Tuesday, May 3, 2005


This is part of the unsent testimonial to sum of my friends for varied reason...
Why do I called it unsent? It's because I have no idea where to put it, they don't have any friendster account and 360's testimonial was sucks =D

okay, here we go..


DwL... hah? DwL?? Hehehe, Dian yang ini rada nyebelin kalo lagi adu siapa yang
paling ngga guna di kelompok gue. Ada juga gue, kalee -.-; Plis de!
DwL itu, sejauh yang gue kenal, anaknya lucu sekali, imut2 tapi judes, suka
mukul, suka nyubit, anti ditunjuk pake telunjuk (???) trus suka sependapat
ama gue, fufufu, senangnyaa.. Kalo diinget-inget, dia anaknya ceplas-ceplos,
bahkan suka lebih kacau daripada gue, trus gue suka kalah jutek ama dia, tapi
koq gue doang yaa yang dibilangin jutek? Huhuhu...
DwL ini baik de, suka ngerjain dokumen dengan rajinnya =D (as if) and bisa
bikin puisi xD Yang paling gue inget sekarang tentang dia sih, "Ngga sopan!"
ama "Gila, gue kirain gue doang, bo!" Suka sms-an ama Arnold tapi suka bocorin
sms2nya Arnold juga, kekekeke... *berharap Arnold ngga baca testimonial gue*



Mamad? Lo punya prenster? =D Hehehe, ni orang gue demen banget until he came
up with the ability to turn people upside down with his witty comments =D
He's a nice friend of mine, really nice, I like him a lot (hueks, hueks)
Sumtimes (in the old days) he would actually calling me in the middle of the
night just because I told him to, well, sounds like I'm such a terrible friend,
but no, absolutely not.. I'm fine and kind and nice and friendly and fun to be
with (loh, ini mau nesti siapa sih??) =D Mamad ini at first impression is an
introvert guy, shy and so on lah, but as time goes by, TEET! U're wrong -.-
A big bug if you're asking me, consider that he often called everyone KUTU and
with no shame copycatting my trademark, "I dunno" with a cute tone T_T
He's a nice young fellow who'd like to share stories with me, sumtimes I could
pictures us both sitting in the park (err..) and shared our life stories when
we're apart =) Maybe when we're old... Oh yeah, he's quite annoying and really
tempting to smack him in the face when once I asked him would he invite me
at his wedding day, and he practically said, "No! It depends, whether I'd
still remember you or not." Damn it.. Btw, the only reason I put this
testimonial in English is simply to annoy him, since he can't understand
English as good as I do... huahahahaha, canda, Mad..


Hope sum day I'll be able to post it... *grin*

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