Part 1: She Knows He Knows

He touched her finger that was still pointed at his chest, "Still manage to scare the day out of me, I see." She smiled. Too sweetly. "Are you trying to get us killed? Not a good day to die, you say?".

How To Cross Road In Margonda

Somebody should publish this kind of booklet long before I even got enrolled in University of Indonesia. Duh! 1. If there's eventually a traffic light for passerby, please DO pay attention. It's not there for decoration purpose (only).

Dream High

Once upon a time, in one particular high school, lived one particular girl student. Let's call her Suzy. Not only that she got the looks, she also had the wealth and singing talent and lots of antis. All things other girls could only imagine.

Story From Far Java

On my last visit to Jogja (seriously this city has something captivating), I happened to visit Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat and Kraton Surakarta in one-day-trip to Solo.

Letting Go

The big question of letting go bugged my mind around these last couple of months. Some things.. are they worth to keep, or should I let them go. Think I'm pretty good of letting things go, but when inputs and comments started to coming in, I'd have to reconsider my decision.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Reminiscence of Yesteryear

crystal ball_64Granted, it’s still this year, but I felt very much like the year has passed. So many things happened in this lovely year, and yeah, given that I don’t have that much of a good memory, something might’ve slipped away from my mind.

  1. I got my very own passport this year. After much struggling in the immigration office *duh* finally I could get hands upon it. So yay!
  2. I travelled abroad for the first time. And Bangkok how I miss thou. Swear to God I’m gonna visit that place one more time. Phuket? Not so much.
  3. I had lots and lotsa fun with my office mates these days, I counted those as blessings.
  4. I travelled to Sulawesi for the first time in my life. And yeaaah, I miss those people, the lovely lake, the crazy demonstration, the cute guys, inspiring friends, and so on and so forth. The project? Not so much.
  5. At last I stepped my foot on Jogja, the city of antics, and met up with one of my oldies friend. A blast from the past indeed.
  6. I got my own laptop. THAT is surely a blessing. Thank you dearly for my beloved cousin. And add to that joy, I got internet modem along with it.
  7. I changed my phone! Hahahahaha,  what a big accomplishment especially if you knew what my old phone looked like, with that cute head-ribbon on its head.
  8. I get to see live dolphin in the middle of the freakin sea. That was such an enjoyable day. And to know more about some of the old pals from college. Interesting.
  9. I eventually started the wisdom-teeth-extraction project this year, and next year I’m gonna follow my brondong’s move, which is to put braces with my own money.
  10. Been a witness to a soccer-craze in my town, which is a rare occasion (aside from World Cup). it got a nice atmosphere about it.
  11. My bro finally finished his school. Thank The Lord, I tawt he never gonna manage that.
  12. My mom got hospitalized this year, but who if not Our-Dearly-Above that did the “come and rescue” act. So yeah, truly blessed with it.
  13. Mmm, does getting promoted count?
  14. Already planning to go to the next destination next year. Yay!

My milestone so far.. not so much eh? =D But nevertheless, I think this year is not so bad comparing to last year. Let’s wish for a better year next year.

santa-hat  box-red candy-cane ribbon santa candle
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, guys!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Secret Garden

Okay, right now I’m way over Sungkyunkwan Scandal (it’s been a pleasure to know you, thank you) and major addicted to a new drama featuring Hyun Bin and ha Ji Won, called Secret Garden. The genre is fantasy, telling us a story about body swap between male and female, and resulting in FREAKIN hilarious scenes after scenes.


Okay, the picture below is not him trying to hold a major poo, but that’s one of the scene where his body was possessed by a female AND some guy was busy searching him up and down. Hihihihi. This Hyun Bin guy (formerly I saw him in The Worlds Within, but I swear to God, I didn’t recognize that guy here.. in Secret Garden, Hyun Bin is WAY cuter) possessed a jerk but sexy characteristic. He’s taken “rich bastard” into a new level, I’m telling you. That guy could make women want to slap him hard, but in the same time, kiss him senseless. *halah* He’s that hot.. no kidding… Hahahahahaha..


Anyway, that’s not what I want to tell you about. One of the crazy factor that pulled me through this drama is the HOUSE. Oh-My-Goat is that house awesome or what? That Hyun Bin guy (aside from being a true narcissist and psychotic, I mean, hello, he got his psychiatrist in SPEED DIAL) suffered from claustrophobia. So he managed to bought convertible car and one goddamn-huge-house.


And there’s not a single room in that goddamn-huge-house! Damn, they’re good.


a9f3b2750b296548712b477c3c5b9251_large 2e0c72d37c4c65bee1bf8799d967e566_large




Sunday, December 5, 2010

Getaway Part 2

In Jogja, we arrived at 1pm. Walking to the so-called hotel in Sosrowijayan (not recommended by me, though, unless you absolutely have no budget for accommodation. The toilet was creepy with strange smell), then going back and forth across the Malioboro area. That area reaaaallllyyyy reminded me of Patpong-Bangkok, with so many street vendors, becak (instead of Tuk-tuk), and familiar-oldies-vibe. I dunno. Maybe that’s just me.

We had lunch in Mirota Batik 3rd floor (strongly recommended) whereas the 1st and 2nd floor is the perfect place for Batik-shopping and photo-hunting. Loving it there, with the creepy statues everywhere and so-damn-polite waiters and SPLENDID food altogether. Sigh. Nice place to eat.

One thing about Jogja that I immediately notice is the attitude of the people. Maybe it’s because of the Javanese tradition still very much endorsed in their life ya, so every time you bumped into someone and said, “Oops, excuse me!”, they will immediately go nodding their head and remarked, “Monggo.” So nice having this change of refreshing air once in a while, eh? Unlike in Jakarta, when you accidentally bumped into someone, they will plainly ignore or worse, cursing you -_-“

Rest of the day went well, cause we get to eat seafood Jogja Pas, cmiiw (another delicious street vendor place across Tugu station) where the crab cost IDR 100,000 =_= Originally we headed toward the Angkringan Tugu, but alas, that place is scary if you don’t bring any male friends. My friend told me, the Angkringan place usually served Kopi Joss which is a coffee with burned-wood (red: arang) directly dipped in it. Err…. Okay..

The next day is the best day cause we went to Borobudur and Prambanan temple. Hurray! *norak* Never been to those temples before so it’s kind of exciting seeing it up-close and personal. There’s something different when you visited these kind of places in your adulthood. You appreciated the hard work more and can’t help but felt awe about it. Unfortunately, due to Merapi eruption, the top of Borobudur still closed to visitors. And btw, the sun blister is killing meeee… Prepare umbrella and hats when you go there.

Before heading up to Prambanan temple, we had lunch in Jejamuran, once a mushroom plant site, but now a very successful restaurant. Impressive food, everything made with mushroom, either Shiitake, Portobello, etc etc. Delicious delicious delicious!

Aside from Jejamuran and Mirota Batik, we also got the chance to taste another unique restaurant, named House of Raminten. Absolutely recommended for you who would like to dine in a eccentric place. The truth is, so many interesting places to eat in Jogja if you got the right tour guide =P

Oh, and btw, I also got to have a rendezvous with an old friend of mine..

"You know, if not for your friends, I would've bring horse instead.. so we can horse-riding together.."

Okay.. still moron, I guess.

Anyway, next to culinary trips, I got the chance to go to supposedly-hype places like Ground Zero area? Huh? Jogja Titik 0? What's the English? This place, uhm, is similar like Bundaran HI Jakarta where people with no apparent reason just hang-out there and have a chat, even by midnite. Interesting, since one of the habit of its people is basically to sit down by the road and have a nice long chat or simply sightseeing. Or in Indonesian word, nangkring.

Another place I visited was Alun-Alun Jogja where there's this myth, if you manage to go across the field and pass through the two big Beringin trees with eyes closed, then your wish maybe granted. Hihihi. That place is insanely crowded at 11pm on weekdays, so imagine what it would be like on weekends. There's so many colorful tandem bikes also, whereas you pay IDR 15K for three laps around the field. Interesting spot. Hahahaha, and yeah, I failed with that test. Dang! Simply hit one of the tree -_-

Getaway Part 1

Hearing that your flight being re-routed will never gonna be an excellent news, unless the new route involving exciting cities in some exciting countries (for example, Macau or Vegas?)

So, when I get the news that I’ll be going to Semarang instead of Jogja, the prospect is not that bright since I have to take care the additional cost to travel from Semarang – Jogja. Some of my sane friends advised me not to go instead, buuuut… otuke?? The leave has been approved and the stress has been accumulated, hahaha.. so off we go with the classic theme, “No Plan is a Good Plan”.

In Semarang, being road-blind as we were, the only destination stuck in my head was Simpang Lima, haven for food and souvenir (or so they say). We stood up in the Ahmad Yani airport (what a small airport, btw, with lights went off as soon as passengers leaving -_-“) waiting for taxi.. aaaand funny enough there’s no car with TAXI sign above. Weird. So what I did was, imitating what others did, which is to jump right into one of the white cars with no name whatsoever, and stated that I would like to go to Simpang Lima.

Aaannnddd.. after 5 minutes, I got worried. Was this really a taxi or not? I’d hate it if I have to pay extra for a private limo or sumtin that I know nothing about. Or even worse, there could be BIG misunderstanding that the driver thought I was somebody else he’s supposed to pick up while I thought that car was a taxi. That would’ve been disaster, rite? So there I go, totally out of the blue and asked, “Mister, this IS a taxi, right?”

He looked at me incredulously and asked, “Why? Haven’t you paid yet?”

And I went like, “Huh?”

O wow.. it turned out the system works differently in Semarang. You supposed to report your destination area in taxi booth and pay in advance based on the zone. The cheapest is IDR 35,000 and the most expensive is IDR 65,000. Kwaaa.. kwaaa… kwaaaa…

For you guys who is absolute stranger in Semarang, DO NOT take this kind of cab -_-“ It’s bloody expensive, if you took Express or even Blue Bird instead, you would’ve been charged IDR 15,000. Bah!

Overall, Semarang is a dead city, no one seen walking around. I have to repeatedly ensuring myself that this is still part of Indonesia, while contemplating whether I need to cross the road using the bridge or plain conventional way instead. So damn weird.

Too bad I didn’t get the chance to visit Simpang Lima, hiks. The driver told us that that area was considerably quiet at that kind of hour. So yeah, we went to the shuttle bus terminal instead. Bye-bye Semarang, Hello Jogja!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Onrop Musikal!

P19-11-10_22-49Hihihihi, finally I made it, I actually watched musical show here in my home town, not in some strange countries with foreign cultures.

Onrop Musikal! is a performance mainly intended to insult criticize our current government and mainly the whole gang of community. It’s about defining what exactly the real important norm is, not some pre-defined morale in some sort of ridiculous so-called Law. It’s about tolerance, and my personal fave quote, “Di pulau kami ada norma yang berlaku. Namanya toleransi. Di pulau kami semua orang punya agama, hanya saja tidak ada yang memaksakan agamanya masing-masing.” Or something like that.

The show was pretty much entertaining, and despite the nonstrategic placement of viewers bench (hello, I think they could do better than that 45 degrees of viewing experience, say enlarge the theater perhaps?) I could see the choreography and the singing tune is also clear. The jokes is splendid, given that you’re up to-date with the news, that is.

I couldn’t help but to compare it with Siam Niramit theater in Bangkok, though. The stage was significantly smaller, and the way they made transition in-between scenes is a bit disappointing. The stage was not dark enough, and we could actually see they moving the props around. Just saying.

BUT, the singing part was tremendous. When (afterward) I realized that the actors were actually singing live on-the-spot, pheww, that brought a whole lot new dimension. Indonesian people can actually sing, people!

The story set in 2020 where Indonesia’s government established one distinctive island called Pulau Onrop. Everyone that committed act against the moral law will be banished to that island. Pretty much like Nusakambangan right now minus the security guard and the actual prison building. it’s just an island, where people were supposed to die when deserted in there.

The thing is, in 2020, there’s so many law dictating (mostly female’s) way of dressing, no gay-related thing, the prohibition of saying porn-related words (i.e. naked, horny, human reproduction organ, etc) –all being replaced with a phrase of, “Ho-oh”. The impact is pretty harsh. Statues being cloth-covered, there’s 9pm curfew, no-leg-showing clothing, aaaaand women will have no say whatsoever (depicted in a dialog where one book author announced his latest book, entitled How To Glorify Your Husband, which is cih-cih-cuih for me).

Which is actually not a non-common practice here in Indonesia. Ugh!

Oh yeaaaah, one of the best quote,

People with no particular skills in Indonesia only got two choices in life. Either being a politician OR a bum. We are bum BY CHOICE, cause we don’t wish to bother other people.

I kinda hope this show will be a regular tourism play. Cause that would be cool. And the director should put some sort of subtitle placement so that everyone will understand.

This is the video of Onrop Musikal! teaser trailer.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dolphin Racing in Kiluan

Okay, that was one awesome experience!

It started with tweet-talks, you know, the kind with no-action-tweet-only conversation? HAHAHAHAHAHA, so I’m pretty impressed with the result. It gathers six different people, from different working hours and different working places and from different crowd, with only one tiny history-relationship.. college mate.

Persiapan traveling paling parah seumur hidup, secara yaa even pas H-1 aja masih ngga jelas siapa jemput siapa di mana naik apa. JRENG JRENG! Paling banter yang udah dibeli adalah tiket bus Jakarta – Lampung seharga IDR 150.000 untuk periode embarkasi *halah* jam 9 malem. Juragan Arab di Lampung sana udah wanti-wanti, kalo jam 9 malem berangkat dari Jakarta, paling jam 5 pagi dah nyampe Lampung, so there’s plenty of time to spend to have (early) breakfast and berangkat ke teluk Kiluan.

Alas, the damn bus got lost in translation (._.) Instead of following the normal route as usual, he decided to sharpen his skill in driving through extreme off-road condition. Bener-bener deh, naik bus lebih heboh gonjang-ganjingnya daripada naik kapal ferry di laut. Well, that’s not entirely his fault tho, berhubung ada longsor di jalur Pantura. But nice, initial schedule in the vacation went to dumpster. We spent like 12 hours on the road, waiting frantically for a particular person to show up (and boy, did he show up in his working suit from yesterday =_=) then hunting for breakfast to a noodle-shop called Son Haji – Sony VI. What’s the deal with that name? The son of Haji Sony or what?

Next, took a bath in one of Juragan Arab’s mistress house, apparently this friend of mine has been engaging in some sort of vacational-husband activity for a while (HAHAHAHAHA, j/k). The house is pretty.. pretty abandoned, I mean. There’s one gigantic spider in the front door, enuff to make girlish gasp from the boys.

Next, we headed to Tour and Travel to pick-up the tour guide (merangkap sopir) to go to Kiluan. Aaannnnnddd, the trip lasted for another 5 hours in the road, you know why? Cause there’s so many ill-mannered-bridge-which-decided-to-break-down-exactly-at-our-arriving-hour. Gahh! What is it with this journey? Was it some sort of sign to not to go to the sea? Gilanya lagi, pas lagi enak2nya nungguin jembatannya kelar dibenerin, ada penduduk nyamperin trus nanya, “Mau ke Kiluan ya? Wisata ya? Hati-hati aja, kemarin ada turis yang meninggal.” WTF???

My friends and I were like, staring with idiotic faces and started to ask (LOTS OF) questions. “Hah? Kenapa Pak?”. “Iya. Yaaah, jangan aneh-aneh aja lah.” “Aneh-aneh gmana?”. “Yaaaah. Tau sendirilah.”

What a helpful guy!

Me, personally, thought he was speaking about mystical and supernatural thing about the sea (you know, we’re still in Indonesia anyway), while the others (I had no idea where the idea came from) thought that he was speaking about pre-marital sex. Errrr. What exactly is the relationship with pre-marital sex and dying in the sea, people?

Yah intinya selain kita dapet teka-teki horor dari si Bapak, kita juga dapet bonus serangan jantung saat melalui jembatan2 konvensional yang ada di Kiluan. Udah jembatannya sempit pas badan mobil, cuman dari dua bonggol kayu pohon, ngga ada pembatas kiri-kanan (nyungsep ya nyungsep aja), ada tikungan2nya, kayu-kayunya bikin bemper mobil rusak, dll dll.. despite all that, AKHIRNYA KITA NYAMPE JUGA DI KILUAN!


You see, somehow I think we got robbed for this trip. The cost is about IDR 170.000 per person, only to have rumah panggung minim listrik (yang cuman dinyalain setelah jam 6 sore dan dimatikan setelah jam 5 pagi), HORROR bathroom, no phone signal, lousy traditional food from local citizen (seriously, I was expecting at least there’s some seafood available) and the dolphin tour is not even included. Cih! Yeah, at least that was my first impression. Very-very expensive. Even Novotel only charged about IDR 900.000 per night.

On the other hand, there’s this distinctive feeling that I was on my KKN (kuliah kerja nyata) duty. Hahahahaha, tinggal di remote area with no bathroom and having simple traditional meal. If only we brought some tents and fire equipment, we could go camping instead.

ANYWAY, since the first day we arrived at 6pm already, there’s nothing we can do (misalnya untuk nyebrang ke Pulau Kelapa, dst dst berhubung itu laut sudah super gelap), so jadilah we went to bed.. err.. rumah panggung earlier than usual and having some midnite talks. As usual, there’s this one particular person that passed out immediately once she saw a pillow. Tsk tsk. You never really get to know your friends until you travel with them, eh? =P

In early morning, we get up at 5am to see the dolphins in the middle of the sea. Yay! Scary thought flashed in my mind berhubung gue ngga bisa berenang dan itu perahu yang dipake, alamakk, kek perahu sampan yang kalo diterjang ombak gampang kebalik. Dan ini tengah laut pula, so nasib ada di tangan Pak Perahu, Laut dan Tuhan. Perjalanan ke tengah lautnya last for like (scary) 30 minutes sampai akhirnya kita nyampe di antara teluk Kiluan dan Gunung Krakatau (+_+) daaaan.. here they comeeee.. hundreds of dolphins swimming around near the boat and jumping here and there. Oh My God, that was like the BEST feeling ever, looking at them swimming under your feet, and following your boat, and ignoring everything, just swimming freely. VERY-VERY COOL!

Yak, seeing the dolphins made me forget the fear of the ocean. Adrenaline rush is gold, man!

The rest of the day kept getting better cause it’s time to go home. We packed in rush after sightseeing in the island. Went back through the same hell of bridges but this time we surrender our live to the driver (baca: molor di jalan). Arrived in Lampung at 4pm, buying dinner and oleh-oleh untuk yang di kampung halaman, then Juragan Arab lend his car to us. So no more lost bus in our way back home. Hahahaha.

The problem is, we have no idea about the road map. So basically it went like this,
M: Ntar lu belok kiri, kanan mentok trus kanan lagi, liat patung gajah kiri, kiri, trus kanan, trus Novotel belok kiri, 100 m belok kanan, dst dst..

A: OKEH, Bos!

M: Kalo ada apa-apa telfon gue ya.



5 menit kemudian..

Gw: “M!!!! Kita nyasar neeeeeeeeeh! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, abis kiri , trus kanan, trus kok keknya kita masuk terminal angkot gtu yak?”

Doenk! (O_o) There goes the first doubtful five minutes of our road trip.

Setelah (akhirnya) nyampe di Bakauheni, temen gue yang beralih-profesi jadi sopir ternyata ragu-ragu milih jalur masuk pelabuhan, DAN kebetulan di depan sana lagi banyak satuan polisi. JRENG JRENG! Diberhentikan loh mobil kita, teman-teman. Smua orang digeledah (wow, I’ve only seen this on movies and criminal news) termasuk dashboard mobil dan karpet mobilnya dan tas-tasnya dan kantong-kantong bajunya. At first, I tawt that was standard protocol, but then, after our car, there were four other cars yang dibiarin lewat gtu aja (padahal imho tampang penumpangnya lebih kek penjahat dibandingkan tampang rombongan gue). Sigh.

Polisinya itu bukan polisi berbaju dinas, but he’s actually polisi cute berbaju preman *istilah macam apa ini* yang ada tulisan SAT NARKOBA di jaketnya. Setan! Kita dikira manusia dugem dan penyalur narkoba sepertinya =_= What a trip! Udah dikira pelaku seks bebas, sekarang sama polisi dikira dealer and prostitute trafficking. Hahahahahahaha.

Untungnya si polisi gendeng ngga nemu apa-apa (sebab temen gue ngumpetin obat di celana dalemnya.. you think??) dan kita di-let go. Abis itu naik ferry yang perjalanannya hanya makan waktu 2 jam sajah, dan ngebut di tol Jakarta-Merak tengah malem. Really-really horror sport even until last minute. Ngepot-ngepot ngindarin truk-truk gede di jalan penuh tikungan dan gelap. OMG.

Hasilnya, I absen from working today due to extreme headache. Cihuy!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Short hair

Okay, I’ll admit, ever since I cut my hair, I’m obsessed with shorty hairstyle. So damn light, so damn practical, and so much cheaper.


Basically I only copied this particular kdrama character’s hairstyle, showed it to various hairdresser in my town, but as it turned out, they gave me so many MAJOR DIFFERENT results -_- Bah, so much for a guidance picture.


140307edd6cd8350785dc58974b453dd_large  minam137

See? Is it really too much to ask to give me such simple haircut?


Anyway, lately I’m enjoying the initiative and creativity of those hairdressers when they giving me the cut. I mean, I waited patiently while looking at my face blurry in the mirror (due to the inexistence of my glasses during the cut) and wondered briefly about how will I look like after this session.


It was fun. They are hair, anyway, so if I did get the wrong style, they’ll eventually grow back. Thus, no need to freak self and others by the end of the cutting session.


One of my fave short hairstyle belongs to Kim So Yeon (Prosecutor Princess, IRIS, Dr. Champ) cause she looked so mighty fine with that hair. If only I got the nose and the jaw like her *yeah, rite*


KimSoYeon_1 KimSoYeon_KimSeungWoo_IRIS

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sulawesi? Oke mi..

Okay, this is the very first time I’m using Windows Live Writer 2011, sooo.. so far it's a bit weird coz it downloads my blog template, and I’m not used to it.. but yeah.. not so bad… considering that you no longer need to login into browser anymore.

Anyway, this couple of weeks (‘kay, let’s face it, only the last two weeks) I’ve been visiting Sulawesi, one stranger island that I’ve never set my foot upon. And it’s in Sorowako, anyone ever heard of it? Mixed feelings when I heard that I actually gonna go there, you know, weird thoughts flying around inside my head.. wild tribe, cannibal ethnicity, creepy bugs, dense rain forest, no asphalt road.. scary (and super hyperbolic) thoughts.

P18-10-10_11-08Since apparently it’s not feasible to fly straight from Jakarta to Sorowako, I need to take another flight using Fokker 550 airplane which is a small airplane that could carry only 26 people in it. Ihiy! Cool, huh?

First time arrived in Makassar (used to be called Ujung Pandang AND I just found out about that capital-city-name-changing *shame*), first impression was.. that city is hotttt! Not hot-hot.. but HOT! 35 degrees in Celcius, methink.. damn hot, felt dizzy right away. Ugh, not good. Thank heavens for my cute cap.

P23-10-10_10-13I got lost in the Makassar airport, you know. Really moronic experience, I had trouble getting to the next flight when I still need to, like, manually do the check-in and register my luggage. Not to mention, my client (A Brazilian wax.. err.. I mean, guy) is not helping at all. Well, maybe that was entirely my fault, I went here and there, took pictures (of the airport) and sotoy-ly trying to figure out the right path. Lots of short text messages sounded like, “Where are you?” sent that day, hahahahaha.

P19-10-10_14-58In Sorowako, there’s nothing but the hills.. the scenery was A LOT different from the cities I’ve been visited. Rare houses, single track of path and the sky is soooooo big and blue. One thing that you don’t get to see very often in Jakarta. Hah!Unfortunately, with me being an annoying-whining-all-the-time-brat in the first week, complained about everything (i.e. not enough car sounds, not enough supermarket, not enough ATM, not enough shoe-store, etc), the first half of my staying is not spent efficiently. Not so much quality time, per se. And I hated it, I really wanna go back to that moment and give my-past-self a good ‘ol smack in the face. Ungrateful lil brat!

P24-10-10_15-54I stayed in a dorm (apparently there’s only two types of housing there, either you got placed in the guest-house or the dorm, which in my humble opinion, doesn’t have that much different anyway) and despite the name, it works like a hotel. You went to work in the morning, leaving a thrashy bedroom, and you would find it sneaky clean in the evening… YAY! Me love that lifestyle. PLUS to reach my workplace, there’s a driver standby and it took only 10-15 minutes. PLUS there’s buffet meal in a place called TAB (Taman Antar Bangsa) where you could eat three times a day (a luxury for me =P) and it’s bule-style. Hahahaha. Appetizer, main course, and dessert. I think (and hope) I gained some weight there. PLUS you got sum yummy view in that TAB place.. if you know what I mean =P

P19-10-10_15-07Overall… I loveeeeed that experience and I’m saddened by the fact that I have to go back to Jakarta so soon. Hiks. Not after knowing so many new people, exchanging names and greeting, and speaking English in a nonchalantly way. A.k.a super messy English. Not after having tremendous demonstration incident (causing cute hitchhiking experience). And certainly not after I saw beautiful landscape and sky-view such as that place. I missed them all. I missed having new friends. And I miss the feeling to be a stranger one more time.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sungkyunkwan Scandal


Ok, I cannot help it, I'm crazy about this drama. Hahahahahahahahaha, for as long as I've remember, this is the first time I got hooked from the very first episode. Dang, it's /that/ good! For many other dramas, I eventually find them interesting, but maybe after the n-th episode, surely not the first, but SKKS????? Daebaaaak!!!

People said it's like Boys Over Flowers with the acquisition of You're Beautiful, and I said... HELL NO! The term might've been right, given the number of main characters are four boys and one of them is a girl, disguised in boy's clothes, but the plot, the characters, the setting-up, the conflict, the stories, the cliches... it's all so freakin different, and that's why I love it.

All four boys don't even know one another until they got stuck together in one university, The Sungkyunkwan University, hence the title. Unlike the other F4-type of dramas, there are TWO grumpy characters in this group, and I love it. I love sexy bastards, hahahahahahaha! More manly hormone is good for your health. And those guys are gentlemen, too! Hmm, or maybe because the setting is at Joseon era where polite speech and attitude were number one.

Anyhow, this is one cute story about one misunderstanding which leads to much more cuter misunderstanding. Aish, it reminded me a bit of Coffee Prince when the manager thought he was such a gay for liking a man working in his cafe. This is pretty much the same, but even worse, the male lead NOT ONLY did he think he was insane for liking a man, but he thought EVERYONE was also insane since they're too liking the man that he liked. Except that... everyone else knows that he's a she, but not him. Hahahahahahaha... That's going to one big fucked up scenarios in that scene, hilariously I mean.

To sum up, the characters are (as seen in that chibi cartoon):
1. Lee Seon Joon. Left State Minister's son. Nickname: Garang (literally means beautiful husband, but perceived as good husband material)

2. Yoon-Hee/Yoon-Shik. The girl disguised as a boy. Nickname: Daemul (literally means big thing, refers to men's thing if you know what I mean, obtained the nickname ever since (s)he managed to conquered the No. 1 Gisaeng in that area)

3. Moon Jae Shin. The Prime Minister's son. Nickname: Goro (Geol-Oh) (literally means crazy horse. He's famously known for breaking the campus rule, getting drunk, get into a fight, return past curfew, etc)

4. Yong-Ha. The main flirty pervy playboy in campus. Nickname: Yeorim (literally means female bush. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, God I love this boy)

I loveeeee old-time movies. I even missed movies like To Liong To and Return of The Condor Heroes. The modern setting is not bad, but I really think the old-time setting is much more sweeter. The conversation, the properties, the attitude, the feeling.. sigh..

Ok, here's the sneak peak of behind the scenes images...

The infamous Micky-Yoochun from DBSK as Lee Seon Joon. He got the knacks for being moron (unfortunately off-screen), isn't he?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bad Guy

It took me three months to watch the first ten episodes, but it takes only three days to watch the rest.

I initially wanted to watch this because the trailer was some sort of dark story with twisted character. And yes, it does not disappoint me at all, for Bad Guy is ultimately one sick drama.

Anywaaaay, basically it tells us about one young man, named Shim Gun Wook, scheming a vengeful act against one big chaebol family (think Oliver Twist against Tao Ming Tse - Gu Jyun Pyo's family), and in between those revenges, he met with a (commoners) girl who's actually trying to be a member of that family as well.

Do you get it?

The big chaebol family consist of (wait, lemme count) six persons, the mom and dad with four of their children. The children was introduced one by one, not necessary in sequential episodes, but in a clever way that would pull you deeper through the plot. Aish, clever director and script-writer.

So, why does this young man hold a grudge against the Hong family? See, that's because long long time ago when he was a child, he was taken into that family (by force, separated from his true parent) only to be trashed away months later cause there seemed to be paperwork mistakes. He's not what they claimed him to be. Argh, confusing explanation and struggling language.

Okay, now what exactly induced me into this drama?
1. The picture color. Hahahahaha, have you ever tried the pin light effect on Photoshop? That's the exact sense of color I'm getting from this one, soft pastel color. Very-very impressive. Gave you the sense of old-time-movies.

2. The directing is awesome. Now, I dun usually pay attention as to how a movie was directed, but in this one, I couldn't help but to notice. Every scene is beautifully made, the dialogue is not necessarily there but the viewers could get the essence. Hmm, some might say the plot is confusing cause the conversation took place is rare, but I personally think that's beautiful. It reminded me of Harry Potter 3, where camera often took close shot at some properties, like flowers, trees, benches, etc. Love this.

3. The soundtrack. The main song captured my mood immediately. I fell in love with that song. Nooo..

4. The ENDING! Hahahahahahaha. I shall speak no more.

Okay, to give people better understanding, let's break the character description, shall we?

1. Shim Gun Wook (Kim Nam Gil)
A young man separated from his original family, eventually changed his name from Choi Tae Song to Hong Tae Song since he was the illegitimate child from Mr. President Hong's affair. From nothing to something, this guy (or maybe child) lived in that big house with the royal family, only to be thrown out months later since apparently he's not the original Hong Tae Song (red: cape deh).

2. Hong Tae Song (Kim Jae Wook)
The original Hong Tae Song. Jreng-jreng! He was also taken into that Hong family when he was a child. But apparently, he lived up the name of illegitimate child. Grow into one (bloody handsome) jerk guy, spoiled as hell and changing women as often as he changed his underwear. Not interested with Hong Family Business (called Haeshin Group) and prefer to play all the way. He's a smart-mouthed guy, too. Really need good smack in the head, I'd say.

3. Hong Tae Ra (Oh Yun Soo)
The oldest child in the family. One elegant (married with one child) lady. From all of Hong children, I like her the most. Presumably cold and very-very beautiful. And her hair is short, gyaah! Throughout the ending, I love her even more T_T Damn she's one cool Vice President and a great noona.

4. Hong Mo Ne (Jung So Min)
The youngest daughter of the family, predictably spoiled and always get what she wants. Bleh, I hate the character already. Anyway, she went head over heels toward Shim Gun Wook, calling him regularly, inviting him to lunch and dinner and brunch, etc. One way or another, I think this girl is actually kind-hearted, only spoiled. Spoiled is definitely an annoying trait for a character.

5. Madam Shin (Kim Hye Ok)
The mother of Hong family, typical character, think Tao Ming Tse's mom. Despise any cockroach trying to slip into her family and a true defender of their blue blood dynasty. I think this woman is one insane character, she loveeeees to yell, dude, her voice is hurting my head =_=

6. President Hong (Jun Gook Hwan)
The main trigger of all the conflict in this drama. Personally, if he kept his pants off, this whole dramatic drama wouldn't take place at all. As a character, I think he resembled a good company man, kind-hearted father and weak husband. Hahahaha.

7. Moon Jae-In (Han Ga In)
A commoner (baca: rakyat jelata), works in Madam Shin's art gallery as an art curator. She often wear shorts to office, makes me wonder whether to change my occupation or not. I love her boots, by the way. Her sense of fashion is not like the true commoner, with all cute clothes (and shorts and boots, or maybe because this is Korea we're talking about). Gyaah! At first, she mistook Shim Gun Wook as Hong Tae Song (I know, that's complicated) and by the end of the chapter, they're getting closer in a comfy manner.

Ok, in overall, this Shim Gun Wook guy got involved with ALL three female characters, having kissed them thoroughly (ha-ha) and making them crazy about him. Me personally, have no idea what attract those girls to Shim Gun Wook when there's this Hong Tae Song dude right in front of their nose. Or maybe because it would be incest. Hahahaha.

Anyway, among all romance relationships, I prefer the one with Shim Gun Wook and Hong Tae Ra in it. Their relationship is truly romantic. The fluttering butterfly, the hidden closet kiss, the level of their conversation, really-really good. Ah, I like that woman.

If you look for a dark drama, Bad Guy is one recommended piece. Hehehehe. Me and my sick taste of movie material.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sawatdee Khaa

Finally, my first stamp on passport, and it's not even for overseas study, so yay for me!

Day 1 - Silom + Patpong

Arriving in Suvarnabhumi in one piece, extremely awed with the interior, and headed up to the 4th floor right away. Folks in the internet said to get easy cab with no additional charge fee, go to the departure gate and grab a taxi from there. So I did. And it worked. It cost me only 320 Baht to reach the guest house in Silom road. All you need to do is learn the useful Thai phrases. Like "Sawatdee khaa/khab - Hello", "Khorb Khun khaa/khab - Thank you" and numbers. Hehehe.

The Sun Flower was a tremendous lil guest house and it's very clean. I strongly recommend that place for you who wanna stay in cozy yet strategic location. First time I saw that place, it's like lotus blooming out from a dark and mysterious pond. Very impressive.

In the evening, a leisure walk through Silom - Patpong road is a must. There's so many souvenir shops there, but you HAVE TO bargain. Hard. Or else you'll get mugged right in front of your nose, without you knowing it.

Patpong is a night life district in Thailand, famous for it's dancing girls and striptease shows, and it's pretty expensive. Their mar-comm guys advertise the menus right then and there in the road, giving pictures of girls of your choice. Bare. Hahahahaha, first time being shown the menus I was pretty in shock, but after you got use to it, it's getting more hilarious than frightening.

I had dinner in Noodie, and the ice tea with milk shall be my only drink from then on =D

Day 2 - Chatuchak Weekend Market + Suan Lum Night Bazaar

Coz it's Sunday, we're supposed to attend the church at 7.30 am. But alas, we woke at at 7am instead. So, it's a big laugh. Then we're finally ready at 10 o'clock, hurriedly grab a cab with its apparently non-English speaking driver. It was pretty chaos, we had the map to the church, but it's written in Thai. Hahahahaha, we went round and round to find the blasted location, but in the end we had breakfast in McD instead.

McD in Bangkok (at least in Silom road) is much more better than the one in Jakarta. The coke is in large portion already without the up-size option, and it has pork in its menu. Hahaha, I loved it.

After that, I went to Chatuchak weekend market, using BTS to Mo Chit station. Fyi, did you know there's a Thai movie called BTS Love Story? So sweet..

Anyway, we arrived in Chatuchak and spent five freaking hours, walking and buying and browsing and sightseeing with so many tourist from all over the world. You name it, you got it. Italian, Russian, France, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Mexican, Australian, Portuguese, Arabian, Malay, US, Spanish.. OMG!

Shopping in Chatuchak is one of the best shopping experience I ever had so far. Too bad it's only open at weekend. The price was so low, or maybe it's because I came with a friend of mine who got some guts in her blood. She could haggle to the rock bottom price (450 Baht to 20 Baht, for example) and survived without getting killed. Crazy Indon!

I could get my hat for only 70 Baht, and everything is around 50-100 baht. It's so cheap lah..

From Chatuchak, we continue the shopping journey to Suan Lum Night Bazaar cause it's (not) near from our hostel. The front desk in Sun Flower insisted that we should walk cause it's within walking distance. So we did as he told, and we walked, and walked, and it's far. Hahahaha. Or maybe that's just my Indon lazy blood refusing to exercise.

Suan Lum Night Bazaar shopping experience is nowhere near the Chatuchak's. People in Chatuchak is way more friendlier and it's way more crowded (thus the enjoyable views of Jason Mraz wannabe, Super Junior wannabe, Eva Mendez wannabe, etc =P)

Suan Lum offers crazy prices. Crazy expensive, that is. But thanks once again to my outrageous pal, we conquered the place. She could spend AN HOUR to make the price lower from 450 Baht to 200 Baht, and it's pretty normal, cause after that, she spent another hour to reduce something from 290 Baht to 270 Baht. Oh my goat, it's just 20 Baht, 6000 perak!

In the end, we spent four hours, ended up buying magnificent wall ornaments from a handsome Thailand-US guy ;)

Day 3 - Temples + Chao Phraya + Siam Paragon

At first, we planned to go to Grand Palace via taxi boat across the Chao Phraya river. But alas, the place was closed that day for non-Thai people. Why? Cause it's Buddhist day =( Sigh..

No worries, cause after that, the tourist police advise us to go traveling using tuk-tuk for only 40 Baht. We visited Wat Pho, Reclining Buddha and some other tourist centers. It's pretty much a win-win situation. The tuk-tuk driver received some commision and we got to do sightseeing.

Funny thing was, at one point, the tuk-tuk driver strongly told us to "Only looking! No buying! Five minutes only, Ok? No Buying! Only Looking!" but in the end my friend bought lots of Thai silk. Doeeenkkkk!

The same tuk-tuk driver also introduced us to The Bangrak restaurant in Bangrak district. The place is so unique, with many dolls and artifacts, but with non-English waiters/waitresses. =_= The food was magnificent, but so does the price. We spent 1800 Baht in that restaurant, for four persons. The tom yam is so damn good. though, unlike the one I tasted in Jakarta. And besides, since we did so many shopping and traveling, I didn't eat that frequent, so there goes my food budget in one serving. Hahahaha.

Ah, off we go to have some Thai massage. After that, we browsed the MBK - Siam Paragon mall, but nothing beats the Chatuchak.

Day 4 - Phratunam Fashion mall + Siam Niramit

First of all, our track record is getting worse. This time, I woke up at 11 am when I was s'posed to join the National Independence ceremony in KBRI. Sigh, but since we're late already, we decided to shop =S Girls..

We went to Phratunam Fashion Mall in Ratchatewi area where everything is sold in wholesale price. I immediately tawt my girlfriends would LOVE to shop here cause the price is so cheap and the clothes are made in Korea anyway. No need to go direct to the country =P

The mall is located near KBRI so I took pictures at the front gate since I have no guts to step inside =D The embassy was a bit different from what I've imagined it would be. It got double layer protection (=_=)

Anyhoo, upon entering the Phratunam Fashion mall (it's more like ITC in Jakarta, actually, only with cuter and cheaper price products), I regretted bringing so many clothes. Mark my word, dear friend. DO NOT bring too many clothes to Thailand, three tank-tops, one outer wear and one short pants were enough. The rest you could buy.

At one shop, I was so in love with a hat (yes, me and my obsession with hats) and JRENG JRENG, the seller was Korean. So, 'ahjussi', 'hangul saram', and 'kansamhamnida' were coming out from my mouth. That was pretty chaotic, I ended up not buying it though, and I regreeeeetted it!!!

Girls, skipped the Siam Paragon and Suan Lum Night Bazaar and go straight to Chatuchak weekend market and Phratunam Fashion Mall for maximum shopping time

We spent 5-6 hours in that fashion mall, we nearly missed the Siam Niramit show at 8 pm. Gyaaah!

Speaking of Siam Niramit, I've never been to that kind of cultural/dance show for the whole 26 years of my life. That show costs for like 1500 Baht but it's so much worth it. Damn it's gorgeous, the lighting, the tremendous stage, the special effect, the music, the dancers, have I mention the stage? I loved it! I rate it 9 out of 10. There's also shuttle car picking us up to/from Thailand Cultural Center MRT station so worry no more on how to get to that place.

Ah, what a night. After that, we dined in Burger King (disappointing place, by the way, they should learn from BK in Jakarta) only to see guy kissing another guy in the mouth. And they're not even good looking so no fun seeing it =|

The next day would be the day I went to Phuket, so I'll write that one later. All in all, Bangkok is a great city for traveling. I love going there. And hopefully I could visit it later in future year.