Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sungkyunkwan Scandal


Ok, I cannot help it, I'm crazy about this drama. Hahahahahahahahaha, for as long as I've remember, this is the first time I got hooked from the very first episode. Dang, it's /that/ good! For many other dramas, I eventually find them interesting, but maybe after the n-th episode, surely not the first, but SKKS????? Daebaaaak!!!

People said it's like Boys Over Flowers with the acquisition of You're Beautiful, and I said... HELL NO! The term might've been right, given the number of main characters are four boys and one of them is a girl, disguised in boy's clothes, but the plot, the characters, the setting-up, the conflict, the stories, the cliches... it's all so freakin different, and that's why I love it.

All four boys don't even know one another until they got stuck together in one university, The Sungkyunkwan University, hence the title. Unlike the other F4-type of dramas, there are TWO grumpy characters in this group, and I love it. I love sexy bastards, hahahahahahaha! More manly hormone is good for your health. And those guys are gentlemen, too! Hmm, or maybe because the setting is at Joseon era where polite speech and attitude were number one.

Anyhow, this is one cute story about one misunderstanding which leads to much more cuter misunderstanding. Aish, it reminded me a bit of Coffee Prince when the manager thought he was such a gay for liking a man working in his cafe. This is pretty much the same, but even worse, the male lead NOT ONLY did he think he was insane for liking a man, but he thought EVERYONE was also insane since they're too liking the man that he liked. Except that... everyone else knows that he's a she, but not him. Hahahahahahaha... That's going to one big fucked up scenarios in that scene, hilariously I mean.

To sum up, the characters are (as seen in that chibi cartoon):
1. Lee Seon Joon. Left State Minister's son. Nickname: Garang (literally means beautiful husband, but perceived as good husband material)

2. Yoon-Hee/Yoon-Shik. The girl disguised as a boy. Nickname: Daemul (literally means big thing, refers to men's thing if you know what I mean, obtained the nickname ever since (s)he managed to conquered the No. 1 Gisaeng in that area)

3. Moon Jae Shin. The Prime Minister's son. Nickname: Goro (Geol-Oh) (literally means crazy horse. He's famously known for breaking the campus rule, getting drunk, get into a fight, return past curfew, etc)

4. Yong-Ha. The main flirty pervy playboy in campus. Nickname: Yeorim (literally means female bush. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, God I love this boy)

I loveeeee old-time movies. I even missed movies like To Liong To and Return of The Condor Heroes. The modern setting is not bad, but I really think the old-time setting is much more sweeter. The conversation, the properties, the attitude, the feeling.. sigh..

Ok, here's the sneak peak of behind the scenes images...

The infamous Micky-Yoochun from DBSK as Lee Seon Joon. He got the knacks for being moron (unfortunately off-screen), isn't he?

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