Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cinderella's Sister (preview)

Best KDrama I've seen so far, I mean.. yeah, well, it fell into way much different category than City Hall but, yes, I think it's the best KDrama indeed. The powerful casting and absolutely thrilling scenarios, beautiful soundtrack AND the mood they set you upon watching each and every episodes of it. Dang, I love this one a lot.

The main difference from the rest of KDrama (that I've seen) is that this is not mainly about romance. Audience won't be indulged by Love Love Love in scene after scene. It's more like family epic story, the twisted tale about Cinderella. The cast is perfect (have I said that?), there's the wealthy and loving father, greedy step-mother, the step-sister, Cinderella, the Prince, the Pauper... gyaaaah, love it love it love it.

The story is pretty much like the original Cinderella tale, only the twist is that the Step-mother turn out to be more on Cinderella's side than the step sister (hence the title). The step-sister is played by Moon Geun Young (Innocent Step, My Little Bride, Love Me Not) and the Cinderella is played by the doll-face Oh Seo Woo. It's hard to dislike the Cinderella (duh, she's the supposedly good girl after all) and it's even harder not to sympathize with the Step-sister. Like someone said in one of those review sites, Moon tended to pick only best movie to play. Damn her good talent.

The main thing I love most about this drama is that dark and gloomy tone. I'm such a sucker for dark movie, a good one that is. Moon represented the best dark character I've ever seen, a tremendous thing considering that her characters were always this happy cutie lovable lil girl. I dig her appearance, her acting, her lines, her sneakers (!) and her lack of attempt to look pretty in this movie (or is it the responsibility of make-up artist? Great job, then!). In the other hand, I also adore Cinderella's character. Her (sometimes annoying) cries, her acting, her clothes, her crazy high-heels and boots (!), her blazer.. sigh, that's why I like this movie so much.

The male characters are great also, and (as usual) represent totally different heaven-and-earthly treat. One is the heart-warming-sometimes-bitter Prince and the other is loyal-adorable Pauper Clown. Taecyon from 2PM actually played well in this one, not like those young idols who have only singular expression throughout the movie. Bleh!

Here is the teaser for the movie, and since I saw it AFTER I watched the movie, I was pretty much impressed. Too bad Moon's hairstyle is no longer similar with the MV version.

2 tasted the wine:

si cowok yang baju item itu bukannya brondong yang demen ama tante2 di korea series jaman baheula yang sempet gue tonton itu ya? yang judulnya adalah nama si tante itu.. duh apa ya gue lupa -_-

daann.. yang pake baju putih, kyaaaaa :* :* ganteng bok..

yep yepppp.. ingetan lo bagus sekali.. di sini dia maen super cutie slash dark gloomy guy..

hah.. susah menjelaskannya..

udah liat teasernya?