Part 1: She Knows He Knows

He touched her finger that was still pointed at his chest, "Still manage to scare the day out of me, I see." She smiled. Too sweetly. "Are you trying to get us killed? Not a good day to die, you say?".

How To Cross Road In Margonda

Somebody should publish this kind of booklet long before I even got enrolled in University of Indonesia. Duh! 1. If there's eventually a traffic light for passerby, please DO pay attention. It's not there for decoration purpose (only).

Dream High

Once upon a time, in one particular high school, lived one particular girl student. Let's call her Suzy. Not only that she got the looks, she also had the wealth and singing talent and lots of antis. All things other girls could only imagine.

Story From Far Java

On my last visit to Jogja (seriously this city has something captivating), I happened to visit Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat and Kraton Surakarta in one-day-trip to Solo.

Letting Go

The big question of letting go bugged my mind around these last couple of months. Some things.. are they worth to keep, or should I let them go. Think I'm pretty good of letting things go, but when inputs and comments started to coming in, I'd have to reconsider my decision.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Top Ten Interesting Artist according to indigowine

Hey hey, for the sake of giving myself a great time this weekend, I gathered the most interesting artist of all season in American Idol, my version. Hahahahaha. Ok, lame, I know, but I can't help it. That's what you got after you watching the show for like 6 episodes in a row. So here they are, in no sequence whatsoever.

*thinking hard*

Okay here we go.

Adam Lambert
This guy is the best performer ever in the history of American Idol, my version. Every single song he sang is always crazy, with his extremely high notes and gothic-rocker style. I adore every single piece he sang in season 8 and I was pretty sure he would be the winner out of that season. Too bad (or maybe not?) that he ended up as the runner-up, but that's OK for me cause he only lose to Kris Allen, another favorite of mine. The best song from him that I like is Mad World.

Chris Daughtry
Well, I have not heard of this guy, at least not until top 5 in American Idol. And now, after being the fastest rock album record in history, I have his album, his singles and I diggg his voice. Always swoon by that type of voice, that's me. Best song from him is What About Now. I can listen to that song over and over again. Hmm... sexy.

Kris Allen
Ah, the goodie-two-shoes boy-next-door. Always torn between him and Adam Lambert while watching Season 8 last year. Damn hard, they're both good in a different kind of music. But I have to say I loved this boy much more. Well, part of it was because of his look and his trademark lips-twitching (is that what this is all about? His cute mouth? =P) I secretly hope he could make it to TOP 2 at least.. and I'm amazed of my own psychic power. He made it, and not only that he came out as the winner. Err, even though I'm not completely agree with the result based solely on his performance on the finale, but with the rest of the episodes? He nailed it. Best one I like is Ain't No Sunshine. Boo for Aaron Kelly to pick that song. Hah!

Didi Benami
Too bad this sweet girl walked out in TOP 10 (she didn't deserve it, people! Just kicked out that Aaron Kelly guy! Honestly!), but she won me over by her voice. Aaargh, if only she got a great producer and major label to back her up. She impressed me that much I can still remember her audition (or rather, solo exhibition) where she sang Kara DioGuardi - Terrified song only with her guitar. That's gorgeous! Nice type of voice. She reminded me much of Colbie Caillat or Taylor Swift. Too bad she seemed to always pick the wrong song. Anyway, here's the piece I mentioned.

Danny Gokey
I have nothing to say about his singing ability (and the fact that he chose country after graduated from American Idol), but I do have something to say about his glasses. Hahahaha, jeez, this guy struck me as a plain straight guy with the tendency to be a bit flamboyant with his constantly-changing-matching-glasses. When he wore white, he wore white all over even with his glasses. And again with red, blue, black, green... HELLO? Did the stylist do that on purpose? Well-done! Best one I like from him is Endless Love.

David Cook
Hmm, what can I say, after Daughtry, comes The Cook. His ability of covering other artist' song came in mind when I see Adam Lambert. Artist who can do well in covering version and made it their own original is always something. I especially loved his Gerard Butler's Music of The Night. Sexy voice, might as well making a soundtrack out of his own. Between him and Archie, bleeh.. most definitely David Cook. So, yay for American audience to vote for this guy =D Made me want to laugh when I know that Archie chose Think Of Me and Cook chose Music of The Night during Phantom of the Opera week. Hahaha, very much resemblance, eh? Archie represent the female and Cook is all about the male =P

Jordin Sparks
I have to admit I held no interest whatsoever about her during the American Idol season. To me she's just another seventeen-year-old-but-look-so-much-older type of girl. But my oh my she made a great album afterward. All of her current song is seriously easy-listening and with that commercial voice, I think she could hit the roof. The best piece I love from Jordin is No Air. The melody, the lyric, the music.. nice!

Elliot Yamin
Never aware of his existence until one of my colleague bugging me all over about his album. So yeah, I admitted I didn't look into that Season 6 (or is it 5?) that much, so I'm pretty reckless of recognizing who the heck Elliot Yamin is. Buuut, since his name is similar to my favorite dishes, I took a risk of getting my hands on his album, Fight For Love. And I swept away by Someday.

Lee Dewyze
My only hope for Season 9 is this guy (note that I wrote this, the American Idol season 9 is only at TOP 7). Interestingly funny cause he's such a pessimist, oh so cute. He always thought that he's going to go home in each and every episodes. Tsk tsk, careful for what you wish for, Mister. His tone of voice is the best thing about Lee, and yeah well.. I think you know my preferences, Cook, Daughtry, now Dewyze. His song I like the best (by far) is Beast of Burden.

Blake Lewis
The first beat-boxer slash singer that picked my interest up. I always think he made a bad move of re-perform You Give Love A Bad Name in the finale. Everybody knows that American Idol is all about surprises, so yeah, bad move! The best song I like the best from Blake Lewis is I Got U, one of his song in his Audio Day Dream album.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Move on with the current interest of mine. P.A.S.T.A.

Oh how I love the main actor in this KDrama ever since he played the distant cousin in Coffee Prince back in 2007. At one scene in Coffee Prince, he was singing to the main actress at Coffee Prince (Yoon Eunhye) and I instantly felt head over heels with this man. Huhuhuhuhu, the best thing about him is his smile, his annoyingly wicked yet genuine smile. Aaaw, he doesn’t even fall into pretty boy category yet I infatuated strongly with Lee Seon kyun.

I was /that/ crazy about this guy, I actually broken-hearted when he got married. But on top of that, I still adore his pre-wedding photos. Aaaargh, he’s so sweet…

Hmmpff, okay. Enough with that fan-girl moment, on with the review.

Pasta will strongly reminded you of Hell’s Kitchen, a gruesome (and loud) chef with his mean demeanor and bunch of sous-chef, line cook, commie, etc and pretty much food. Err, more like nouvelle cuisine with its tiny proportion and expensive price. This series will also reminded you of most JDorama since the main topic is “strive for the best” and not mainly love and romance movie.

It has romance in it, ‘fcourse, but not overly made and not cheesy. In fact, the love scene was so rare I gasped for some air in episode 9 and the rest since suddenly the scene turned into some freaking cute ones. And they only hold hands, people, not some wild make out episode. That’s just sweet. Ahahaha, I love it when I like a movie more and more within each episode, and not vice versa. I can spare the plain expression on my face during one or two episode but if they can spike my interest in later scene, hell yeah I’ll vote it be a movie recommendation.

It’s like when I watched You’re Beautiful all over again. Not interested in the first 3 episodes until suddenly the characters mimicking Sorry Sorry dance by Super Junior.

Okay, maybe not exactly the same since I shared huge interest upon the main actor in Pasta in the first place (like mentioned above).

The plot is about a girl wanting to become a great chef in the restaurant she works for, La Sfera. She spent three years working as kitchen assistant, working her ass off. But by the time she finally will hold a pan, the chef in that restaurant got replaced by new infamous chef who is back from Italy. This new chef apparently dislike any female in his kitchen, so in his own way, he managed to fire them all, including our heroine.

It’s actually funny, she always managed to successfully return to La Sfera but at the same time, she always managed to be fired all over again. Hahaha, so damn stubborn, but I can relate with her. Dude, you spent three years working like a slave and now you got fired only because of your gender? Hah! Over my dead body.

Hence, basically in the first three episodes, she has been fired four times. Hahahaha, so crazy!

Anyway, the plot is getting interesting since in order to replace female chef in the kitchen, the new chef brought back with him three replacement, male chef, from Italy. And yes, it’s not a problem with me as long as the this new dudes are easy in the eye. And yes, you bet your ass they are.

Hohoho, so there goes my main point of watching this drama. In City Hall, I mentioned there were three good looking guys playing some interesting character, but in Pasta, ladies and gentlemen, there are nine, I repeat, NINE eye candies altogether in that one drama. The chef, the regular guest of the restaurant (it's Alex from Clazziquai, OMG! OMG!), the butler, the sous-chef, the three musketeer from Italy, the goldfish's brother and one Korean chef responsible for doing salad dishes.

Ah, heaven!

This, however, made me remember something. Alex from Clazziquai, hah, too long no see.. This is the guy who actually swayed me with his voice, ever since he sang soundtracks from Seducing Mr. Perfect, 200 Pounds of Beauty, My Name is Kim Samsoon, etc. Imagine how surprised I was knowing that he's in this movie. Man, thus, there are at least two good voices in Pasta (Alex and Lee Seon kyun), hail no regret!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I think I should have known that I always fond of cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards, anniversary cards, bereavement cards, get-well-soon cards, baby cards, encouragement cards, thank you cards, any cards.

I like them since I was such a little girl, maybe 7 or 8 just then, moment where I changed my school and moved away to a foreign place where I knew no one and the only friend I got was just the one in my class. So they gave me cards, and I gave them mine, promised each other that we will write as often as possible, let the others know what's going on in one's life.

So I began to collect cards, and letters, and like any other young girls at that time, I started to /hunt/ pretty envelopes and letter kits. I adored those little stickers that you could put in your letter to emphasize your words, and I loved to beautify every package I sent to my friends.

I think that was when I realized my interest in art. Hahaha, at such a young age. Unfortunately, most of the collection since childhood has long gone, those naïve letters and pretty cards, but that's okay, I guess. My feeling about it /is/ the important one.

Anyway, cards nowadays were not that popular anymore. Kind of sad actually, since it holds sincere and authentic signature that we senders gave to them receivers. I missed those times when at Christmas people exchanging cards, or when someone having their birthday then cards flowing in to their mailbox. Now, it still is, only done electronically. Instead of physical cards, you received email, e-cards, short message in your phone, a shout in your blog, wall post in your Facebook, tweets in your twitter, video message in myspace account, or simply a greeting and a handshake from people standing next to you. I think those things were easily dismissed, you would forget the handshake right away, and your inbox will be full at some time then you need to clean it. But with cards, no, I collected them, hoping one day I will have children that share the similar interest with mine and then I could tell them stories, just by holding a card.

I always said birthday cards is even more important than the birthday gifts. ‘fcourse it would be weird to give someone a birthday card without a gift (and by definition, a gift is anything but cards), and ‘fcourse it’s always nice to receive a gift, but personally I constantly looked for the cards. Strange behavior for some people, but not me. I keep them in my treasure box and I still love to open it and read some of the old ones. Reading them every so often brought this smile upon my lips, knowing that at least on that day, I shared something with those people. A card.

There was even a time when I actually insisted having my friend to give me physical Christmas card last year and she ended up giving me a Chinese New Year’s card instead. Seriously, at Christmas day, with a note saying, “I know you don’t understand the letters, so this should work.”

Anyway, this week something strange occurred in my life. And it has everything to do with cards and letters. I remembered some of my childhood friends (and well, let’s face it, childhood crush, even though I only remembered their nickname) and wondered that at least one of them must have had a Facebook account. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Facebook now works as an updated people database. Maybe in some countries, if a police want to trace a bad guy, they just look for their Facebook accounts =_=

So I ended up trying to search names in the searching box, blamed my short memory since I forget their full name sometimes but yeah I stumbled upon a few.

One of them is the oldest pen-friend of mine. Ha-ha, seriously, that girl is my friend from back then when I was still in Jakarta, at third grade of elementary school, who at my last day gave me her address and promised to write each other. I even have no recollection whatsoever regarding what sort of friendship we had when we were still in school, I just remembered the time when we exchanged those cards and letters. Those scrap papers and tiny stickers. Those cute little profile letter (favorite food, favorite color, favorite drinks, ahahahahaha, so vintageeee). And I remembered the feeling I had at that moment.

But eventually, people grew up. Three years later I lost contact of her since she also moved from Jakarta to Jogja, and sooner or later I started to forget.

Till yesterday, when I saw her name and still not sure whether that was really her. I asked, hoping that I reach the right person and ‘fcourse secretly wishing that she would still remember me. And yes she does. That was sooooo bizarre. We know nothing but the letters (which had already gone anyway) but we remembered every single feeling we had during that period.

The girl is going to have her wedding in July, and she told me that she actually put my name on the invitation list with blank address, even before that rendezvous in Facebook, believe it or not. She has this kind of feeling that somehow after nearly 20 years we would meet again, and she is right. That’s just eerie, and sweet, but eerie.

Then today, I visited one of UNICEF’s gift shop, and I saw these lovely cards, which reminded my of my past hobby. The price is extensively pricey (i.e. 150.000 IDR for 10 blank cards) but I think it’s okay since they were for the greater good. I intended to buy them someday (when this economic depression of mine ends maybe) and gave to the people I love.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The word seemed proper to best describe my feeling right now because I’m officially having my own passport, YAY! After weeks of tears and struggling, blood and persistence, endurance and effort *okay, I’m exaggerating, you should’ve known that*, that blasted small insignificant nothing-too-extraordinaire green book finally arrived at my hand. And it only cost me 275.000 IDR plus transportation cost.

Making your own passport by yourself only took a moment of clarity that this /cannot/ be done unless there’s a marvelous collaboration between you yourself and the office you work for. That means, you have to take an annual leave (or sick leave, anything that suit your ethics) just to ensure that you can join hundreds of other innocent soul waiting in that damn queue. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the price of not using any helpful-yet-expensive assistant (read: CALO) is the honor of sitting (or standing, whichever preferable) in that hot and damp and there-is-TV-but-no-sound-came-out-of-it room. The immigration office.


Personally speaking, I went there four times. First time I arrived at 7.30 am in the morning and the office is not even opened yet, but my oh my, there’s bunch of people queuing already, God bless their soul. Shocked, I asked bravely to one of the seemed-nice lady that was holding a yellow map, inquired where one could get the exact map and form. She pointed out the way and I bought the map for 5000 IDR *nice trick, the form is free but the map surely not*

Then, I started to fill the form intensely as I totally forgot (or, well let’s face it, have no idea) about my ma’s and pa’s date of birth. Oh My Goat! Now there’s some critical information that you guys should definitely remember next time you fill in some immigration form. Hence, I stepped back and passed that question. From there, it got even more difficult. The date that my ID got released? Oh no, where should I look for it? That ID card has just been renewed and obviously the expiry date is my next birthday in 2015, but that only meant the release date was supposed to be my birthday this year. Things got complicated (at least in my head =_=) since my birthday is still in another 4 months. Hence, the date will not be valid. What should I do??? What should I do???

Sensing my anxiety, one of the officer came to my rescue, thank God. I said coyly that there’s no such thing as 'Release Date' in my ID card. He stared at me like I was sum kind of ET came from out of nowhere, and simply took out his own ID. So there we were, staring at each other's ID card like some moron, and then he said, “Nih, punya saya ada." I was so embarrassed, huhuhuhuhu, so I showed my dignity by insisting that there is no such thing in my card. In the end, he simply gave up and said, "You made it up yourself lah." Ha! But then he asked something so freakin important that it felt like a cold water being thrown at my face, “Mbak, udah ambil nomor antrian?”


So I spent like half an hour to complete that blasted form without even thinking that the queue line could actually getting longer. I rushed up to the ticket counter and yes, I got the number 414. Numb-minded, I walked to a chair and right at that moment, the immigration office was officially opened and they yelled “Three-Zero-Zero”. Hmm, at least the starting point was not ONE, for God’s sake. So I waited there patiently, and the next half hour, the line was progressing tremendously to number Three-Zero-Three… SERIOUSLY???? I packed my bag and called a cab to head to my office.

That’s how I ended up going there 4 times. I was sooo not going to wait there while there’s bunch of work-to-do waiting for me in my desk, and yes, I blamed my naïve innocent mind that thought the whole immigration thing won’t take more than two hours if I arrived early. And I was not well-prepared anyway since I still had to wait my mom’s reply, telling me the date of her birth. Chaotic!

The next working day, I got lucky. The ticket number in my hand showed 303 (progress!) and the line was already at 219. Impressive, considering that I arrived a lot later than the first day. 8.30 am. Ha-ha! In the end, I only got to wait exactly three hours till I gave them my papers.

During waiting, I noticed some of the high-end-mum trying to process her family’s passport, some of the they-tawt-they’re-celebrity waiting impatiently in front of each teller (like it would help), and ‘fcourse.. the helpful-assistants were everywhere.

The queue during photo-shoot was even more interesting. Hahahaha, since I glimpsed upon some cutey highschool boys, or college student, or even anak2 bule cowo.. hohohoho, menyenangkan!

To sum up, the thing you need to prepare (based on my own experience AND the announcement while I was waiting in queue):
- Bring copy of your ID Card (KTP), latest certificate from the university (Ijazah Kuliah), certificate of birth (Akte Lahir), certificate of your household (err, KK) and the recommendation letter from your company directed to the complete name of Immigration Office you’re applying to (i.e. Kantor Imigrasi Jakarta Barat, etc), along with the original version. No original paper no deal;
- Ensure that your ID Card and Kartu Keluarga is not expired (seriously, they announced it loudly!);
- Ensure that your ID Card and Kartu Keluarga belong to the same area;
- Ensure that you put your name in the form (=______=);
- In the photo-shoot session, ensure that you bring the money;
- Bring some books to read, MP3 player to listen to (but not too loud since you might missed your number and then you gotta start it again); and
- Arrive before 11 am since the queue ticket will automatically shut-down at that time.

That’s it and good luck.