Part 1: She Knows He Knows

He touched her finger that was still pointed at his chest, "Still manage to scare the day out of me, I see." She smiled. Too sweetly. "Are you trying to get us killed? Not a good day to die, you say?".

How To Cross Road In Margonda

Somebody should publish this kind of booklet long before I even got enrolled in University of Indonesia. Duh! 1. If there's eventually a traffic light for passerby, please DO pay attention. It's not there for decoration purpose (only).

Dream High

Once upon a time, in one particular high school, lived one particular girl student. Let's call her Suzy. Not only that she got the looks, she also had the wealth and singing talent and lots of antis. All things other girls could only imagine.

Story From Far Java

On my last visit to Jogja (seriously this city has something captivating), I happened to visit Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat and Kraton Surakarta in one-day-trip to Solo.

Letting Go

The big question of letting go bugged my mind around these last couple of months. Some things.. are they worth to keep, or should I let them go. Think I'm pretty good of letting things go, but when inputs and comments started to coming in, I'd have to reconsider my decision.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shopping spree

It’s funny how my life divided into two major pieces; one belongs to drama series and the other fits in this shopping-spree scandal. This is crazy, every time I put my hand into any sum of money, I can’t stop thinking what to buy and what to have. Mostly clothes and shoes, though. Or handbags, occasionally. But the main point is I can’t help it. So, during this difficult moment of the month (also known as counting days till salary payment), it’s actually fun to browse into online-shopping websites. I used to surf into ebay but alas, I forgot the account password. How dumb! So, thanks to my inner circle friend who kind of remind me (read: brought me back into the dark path) of the guilty-pleasure of shopping, she introduced another site to browse. And heck, I’m still into coat. Dang!

This one is actually her choice, but I find it also cute. And simple. And black. And yes there are others that caught my intention.

The website itself called something similar with mudcloth (God knows why) but the collection is not that bad. Mostly I attracted with their coat and outer wear, but the price, holy cow... pretty tense!

I can’t afford it. At all. So that’s partly why I’m happy to browse. Hahahahahahaha. Having sure that I won’t touch my piggybank in order to purchase some of them is fun.

Cute, eh? I’m not really sure this fits into my style but I enjoy seeing the model. Sigh, if only I acquired some thin arms.

Anyway, the other piece that most likely influence my nowadays days is Korean drama series. Yay, after months of watching Criminal Minds, Supernatural, Heroes, The Mentalist, etc, etc, finally I could get my hands into some moronic series which is actually entertaining. And it’s called ‘You’re Beautiful’.

For a quick definition, I would pick, er, the combination between Coffee Prince and ‘Boys over Flowers’. ‘Coffee Prince’ since there is transgender issue that needs to be solved, and ‘Boys over Flowers’ since there are mainly four boys in there. That’s it.

The scenario is totally moronic, with some pieces of turn tabling scenes which caused the lack of breath for a while. Seriously, this is truly amusing. If only you could look past into the unfit reality (i.e. how the heck someone so obviously girlie such as Park Shin Hye could be mistaken as a boy), you certainly could absorb the whole idea of the movie.

It’s nice!

It’s about a band named A.N.JELL (later on they actually held a mini concert under the same band name, how cute!) which introducing a new member. This new member sometimes reminds me of Henry from Super Junior-M whose face is so angelic and might have been mistaken as a girl only if he kept his mouth shut. Maybe that’s what people are feeling about this character that Park Shin Hye played. And fyi, I loved her hair. I’m obsessed of having that kind of hair. So cute and not overly manly. I love it especially when it’s curly. Gyaaaah!!!! *obsession shrieking out*

It’s funny, after downloading several pictures of this movie, I found myself not infatuated by only one character of the movie (i.e. when I watched Meteor Garden where I was constantly fanatical for Lei’s character, and hell with Tao Ming Tse, or when I watched Criminal Mind, I hopelessly love Reid’s character, or like when I watched Veronica Mars, I chose Logan over anyone), nope, this one affected me equally over the whole member cast. I loved ‘em all!

Park Shin Hye with her cute loving character, Go Minam. Other than her hair and her clothing style, I also found myself engrossed with her character’s dilemma more and more. She’s such an honest character, naïve and so adorable. Even her awkwardness towards love felt so cute to me. Nun-in-training, hah! I love this expression of her; I think this one represent her character the most.

Jang Geun Suk, with his infamous character, Hwang Taekyung. Not a typical Tao Ming Tse (thank God for that, I had enough with Gu Jun Pyo’s fever among teenagers a while ago, euh!). His character is the center of its moronic plot altogether. Every time this guy showed up, you’ll never now whether the next scene will be in serious tone or in moronic one. Love this picture of him, it suits him the most, you self-center prick =D

Jung Hwa Young, with his passive loner lover character, Shin Woo-hyung. This character represents the romance air from the drama. He’s supposed to be /the/ most romantic guy ever but I kind of think he got carried away a bit. Please, he took some pretty serious long time to confess. He might have had fat chance of getting the girl if only he said it sooner. Yeah, well, this picture me-likey. His hair especially (hahahahaha, I’m such a hair-freak!). His expression will go from this state to a slight movement of a smile on his lips to a bit of eyebrow raising (in other word, yes, he is /that/ expressionless).

The last but obviously not least one, Lee Hong Ki with his adorable fun-loving character, Jeremy. Ah, I had difficult time to choose which picture suits him the most, since I do believe this character is not as shallow as everyone would think. He’s not that typical clown character in a movie, and I actually loved the scene where he confessed =_=

Ah, priceless. An absolutely Visa moment, I’m telling you, some imagination are worth to watch, especially when it comes from Jeremy’s mind. Yes, picture above is just another example of wild imagination someone’s having during some misunderstanding moment. Moronic!

This movie is the culprit that has gotten me into Corby-fixation state. Damn, they all used Samsung Corby’s touch screen phone and I WAAANT the yellow one. In any scene where every phone call was made, they were using Corby, aaargh, but why oh why it gotta be so expensive?

Oh yeah, one other thing I loved from this one, they all can sing! Thank God! For you who have spare time to spend, just watch this one. Entertaining, indeed!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Figures, after all this time I was occupied by my job, I lost sense of my movie-watching-progress. And I mean cinematic movies, not the usual drama-drama. So, after quick skimming on several movie database websites, I gathered this current to-watch list, although the funny thing is I can't quite remember whether I had actually seen the movie or is it just my imagination.

  • Donnie Brasco (simply because I love Depp's movies)
  • The Blind Side (some says this one is sweet to watch in 2009)
  • Inglourious Basterds (some says this one is the best summer movie in 2009)
  • The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (again, simply because it's Depp)
  • Remember The Titans (Denzel, what else?)
  • Deja Vu (again, Denzel, what else?)
  • Schindler's List (the plot, intriguing)
  • The Usual Suspect (I knew I've had this movie sometime in my laptop, but suddenly it's gone, so here we are on the treasure-hunt once again)
  • City of God (crazy, I've never been able to find the perfect time to watch)
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (nyaaah, the plot story is so cute)
  • 12 Angry Men (A dissenting juror in a murder trial slowly manages to convince the others that the case is not as obviously clear as it seemed in court, yummy!)
  • American Beauty (mainly because it was such a big hit and I kind of miss the moment)
  • American History X (Edward Norton!!! Miss him a bit)
  • Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (or widely known as Amelie, French movie, me-likey)
  • A Clockwork Orange (I felt a bit carried out with its weird-sense of plot)
  • L.A. Confidential (A shooting at an all night diner is investigated by three LA policemen in their own unique ways, hmm..)
  • Reservoir Dogs (did I or did I not have watched this one?)
  • The Prestige (magician, great!)
  • No Country for Old Men (seems such a serious movie, need it for refreshing)
  • There Will Be Blood (epic movie?)
  • Snatch (this one got me in deja vu state, did I or did I not have watched this one?)
  • Trainspotting (I'm such a sucker for good 'ol days hits)
  • Groundhog Day (comedy, a relief!)
  • Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (need to update my oldies library)
  • Twelve Monkeys (I honestly have no idea as to why I want to see this one, hahahaha)
  • Shaun of the Dead (comedy but not that comedy, hmm.. interesting..)
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still (nyaah, this one is pretty risky, since I just want to take a sip at how it feels to watch sci-fi once again)

Any other recommendation?


update: Someone once said, thou shalt make a list, then thou wish shalt be given.. Wow.. it's true..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Korean Band

Okay, time to indulge my long-lost teenage years once more.

After all this time I'm obsessed with Super Junior (and yes, I mean /obsessed/ about basically /everything/ about them!), I went from zero to hero with this group, memorized all their names (13 of them), collecting all of their songs (well, maybe after I filtered it first actually), downloading any reality shows featuring all (or part) of them, keep tracking of their improvement (in which I happily announced that they are now much more mature and ngga malu-maluin), gathering every other artists' video clip that featuring one or more of them (I even took that unimportant SNSD clip entitled Kiss Me purely because there's Donghae in it, geez!), and promised myself to someday watch their concert live for whatever it cost (even if I have to fly to Korea, for God's sake)... NOW finally I have alternative source to obsessed with.

Hmm, maybe 'obsessed' is a bit much of definition, since I'm pretty sure I will not feeling the same feeling I feel *halaah* towards Super Junior, so maybe I'd used the word 'interested' as in 'want to know more' as in 'eager to look forward for new videos'... and the honor goes to.. BIG BANG!

Among so many Korean boyband these days, just named it, 2PM (with its recent incident), 2AM (with its dorky yet funny leader), SHINee (with err.. I dunno, personally I'm not into this group), SS501 (okay, I actually like this band, they're just lack of attractiveness when performing upbeat song due to the member's lack of dance skill, I much prefer the moronic version videos, though), U-KISS (euh, not my generation), EPIK HIGH (they rock, but I dun get the obsessed feeling, I just love the song), DBSK (brother band of SuJu, but again I dun get the obsessed feeling, I think they're generally too uptight and too image cautious), FT-Island & A’ST1 (seriously, I just know them from OST Boys Over Flower, and it's not like I'm into the movie, so..), and so on and so on..

As for the girl band, err.. practically I think Korean girlband is just selling their faces. Even if they managed to get famous, it is mainly because of the song, not the singer (as in the case of SNSD a.k.a Girls Generation - Gee song which is booming soon after being released, the song is just catchy, that's all). I like Wondergirls and Jewelry better than SNSD, cause let's face it, SNSD can't sing (let alone performing in live concert). Korean girls who can truly sing would really stand out if they pursue the solo career. BoA and YounHa are just one of those lucky girls.

Anyway, I just think BIG BANG is much more interesting than the others. Why? I dunno. There are lot of seasoning in this group, good song, great dance, wide music genre, easy listening tracks, and G-Dragon. This member of BIG BANG came into my attention after I noticed how indifferent this guy is. His style is uniquely him, and I like it. Despite all the extra effort to look menace or fiery or else, he's just interesting. He kinda reminded me of Heechul - Super Junior for the eccentricity, but G-Dragon is much more attractive (at least for me). Heechul, well, at first appearance his light might shine brighter than the others but as time goes by, you'll get tired of this guy.

You would start looking at other member, the less shining one, and you'd find they are much more fun to know.

Err, why am I talking like a psychiatrist?

Anyhoo, BIG BANG's video is like rapid movement from nada to yada. They're making nu videos each and every now and then. So intriguing. What is it that they're after? From all of the music videos, I prefer Oh My Friend MV and Dirty Cash MV. And yes, practically I love all of their MVs, it's random, unpredictable, and fun to watch.

Unfortunately, they're not as photogenic as SuJu is (again, my selfish comment, pardon) so it's kinda hard to look for one picture describing the complexity of this band. But I tried my best and here they are..

Which one is G-Dragon? Well, which one is the most weird? (I know they are all weird in this pic, but that's what makes them adorable =_=) The guy on the second right, 'fcourse.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Damn, I envy one of my clients. He’s only 24 yet he already became somewhat in Finance Department within one of the well-known logistic companies in the world. Whoa… he’s so damn cool, I mean he even looked like he enjoyed his position, wearing no suit whatsoever, he’s comfortable with his style (which is so damn casual) and he’s happy. After he told me his age with playful tone, “Seriously, I got to be younger than you, so please don’t call me Sir, I’m only 24”, heck! I’m genuinely surprised. My colleague told me he must be one of those who graduate from the Management Training program and successfully having the vast knowledge of Finance Department. Crazy, I want to be like him. Maybe it’s mainly because I long for a casual working environment (but ‘fcourse with willing-to-die-for kind of salary) and yet I gain more knowledge aside from things that I already know, like finance area but minus the headachy calculation. Is it possible, ladies and gentleman?

Anyway, this time is pretty much the only time I really envy my client. Never in my life have I envied my client’s job or his office or even their bathroom. For your information, I took it very seriously when it comes to bathroom area. So far, mine is the best, I. Maybe not the freaking trendiest (like the automatically water pouring water tap when you past you hand beneath it, or maybe equipped with auto-dry toilet seat, now that would be cool) but it is most definitely the cleanest, coziest and most unique with its waste tissue being put into the toilet itself and not into trash bin. So cute. Never seen it before. And another bonus point is the cool elevator and lobby room. Hahahaha, I’m so into my elevator and lobby room. They can escalate your self value incase you need to hold a meeting with somebody. Ask anyone who ever been in my office. Too bad the salary is not that good. I mean, it’s good but not that good. You feel me?

Hmm, what was it that I need to say, eh? Oh yeah, it’s dreaming time. I have never seriously considering the idea of having my own business in the future time (not until I am settled and have logical amount of money)… at least, at first. But now, having to think about it over and over, I really-really dig the idea of having my own furniture shop. Yeah, that would be nice. I love reading the interior design magazines and astounded by their wide capacity of styles. I would fill my shop with affordable, practical yet personal designed stuff, with colorful items and bright theme. The design of my own shop will be decided by me and a bunch of trusted crew of mine. And then, I will collaborate with numbers of local carpenters or artisan for providing my items at reasonable price. Hence, I and the local industry will prosper altogether. Yay!

The alternative is, obviously, having my own clothing line, or maybe my own clothing store. As others always do, I will sell anything that suit my taste and my colleague’s taste (and that would mean the collection will be essentially black or solid dark color) and accessories that is simple yet look adorable. Since I don’t have the gift of fashion sketching, I will surely work together with designers who can satisfy my need (err). I am not going to working solo; instead I will be having partnership with some others who share the same taste or maybe the extension of my taste. Aw, cute. Shoes, boots, coats, army jackets, hooded jackets, black mini dress, blazers, Korean beanies, socks, hand warmer, headband, necklace and bangles will be among my things. Can’t wait for it to happen *excited*.

Thursday, October 22, 2009



So couple of weekends ago I managed to watch two thriller movies. The Last House on The Left and Drag Me To Hell.

The Last House on The Left

Ooh, I was so excited about this movie ever since I saw its trailer back when I was a child *halah* It is merely a classic horror movie, only this time the blood spilled not from the victim but from the evil doer. Yay!

It's about one family taking avenge after some criminals raped and shot their daughter. The mom and dad in this movie was so freaking cool, I could barely take my eyes on them since the very start till the very end. Amusing, so many blood spilled it almost filled up my hunger upon this sort of movies. Satisfying! Great job.. It even got a very nice cliche touch at the ending. Wow. From hammer in the head to the shot in one eye, they were all done very well in this movie. Nice special effect, I figure that covered the minimum casts in the movie. Dude, there are only 10 person playing in this one. So cost effective.

Drag Me To Hell


Thursday, October 15, 2009


There are particularly two movies that I am currently eyeing. First, the infamous best-seller-book, Eat Pray Love and secondly, Valentine's Day. Why?

Here's the reason why, for the first movie, I read the book and I simply love it (except for the last part where she wrote about gold-digging Balinese woman who seemed very ungrateful and greedy, but she blame it on the culture, bleh!). I like the honest writing style of hers and her sense of moronic humour. She refers to Elizabeth Gilbert, the writer.

And then, all of those are added with the fact that her character is going to be played by none other than Julia Roberts. Damn lucky woman. Who would've thought your own-character will be played by someone as famous as Mrs. Roberts?

Not only that, character 'Felipe' - the man she met in Bali, who lived there for over than 5 years - will be played by Javier Bardem. Hellooo? That sexy guy is actually going to visit my country, dude! *grinning*

Anyway, aside from the fact that I didn't buy the slightest chance that a character as sexy as Bardem living in Bali over than 5 years but still unnoticed and available, I really dig this movie. Hopefully it turned out well. *finger crossed*

Second movie. Yesterday I was told by my friend that there will be a new movie whose casted by so many infamous actors/actresses/artis named Julia Roberts (again), Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper (He's Just Not That Into You), Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Foxx, the cutie Topher Grace (Win a Date with Tad Hamilton), the McDreamy  Patrick Dempsey, the McSteamy Eric Dane, Queen Latifah, Emma Roberts (Nancy Drew), and artist such as Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas.

Heck, its genre surely gotta be drama, since the producer might not have enought budget left to afford special effect for any other genre, ain't it so?

Yes, just hearing about the cast is enuff to make me wait patiently here, surrounded by client's documents and stuff, yearning for car and own apartment.

Monday, October 5, 2009


/That/ is a title of one of my favorite Korean band, Epik High. Okay, okay, I know some of you might die bored hearing this Korean stuff, but seriously, Epik High is worth listen to. They do creative work in mix-n-matching ballad and hip-hop rap things. Crazily entertaining.

The band consist of three person, Tablo, Mithra and DJ Tukutz, but mainly I /adore/ Tablo. Dunno why but I got this fetish towards smart guy, or even a guy that /looked/ smart =P Tablo graduated from Stanford University majoring in English Literature, hence the yummy sound of the song.

The lyric is particularly I love.

Who's to blame.
No remedy to cure this pain.

No remedy to cure this pain.
Cuz I believe there's nothing there for me.

Education is killing my religion.

Intuition is killing my religion.
My religion is killing your religion. My
religion, your religion.

[Myk's Verse]

Lungs blackened from this filth that I'm breathing.
Polluted phrases are the kill of the season.
My ears bleed and in turn I speak treasons,

weaving through a system that dubs realists as heathens.

Like the cigarettes I'm 'chained' to,
wicked words can be the devil in
that thrive off of maiming you.

But who's blaming who?

Never are we the ones.

We point the finger at the skies and the chosen 'son'.

All my senses are killing my innocence.
Cruel inventions are killing my innocence.
No innocence is killing your innocence.
My innocence, your innocence.

[Tablo's Verse]

Blame it on terror.
Computer error.

The east and west coast and the post-consumer era.

The mayor, the president. The air, the elements.

Whatever's relevant but never look in to your mirror.
What you want, what you need is to be blameless.

Don't blame the DJ, it's the playlist.
Cause blame is a slutty word.

Ex-planation, ex-ecution, ex-cuse share the same 'ex'.

[Mithra's Verse]

You don't wanna know the sinner.

You don't wanna know the killer.
Because it's you.

Television is stalling evolution.

Medication is stalling evolution.
Evolution is stalling revolution.
Evolution, revolution.

Collaboration, the start of revolution.
My decision, the start of revolution.

Revolution, the start of evolution.
Revolution, evolution.

Blame yourself.

Click here to download =)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Movieeees of August

*yawn* How so heavily sleepy I am. Damn the whole conversation about men’s and women’s game last night. After the crazy non-skinny dipping incident yesterday, I thought I may deserve a bit of rest. Anyway, for the sake of my sanity, these were the high note movies that I’ve seen in the past couple of weeks.

The Boy in Stripped Pajama
At first, I watched it with a bit of uninterested mood actually. Since I’ve seen Beautiful Life and many kinds of Nazis movies, I expected this one was no different than the others. It was less dramatic than I thought, and the tragedy was not up to my par, actually. But it got a nice quite ending, no blood spill, though. Too bad. The Boy in Stripped Pajama was about a friendship between German’s Arian and Jews kid. Their world was separated by an electrical fence and different dress code. This odd friendship grew into something else entirely. The End. Still, I loved the prolog note; the world of children is filled with color and music until the reasoning of adultery came, or something like that.

The Oxford Murderer
I got this movie from a friend of mine. It’s about how math influenced our lives all, including one specific murder case involving a math professor and one talented math student (?). I dunno, I can’t really recall, it’s been weeks since I watched it. Anyway, while I wrote this, I recalled something similar to this movie. Have you seen Galileo the Movie? It’s a Japanese production, and the movie version was so damn impressive. The physics God versus Math genius. Scary movie, since I’ve touched the very subject of logical mathematic when I was in college. To think that someone could bend the theory and applied it into the real world onto his own interest is scary enough.

The Green Mile
It’s a cute movie. I often said, “Aaaw” every time John Coffie character showed up in any scene. Adorable character, really. The Green Mile is about a death row prisoners who were about to face their ultimate punishment, an electric chair. Thus, the prison guards were trained to be one calm persona in order to keep their calm manner intact. Or something like that. It all changes until John Coffie arrived. Wow, what a line, really reminded me of The Shawshanks Redemption, it all changes til Andy Dufraine came.

Fast and Furious 4
Ah, a nice refreshing one after a series of serious movies I’ve had. What a freaking lighter theme, with all those muscles and sports cars and races and eventually cutie face of Paul Walker. Hahahahaha. I am one of those people who haven’t watch any Fast and Furious previous series, all three of them. So I think this fourth one is quite nice since I don’t really need to watch the first episode. Ain’t it?

Some friends of mine told me that it’s not really an interesting movie. But being a big fan of McAvoy myself, I blindly watched every single movies of him, as many as I could. Blame me! This is a story of nowadays fairy tale, about a blue-blood girl who was being cursed to have piggy nose and ears till someone of her own kind loved her for who she really is. The male hero is James McAvoy, and that’s that. The End.

Love Me If You Dare
Yay! France movie! Love it, love every scene in it, all but the confusing ending. Honestly, I miss this sort of simple plot like this one. Finaaally! Anyway, it's about a boy, Julien, and a girl, Sophie, playing truth or dare (minus the truth) games as long as they could remember. Since the very age of six, and it continued till they got married. Crazy movie, my favourite scene was (spoiler alert) when Sophie dared Julien to hurt her feeling, since there's nothing could ever hurt her feeling, not even when Julien gave her condom when she claimed that she's going to have a lesson practiced with male (with the knowledge that Julien knows she's in love with him). Mantab! Adegannya bikin gue tzziiiiing. Sakit abis!

The Other Boleyn Girl
Every single reviewer that I know told me that this movie is about two Boleyn sisters fighting for the love of one king. I disagree. It's about one greedy and ambitious uncle interfering with his sister's family and practically ruin their future. It's also about one sleazy and pathetic king who can't even figure out his own feeling towards women. (What a moronic king!) And it's also about a sad life of one Boleyn's son named George Boleyn, whose love toward his sisters put him in misery forever. Padahal si George ini so amazingly kind and loveable and adorable and responsible and cute! Bete gue kalo inget endingnya. But this movie is not bad, except for its slow pace of scenes. Kinda tiring but it's okay.

Honetly, there's plenty of others that I have watched, but none worth to review in my humble opinion. Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Persepolis, Vicky Christina Barcelona, A Night in the Museum (oh yeah, warm movie!), etc. See you at the next recap.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


If I haven't told you that you are a good man, you are..
If I haven't told you that I have forgiven you, I have..
If I haven't told you that I love you, I do..

Dang, it's been so long since I wept over movies like this one. Last time I remember, I cried upon Evan Almighty for the very same reason, because I believe something touches me. Something beyond my thought, my conscious, my imagination. It might be God. It might.

Anyway, Fireproof is a movie that has been circled around my office for quite some time, but I didn't get the mood or time to watch it. Then, I found the very same movie in my friend's laptop, and it's kinda startled me. What exactly is this movie all about?

It's not a mainstream movie, I suppose. You just know it. From the directing, the music theme, the camera angle. Even the plot is quite cheesy. At least that was what I thought at first. It's about two people worked out their marriage. And the father in-law gave the husband a 'love diary', in which he gotta do what's written inside for 40 days. Each day contains a new attitude. How I loved to have the same courage like the husband character did. It's not easy to love unconditionally. God is a damn good example on that. And yes, it's quite a religious movie, a new kind of movie I ever watched, actually. But none too heavy.

Another quote I really dig on the movie was
When a man is trying to win the heart of a woman, he studies her. He learns her likes, dislikes, habits and hobbies. But after he wins her heart and married her, he often stops learning about her. If the amount he studied her before marriage was equal to high school degree, he should continue to learn about her until he gains the college degree. A master degree. And ultimately a doctor degree. It is a lifelong journey that draws his heart ever closer to hers.

A pretty good concept, indeed. And I do believe that it is not only the husband who should work out the marriage. It's gotta be on both sides. That's exactly why I also love the following quote:

Something is changing in you, and I want what happened to you happen to me.

Yeaaah, too many sweet quotes I loved in this movie =_= Deep movie, deep movie.

Is it too late for me to ask you to grow old with me?

If he is trying to woo you while you're still married, what makes you think he won't do that with someone else?

A: What day are you on?
B: 43.
A: *confused* There's only 40.
B: I wished I had to stop.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Pusing gue, tu orang koq bisa lucu abiss... hahahahahahahahahahaha..


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Secret Life Of Bees

I haven't seen a movie for such a long time since I dedicated my savings to watch Harry Potter VI. That's why I only watched it in my laptop instead. And so far there hasn't been anything that actually took my interest, well other than Perfume The Story Of A Murderer, so far.

Hence, when I saw this movie, The Secret Life Of Bees, I was immediately entranced by its delicate plot and cast. Hell yeah, there's Dakota Fanning, but there's also Paul Bettany, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, and even that guy from 90210.

I like the subtle message it carried on. Even every little thing could use some love, and there's nothing in this world are unlovable.

Sweet. It's about a girl who, obviously, felt like she's unwanted and wanted to find the solace, the redemption place where she could find the answer, and the peace. She killed her own mother when she was four years old, so those kind of things should be expected nonetheless, right?

Anyway, it's a great movie and I touched by it. Nicely done by Will Smith's production.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Honey And Clover

That's the one most amazing -sugoi- Nihongo series I've ever watched. And I loosely define myself as a quite serious case of a dorama viewer. Out of every Nihongo dorama that I've been watching for so long, Honey and Clover effortlessly grabbed my attention. The plot and directing were excellent, the actors/actresses playing were great; the soundtrack was a marvelous job, and the whole scene
were was -really enjoyable to watch. I laughed and I cry during the whole season.

Honey and Clover was mainly about the friendship between five people, three boys and two girls, in which one of the girls was a newbie to that university. And they studied art, a major I long for quite some time now. How great is that? Anyway, I watch the movie version first, the one that according to my friends was pretty tedious and boring, but not to me. Have no idea why, but even in the movie version, there's something about it that really linked to my life. Or so I thought at that time, considering the movie version /was/ quite plain.

But once I knew there's the series version, and furthermore, it was played by one of my favorite actor, Ikuta Toma, I felt none other than astounded. Heck, the series version is much much better than the movie (doesn't mean that the movie version is suck though, did I mention that?). I'm crazy about the tone color they used in that series, totally warm and light, reminds me of spring and autumn in
Japan (I think. Well, it's not like I've been there myself). But yes, they used different tone color than the other series.

Anyway, the most important measure for such doramas to be one of my favorite one is that they gotta have some great lines and quotable dialogue. And as you all might very well know, most of Japan's dorama /obviously/ offered deeper meaning out of something simple within our life, but several of them were working it too hard. Some turned out to be cheesy lines, and some other became such a corny quote. And obviously, it's fairly depressing when you watch that kind of movie.

Anyhoo, some of my favorite quotes are:
:: Energy will transfer to others. So, if there's someone you want to give strength to, it's important for you to be energized first.
Romaya senpai

:: I hope you can find what you like to do, Takemoto-kun.
Hanamoto Hagumi

:: When you take off, it's better to leave with a smile. People want to see you again because of that smile.
Romaya senpai

:: Until now, I always wondered if there was a point to a failed relationship. I wondered if something which disappears and something that never happened was the same thing. But, now I
understand, that there was a meaning to it. Because I met Hagu-chan, the person I am today, is here now.

:: Why do you not want to graduate so much?
Yamada Ayumi
:: When you're a child, didn't you always hate being the first one to go home after playing with your friends? If something big happened when you weren't there, it'll make you feel very depressed.

:: If I fall in love with someone else, I feel like the love I've been feeling up till now were all lies.
Yamada Ayumi

Well, I gotta admit, almost every line being mentioned in that series were somewhat meaningful to me. You have no idea how I love it so much, but I did. Very-very recommended series for you who
haven't watched it yet.

Anyhow, Romaya senpai is one of the thoughtful characters in Honey and Clover. At first, I dun get how ridiculous this person is every
time he showed up in one scene. But later on, I actually enjoyed all his worthy quotes. Hehehehe. Can't help it if something just
happened to be interesting while you're watching it, huh?


Speaking of which, a bit of scary feeling colored my day last week. Don't know why, I was somehow reminded of my past adolescence. My youth, a very naive moment yet the most cherished, has someway slipping away from my fingers. Not the age, but more the courage to dream and to hope, or even to plainly plead for childishness. And I got sad. But then, I felt numb. Is it supposed to be like that? As far as growing old matter, people are taught to impose themselves into a more proper manner. Meaning, some of us got to sacrifice
something. As for me, I lost my chance to act foolishness. And I regretted it. So much.

I hate to admit that I regretted something out of my life. Ever. I really wished someday I'd be able to proudly say that I have nothing to be regretted for. But then, here comes the very first
thing I'll ever regret for the rest of my life. Not doing one small thing, probably insignificant thing when u saw it from some perspective, could bring the midget hammering my heart, making it
ache. And that sucks. I loathe it.

Argh. From now on, please just do something whilst you still got the time, dear My. Don't let the second regrettable thing happened to you in any way. Do remember the pang, so that the courage will
be granted upon you.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Movies impressions

Okay, this is so outdated for Troy has been in my laptop for like centuries and I just made the effort to watch it recently. Having watched Troy, my first impression (and unfortunately, it lasted) was Paris being such an unimportant character in that Great War between Troy and Greece. For god’s sake, he can't fight, he never killed anyone, he kept boasting about love and honor, and he put his family and nation in danger just because of one unimportant girl. Bikin marah de nontonnya. Such a lousy coward yang mengumbar-ngumbar kata cinta dmana-mana, cih! Thank heavens this character is played by Orlando Bloom.

In the other hand, both character Hector and Achilles were such impressive personas, they made me stay watching it till the end. Yay for Brad Pitt's butt all over the movie =P I mean, we all got to admit, he /is/ one sexy daddy =D

And next, having watch lots of Brad Pitt's movie these days, I need to admit that he is one talented actor. In Burn After Reading, he played as this moronic well-toned-body gymnast who might be (I dare to assume) having a lil bit challenge. His brain, I mean. He made me laugh, actually, for the character was played nicely as a cute-yet-dumb muscle-with-no-brain young man.

Burn After Reading itself, in my humble opinion, is another non-essential movie material who has no meaning. I didn't mean it in a bad way; I meant it in a worse way. Maybe that's the ideology of movie, I dunno, but still, Burn After Reading was less bad than Seven Pounds.

We move onto the next one, Seven Pounds. This is Will Smith's pretty latest movie I watched after Hancock and Pursuit of Happiness. I don't like it. Its total rubbish and so boring for like 90% of the time. It's predictable, which I hate. It's too determined to be a sad movie, which I hate. And it's out of the context, again, which I hate.

It could be a lot better for a story about a man who needs to redeem himself. Dun get it, dun like it, not even moved by it. Why wasting your life just because you want to have a peaceful mind? Hate suicidal theme, especially those Harakiri Japanese's style, even if you have to take your life out, at least take another life of your enemy with you. Geez! And him, why should he kill himself? Let nature take control and all you have to do is sign up on those donor program or sumtin. Who is that girl? Did she worth the life more than him? No! Whose fool decision is that? Even writing the review of this film made me mad. I prefer Australia a lot lot more.

Now, Australia, a Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman's duet. I always wondered why Nicole (almost) always got paired with a hunk. Hahahaha, love her cliché character. That woman, Mrs. Boss, reminds me of Scarlett O'Hara type of girl, so ladylike despite the circumstances. The conflict, between her and The Drover (Hugh Jackman) is also a cliché conflict from Gone With The Wind. What’s up with the current movies plagiarized the old movies pattern?

Despite the entire cliché thing, I love the main idea about the stolen generation. Half-caste boys and girls, no white nor black, creamy and all it’s calling. Interesting. Never knew that there was dark age in my neighbor’s country. As for the line, "I sing you to me", I dunno, I always ended up with teary eyes every time that line was mentioned. So moving and yet so optimistic. Love it.

Hmm, another movie that lasted an impression upon me is The Talented Mr. Ripley. At first, I just want to skip the whole scene for it's just a subtitle repairing mission that I'm about to do. But I ended up watching the whole movie. And my oh my, isn’t Matt Damon one talented actor indeed? Never really fond of that guy actually. In fact, maybe I'm one of those rare people who haven't even watched The Bourne Trilogy. Not even one. But in The Talented Mr. Ripley, Matt Damon played wonderful, and his co-stars are also amazing. Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett, Jack Davenport, etc. Yay, it's like watching "Who They Were" show in E!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Flower Boys

Yay, finally got the chance to taste the Korean version of the infamous F4 fever thoughout Asia. I really, really, like the stereotype story of this chick-movie filled with pretty faces since it came out in Taiwan version back in 90's. Eventhough it's cliche, but the drama successfully captured my attention for its funny scenes and witty dialogue and touchy plot and mushy-mushy love stories (Haaa, Tao Ming Tse! Haa, Hwa Ce Lei!).

Then, at my final year of college, I spent more time to watch the Japanese version (although this is supposed to be the original version, but I watched it later). Hmm, can't remember much about the first season, but definitely (again) I was captured by the second season since the story is very much different from the Taiwan version and it ended up as the girl being proposed inside a soccer stadion. Tsk tsk, not much thinking in spending money, aren't you, Doumyoji?

So now, hearing that Korea (largely known for its modern drama season) is making its own version, imagine how excited I was.

Til I got the first episode anyway.

Well, it's not that the drama is very-very bad one, it just didn't have its own plot, the originality of the story and character, and even worse, it combined the Taiwan and Japanese version of F4! While watching it, my friends and I kept arguing whether the scene adapted the Taiwan version or from the Japan's. Very very sad. Not to mention the main girl character is absolutely looked like Nodame from Nodame Cantabile. Can't they even create their own image?

Sigh. The only thing that made me keep watching it is the character of the two lesser known members of F4, played by cute boys and funny actors, which one of them named Kim Bum. Better and bearable looking version than the Taiwan's and Japan's. Hehehehe.

Well, actually after skipping for like 20 episodes forward, I must say that the main actor (the one playing Tao Ming Tse's character - Gu Jun Pyo) is not that bad and he has thousand of face expression in which resembles so many people, starting from Aldi Taher to Lee Teuk - Super Junior. Hahahahaha.

Seeing, watching, imagining

Tristan And Isolde

Hm, this a story about once a warfare between Britannia and Ireland. At that time, Britannia was still herd of tribes (Angles, Saxon, etc) and attempted to unite under one king. The fight against Ireland cost them so many lives, including Tristan’s parent. Later he was saved by one of the leader of the tribes. In the other hand, Isolde was the daughter of King of Ireland and from that point, you can guess that this is some sort of Romeo-Juliet epic love story.

Yet I watched it anyway, since I’m a sucker for classic stories like these, hehehe. Also because the cast of those young princes are well-build and easy-in-the-eye, so yeah I love it. Tristan was played by James Franco and there this young man named Melot who is played by Henry Cavill. The young Tristan is also played by familiar face, Thomas Sangster. Overall, it’s a bit dragged with a bit sense of ‘sinetron’ but semuanya termaafkan karena tampang Tristan =D

Ip Man

I actually thought the title was pronounced ai-pi-men instead of yip-man. Geez, so much for the title, huh? Anyhow, this was taken after Wong Fei Hung era in 1940’s where World War II took place. It’s about one doujo master called Ip Man who was well-respected and admired, no wonder since his skill was beyond imagination (I especially love the thousand fist scene, so freaking cool!).

Later I acknowledge that the movie is inspired from a true story, about the spirit of redemption for the mainland against the Japanese army. Very-very touchy, and I like its pride aura the whole duration. Ah, you should watch it.

Slumdog Millionaire

Okay, I noticed this piece when I saw Academy Award awhile back then. I was so curious as to why this movie won so many categories, I ended up looking for it. The tiny fact that I didn't aware was that the movie is also known as 'From Rags To Raja'. Jreng jreng. Now, /that/ movie has already been circled around my office for quite some time, thus I felt like a dork not knowing about that.

Anywaaay, this one me likey. Hehehe. Its theme is so simple and yet ironic at the same time. I love heart-painful scenes and yes there's so many in it. Yay! The actors and actresses played in that movie range from (very) young and older range of age, brought me a delightful surprise. Love it. Love the color of the picture, love the music, I even love the trademark dance (typical Indian movie, eh?) at the end of it.

Incase you haven't figure it out yet, it's about one servant boy (a chai-walla; to server chai tea, I suppose) who manage to enter a pride show called Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. A well-known quiz even in my country. Surprisingly, he can manage to answer ALL but one last question asked in that show. Magnificent, yet hurting. So it's only natural when the local police suspected him for such a fraud. Eventhough I can't imagine what kind of fraud you could possible apply when you are in that kind of show. What? What exactly? Unless you got an insider, 'fcourse.

The Illusionist

Ay, this one is uniquely adequate to my taste. Love the magic scenes, starting from Orange Tree sampai trik-trik kecil yang dilakuin sepintas lalu. Waw, I'm such a sucker for magician. Kemaren aja nonton iklannya reality quiz The Master-nya Dedy Corbuzier ampe takjub. Keren juga ni peserta-pesertanya. Daaan, btw, sejak nonton ni pelem, I immediately affected by Edward Norton. Mein gott, tu orang got sumtin inside. Udah gtu, pas tau Hulk 2 juga dimaenin oleh Edward Norton, yaiks, langsung nontoooon.


Such a vewy vewy long time since I wrote any review about a bunch of books I read. Okay, so here we go:
1. Tales of Beetle the Bard - JK Rowling
Cute fairy tales and fables, I dunno, it made me ache for wanting more of her work. I think anything she'll write in the upcoming years will always bring great success, as long as it has anything to do with Harry Potter tidbits. Anyway, this book is mentioned in the seventh chapter, where Dumbledore gave Hermione children's book for her to translate. So cute. And when you read each tales, the stories serve you good. I always have this yearning for children fairy tales, and I do appreciate original stories and characters. Read it, English version is preferable.

2. Wedding Officer – Anthony Capella
After his first book (The Food of Love), I immediately recognized his name while browsing in bookstore. Anthony Capella is a great author, with his Italian recipes and love stories. What can be more Italian than its love and food? It’s an eminent marvel that Italian women still can’t get heavy no matter how many food they eat. Geez. Anyway, this book is not an ordinary-daily-chicklit since, well, it’s a long book with a long journey within it. The story is taken in 1940’s with World War II as the background. It’s about British soldier who served as a wedding officer. His job is mainly to ensure that no Allies Army marries the Italian women, at least not those who work as a prostitute. Ironically, he’s infatuated with a nice Italian young lady whose cooking skill is beyond imagination. Since no wedding officer can’t be seen together with (any) Italian women, he started to permit more marriages, in order to soften the rule, I guess.

3. The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini
Since I read his second book in earlier times (A Thousand Splendid Suns), it's kind of boring at first. His writing style is still the same, with all these metaphors and wordy symbols, which gave me clues as to how the book will end. Thankfully, the subject is different, it’s about friendship between two young boys and it’s nothing like his second book (which is basically about the misery of female kind). After a while, I was captured by the simple line of, “For you, for the thousand times” or something like that. Made me shiver if I remember what will happen next. It’s worthy of reading, though.

4. Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert
It’s an Oprah book, I must tell. I recognized the title as soon as Oprah said that it was the best selling book in US and imagine how happy I was when I know that my friend got it. Yay! The book is undeniably appealing, with so many quotes that I could rephrase in my own sentences, and since it’s a true-story book, I adore her blatant words. Elizabeth Gilbert is one hilarious person, I can tell from her language. The book is about her post-divorce experience, in which she traveled to three nations, named Italy, India and Indonesia. In each country, she eats, she prays, and she loves. So cool to be like her. And I mean, who doesn't? Having taught by native tutor in Italy (handsome twin nonetheless), totally devoted to God through meditation and lots of praying in India (even managed to make friends with people from around the world who seems to gather in that one single ashram), and finally, finding her soulmate in Bali, a Brazillian chef/an enterpreneur/great sense of humour/not a demanding guy/marvelous in bed.

5. Dragon Keeper & Garden of the Purple Dragon & Dragon Moon - Carole Wilkinson
It turned out to be a children book. Bah! I tawt it was some sort of dragonical (is that a word?) adventurous legend. But sadly nope. It will suit your children, though.
Very light reading material about a girl deciding to be a Dragon Keeper (what else?). But, in the other hand, having finished the second and the third book of its chronicles, I eventually got hooked by the story. So easily to understand and didn't need that much of effort to finished it. Lovely.

6. Mehrunissa the Twentieth Wife & Nur Jahan The Queen of Mughal – Indu Sundaresan
I love this kind of stories, about Mughal and all its glory kingdom. It's about Mehrunissa (later known as Nur Jahan), once an important woman slash queen before the Taj Mahal period. She's practically the one who managed to make it all possible. This first book is telling us about the period before she got married to the king and later become the most important woman of all Hindustan. You'll have intrique and sinister plot within zenana (or harem, you might prefer), clash amongst kings and princes, et cetera et cetera. Quite an intriguing book, I must say.

7. The Alchemist – Nicholas Flamel
Now now, this genre reminds me of Bartimaeus trilogy, with all its golem and witches and genies and so forth. But this one is about Nicholas Flamel's adventure, the infamous immortal creature together with his wife, Perenelle, whilst fighting against the Dark Elder. Along their journey, they met the twin, brother and sister, who happened to be destined to be the hero somewhere down the Propechy of Abraham The Mage. Okay, that's the main plot. This one is actually readable indeed, for its light theme and cute cover design. Hehehehe.

8. Kumpulan Cerpen Akutagawa Ryunosuke
Nice cover design, and I always such a sucker for short stories. Last time I collected Indian writer's collection, now this time I collected Japan's. His stories are all served in a metaphor language, starting from nose, bush, frog, etc. Quite an interesting read.

Sadly, I managed only those to read in my spare time. There are still stacks of books I haven’t got the chance (or motivation) to just rip open its cover and start to read. Since when did I turn into this type of person? I never (never!) in my life time (at least previously) to ignore any reading material, let alone buy it and just leave it there. Damn my shopping habit! Let’s see.. *checking my collection* Ah, I still got New Moon – Stephenie Meyer, Eclipse – Stephenie Meyer, The Lovely Bones – Alice Sebold, Three Cups of Tea - Greg Mortenson, not to mention my roommate collection, Tunnels – Gordon & Williams, The Thirteenth Tale – Diane Setterfield, Darren Shan’s saga, The Wednesday Letter – Jason F Wright, etc.


Speaking of which, yesterday I buy another adult edition of Harry Potter ^^ Hurray! One step to a comple collection. Yay! Five more to go, people. Five more to go.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Year

Happy New Year everybodeeh...

May the following year brings us the best, in life and peace and love and gaul..

Anywaaaaaaaaay, having spent the last Christmas vacation in my uncle's place (instead of a hospital like the previous year -__-) brought me in state of happiness and bliss.

Why? Cause I got the privilege of 24 hours internet and TV cable. Yes, that's a luxury for such a scrawny lil girl that I am. Huhuhuhu. So Happy. I downloaded almost everything that I could think of, likewise with the TV cable, I absorbed everything I could possible chew in. Say, Super Junior stuff, their songs, their reality show, their video clips, their pictures, their fanart, ohmygoat I take it all in. Aaargh, what a lunatic!!

As a result, I ended up being this autism girl with her dorky glasses squatting in the corner, browsing at her art collection of Super Junior in the office cubicle. Pathetic. But yet so giggly, since it reminded me of my young age (am I that old now? Geez).

My life? It's been up and down the hills. Bored since some of the engagements seems like another endless engagements, but excited since the old client returned. Boho, I almost forget their names and the roles and occupation. Bloody hell.

Some of my friends plan to return to this country in this year, so I wait with much anticipation for whatever they shall bring home. Hahahaha, what a gift lurker and presents obsessive.

That's all for now. Please stay tune for much much more capturing event from my point of view. My, as in my name, not kata ganti orang pertama. Hehehehehe. Deey.

Gosh, I almost forgot, my resolution for this year is to smile. Period. Seems easy, but somehow, I dunno, a bit wacky and too much false hope put into it. But we'll see.