Part 1: She Knows He Knows

He touched her finger that was still pointed at his chest, "Still manage to scare the day out of me, I see." She smiled. Too sweetly. "Are you trying to get us killed? Not a good day to die, you say?".

How To Cross Road In Margonda

Somebody should publish this kind of booklet long before I even got enrolled in University of Indonesia. Duh! 1. If there's eventually a traffic light for passerby, please DO pay attention. It's not there for decoration purpose (only).

Dream High

Once upon a time, in one particular high school, lived one particular girl student. Let's call her Suzy. Not only that she got the looks, she also had the wealth and singing talent and lots of antis. All things other girls could only imagine.

Story From Far Java

On my last visit to Jogja (seriously this city has something captivating), I happened to visit Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat and Kraton Surakarta in one-day-trip to Solo.

Letting Go

The big question of letting go bugged my mind around these last couple of months. Some things.. are they worth to keep, or should I let them go. Think I'm pretty good of letting things go, but when inputs and comments started to coming in, I'd have to reconsider my decision.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

One taste of my say

Minggu kemarin I finished season 7 The Celebrity Apprentice and I got to say Omarosa is the first real living bitch I've ever seen in my entire live. Hahaha. I hardly called anyone as a bitch before, I'm not that rude, mind you. But she is unbelievable. Un-be-lie-va-ble. The devil herself. She's sly, she's suck up, she's a traitor, and definitely a character murderer. Wow, I've never seen anyone so blatantly pitiful like herself.
Considering I'm quite an open minded person about certain weird things, this is pretty ironic. At first I thought she's just another killer apprentice, a great business woman, but then I realize something. There's a fine line between great business woman and plain pathetic kiss ass. She just did something that crossed the line. A great business woman knows when and where to put herself into any difficult situation. You got to have decent thinking AND attitude to be a great business woman. But that's not enough. You also need to create your network, to socialize and build a strong relationship with your peers. And not consistently stab them in their back every freaking 5 minutes.
Bedanya The Celebrity Apprentice ama the rest of those 6 seasons is their status. They're celebrity, they don't need the job, they just did it for fun, and for charity 'fcourse. They acted differently in the board room, they tend to do everything on their own accord, akhirnya mereka tu cenderung santai and .. well.. more likely to enjoy the new friendship and the continuously new task. Ok gue jadi lupa mau bilang apa.
Intinya, kehadiran tokoh Omarosa yang notabene bukan celebrity, itu tuh kaya ular mau masuk kerumunan gajah. Bikin para gajah jadi heboh, sekaligus bikin mereka marah. Gila ya, gue yang nonton aja bete, dasar perempuan laknat, what sort of great business woman yang insulted your family every ten minutes in front of your face? Pusing gue, tu orang macemnya tokoh sinetron yang minta digampar, too good to be true. Is it her real self?
Kocak de quote2 pemaen Apprentice yang lain, "Marilu for Omarosa? There is a God.", "Replacing Marilu with Omarosa, is like replacing the devil with.. Nelson Mandela, to be honest.", hueahuehauehuahea, ok emang itu semua quote-nya Piers Morgan. Never thought I'm gonna throwing some sympathies toward this guy, but he deserved it. In fact, I love every male players in this season. They acted all fun, natural, not bitching like women do, and played along. I don't buy any silly fight between them, even with Vincent Pastore or Stephen Baldwin or anyone else. I think they'll make a very happy reunion once it's all over.
So far though, my most favourite player of the season is Gene Simmons. Typical, but nothing to be ashamed. He rocks! Despite his scary outfit band performance (KISS), he's a nice and very cool gentleman. Aaaaah, paling sedih waktu he got fired, kocak pake bawa2 nama Omarosa segala. Emang tuh wanita biadab, walopun waktu episode itu dia ngga salah apa2, tapi seharusnya dia aja yang dipecat instead of Gene Simmons.
Speaking of which, the most questioning episode was when Donald Trump fired Nely Galan (Latino TV producer), heran ya masalah Gene Simmons sacrificed himself itu dibawa-bawa mulu. I don't think he got the right reason as to why he fired her. Seharusnya Omarosa dong, kan dia PM-nya?????? The idea is all hers, she's accountable to every product they made, dan kalo ini episode dimaenin di season2 sebelumnya, si Trump bakal mecat Project Manager kalo emang staff2nya not responsible enough for their loss. Gila ini mah sentimen pribadi gara2 Trump temenan deket ma Gene Simmons. Pusing gue, Gene aja ngga keberatan si Nely ngga dipecat, napa Trump yang dendam?
Hosh hosh...
Emang Apprentice season 7 ini paling berwarna. Tapi untuk episode 5 yang katanya mendapat skor 10 dari 10, I don't really think so. Hehehe, biasa aja, it doesn't even look real. Masih lebih seru yang Piers vs Omarosa di episode selanjutnya. Sampe Trump batal mecat siapapun dari grup yang kalah just because he intended to fire Omarosa cuman sayangnya si Omarosa ada di grup yang menang. Hahahahhahaha, enak euy jadi bos reality show. Ubah peraturan seenak dengkul.
Anyway, talking about other favourite character, Trace Adkins is the most sweetest guy I'd pick among them all. He's one 'little' down to earth shy guy. I love him, the God's voice he has, and his behaviour, cool, calm and confident =P Like Ivanka Trump said, "Trace Adkins is the good moral compass in this team."
Stephen Baldwin is another favourite character of mine. He's funny, he loves to laugh, he's smart, full of ideas, and he sort of gives me pinch in my heart for his love to God. Quote, "They all think I'm crazy!! Well, I am crazy... for Jesus." *Laughs heartily* Doenk!
Again, review review review...
August Rush
A light yet beautiful story about music, family and compassion. Ide ceritanya sederhana yah, tapi penggambarannya bagus. Endingnya ngga maksa yang aneh-aneh, simply beautiful in my opinion.
Yang paling exciting about this movie is of course.. the SOUNDTRACK, especially Father's Song yang dinyanyiin ma Leon Thomas III (si gimbal pengamen jalanan di Central Park). Keren bangeeet, gue shock pas dia nyanyi itu akustikan. So freakin bening wae suaranya.
Trus trus, gue baru ngeh ternyata bocah cilik yang maen di August Rush is also playing in Spiderwick. Si Freddie Highmore ni tampang bocah ganteng (pedofil mode on, hohohoho) Gue jadi pengen nonton Spiderwick, is it good?
And then,
Chronicles of Narnia
Ahahahaha, apalagi yang awak tonton di pelem ini selain Edmund (Skandar Heynes). Kalo di Narnia 1 si bocah ini dah keliatan luthu-luthu gtu (walopun geblek jatoh ke tangan si jahat), nah di Narnia 2 si Edmund grew up jadi bocah cool. Cool as in very-very cool =D Tak sungkan-sungkan awak menghela nafas panjang tiap kali tampangnya si Edmund disorot gede-gede ke layar. Hehehehehehe.
Untuk ceritanya sendiri sih, well okelah, cuman ngga suka karena settingnya malem-malem mulu, apa-apa gelap. Kalo di Narnia 1 kan perangnya keren banget, karena settingannya siang dan alam Narnia yang indah itu diekspose gede-gedean. Nah di Narnia 2 sih kaga =(
And then, yang jadi Prince of Caspiannya minta ditabok. Belagu banget, apanya yang 'si tampan dan gagah berani'. Amit-amit. Mending Peter kemana-mana.
Udah namatin Artemis Fowl looh, ternyata ceritanya seru euy, hahahaha, ngga ngebosenin kaya cerita-cerita fantasi standar. Soalnya setting perang manusia dan kaum peri tuh dah kaya FBI lawan CIA =D Teknologinya canggih-canggih. Hahahaha.
Kemaren browsing Gramedia again, ada buku lucu judulnya Neverwhere, cuman lupa pengarangnya sapa. Ceritanya tentang pria yang terperangkap dalam dunia London Bawah, yang tentunya beda dengan dunia London Atas, dimana di London Bawah ini penuh dengan kejahatan-kejahatan, and so on and so on... Pengen beli tapi malah ended up beli sendal -____-
MInggu kemaren setelah berhari-hari ngabisin vacation di Bandung, akhirnya Senin kemaren bisa tiba dengan selamat kembali ke Jakarta. Di Bandung sono, selain ketemu dengan mahluk-mahluk lama jaman SMU, tentunya tak lupa gue mencicipi kafe-kafe yang ada di sono. Hehehehe.
Well, hari pertama gue makan di Tizi Cafe. Menurut salah satu oknum, Tizi cafe ini bagusnya dinikmati pas malem-malem, tapi berhubung ngga ada waktu buat keluar malem yah apa bole buat. Di Tizi makanan khasnya tuh steak-steak segede babon, untungnya gue cuman nyobain omelette jamur pake roti. Ada juga schaslichk (halah, susah bener nulisnya, ini pokoknya sate2an gtu lah, daging sapi tapinya) yang satu tusuk harganya 21rb, 2 tusuk harganya 35rb (more or less) dan seterusnya.
Trusss... abis itu nyobain Cabe Rawit. Ini berbeda drastis ma Tizi di atas. Kalo di Tizi makan 3 orang bisa abis 150rb-an, kalo makan di Cabe Rawit 150rb-an bisa buat makan 5 orang. Hehehehehe. Ended up di Cabe Rawit sampe jam 3 pagi, ngobrol ampe teler antara temen-temen SMU gue. Bandung tuh hebat de, nelpon sana-sini, bisa ngumpul2 juga, walopun mayoritas gue ngga kenal.. hohoho, abis pas SMU beda kelas jadi ngga ngeh =P
Stupid thing was, karena selesenya jam 3 pagi, alhasil gue ngga dapet tempat nginep T__T Temen gue yang seyogyanya jadi tumpangan tidur gue mendadak didatengin tamu dari keluarga suaminya seabrek-abrek. Jadilah gue dan 2 temen gue yang lain (dengan rasa solidaritas yang tinggi berhubung saya wanita yah) nyari2 motel yang nerima tamu jam 3 pagi. Wakakakaka, sumpah kalo diinget lagi aga2 dodol. Udah jalan kali sepanjang Dago, nemu Hotel tapi penuh, trus ditunjukin arah ke sana ke mari. Nyaris loh saking suntuknya kita pada niat nginep di warnet 24 jam. Lumayan murah =D Tapi gue horornya sih kalo di warnet ntar gue malah ngga tidur T__T padahal hari esok masih panjang, ngga lucu dong kalo siang2 di Bandung malah ngabisin waktu buat tidur.
Ya intinya akhirnya kita bayar hotel 1 kamar 150 rebu cuman buat ditidurin 6 jam, karena besoknya jam 9 langsung pada cabut. Euuh, tuh kamar hotel ngga banget >_< Debunya gila-gilaan, kamar mandinya walopun gede tapi geli2 gitu makenya, aaargh, untunglah gue keingetan akan seorang teman lama =P yang kost-nya bisa ditumpangin tidur besok paginya.
Begonya (again), karena status teman lama itulah, gue malah ngga tidur =D Kita berdua malah ngobrol panjang and akhirnya dia nunjukin tempat makan murah meriah di Bandung. Yay! Suka de saya ma ni orang, anaknya tau tempat2 kuliner asik di Bandung, hohoho.
Awalnya pengen makan di Kafe Halaman, tapi rada-rada bokek gara2 hotel biadab tu, jadinya makan siangnya di Kedai Mie Dago deeeh, cuman modal 10rebu dah macem di Mie Berkat Margonda. Trus dilanjutkan dengan makan sop buah (yang walopun di Jakarta ada tapi gue ngga pernah nyoba, aneh sih ya namanya).
Hmm, sebenernya masi pengen nyoba es duren 10rebuan tapi ngga kesampaian. Belum lagi Bandung Milk Center, Sate Maranggi, dll.
Sigh, but it's okay, cukup oke juga tinggal di Bandung beberapa hari (ampe bolos kerja segala), udaranya masih sejuuuk, Depok ngga ada apa2nya. Hahahaha, begitu balik langsung heboh gara2 kepanasan =D Mana rumah temen gue tu di daerah bukit-bukit ala vila gtuh, nice house, girl!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Review Time

Well, at my office there's a wellknown term for those auditor who claimed that they already
finished the report and the assignment. That term called THE REVIEW. Biasanya review ini
berjalan biasa-biasa aja cuman kadang-kadang ngebetein kalo yang nge-review elu kebetulan rada-rada galak dan bawel. Hehehehe.
Anyway, that has nothing to do with what I'm gonna post today =D
Kemaren gue baru nonton Iron Man (after couple days previously I watched Forbidden Kingdom), and unexpectedly I love the movie. Hahahaha, that is one clumsy yet adoring superhero, not to mention bloody rich and wealthy -___-! Even Batman lose his charm. Deskripsi karakternya so funny, with all AI machines 'talking' to him and the sweet Pepper Potts, and crazy special effect with the Iron Man suit. Waw, so many things I like from this movie, but the credit gotta go to the ending and the opening.
I really enjoy those movies who left memories within your brain after you left the studio. And
yes, the ending provided me with some eagerness for wanting to see the sequel. Unlike the quite lousy movie entitled The Forbidden Kingdom. Waaaw, first of all, gue ngga expect tu movie ada bulenya T__T I'm not a real fan with chinese-ly western movie or vice versa. Bad dialogue, bad English pronounciation (why can't they all speak Chinese instead?), bad major plot, and boring martial art. I dunno, everything looked so freakin fake, even the white-hair-witch yang suppose to dilahirkan dari serigala ut turned out to be very very girlie girl.
I'm so not against Chinese movie. In fact, I really like Hero (yang dimaenin ama Jet Li juga),
Kungfu Hustle, Kungfu Dunk, dll. Sinting tu pelem (baca: Hero), gue cinta banget ama visualization and color theme yang mereka pake. Kasian kan The Forbidden Kingdom dah make 2 bintang besar malah alur ceritanya cupu gituh.
Speaking of which, gue juga baru nonton The Warlords (yang ada Jet Li, Andy Lau dan Takeshi Kaneshiro). Damn, it was one of my favourite epic movies. Plotnya bagus, endingnya bagus, akting pemaen2nya bagus, dan nuansa megah movienya berasa. Cerita tentang tiga sahabat yang jatuh bangun memenangkan pertempuran demi pertempuran, awalnya demi segenggam beras dan secuil keping perak, but at the end it's about their ego, idealism, and blood oath.
Huhuhu, nontonnya ampe nangis =( Keren banget loh ceritanya.
Aside from eastern movie, let's move on with pelem Barat. Kemaren baru nonton Sweeney Todd. Doh, ni film genrenya dah lama ngga beredar di permukaan. Musical gory movie. So many blood been drawn, hehehehe, nontonnya bikin merinding, bukan gara2 gory-nya, tapi lebih ke arah alur ceritanya. Love it, thanks to Cecep yang ngerekomendasikan =D Gue suka ma suasana pelemnya, dark-dark kaya Pan's Labyrinth ato From Hell, tapi sekalinya ada suasana terang dikit, eh nuansa The Corpse Bride nongol. Konon gara-gara tu sutradara (Tim Burton) demen ngasi signature-nya dia (black 'n white stripe).
Anyway, bagi yang belum tau, Sweeney Todd (the demon barber of Fleet Street) ini mengisahkan balas dendamnya seorang tukang cukur yang istrinya diambil paksa ama seorang juri. Udah gitu doang sebenernya, tapi banyak aspek2 horor laen yang kudu ditonton. Waaw, ada Broadwaynya lucu juga kali ya.

Okay, I'm obsessed with Grey's Anatomy not only for their stories and characters and cutey quotes, but also for their soundtracks. My music taste agrees with almost anything they played in that series. Saking cintanya gue suka bela-belain puter ulang just to hear sepenggal lirik and then google it and dapetlah artist n the title, lalu DONLOD =D
There goes the history of my weird taste of music. Tee-hee.
Recently gue lagi demen Brandi Carlile - Turpentine and The Mary Onettes - Explosions. Ok, gue denger yang Brandi Carlile pas nonton Private Practice, and The Mary Onettes song reminds me of those dissapointment feeling I had when Burke came down the aisle to (I presumed) pick up Christina Yang. And it turned out to be... NOT! Grrr...
Oh iye, kebetulan dah beberapa bulan ini gue suka dengerin Putuss-nya Prambors tiap kali jalan ke kantor, jadi suka filtering some item juga. Lucu kalo gue dengerin lagu yang dah gue punya duluan n then denger di tu radio. Kaya jaman2nya lagu Mika nongol, and pas jaman2nya Kate Havnevik. That's when I decided pilihannya Prambors ngga jauh-jauh dari selera sayah. Huhuhu, lagu-lagu Nu Buzz juga kadang-kadang bagus. Gila how seniman indie Indonesia yang masih jauh dari label rekaman amazed me sumtimes. Cinta berat ma lagunya Sindentosca - Kepompong dan Adhitya Sofyan - Memilihmu. Ada juga yang jazzy abis cuman waktu itu ngga ngeh judul dan artisnya sopo.
Hmm, beberapa minggu ini rajin ngebantai couple of fantasy books, named Twilight, Magyk, and Artemis Fowl. Huhuhuhu, lagi keranjingan baca buku santai, though still there's none yang bisa menyaingi intricate-nya Harry Potter. Memang buku hebat yang satu itu.
Anyway, Twilight ended up not as good as I expected, still interesting karena the nocturne creature is sweet, but I'm not fond of the fight and all those chasing and hunting with other vampire. Biasa sajah. Ngga ada yang mati. Ngga asik.
About Magyk, sekarang dah ngabisin setengah buku, ugh bad translation. Unlike translationnya Harry Potter yang menurut gue masih kocak, terjemahannya Magyk itu suka aneh. Most of them I tried to figure it out on my own. Aneh-aneh lah, ada mantra Menyebabkan, Mantra Menjadikan, Mantra Pembalikan, Mantra Membuyarkan, Mantra Menata Ulang, dan mantra-mantra weird aneh lainnya. Mungkin ngga seaneh itu kalo dia stay with the original term. Dry Clean Spell, Reverse Spell, apa kek.
Then about Artemis Fowl, hmm reminded me A LOT about Bartimaeus Trilogy. Sama-sama dimulai dari usia 11-12 tahun (what's with all that???) dan sama-sama berambisius buat jadi kaya. Well, belum selesai baca sih,but I think this one is quite interesting.
As much as I wanted to brag about my culinary experience, tapi sejak travelling ke Sate Dombrut bareng Boby dkk waktu dulu itu, I only had time to visit one more place to eat. Nasi Uduk Kebon Kacang. Bermula dari temen kantor gue yang mengaku pernah baca reviewnya di Kompas terbitan entah kapan yang katanya orang kantoran pada berbondong-bondong ke tempat tersebut saking enaknya, akhirnya pergilah gue dan anak-anak kantor menyambangi tu daerah Kebon Kacang.
Ternyata Kebon Kacang itu punya 30 anak jalan -____- Dari Kebon Kacang 1 sampai Kebon Kacang 30. Hahahaha, akhirnya kita ended up ke tempat yang temen gue pernah makan, entah apa namanya.
Pretty lumayan, di situ nasi uduknya dibungkus kecil-kecil, jadi gue makan tiga =D Satu
bungkusnya Rp 1500, trus lauk2nya yah standarlah harganya. Ayam kampung Rp 8000, empal Rp 8000, tahu/tempe Rp 1000, dll. Ada bumbu kacangnya yang temen gue bilang enak, tapi menurut gue sambal terasinya lebih enak. Ngga pedes-pedes amat, ehehehe.