Tuesday, May 4, 2010


There are tons of series that I watched in the past couple of weeks since I have to burn 'em all to free some space in my computer. Hence, there’s a mixed (and matched) feeling goin on.

Well, I started with Criminal Minds season 5, 'fcourse, and as always, after being too long on hiatus with this series, watching it again is like having a dejavu sensation of this creepy and obsession feeling all over. I nearly forgot how cruel its episodes could be. And yes, Reed (Matthew Gray-Gubler) is the director for episode 16. Oh that sweet guy...

Then, moving forward, I gulped down House MD season 6. Well, House MD is always such an entertainment for twisted mind like mine, so yeah I adore that actually-pretty-perfect-husband-material series. Hahahaha, this old bastard is smart, can cook, play the instrument, ride the big fiasco of a motorcycle, acquire odd sense of humor, brutally honest, wickedly playful, and is an eye-candy. The only downsize is that he's such an ass.

Like previous series, Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) is also directing episode 16 in season 6. Hmm, actor-turn-director phenomenon. And, okay old news, but recently I just realized that he's a Brit. Oh my goat! So amazing seeing one of his interview session with Jay Leno in youtube and I instantly hooked even more. Yay for sexy native accent.

After seeing House, I tried finishing 90210 Season 1. Yes, I know I'm a bit far behind that series considering I used to be pretty freak with Gossip Girl. And in my humble opinion, 90210 and Gossip Girl viewers are like stepsisters, hating each other. So, anyway, I already burned the first half of the season so it seemed like a waste not finishing the whole series once and for all.

In 90210, there's this one new character named Liam (see above picture). And I honestly cannot think how lucky this guy is, He barely speaks one line. Seriously, it's just "Huh?", "Sure.", "Ok.", "Wazzup?", and any other one-word-phrase-you-can-think-of. Tsk tsk tsk, and that Ethan character (see the right picture), wow, he became the man-whore in this series. So hillarious, while there are only 4 main female heroines, Ethan had already dated three of them (at least in season 1). Waaaaaaaw....

And by the way, how come Naomi's (the supposedly bitchy-girl-enemy character but I love her more than the main heroine, Annie. Ugh, felt like slapping Annie all over) boyfriends are always these good-looking-bad-boy-smart-ass gentleman? Impressive, director!

After that, I reconnected my old relationship with Supernatural season 5. The BEST thing about this series is the sense of humour of its writer(s). Very moronic and super hilarious. I enjoyed their constant mockery of others series (say, Grey's Anatomy, House MD, Damage, etc) and witty dialogues (mostly by Dean). My favorite so far, "Famine? Another Horsemen? Great! Must be Thursday.." I practically jumped off my chair (figuratively) and laughing out loud since Supernatural is indeed playing every Thursday back in their original country.

I also remember the scenes where they discovered there's such thing as fanfiction in this world, and people are actually making fanfics about Dean & Sam in Supernatural, as a pair. "What? They do know that we're brothers, right?" Dean asked in shock. Right, it's exactly why fans made the fanfic, Mr. Winchester. Embracing the latest culture like that is what makes Supernatural is a pleaser for its audience.

This might be wrong to say, but how come I become more aware of what Bible says by watching this series instead of, well, going to the church mass? Four Horsemen, Apocalypse, Lucifer rising, false prophet, Gabrielle, Michael, etc. Hmmm...

Moving on, I continued with Gossip Girl season 3 (yes, yes, pretty drastic turnover). I actually enjoyed season 3 mainly because two of my all-time-favorite-pairing are back together. Serena-Nate and Chuck-Blair. Yes, I know Blair-Chuck will end separate ways, but I reaaally like these couples. I cannot seems to get enough of Blair-Chuck game scenes (they are truly the perfect-unperfect-pair) and Serena-Nate will always look like the Royal pair. So regal in their blond hair and decent-goodie-two-shoes behavior.

Weird thing is, like 90210, there's always man-whore character in this type of series. And in Gossip Girl, it's Nate. Crazier than Ethan in 90210, Nate had already dated four main female character. Serena, Blair, Vanessa and Jenny. Wooow....! What is it with this round-table hook up and break up?

Sigh, I missed Grey's Anatomy, but right now I'm in the middle of investigating where the hay is the first part of Season 5. I KNEW I have burned it somewhere.

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Mauuu pinjaaaaam...

may, CM, 90210 sama GG jangan di delete dulu yah.. if you really need some space, just call me and i'll be right there :P

anyweeeyyyy.. dirty sexy money apa kabar? himym?

If House is such a nice guy (not an ass), that makes him perfect, which means he's definitely gay :))

may...gue gk nyangka kalo si house a.k.a Hugh Laurie itu ternyata british...waaawww dan ternyata dia bisa ngedirect juga makin waaawwwww..btw gue mau terusannya house donk...

@vita: gue baru ngeh maksud lo tu minjem series bule yeee?? gue kira series Koreaaaa..

@ramot: thank God for that one imperfection

@ajay: yes.won't delete it, tapi 90210 episode 23 tau2 ngga bisa dirender, ngga ngefek sih, loncat aja lsg

@kikye: you should've seen the clip @jayLeno show =P

gw mgikutin CM, sayang gideon ktnya keluar ya? cocok bgt dia meskipun bukan chief BAU, tp disegani

gw kaget liat paget soalnya apal bgt ama dia gara2 friends haha

matthew gray-gubler ada di 500 days of summer ternyata. gw baru nonotn ulang. gw suka bgt ama omniscientnya si Dr Reid, suka bikin kesel temen2nya (especially Morgan)

Wow, I didn't even realized Paget was in Friends!

That's what I like about Supernatural, too. The writers aren't afraid of poking fun at themselves. Adding Misha Collins as the deadpan angel sidekick was also a brilliant move. He's a good foil to Dean's snarky attitude.