??? He didn't even have any similarity to the young Han cast.

The good:
- Nicholas Saputra acted like a professional, despite the way he walked, everything seemed just fine =) Besides, he actually didn't look that good in this movie, not with that silly walking and haircut =P so I guess he concentrated on the play.
- The plot itself was quite good >_< Love the first scene (in the class, something about 'tukang becak', I personally thought that's a good teaser) and the ending was somehow deep. (Damn, I loved all the dialogues, the letters, the poem, and his last words about fate and destiny)
- The soundtrack was HOT, love it, really! Should've looked for those ASAP, anyone?? My fave was the song when the student joined together in one big demonstration =) Huahahaha, and of course, that 'Sampaikanlah pada ibuku...' one.
- This movie made me proud of my university since there's this particular fellow who actually one of the UI student, though he said that UI adalah universitas yang bopeng sebelah (man, how cool is that) tapi gue bangga =D walaupun mungkin juga gue adalah salah satu dari mahasiswa yang termasuk golongan 'bopeng' itu, hehehe, considered that I don't really give a damn about what's going on my country (like Herman said, "politik tai kucing!"), I also just found out that University of Indonesia was actually joined the KAMI force (so what, sue me!)

Hah, one worthed movie, especially since I got a treat =D


Just watched Memento, haven't got a chance til yesterday. Ha-ha, I gotta admit, that movie made me think really hard, trying to remember all the detail and in the end... I barely trust anyone, not even the major character, Leonard Shelby =(

Maan, that movie was a freak. Left so many questions and yet the answers didn't really matter, the most important is he set himself up against something he want himself to believe. What the... How could he?

Gila ya, ngambil keuntungan dari -"See, I have this condition"- thing pada dirinya sendiri. Dasar maniac!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Weekend is over

Jadi weekend ini... gue sempet nonton acara di Metro yang menurut gue lucu banget, asik berat, man! Judul acaranya tapi gue lupa, hehehe, intinya meliput kisah para pejuang2 tua bulu tangkis Indonesia, mulai dari Susi Susanti sampe Taufik Hidayat, bahkan ada juga ibu2 mantan juara Piala Uber 1, cing!

Trus mereka itu diadu dengan musuh bebuyutannya pas lagi jaya2nya =D Kaya Susi Susanti vs Huang Hua, dll... Hehehehe, lucu aja nontonnya, mana seru pula! Bapak2 versus anak muda, hahahaha... keren, asli keren...

Btw, kisah KP gue juga semakin ngga jelas kapan mulainya, ya sudahlah, males ngebahas...

Hooh, cape deh udah kebiasaan bangun jam 8 pagi, tiba2 harus disentakkan ke dunia nyata yang kudu wajib bangun setengah 6, sh*t!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Harry Potter 6

It came out, and I didn't have the book in my hand yet... me-flat-broke... >_<
Anyone? Hope it came out with brilliant plot as always =)

Monday, July 11, 2005

Bday Girl

My bday went well, better than I expected before =) Yeah, there were these two silly girls knocked at my window at 00.00 (not literally, 'fcourse) and called me to open the door and saw if there was any Soluna's car parked in my yard. Ha-ha, what would my neighbours said? Young girls coming around in the middle of the nite and kidnapped seorang gadis baik-baik =P

So we went to McD, around 1.00 am and I wore short pants, for God's sake, me with my sleeping clothes >_< and not to mention we were the only customer at that moment (well, at first though, there were couple of guys came after we went inside)

It was kinda miracle I didn't catch a flu (or bronchitis for that matter) abis disirem pake aer es batu. Gila, tega bener! Jadilah gue kaya anak ilang di depan pintu rumah abis dianter pulang lagi, mana pintu kaga dibukain segala!! Gue pun manjat dengan suksesnya buat ngetok2 kamar om gue yang ngga banget itu =(

Asides from those stories above, I was called by my old friend, my highscool mate actually, and kita ngobrol. Udah lama ngga ngobrol di telfon lagi, so I think I feel awkward at first, tapi ternyata emang semuanya dah beda. Gue bahkan ngga tau gimana cara nanggepin ceritanya tentang cowonya and others =( Dan gue rasa dia nyadar. Ah, sediiiih...

Daaaan... betewe thank you for all people yang udah ngucapin selamat ulang tahun =D Especially for Icha yang ngasih ucapannya seminggu lebih cepet =D (Thanks to Friendster, ya Cha? ^^ Hehe...) And Satria yang telfonnya gue terima dengan nada serak-serak banjir gara-gara masih tepar di tempat tidur =) Buat Kuya yang (hahahahaha) ngga gue kenalin suaranya =D Dan Yorokonde's, as always, arigatou =P Walopun gue yakin sebagian besar dari kalian ngga tau kadonya apaan =D Mantan-mantan kelompok Anaperancis gue >_< (Arnoold, lu ikut jalan-jalan dong...) Jaka, Wilmar, Adhita, Trus ama yang ngasih lewat prenster (Eliza, Pupung, n Sylvi)...fufufu... Buat yang nge-tag di shoutbox gue, kekekeke... Dan yang menuh2in MILIS!!! Ajegile, gue kaya udah menang Oscar aja >_<

Bayarlah uang jalan-jalannya, teman-teman, dan yang berasa menjanjikan gue sesuatu buat hadiah, tolong dikasih =D Wakakaka!

Tuesday, July 5, 2005



Already down:
- War of the worlds (damn it, Tom Cruise was too damn good looking I almost crying out loud since he couldn't made those stressful face, I adores Dakota Fanning and Spielberg for such an awesome effect but I cursed anyone whowrote the script. What the...??)
- Raise your voice (another lite movie)
- Cellular

To go:
- Serendipity --> lutuna >_<
- John Q --> love it, tears all flowing
- Pelangi di atas prahara --> koq biasa aja yah, nonton setengah trus bosen =( trus dimatiin dah...
- Eternal sunshine on the spotless mind --> idenya gue suka, dan kemampuan nih pelem bikin gue ngakak patut diacungi jempol =D
- What a girl wants
- Simone
- Thirtheen --> kacau...
- Blind Horizon
- Legend Of The Fall --> biasaaa...
Ah, thank you Api for the concern of this poor lil movie freak =P (yah, sebagian ngembat juga dari cecep =D)

Oh liburanku.... Bandung yang gagal... owoowowowowow....

Friday, July 1, 2005


I can't believe it! Major things happened to me today! (Err, or atleast for the last two days..)

- GUE yaa.... tiba2 ditunjuk dengan semena-mena jadi bendahara jalan2! Huahahaha, rapatnya aja gue ngga dateng! >_< Bisa-bisanya... Hayo, hayo, BEWARE of me =P

- Ada saudara YUSRI di shoutbox gue, wakakakaka!!! Despite kebenaran apakah itu beneran Yusri ato just another maniac impostor yang ngaku2 jadi dia, *sigh* I still happy, huahahahaha =D *maniacally grinning* That guy, the one and only, is the man who dared to correct my mistakes in using English bluntly on the phone and succeeded in making me felt teribbly EMBARRASSED =( Damn smart senior... missed him terribly =P *siap2 digantung pacarnya*

- Kemaren ade gue yang paling kecil dateng ke Jakarta bareng nyokap. Beda dengan ade gue yang nomer dua, yang begitu dateng bisa langsung cerita2 masa sma dan kuliah, yang paling kecil ini... I dunno, I got the feeling he already forgot me or sumtin, exactly likewise. Ah, tiga tahun emang bisa misahin kedekatan hubungan sodara...apalagi yang beda usia 10 tahun and you're parting with them in the early age...

- Udah nonton If Only and Before Sunrise =) *smiling happily* Yes! Also got Mr. And Ms.Smith (already told in the last post), Batman Begins, Madagascar, yey!

Thursday, June 30, 2005


That is so not true, even when I saw your handwriting on those papers, I still couldn't accept the fact that you actually did it. You divorce me, for crying out loud!

What made you think I was quite okay with that???

And here you are, asking for some innocence doubt benefits from me?!
You physchotic, maniac, blood-sucker from other dimension, I never knew why I married you in the first place...


Jadi berasa lucu kalo ada adegan di atas terjadi di depan mata gue, maybe I'll laugh, dunno, or maybe I'll just went silent and just watch? Oh, sudahlah, just a random thought =(

Anyway, kemaren pas bongkar2 lemari buat nyari catatan Alin yang lama, eeh pas ketemu bawaan gue malah nostalgia2 jalam doeloe kala, hiks, saat2 yang menyenangkan, considering gue banyak kegiatan and banyak ngontek2 sana-sini and talking2 to people. Gue bahkan nemu catatan2 kecil yang biasanya dioper-oper di kelas kalo mau 'chatting' ama anak-anak laen, hahaha, dan catatan gue itu isinya pembicaraan antara gue dan Delon pas CGT, fufufu, jadi inget gmana hebohnya pas nagih duit SEREBU satu hari untuk satu angkatan, hehehehe...

Damn sweet old times....

Monday, June 27, 2005

And so we go...

First day of the so-called day off and here I am, typing sumtin in the lab, and feel like sharing my thoughts to everyone that reading the blog... tee-hee! =D

Batman Begins, not so bad movie after all, I think that's exactly why the producer's willing to spend billion dollars on that one =)

Anyway, I appreciate good quotes and the scenario scripts of those popular movies more, such as, "Why do we fall?" --> "So that we can learn how to pick ourselves up again" thingy...

Quite deep...

Hell, I need to get to work as fast as I could, I'm dying for deadline -__- (talking about deadline, I'm pretty sure there's one particular deadline named 30 June or sumtin, hiyaa...!!!)

And, oh, yesterday I re-watch Harry Potter I and oh my, Hermione was a very cute lil bossy girl... aaargh, so small and bushy and so know-it-all... really love that character =D

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


This is exactly what happened when you have nothing to do a.k.a bored to death while your friends were doing the exam =)

Taking up all quizzes =D

So far, the results are:
- i'm a fun flirty kisser
- my IQ is 100 (is it good or is it bad?)
- my inner european is Russian
- i should've born under the dog year
- my biggest sin is ENVY
- i like the sweet and shy guy -___-;;
- my jap name is Akako Inokuma
- I am devilish kinda girl

to be continued..

- i am somewhat honest
- people see me as a slow and steady person
- i'm an experimenting thinking style
- my summer love type is open and free
- my music taste is adult alternative (whatever that means)
- i am 50% left brained, 50% right brained (yea!)
- right now i'm in the decent mood (Some ups, some downs, but overall i'm coming out ahead.)
- my EQ is 153 (waw!)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Movie Freak

Kemaren saking bosennya ndak ada kerjaan, akhirnya sayah memaksa Tjepo untuk nomat and got a treat =D And the lucky movie was Mr. n Mrs.Smith.

Honestly speaking, this movie didn't actually come up with a great plot whatsoever, it was quite predictable, but the lil scenes and dialogue turned out to be hillarious =D

Ooooh, you know how I love the marriage idea without actually wanting one, SO this one gave me another view of marriage =D

They're literally killing and shooting against each other =D And those Pitt-Jolie pairing was so damn HOT, ladies and gentleman, kinda wished they're together >_<

Yah, overally filmnya lumayan =) Looking forward to Harry Potter IV, Fantastic Four (the trailer was promising =P wakakakaka, I'm one of those trailer freak!), Ungu Violet, and yah..Batman sih (didn't really interested, anyway)


Thursday, June 16, 2005


In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.
--> a/n : Wakakakakakaka.....betul2, jangan biarkan diriku mengira-ngira maksud dan tujuanmu =D

Your ideal relationship is open. Both of you can talk about everything... no secrets.
--> a/n : Humm, jadi kangen seseorang -___-;;

You think of marriage something you've always wanted... though you haven't really thought about it.
--> a/n : Gila, kuisnya LUTU bener, tau aja dia gue kesengsem ama ide married but not actually WANTING it, gahgahgah

In this moment, you think of love as something you don't need. You just feel like flirting around and playing right now.
--> a/n : Hebat hebat!!! Man, I'm stunned!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

In Hurry

I made myself write this post as soon as possible. I should've learn sumtin about OSK and yet I still eager to tell you what's really goin on inside my head...

Guys, lately I found out that I frequently TALKING TO MYSELF!!!

That's horrible, even when I walked alone on the way to campus, I would started saying things like, "How do you spell a refrigerator?" and then I would answered (God, I answered my own question, LITERALLY, for the sake of speaking!) by, "I think it's a refrigerator. Why?". "Well, because it sounds a lil British and surely you knew how I love the British sounds, rite?". "Yeah, kinda..."

See? And the dialogue would continue on and on till I arrived at Fasilkom.

I took it as a mental sign, a vital one! Help!!! I don't want people to start seeing me as if I'm a nuts =(

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Tatto and all new thingy

Already boring with my campus life, oh-I-have-nothing-to-do-in-here... so I decided to (again) take a pee at deviantArt... and I soon got excited >_< Waw, they even have tatoo design!

Speaking of which, once upon a time I remembered I had this weird conversation with my friend about tattoing myself. He didn't really agree with the idea and well... honestly speaking, I'm quite scared of having the idea about it myself.. but I can't help it, tatoo sounds cool.. hehehe..

And if you ask me where should I put the tatoo (if there's any chance), ehem...unlike my pervert friend (mention above) who suggest to put it below the hip at the center of your back (yah, you know lah).. I actually prefer the Sanchai-type =P
Between my thumb and my forefinger but not on my palm. (Wadooh, bahasa Inggrisnya punggung tangan apaan sih??)

Got the image? Good!

Isn't that cool? Wuuoooo >_< *mupeng mode on*

And then, I picked some of those tatoo design which I'd love to put it on my hand, here they are...

Image hosted by Image hosted by

And if I had a chance to put it at where my previous friends suggested, it'll be these kinda tatoos, just pick one...
Image hosted by

HEY HEY... whay do you think of this?? i like it actually...really RED...huehehehe..
Image hosted by

Tuesday, June 7, 2005


Fresh from the oven =)

Quite a nice days I had... really fun, despite all the Anaperancis thingy and stuff, despite the CIS demo and so on, intinya sih nice...

Huaaa... menjelang ujian, saraf2ku terganggu, KP ku masih ngga jelas mau di mana, KTP ku masih ngga jelas status pengurusannya (antara diurus dengan ngga diurus =P), dan semua kerjaan2ku... uohohohoho...

Anyhoo, it's becoming a bit frustating browsing at deviantART whole day, reminds me again that I'm not that good =(


Dan lagipula, tadi pas browsing2 layout interface yang lucu2, gue semakin stres dengan kenyataan gue ... have ... no ... skill ... whatsoever ... vector ... icon ... masking ...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............... adhitaaaaaaaaaaa..... *sob sob*

Friday, June 3, 2005

GNU PG (pretty good privacy)

Nih public key gue, feel free to send me encrypted message =)

Version: GnuPG v1.2.4 (GNU/Linux)


Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Nice, one of these days I was actually teach my lil cousins to prepare them for the upcoming final test...
When I build question, I expected them to answer it rightly and honest. But it turned out that some of their answers are making me laugh.

Q: Mengapa kita harus memaafkan orang lain?
A: Karena buktinya seperti itu.

dan ngga cuman itu, tiba2 pas gue ngecek hasil jawaban soal2nya Kevin...err...

Q: Apa yang terjadi bila kita tidak menaati orang tua kita?
A: Nasib kita sial.

Friday, May 27, 2005


Kalo dari file, sebuah key diubah ke array of byte berukuran [4][4], it works..

But new problem shows up!! Why didn't it accept a file less than 15 bytes??? Udah diutak-utik, pake exception, pake if and else... it still didn't work...

Napa ya..?

Kalo manggil kelas dari sebuah javaframe itu emang ribet, especially when u did it previously with the damn NetBeans! Bloody hell...

Monday, May 23, 2005


Seharusnya minggu2 ini adalah minggu2 menyenangkan...tapi kenapa ya...gara2 tugas kripto2 kupret, SIA yang belon nyentuh, PPM yang belon nyentuh...aaaargh....

sayang, padahal malam minggu kemaren i had a lot of fun...

Saturday, May 14, 2005


This is just a camouflage...
Me pretend not to be here...
You can't see me...
You can't see me...


Anyway, that Korean movie named Full House is literally a 'full' house =D
Full with laughter, fight, love and tears =D
Love it, too bad the scene I longed to see was just only in the last half disc =(

ps: this is an interesting reading =) click here

Monday, May 9, 2005


What is it?
The murderer was finally arrested! Alleluia! Yes, considering it's a full one month of desperation, for crying out loud =(

The shocking news was... he's just only a kid, 18 yrs old and from the look he had, he's that kinda 'innocent-type-of-kid'

The motive?
Pure criminal (somehow I thanked God because of it).
The suspect was hanging around Balhut after commited a robbery in FE in the early morning of that day, and he was also JUST got out from the prison only 2 days before, so he was like running out of money. He intended to rob anyone passing by alone (which unfortunately my dear friend did) and BAM... it happened.

The details? This is what I got from the pre-reconstruction, he met Daliu, he asked for Rp 10.000, Dal said no, and then he asked again, and Dal once again said no, and then he pushed Dal, grabbed his bag, Dal pushed him back and kept his bag with him, then they fought, he put out the knife (which by the way just only a screwdriver, big one), he stabbed Dal, first on the stomach, Dal black out and then fell, he fell also, and when Dal's trying to get up, he mistook it as another attempt to hit him so he practically stabbed Dal once again on the back (bastard!). Yes, Dal fell once again, lost so many blood, and during that moment, he opened up Dal's bag, took the wallet, took another money inside the bag (so he took more or less than Rp 400.000) and then ran away to the FISIP football field, acrossed Pintu Air, and take the bus.

Any other issues?
Uh-huh, the murderer ironically didn't realize that he had killed Dal until the day he got arrested. Ha-ha!

You see, he escaped and ran to Psr.Minggu, so he didn't actually tune on the news on TV. Unfortunately (or is it fortunate?), a month later, he came back to removed the weapon that he buried deep inside the forest (man, my language -_-;), and by the exact moment, the police were patrolling in that area, so they met, said hi to each other, and he got arrested.

Where's the wallet?
He threw it to the lake near 'kawasan tanaman obat' along with the smaller knife (fyi, he always brought 2 weapons)

Interesting fact...
1. All the criminal suspect somehow returned to the TKP
2. They also had sumkinda nostalgical feeling about the weapon they used to commit the crime, so they intentionally kept the thing. For old times' sake, if I may say -_- (go to hell lah)
3. They usually didn't afraid to die, but scared of the possibility for being crippled. So when the gun was pointed on their leg, it usually works for the investigation.
4. The long-haired guy that me and most of my friends suspected months ago as the killer turned out to be just an ordinary person trying to report the crime.
5. I still underestimated the police, since they did nothing but wait for the news from my university's security, but I must admit, the cops do look great when they acted. Imagine, for whole month, they were EVERYWHERE, undercovered as begglar, preman, and pengemis2 ngga jelas berbadan sehat di sekitar hutan UI.
6. For security in my campus, there will be a strict-mechanism-door for small path that connecting UI and the area outside, such as KuTek, KuKel, baRel, and so on. The door will be opened at 5am and will be closed at 9pm. Personally, I didn't mind at all, as long as I could study at the safe place =(
7. The punishment for unintended murder act was approximately 15 years and minimally 12 years.
Lucu juga waktu nanya yang ini =)
Syn : "Hukuman maksimalnya berapa tahun, Pak?"
Pak Acik : "Yaah, 15 tahunlah"
Pak Donny : "Tapi sesuai dengan keinginan Syntia deh, kalo Syntia mintanya mati ya kita bikin mati."
Syn : "Wah, tanya temen2 dulu ya, Pak. Tapi kayanya sih mati kalo nanya mereka."
and we're all laughed, but I secretly wanted it to happen. Bad me!

Tuesday, May 3, 2005


This is part of the unsent testimonial to sum of my friends for varied reason...
Why do I called it unsent? It's because I have no idea where to put it, they don't have any friendster account and 360's testimonial was sucks =D

okay, here we go..


DwL... hah? DwL?? Hehehe, Dian yang ini rada nyebelin kalo lagi adu siapa yang
paling ngga guna di kelompok gue. Ada juga gue, kalee -.-; Plis de!
DwL itu, sejauh yang gue kenal, anaknya lucu sekali, imut2 tapi judes, suka
mukul, suka nyubit, anti ditunjuk pake telunjuk (???) trus suka sependapat
ama gue, fufufu, senangnyaa.. Kalo diinget-inget, dia anaknya ceplas-ceplos,
bahkan suka lebih kacau daripada gue, trus gue suka kalah jutek ama dia, tapi
koq gue doang yaa yang dibilangin jutek? Huhuhu...
DwL ini baik de, suka ngerjain dokumen dengan rajinnya =D (as if) and bisa
bikin puisi xD Yang paling gue inget sekarang tentang dia sih, "Ngga sopan!"
ama "Gila, gue kirain gue doang, bo!" Suka sms-an ama Arnold tapi suka bocorin
sms2nya Arnold juga, kekekeke... *berharap Arnold ngga baca testimonial gue*



Mamad? Lo punya prenster? =D Hehehe, ni orang gue demen banget until he came
up with the ability to turn people upside down with his witty comments =D
He's a nice friend of mine, really nice, I like him a lot (hueks, hueks)
Sumtimes (in the old days) he would actually calling me in the middle of the
night just because I told him to, well, sounds like I'm such a terrible friend,
but no, absolutely not.. I'm fine and kind and nice and friendly and fun to be
with (loh, ini mau nesti siapa sih??) =D Mamad ini at first impression is an
introvert guy, shy and so on lah, but as time goes by, TEET! U're wrong -.-
A big bug if you're asking me, consider that he often called everyone KUTU and
with no shame copycatting my trademark, "I dunno" with a cute tone T_T
He's a nice young fellow who'd like to share stories with me, sumtimes I could
pictures us both sitting in the park (err..) and shared our life stories when
we're apart =) Maybe when we're old... Oh yeah, he's quite annoying and really
tempting to smack him in the face when once I asked him would he invite me
at his wedding day, and he practically said, "No! It depends, whether I'd
still remember you or not." Damn it.. Btw, the only reason I put this
testimonial in English is simply to annoy him, since he can't understand
English as good as I do... huahahahaha, canda, Mad..


Hope sum day I'll be able to post it... *grin*

Monday, May 2, 2005


Kemaren baru nonton the Biography of Stalin and Hitler - The Root of Evil, and that show made me wonder..

They're just unlucky child with an unlucky family to be born with, and with a bad past, and BAM, what a history they created..

Not that I'm their fans or anything -.-;

Yeah, and the most stunning thing about the show was... the way Stalin made a second death to all of his opponents..

He practically erased them from the history, once and for all... Stalin didn't leave anything memorable after he killed his opponents, all the pictures and photos were banished, and the followers of Stalin just removed all the evidents that his enemies were once alive..

What a sick bastard!

Imagine if you're happened to be a member of Stalin's opponents' families and you have no (I repeat, no) trace, not even a single thing, to remind you to them... aga-aga parah..

Thursday, April 28, 2005


Yesterday was quite a new experience when I visit my co-company for my assignment at campus...
My emotional part practically went up and down that day...from tears to laughters...

Huhuhu, that contact person was such a funny guy, until he came up with the question, "Aw, come on, tell me, why there were only the four of you?? Where's the other one??"

Then we're just like, "Err.." and grinning uncertain to each other..

Man, that was tough.. I barely could tell the whole story without sobbing so thank God there were Arnold and Dikey..

And he was so damn shock... yeah, no wonder...

And the meeting continued, we're discussing about the modelling design and stuff and then he offered us a job... huhuhu... why does this life become such an irony??
I dunno, he was so easy offering us that chance and though I was so happy, but at the same time I also wasn't so delighted =(
My friend didn't get a chance to feel the same thing as we did... duuh, padahal dia demen banget kalo bisa KP di DKSH...


Anyway, yesterday Dian also got hooked by the mister in blue shirt =D a.k.a our contact person...huahahahaha, she seemed like taking over my part as the nyolot one and then he practically paying MORE attention to her...huahahahaha....


Monday, April 25, 2005

dance with my father

Back when I was a child
Before life removed all the innocence
My father would lift me high
And dance with my mother and me and then

Spin me around till I fell asleep
Then up the stairs he would carry me
And I knew for sure
I was loved

If I could get another chance
Another walk, another dance with him
I'd play a song that would never, ever end
How I'd love, love, love to dance with my father again

Sometimes I'd listen outside her door
And I'd hear her, mama cryin' for him
I pray for her even more than me
I pray for her even more than me

I know I'm prayin' for much too much
But could You send back the only man she loved
I know You don't do it usually
But Lord, she's dyin' to dance with my father again
Every night I fall asleep
And this is all I ever dream

~miss my old dad...
~how could I never even missed him before this?

Monday, April 18, 2005

calming down

Sorry to everyone I've been put my anger on.. really didn't mean to =) Sorry, guys... (and kalo ga ada yang berasa, jangan sok berasa de =P)

Anyway, this mid exam did a great effort to breakdown my nerve =D It's almost 7pm yet I'm still being around this lab... doing nothing but to read the slides.. boring.. ugh..

Friday, April 15, 2005


Hey, napa polisi2 bertindak lambat sekali????

Apa polisi2 di Indonesia emang dari sononya kaya keong yang ngurusin hal2 ngga penting, ato memang they have their own way to solve a criminal problem???

Gue heran, nih udah seminggu n progressnya masih NGGA ADA, plis de Pak...

Hasil visum juga kaga dikasi tau, motif juga blon dapet, keterangan saksi juga ngga dicari, yang ada mereka malah heboh kasus Flash Disknya hilanglah, motif cinta segitigalah (di antara kelompok Anaperancis-nya segala lagi!!!), motif dendam karena ngerebut cewe oranglah...


He's not that kinda guy, for God's sake, maybe you could find such cases in FISIP ato di HUKUM, but not in FASILKOM.. you don't even have TIME to consider a murder just because of some love-stuff...

Aaargh, gue kirain polisi bakal lebih canggih-an cara berpikirnya daripada gue yang notabene cuma tau ngetik doang (Oh, iya, jadi inget, gue diinterogasi sejam - dua jam padahal waktu bersih tanya jawab cuman sepuluh menit, d'you have any idea what did the so-called-cop do with the rest of 'em?? NGETIK PAKE 4 JARI, Oh My Dear Lord!)

Gue stres sendiri, tuh pelaku udah jamin 100% kabur dah, kalo ketangkep gue langsung bakar hidup-hidup! Dasar satpam UI katro, baru rajin patroli abis kejadian kaya gini, dasar RSCM katro, nge-visum aja pake alat-alat berkarat, aaaargh...

Lama-lama I'm gonna consider it as a pure random criminal and my dear Daliu was just not in the right place n time. Lebih ngga nyakitin hati, nguras pikiran n tenaga buat nyari motif dan alasan...

Yaelah, Dal...

Monday, April 11, 2005


I'm scared.. truly scared..
Scared of my friends' safety, scared of my own safety...

But beyond those things, I missed Daliu a LOT, he just didn't deserve to die like that.

Hate the killer, hate the drugs dealer, hate the whole thing including me myself that day...



Indonesia mode:

Gue udah over his departure to heaven kemaren ampe hari ini di Anaperancis gue denger kemungkinan baru itu. Kalo dia emang 'itu', apakah mungkin gue dan the rest of my anaperancis group 'begitu' juga?

parno parno parno....

jangan biarkan arnold pulang sendirian malem2 dong...

Saturday, April 9, 2005

What a waste

A few days ago, I wasted my tears for sumtin SO NOT IMPORTANT and I regretted it A LOT! Sick! Very sick person he is...


Monday, April 4, 2005


Pope died... camerlengo... conclave.. cardinal...

Sounds so damn familiar...

What next?? Nuclear reactor?? The end of the world??

Thursday, March 31, 2005

dear oh dear

When you got married, which bed side will you prefer?


or else... hehehe...

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Sounds British enuf???


A : What was that?
B : What exactly do you mean?
A : What in the name of cat was that?? You bloody kissed me!!!
B : Yes, I suppose you're right.
A : What do you mean you supposed I was right? You bloody kissed me! Explain that!
B : Well, it was basically what people -normal people, adult people- do when they're madly in love.
A : WHAT!!! Who put that stupid idea into your thick head? I am NOT in love with you, you bloody cow!
B : But I heart you...
A : But you can not just 'heart' people and then just kissed them like what you did just now.. *duh*
B : Oh, come on, don't be unkind...
A : I am NOT unkind, I'm stating the fact!
B : What's the matter with you? People don't get pregnant from kissing, err...speaking of which...
A : WHAT???
B : I can explain..


yah, aga2 ngga jelas, but i like this piece of scene =)

Btw, until now I haven't got a chance to actually calling my mom and ask about the situation there... but, oh, well..

Sunday, March 27, 2005

belated easter

Selamat Paskah teman-temanku semua...

Waks, ternyata kalo load tugas itu harus dikerjakan sekaligus untuk ngejar deadline yang hari Senin, sungguh membuat sakit jiwa.
Dan ujung-ujungnya, gue malah lupa bikin dokumen PLBO *sigh* dan SIA *sigh*
Argh, maaf Satria and Wawan...

Anyway, kemaren namatin Fatal Frame II dengan 2 ending. Ada sih ending yang lebih bagusan, cuman koq buat main lagi dari awal aga-aga bikin eneg gitu ya.
Kemaren yang namatin juga bukan gue, tapi Julie yang kebetulan mampir ke tempat Cecep, *sigh* what a tragic ending.
I recommend that game to be a movie, it's going to be awesome, not to mention COOL special effect, *sigh* dan ide ceritanya yang sebenernya kutumbaba crabby patty begitu!
Fufufufu, tapi saya suka... dasar Village gila dengan ritual gila!

Trus trus, namatin Lemony's Snicket (Series of Unfortunate Event) juga =D
Huahahaha, Julie memang diberdayakan sekali kemaren, lagian salah siapa ada stage yang bikin emosi, musuhnya ngga abis-abis udah gitu ngga ada tambahan nyawa!
Emang dibutuhkan manusia dengan kemampuan ngoding yang tinggi buat namatin tuh game xD
Bisa ngetik n neken tombol dengan cepet *ngakak*
Terbukti Iang n Julie bisa nembak perompak lebih keren dari gue =D

Daan yang paling penting, pas gue pulang ke rumah, ternyata gue ngga digantung, digoreng ato disemprot dengan omelan ^^
Hehehehe, saya senang, pikiran-pikiran buruk gue ngga terjadi *fiuh*
Oh iya, nyokap gue tiba-tiba ngirim surat buat nyuruh gue beliin dia obat dari Dr. Supijati. Sapa sih tuh??? Aneh de, dari tahun kemaren ribut banget promosiin tuh dokter ke gue...

Humm, I'm so into this Easter thing pas di gereja (how I missed that church), and lagunya juga Easter-theme sekali =)
Ada lagu yang klasik yang tau-tau dinyanyiin ama pendetanya =P

S'bab Dia hidup, ada hari esok
S'bab Dia hidup, ku tak gentar
Karna kutau Dia pegang hari esok
Hidup jadi berarti s'bab Dia hidup

So, here I am to worship
Here I am to bow down
Here I am to say that you're my God

You're altogether lovely
You're altogether worthy
You're altogether wonderful to me

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Napa? Napa kelompok Anaperancis gue emang ditakdirkan untuk senantiasa nyasar kalo abis ketemu client??? T_T Tepar man!

Ok, Ok, first thing first..
1. Bikin laporan anaperancis
2. Kirim daftar email perusahaan ke lusi
4. poci-poci PLBO

Ntar senen kudu ngasi kabar ke Siemens, kumpulin tugas Ristek, trus Rabu ketemu DKSH Market Intelligence (jieeh gue), Selasa ato Kamis bikin SIA, CIS kapan ya bikinnya?? Hoaaahm... (m_m)

Anyhoo.. belakangan ini kalo ditelusuri sih cukup menyenangkan juga =P Mulai dari kepanikan anggota kelompok Anaperancis gue lantaran ngga dapet2 juga perusahaan yang mau jadi client (padahal kita ngga minta bayaran juga, emang kutu kupret!), dan akhirnya hari ini jadi berasa berlimpah begene proyek-proyeknya -_____-"

Aaah, apakah saya akan nge-drop PLBO kalo jadi ngambil proyek itu??? Apakah saya??? (ceritanya nerjemahin paksa dari bahasa inggris, will I take the job? will I?) =D

CRABBY PATTY!!!!!! Gue jadi inget, gue belon ngurusin n cari2 info ttg web paragita!!! Aaargh...

Monday, March 21, 2005


Bedah Kampus UI...

A truly terrible headache from my point of view.
So crowded and noisy and not to mention it was so HOT in there, phew, what a day.
That day was actually my first experience in Bedah Kampus. Mana gue tau kalo emang pengunjungnya sebanyak itu, coba?
And one is definitely TIRING, that is!

Anak-anak SMU yang nanyain RAME banget, bikin suara saya serak T_T Bahkan ada suatu titik dimana gue udah ngga sanggup ngomong gara2 suara ilang...

Untunglah banyak yang bantuin, soalnya anak2 2003 n 2004nya tau2 dateng and langsung dicomot buat presentasi =) Fufufu, kasian, udah gitu banyak yang jadi LO dadakan =P Pulang pergi Fasilkom-Balairung buat nganterin anak-anak SMU yang mau ikutan Open House.
Hooah, many thanks to Rado, Alan, TeGe, Oji, Michael, dan segenap manusia-manusia Fasilkom yang dateng kemaren ^^

Most frequently asked question (literally), adalah
1. "Kak, bedanya computer science ama teknik informatika apaan ya?"
jb: Ngga ada bedanya, dek (-_-)"

2. "Belajarnya ngapain aja sih?"
jb: Err..tuh ada di papan... (kalo yang ngotot bakal nanya, "Jadi maksudnya apaan tuh, Kak?")

3. "Harus punya basic di pelajaran mana ya?"
jb: Matematika

4. "Cara masuknya gimana, Kak?"
jb: Err... ya melalui SPMB lah...

5. "Nanti lulusnya bakal jadi apa ya? Programmer-programmer gitu?"
jb: (awalnya masi jawab, "Programmer itu cuma salah satunya doang, tapi kamu jangan sampe punya cita2 jadi programmer ya, soalnya programmer itu kacungnya dunia IT, kamu harus patok lebih tinggi lagi, kaya system analist ato bahkan PM sekalian") trus saking bosennya akhirnya simply said, "Iya, jadi programmer."

Yang pertanyaan paling aneh menurut gue sih, "Computer Science itu IPA atau IPS ya, Kak?"


Emangnya ada ya kemungkinan Computer Science adalah mata pelajaran di bidang IPS???

The most outstanding question is... "Kak, Nicholas itu Teknik Arsitektur kan ya? Dia jaga stand ngga?? Trus nanti katanya Bona manggung ya?"

UI...! Kepal jari jadi tinju! UI, UI kampusku! Bersatu almamaterku! UI...!


Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Hey, you know what... I've been offered a new kid and until now, I'm still having this stupid-nervous-act about the gender, the nationality, the ADDRESS -__-" and blah blah blah..

Hueks, it's getting annoying sumtimes..

Trus trus trus, it's been a hectic week T_T
Tugas SIA2 jaman dulu kala itu ternyata ngga membuat gue belajar dari kesalahan dengan membuatnya di awal2 minggu... Wakakakaka *tawa histeris*

Tapi tenang saudara-saudara, seburuk-buruknya yang gue alami, it will never be worse than Julie's and Joe's =P Yeah, that's rite, I succeeded in making them doing what-I-am-suppose-to-do and the deadline is today =D
I'm such a blood-sucking-kind-of-friend yesterday =P

Huahahaha, Ok... now you can consider me as a jobless. (Thank God) Hudy's mom released me yesterday due to his uncooperate behaviour =D

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Baru beberapa hari gue seneng2 ngga jelas di kampus, hari ini gue udah BELER lagi
Hidung merah, mata sembab, persis gejala orang nangis ditinggal pacar.

Benci aku...

Napa ya pala gue langsung pusing kalo udah ngeliat yang namanya Adobe Photoshop CS versi Trial dan Freehand MX versi trial (juga) di Ruangan Senat???

Napa gue harus nongkrongin tuh kompi jijiks dengan RAM yang sangat rendah sampe ngga ada angin ngga ada ujan tuh aplikasi Photoshop maen MATI aja seenak jidat TIGA KALI???

Ich habe genug.. bitte...


Anyway, lately I found a very typical phenomenon in TV station. Yaitu menggunakan nama ambigu untuk judul sinetron -____-"

Let's see..
- Ada Apa Dengan Cinta
- Pernikahan Dini
- Kisah Kasih di Sekolah
- Primadona
- Bunga di Tepi Jalan
hingga the latest one... Manis dan Sayang.

What is it with everyone???? Hullo??? Plis don't tell me that that sinetron called "Ada Apa denganmu" actually told about someone called 'Mu' ???

Tuesday, March 8, 2005


Hari ini I had a VERY good mood, all day smiling =)
Quite rare to my own standard, really, but I don't actually mind =D since it was way TOO good to be happened to me =D

Began with him, waving his usual 'hi' and walking on, then my so-called-smiling-day officially got started. From there, everything turned out to be nice. I got my very first textbook (with the colour of maroon, my favourite, thank you), and fyi, this is my VERY first book that I bought with my own sweat-and-tears-money ^_______^ So proud of myself, huahahahaha =D

Well, after that I took a very nice and happy lesson called System Analyze and Design, with a totally narcissistic lecturer =D All day laughing, that's me.

Not to mention I finished the damn poster =P Kekekeke, don't care even if it got rejected, way too happy since one had been done. 6 more to go!!! *sigh*

Honestly, today IS a happy day. I almost forgot that I haven't done all my assignments =( SIA, DAA, Anaperancis... *sob sob*

Have a good day everybody!

Daily theme-song: Bram - Arti Mencinta, Tori Ames-???

Friday, March 4, 2005


Ah, hari ini saya mengingat-ingat banyak kenangan masa lalu =)
So sweet, but yet... so frustating T_T

First, I took a look at my oldies web page, duuh... dulu gue suka bikin web kecil2 kaya yang ada di web lamanya ajay, aaah... kangen masa2 itu =(

Trus buka2 postingan2 lamanya Y's, hehehe... ridiculous banget de gue pas masi muda doeloe..

Trus baru nonton Mengejar Matahari gratisan di senat (ok, ok, gue basi), aaah.. that movie had a great ending. Really deep. Nice.

Udah semester 6 nih, but what have I achieved??

Monday, February 28, 2005


Gue turut berdukacita atas meninggalnya temen kita Haryanto 2001, Minggu jam 6.20 pagi kemaren, just because some damn pencopet di kereta mau nyolong n ngedorong dia ampe jatuh dari kereta. Dunno if the story was true or not, but either both, I hate all pencopet di Kereta! Titik!

And then, I'd like to say 'go to hell' to all of the pickpockets around the Jakarta's railway. May your soul rest in bloody asylum now and forever, burn to rot, you slimy creatures, hate you so much. Begone!

My hand hurt like hell =(
Abis nyuci2 kursi dan sofa di rumah gue, I practically exhausted and 'tepar' di kamar. Man, I worked for almost 3 hrs nonstop!

Anyway, kemaren I got another tip from the hausfrau of my latest student, and I was so happy, yet I spent the money already (again)
Giling, gimana mau ngejalanin niat tulus gue mau ngasih gaji pertama gue ke nyokap kalo tiap kali gue dapet duit langsung gue jajanin?
Well... jajanin perhaps a lil bit overestimate, i actually spent for the sake of my life =D

SpongeBob SquarePants
Episode ke-n

Background story:
SpongeBob dan Patrick melawan Manusia Sinar. The point is they got attacked and got burned to ashes, but not for their mouth and their eyes.

Patrick : Bau apa ini?
SpongeBob : Ini bau kekalahan, Patrick! =(
Patrick : *diam sebentar* Oooh, kukira ini bau kulitku.

I simply laugh. What a cute Patrick =) Thanks to Kevin for telling me the stories.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Kemaren di saat-saat gue nyaris botak nungguin ampe sejam anak didik gue kaga dateng2, akhirnya gue membongkar-bongkar koleksi majalah dan buku nyokapnya dia.


Sang nyokap punya buku Bridget Jones Diary yg sekarang lagi dipelemin, and an 'Inspiring Book' or sumtin, similar with the Chicken Soup but in English.

Anyway, I read it and got carried away until 6.30pm and that bloody kid still hadn't showed up, aargh.. I think this time I should be fired since the lack of motivation from the child itself =(

Then, bla bla bla... before I got home, sang nyokap tiba2 ngasi salam tempel ke gue dengan ucapan, "Buat jajan."


Gue bingung, apakah ini pertanda minta maaf karena anaknya bikin gue kelamaan nunggu, atao tanda perpisahan soalnya anaknya emang susah diajak belajar???

I dunno =(

Tapi yang penting, duitnya langsung amblas 10 menit kemudian karena gue belanja (oh, setelah sekian lama ngga merasakan aroma kasir =P)

Hihihihi, senang dapet duit pertama dari totally stranger =D

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Ah, ada jg ortu sesabar itu yang absolutely manjain anak =|
Kemaren saya lagi di tempatnya Hudy and kucuk2 dia ke kompie and buka internet, liat-liat katalog disney, dan.... ta-da!!! Dia ngeprint tuh page...


Printer yang berwarna, koneksi internet, all for only a sixth year old kid...
Trus pas dia nelfon, ngambek ngga mau les, eeh... nyokapnya bilang gini, "Ya udah, kamu main aja ama Kak Maya, nanti malem belajar ama mama."

Gimana gue ngga jiper dengan anceman dipecat??? Kerjaan gue cuma ngobrol n maen2 ama anaknya...

Baru baca komentar orang-orang jenius dari berbagai belahan bumi tentang some test called 'Petal Rose' and it amazed me so much.

There are many of them felt insulted by the line 'the smarter you are, the longer time you need to solve it' or sumtin like that =]

Huahaha, ego, pride, whatever they called it... it startled me to know that me myself could solve it within a minute, but then I don't get furious or insulted or anything, so why all these people went mad???

Yaiks, apakah gue akan terlunta-lunta semester ini di bagian dunia antah-berantah, sacred part of computer science called coding?? CIS ngoding, SIA ngoding, PLBO ngoding, Anaperancis ngoding, DAA ngoding ngga sih???

Anyhoo... selamat menempuh hidup baru buat diri gue sendiri... Ganbatte!!!

Monday, February 14, 2005


First, Selamat Hari Masuk Kuliah I ^^

And then, I just remembered, I got a Mandarin poet about Gong Xi Fa Chai from my cousin's school =]

Xin Nian Kuai Le, Ha Zi Men Ke Chang
Xin Nian Kuai Le, Xiao Niao Er Tiao Yao
Xin Nian Kuai Le, Bai He Hua Kai Kou
Gong Xi, Gong Xi, Gong Xi Fa Chai

Huahahaha, I'm good at memorizing but so lack in translating those =[

Trus trus, I reuni2 lagi sama kelompok PPL sayah, kekekekeke... jadi malu ^_____^

"Dia juga takut..."
"Oh ya? Kenapa?"
"Soalnya si X itu kan genit..."


That was the first word popped into my head and I started to block out every words after. I guess I just don't want to listen about it any longer, I had enough. Traumatize? You may say so, whatever...

Anyway, graduation brought back old memories and I'm not too fond about it. Remind me of my own future WHICH by the way hadn't been settled yet. Oh, shut it! Change topic, please?

Gue baru aja ngeliat-liat ingredient dari permen yang baru gue makan, and di situ tertera... GELATIN SAPI!!! What the heck is that??? I almost choked out =[

Trus trus, aside from me being normal as usual, nothing excited really happened =[
Yah, just some old friend added me on friendster and suddenly out of nowhere, his girlfriend also added me (even though I have NO IDEA who is she ^^) and then I just thought, "Maybe she was kinda obsessed and overprotectived to his bf anyway, so beat it, My!" *giggles*

Oh so sweet, now that's what I called a Valentine spirit

Eh, lucu de, makin lama gue makin cinta aja leot web yang simple, yang tulisannya bukan Times New Roman, dan size-nya ngga segede pasir. My blog (if you opened it with ANYTHING BUT IE, thank you) would much fit that criteria. Huahaha, trus ternyata emang gue ngga suka frame ^^ padahal paling demen bikin frame jaman2 muda dulu, dan gue sekarang mulai ngga seneng dengan opening page, you know, a page containing the word ENTER? Aga2 cape aja, harus klik lagi, trus masuk ke halaman standar yang kebagi 2 atau 3 bagian juga ujung2nya =D Trus gue cinta site yang ngga berat, yang ngga banyak loading gambar, trus yang sebagian besar itu tulisan bukan gambar. Kan ada tuh website yang 2/3 halamannya adalah gambar segede-gede gaban, trus tulisannya nyempil di ujung2 mana gitu. Hehehe. Nyombong banget ya gue, padahal sih ngga, itu pendapat gue doang, abisnya pas liburan ngga ngapa2in selain ke lab n browsing2 ke berbagai website. Ampe eneg dengan tampilan2 web2 yang rada2 sama =[ Not that my own blog had any difference though, but... oh, whatever... human...

Ngga ngerti de, gue pulang malem2 just to make sure that my lil cousin has done her homework and bam! There she was, sleeping safe and sound, and when I woke her up, she was practically screaming, yelling and crying refusing to correct her homework (which by the way all got wrong answers).

Aargh, I spent whole my energy buat ngebujuk-bujuk tuh anak biar mau ngebenerin PRnya. Gila, gue ampe gebrak meja dan seisi rumah mendadak sunyi senyap =] Fufufu... Mumpung ortunya lagi ngga ada dan om gue yang satunya lagi juga ikut2an mendukung tindakan saya tadi ^___^

Memang jiwa evaluator udah mendarah daging gini di gue =D
Lagian, anak2 jaman sekarang, manjanya ngga ketulungan -___-

Kalo dibandingin ama jaman gue masi kecil dulu, oh alangkah ironis... Emang sih gue juga ngga suka disuruh-suruh belajar (sapa juga yg tahan kalo disuruh belajar) tapi kan nilai gue juga baik2 saja. PR juga gue kerjain (walopun kadang2 bikinnya di sekolah), tapi ah, kayanya bonyok gue ngga pernah sampe kaya gue tadi nyuruh2 anaknya belajar T__T

Sebal, pokoknya ntar anak gue ngga ada cerita dibeliin PS ato game2 lainnya, kalo nilainya kacau ato males belajar, say bye bye to them. Sebel gue!