Part 1: She Knows He Knows

He touched her finger that was still pointed at his chest, "Still manage to scare the day out of me, I see." She smiled. Too sweetly. "Are you trying to get us killed? Not a good day to die, you say?".

How To Cross Road In Margonda

Somebody should publish this kind of booklet long before I even got enrolled in University of Indonesia. Duh! 1. If there's eventually a traffic light for passerby, please DO pay attention. It's not there for decoration purpose (only).

Dream High

Once upon a time, in one particular high school, lived one particular girl student. Let's call her Suzy. Not only that she got the looks, she also had the wealth and singing talent and lots of antis. All things other girls could only imagine.

Story From Far Java

On my last visit to Jogja (seriously this city has something captivating), I happened to visit Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat and Kraton Surakarta in one-day-trip to Solo.

Letting Go

The big question of letting go bugged my mind around these last couple of months. Some things.. are they worth to keep, or should I let them go. Think I'm pretty good of letting things go, but when inputs and comments started to coming in, I'd have to reconsider my decision.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pop the Question

Interesting quizzes, like always, charmed me in a certain way, especially when the quiz had cute questions to ask. Recently, okay maybe not that recent, I entered a quiz which cost me quite a minute to figure out the answer. Why? Because I imagine what the answer would likely be. Hehehehe. It's fun, actually.

The cute question happened to be: What would your ideal time and place be when the question being popped?

a. In a middle of a big game, maybe soccer, basketball, football, hockey, etc. During the halftime, the big screen up there read "Will you marry me?" and the whole hall scream for you both, dazzle you up.

b. At the beach, in the middle of the slow dance, with Frank Sinatra - Moon River song played in the background, moon shone up above. He stared deeply into your eyes, kissed you, then popped the question.

c. By bunch of clues, trails, signs that lead you to the end of a path, and by the time you reach the place, he stood there nervously, gingerly, then asked you the question.

d. In the crowd, say a Count Down to New Year celebration, in the middle of a club/pub/party, he suddenly ask you loudly, nearly yelled for it in joy, and surprised you he did. Fun!

e. In the middle of casual conversation. Something like, "Yeah, and I like that bread, too. By the way, would you marry me?"

f. He added initiatory to your blackberry/agenda/meeting schedule something like, "Plaza Building, 5 o'clock. Don't be late." without any prior notification. Sweet when you get there, isn't it?

Some I added it myself from random magazines and books. Hmm, please feel free to add.

Btw, I stumbled on a very sweet proposal story. It came from a French guy (what is it with France and Amore?) and I dunno, I just love his story. Nothing too big, but it's not that ordinary too. Check it out here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who's this cutie?


Duuh demen dah kalo ada maenan baru buat dikecengin

This guy's apparently named Alex Watson, yeah, the brother of Emma Watson, the Hermione 'Know-It-All' Granger. Pertama muncul di pers masih lucu-lucu balita, eeeh sekarang dah jadi good looking lad. Hehehehehehe.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hair, oh Hair..

These days I often caught myself in between some dull thinking activities. Which is meaningless, and totally unimportant. But not necessarily un-fun(??). It is fun, in fact, it's enjoyable actually. Hehehehe.

Salah satunya adalah ketika di siang bolong, saat sedang sendirian di kamar, tiba-tiba terbersit (terbesit? tebersit?) keinginan untuk ke salon buat ngegunting dan ngeriting rambut.


That was such a brilliant idea! Magnificent! Genius!

Melangkahlah saya dengan hati riang ke salon dan menanyakan kalo ngeriting kira-kira tahan berapa lama ya? Oh 3 bulan. Ya udah de ga papa. Yuk, keritingin rambut, yuuk.

----satu jam berlalu----


----dua jam berlalu----


----tiga jam berlalu----

"Anjrit, ni obatnya bau amat sih, Mbak!", gue protes tiba-tiba.
"Oh, biasa itu mah", balas Mbaknya.


----empat jam berlalu----

"Buset, ni prosesnya lama banget, mana belom makan siang. Ah, tapi gapapa, beauty need sacrifice kalo katanya Sun Tzu."


Pas dah selese, diliat-diliat di cermin, dipandang-pandang atas bawah kiri kanan.


Alhasil gue matut-matut di kaca kaya orang bego, dan menanyakan hal yang sama ama orang-orang yang gue kenal,
"Eh, nyadar ngga lo kalo gue motong rambut?"
"Kalo gue bilang gue abis ngeriting rambut??"


Monday, July 7, 2008


What a freaking boring morning, and not to mention a lazy Monday to begin with. Up to this second, I idly browsed through, trying to find a great deal with minimum purchase =P Aaah, shopping (eventhough) online is refreshing indeed.

I found (but not necessarily bid) a cute Kate Spade handbag, gorgeous Bebe trench coat, nice Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt, lovely yellow Bebe flowy dress (and I mean it, really lovely >_<), Banana Republic hoodie jacket, and tons of great other items.



Then my colleague came to me with this bunch of documents, UAT documents, and asked me to REDONE my bug-free-proof screen shot AGAIN just because they asked for it.

Muooonyong kampreeeet.....

Napa ngga dulu aja sekalian?? Sumpah gue males banget ngulang2 aplikasi dari awal, bikin nasabah baru dan customize the freakin database biar bisa dites ulang. MALAS! MALAS! And I heard he wants to get out from this assignment and made it a secondary assignment? Wtf?

Yah, mood merosot jauh saja lah seharian ini. Koneksi internet juga bikin marah, putus nyambung ngga jelas. Di kantor juga masih ngga jelas. Meja blom punya, cubicle apalagi. Bah! Dah kaya anak tiri yang diperas tenaganya aja gue. MALAS!