Thursday, October 22, 2009



So couple of weekends ago I managed to watch two thriller movies. The Last House on The Left and Drag Me To Hell.

The Last House on The Left

Ooh, I was so excited about this movie ever since I saw its trailer back when I was a child *halah* It is merely a classic horror movie, only this time the blood spilled not from the victim but from the evil doer. Yay!

It's about one family taking avenge after some criminals raped and shot their daughter. The mom and dad in this movie was so freaking cool, I could barely take my eyes on them since the very start till the very end. Amusing, so many blood spilled it almost filled up my hunger upon this sort of movies. Satisfying! Great job.. It even got a very nice cliche touch at the ending. Wow. From hammer in the head to the shot in one eye, they were all done very well in this movie. Nice special effect, I figure that covered the minimum casts in the movie. Dude, there are only 10 person playing in this one. So cost effective.

Drag Me To Hell


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