Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pop the Question

Interesting quizzes, like always, charmed me in a certain way, especially when the quiz had cute questions to ask. Recently, okay maybe not that recent, I entered a quiz which cost me quite a minute to figure out the answer. Why? Because I imagine what the answer would likely be. Hehehehe. It's fun, actually.

The cute question happened to be: What would your ideal time and place be when the question being popped?

a. In a middle of a big game, maybe soccer, basketball, football, hockey, etc. During the halftime, the big screen up there read "Will you marry me?" and the whole hall scream for you both, dazzle you up.

b. At the beach, in the middle of the slow dance, with Frank Sinatra - Moon River song played in the background, moon shone up above. He stared deeply into your eyes, kissed you, then popped the question.

c. By bunch of clues, trails, signs that lead you to the end of a path, and by the time you reach the place, he stood there nervously, gingerly, then asked you the question.

d. In the crowd, say a Count Down to New Year celebration, in the middle of a club/pub/party, he suddenly ask you loudly, nearly yelled for it in joy, and surprised you he did. Fun!

e. In the middle of casual conversation. Something like, "Yeah, and I like that bread, too. By the way, would you marry me?"

f. He added initiatory to your blackberry/agenda/meeting schedule something like, "Plaza Building, 5 o'clock. Don't be late." without any prior notification. Sweet when you get there, isn't it?

Some I added it myself from random magazines and books. Hmm, please feel free to add.

Btw, I stumbled on a very sweet proposal story. It came from a French guy (what is it with France and Amore?) and I dunno, I just love his story. Nothing too big, but it's not that ordinary too. Check it out here.

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