Thursday, May 13, 2010

sweeeeet (Pasta)

Aish, I kept watching and loving Pasta altogether. The best thing about this Korean drama (aside from so many eye candies) is that it told us about how a couple living their relationship, not just two people trying to be a love couple and when they do, it's The End (i.e. Full House, You're Beautiful, Coffee Prince, even City Hall). Kinda depressing when you wish so much for your favorite pair to be FINALLY in a relationship (as Facebook status might say) but by then, it's only two or less episodes left. Weks! I want to know how the hay their relationship really is, dammit!

I remembered getting so annoyed after watching Full House, because when Rain and Song Hye Gyo finally climbed from rock bottom and after so many tears being spilled, it's THE END! OMG, they only let few tiny clips showing how both characters enjoying their relationship in the middle of, err.. I dunno, vacation? Shopping time? Honeymoon? Or like in Coffee Prince, when Yoon Eun Hye finally being recognized as a girl and Gong Yoo declared his love, then JRENG JRENG, she left for overseas study and it's FINALE episode! What the haaay???

Anyway, in Pasta, the main characters already declared as a couple ever since episode 9 and there's still 11 episodes left, so yay, I'm happy. As a result, there are witty dialogues coming up from that couple that I actually find it as refreshing and funny. For example:

(sad music in the background)

Female: Do you know how hard it is for me in the kitchen because of you?
Male: What did I do?
Female: Working in your kitchen, I'm more afraid of disappointing you as a cook than our relationship being found out. I can endure being the kitchen assistant again, and put up with the whisperings of the sunbaes, but I don't want to lean on you and not being a good enough cook. I like you and because I like you, I want to lean on you, but I'm trying so hard to stand on my own so I don't lean. You don't know that, do you? *getting all worked up*
Male: Are you finished?
Female: Yes, Chef.
Male: Then should we call it quits?
(music tape stopped in a brutal halt)
Female: *shocked* But we haven't done anything yet.
Male: We haven't done anything?
Female: *pouting* What have we done together?
Male: What is it that you want to do?
Female: Everything.
Male: Everything what?
Female: Just everything. Everything.
Male: Everything?
Female: *nods*
Male: Fine, let's just do everything. Okay? *laugh* We're probably going to be very busy on weekends now.

So cuteeee, for a split sec, I tawt they're really gonna call it quit *oh nooo* but how on earth the mood changed drastically like that? The chef is indeed one devilish manipulator. Ha-ha!

In addition (felt like I'm starting to make a thesis out of this one, huh?), do you know how we usually torn apart between two male characters fighting over one female character, and while in one hand we knew she will eventually end up with the hero male, but then again since there are so many obstacles in their relationship you'd wished for her to pick the supporting male character, the easy option, instead? (i.e. Full House (again), Coffee Prince (again), Endless Love, Meteor Garden, You're Beautiful, Goong aka Princess Hours, Cinderella Sister, well.. you know my point). It doesn't happen in Pasta. Hahahahaha! I extremely content with whomever she chose, the Chef or the Customer. They're both so sweet (in their own way) and each one complimented the other. Maybe they should ended up together instead as a cute gay couple? Interesting.

Anyway, this one sums up the so-called-difference between the Chef and the Customer in a dialogue between the female character and her dad.

Female: Some man says he likes me.
Dad: A man?
Female: Yeah.
Dad: What kind of a man?
Female: Well that... I'm not sure. I'm confused... all of a sudden.
Dad: Can he support himself?
Female: He has a lot of money.
Dad: Does he have an awful personality?
Female: He's very considerate. And agreeable.
Dad: Is he against you being a cook?
Female: He likes anything I make.
Dad: Then what's the problem?
Female: Well... I like someone else.
Dad: Someone else? How is he better?
Female: Uh, that... It's so hard to put into words.
Dad: Does he have more money?
Female: I don't think so.
Dad: Does he have a better personality?
Female: He yells all the time, he's stubborn, and gets into fights with people all the time.
Dad: Does he like your cooking?
Female: No, he always criticizes whatever I cook.
Dad: But you still like him better?
Female: I know. It just happened that way.
Dad: Then go with the first one.

Doeeeenk, very practical dad! While the second man in question might not seem that worth it to be considered as son-in-law, he actually has some virtue (!!!) in which you gotta watch the dramas to see what they are. Yah, but as I said, I like them both since both are easy options indeed.

These three characters (the main actress, main actor and male supporting role) were often(ly) seen together in one scene. I mean, THAT MUCH often, gyaaah.. it almost hillarious I almost agreed to the threesome relationship in this drama. Hahahahaha. At one point, the aforementioned dad came and found the three of them sitting together (again) at the bar, initiating reaaaally awkward moment by saying, "So, are these two the 2 men you said you were confused between?" Hahahahahahahaha... soooo embarassing! Those male leads were probably just curious over the question, BUT the female lead?? hohoho, I can't even start imagining myself to be in her shoes. Might have jumped from the 35th floor as well, I guess.

And the scenes after that?? They reminded me of these junior high love stories where your boyfriend(s) got scolded by your dad and things got even out-of-handly SWEET. Hehehe, love it!

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