Part 1: She Knows He Knows

He touched her finger that was still pointed at his chest, "Still manage to scare the day out of me, I see." She smiled. Too sweetly. "Are you trying to get us killed? Not a good day to die, you say?".

How To Cross Road In Margonda

Somebody should publish this kind of booklet long before I even got enrolled in University of Indonesia. Duh! 1. If there's eventually a traffic light for passerby, please DO pay attention. It's not there for decoration purpose (only).

Dream High

Once upon a time, in one particular high school, lived one particular girl student. Let's call her Suzy. Not only that she got the looks, she also had the wealth and singing talent and lots of antis. All things other girls could only imagine.

Story From Far Java

On my last visit to Jogja (seriously this city has something captivating), I happened to visit Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat and Kraton Surakarta in one-day-trip to Solo.

Letting Go

The big question of letting go bugged my mind around these last couple of months. Some things.. are they worth to keep, or should I let them go. Think I'm pretty good of letting things go, but when inputs and comments started to coming in, I'd have to reconsider my decision.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Letting go

The big question of letting go bugged my mind around these last couple of months. Some things.. are they worth to keep, or should I let them go. Think I'm pretty good of letting things go, but when inputs and comments started to coming in, I'd have to reconsider my decision.. hence the state of dilemma I've been dwelling in.

Uhm, so.. not so much on progress.. but last week someone told me something, things that I would usually shrug off my shoulder, things like, "Well, you should try praying, perhaps miracle would happen.." Aww, very nice of you to say, and to think that we hardly know each other..

So yay.. big decision.. big decision.. to just f*ckin do it or to put it on hold. I'm big at making decision, which of course that's just one pretty fat lie.

To tell or not to tell, that's also one big decision to come up with. It's not that I won't tell, but more like when will be the right time to deliver the lovely message. Now or the upcoming month, now or not at all?

Ow man, can't I just go through with it without telling anybody? Lovely berondong, now I know how you feel, even though the scale of our decision is as wide as the Red Sea (which apparently not that wide if Moses could part it in two).

And yes, the state of my life is so-so to the low point. Extra point gathered when I see or do something interesting like seeing the musical or something. So yeah, not much interesting news on that part.

Ah, it's almost New Year so we better make some plans..

  1. Visiting the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Have no idea why so many people are against this idea (or to present alternative one that doesn't appeal to me that much). Is it me or the crowd I'm hanging out with?
  2. Watching Cirque du Soleil anywhere in this world. Shallow, isn't it? Hehe, I dunno why but I'm so damn thrilled every time I think of it. And guess what, Korea held on of its performances. One stone, two birds, anyone? click here for more info
  3. Shrugged off any dull comments to any of my trip plan, things like, "Iya deh lo kan tajir..", "Susah deh yang gaya hidupnya beda..", "Gue sih ngga bakalan ikutan lifestyle lo.." (O_o) Which are weird comments, haven't they seen where I live? That 3x4 meter size of a dung hole?
  4. Keeping on not planning the future to the smallest detail, cause it always prove that however you plan you life, things can go way further than your original one, since.. you know.. you're not God or something..
  5. Being grateful on whatever things I'm receiving, simple things like thank yous, smiles and dinner invitations (hahaha! such a code..)
  6. Staying true to myself. Okay, this one sounds bull, but I like it. So what if I like to change my wigs *lho* and if I like to paint my nails with black, drooling over cute ring (but unfortunately not my size) in shape of a blinky spider crawling upon your fingers, not caring whether I lose one or two of my clothes in the laundry, pile up my collection of (unwear) shoes.. that's me, so why bother?
  7. Having my own furniture shop, just because I want it.
  8. Being dorky girl is fun, so why the pretentious that I'm graceful and lady-like? I'm not, even my doctor think I'm still 17 and need parent's consent on doing things (O_o) So yes, just accept the fact that I tend to be childish and not growing up.. like ever.
  9. Swearing as much as I like. Making dirty comments without care. And wearing my beanie everywhere even tho people will stare.

By the way, I love one of those tweets I read yesterday, something like..
People who hated Monday should start thinking of resigning, because Monday is just fine.

Well said, lady. Well said.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Story from far Java

On my last visit to Jogja (seriously this city has something captivating), I happened to visit Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat aaaand Kraton Surakarta in one-day-trip to Solo.

Both Kraton is interesting, but Jogja's has something more delicate about it. I dunno, maybe it's just me. Or maybe because by the time I visited Jogja, the city was kind of in hype for the royal wedding, hence the increasing number of activities inside Kraton.

The tour guide when I visited Kraton Surakarta was paying more attention to 'soul-searching-inspiration-seeker-meditation' bunch of guys so he neglected my seemingly college kids group. I know, we're less interesting. So at every stop, they sat down and meditated. Seriously. No kidding. Geez.

At first, it was interesting, but soon after that I found it so freakin boring waiting for 'em so we browsed the Kraton by ourselves, that's why we missed most of the story-telling from the guide. And maybe that's why I think the Kraton Surakarta is so-so.

On the other hand, in Jogja, when we asked for a tour guide, we're given a typical old lady with Jawa's culture. She's about 60 yrs old and she explained everything in a clear manner. We asked a lot of ridiculous question ("Can Sultan's children marry someone who is not Javanese?", "Can someone convert to muslim THEN marry Sultan's children?", "Who will be the next successor of HB X since he got only 5 daughters?", etc etc) and she answered it wisely. Too wise I almost wish I was Jogja javanese. Almost.

One part of her story that moved me a lot was about HB IX. She explained the guy's story proudly and it's so sweet. I almost hope our president was HB IX. He's smart, humble, honorable and loved his people. One thing about this whole Javanese tradition is that every gesture, every piece of clothes, every word has its meaning. She explained to me the meaning of Sultan's pose in every formal picture ever, the one with both your thumbs and pinkies was put together facing up and down. It means that Sultan fears his God and listen to his people. His famous motto was "Tahta untuk Rakyat" - Throne for the people.

Somehow, methink in general Sultan has this hesitancy to be involved with politic. What's with resigning from his position in National Democrat party in July 2011 and stuff. No question there, I mean as a city Jogja was a unique one, unified together as Jogja citizen, they can stand alone, they have calmer perspective about power and they act like a big family. Why bother messing your mind with Indonesia's dirty politic?

The tour guides in Kraton Jogjakarta were amazing, they possessed LOTS of languages or English at the minimum. So many foreigners in that place and I seldom hear English as the conducting language. They conversed in Dutch, Deutsch, Japan, Malay, Italian, oh-em-gee! I asked this once to my tour guide and she said there are only 3 languages that have not been covered in Kraton, which are Mandarin, Korean and Russian. So people, wish to have a simple life as cultural agent? Apply to Kraton, please.

In the end, she added something that really put me in utter embarrassment =__= "In my age, I cannot afford another language, but I keep telling my children, my grandchildren, if you're still breathing, keep studying."

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Girl K (Assasin Girl K)

Gory-galore time!

Yay, I remembered I was super excited when this one came out. A short drama (it's only 3 episodes) about a girl taking revenge from her mother's killing. I have low expectation, as always, so I flipped like a dying fish when I saw the first episode. Flippin' in a good way.

It's a bit Kill-Bill-ish and City Hunter-ish (in terms of the revenge theme) but the way they produced it made you feel like you're watching a big screen movie. Very professional and well-made, this one.

It's about a high school girl (didn't I say so?) who is trained to kill, hence the title. But she kills with purpose. And I like that. She juggles her killing persona with her high school nerdy girl persona. Cute! Plus, I despise any Gothic Murderer who's like to quote on Bible just to make way of his action. Like when he was stabbed, he then quoted, "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me." Muke lo jauh!

There was slashing, stabbing, head cutting, nudity, BLOOD... oh my, I'm in heaven.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Let me just say

... that there are things that were not supposed to be said or done, but yet there are lots of things that were not supposed to be regretted.

I always tried not to left my wish list things unattended, err.. I mean.. not accomplished. But these days, I kept forgetting my long-lost-wishes and thrown back to doing mundane things every day every week every friggin year.

So here I am, trying to fulfill one of the biggest wish of my life, becoming a writer.

...Eh, ternyata susah ya, bok! Ya menurut lo?

Hahaha, okay I'm not a strong-willed person apparently, but the idea kept bugging me over the years. And by the way I do know there are even people that are far more talented that I am, even within my friendship circles. But that's okay, I learned a lot from 'em. And by learning I mean copying their styles x)

Speaking of which, this is actually why I wrote this post in the first place. I found glimpses of words in my Ipod, written a couple of months back, and I never.. NEVER seems to be able to finish it.


Everybody dies.. but not everyone lives..

That's what crossed her mind whilst looking at the gigantic statue of Lady Justice. In Rogue, time seems to slowly pass. At mid noon like this, people still walk at briskly pace, no hurry. She's been here for like what, three months? Surely by no means did she plan to stay. But here she is, still sipping the coffee while stealing glances at the major building in front of the plaza.

It's been more than two hours, yet still no sign for her sole reason being here. She sighed. This is obviously not going to be the leisure work-life balance she thought it would be. At least at first.

Not far away from her, within the building, a young man kept checking up his watch, tapping his fingers impatiently on receptionist desk.

'This guy should have shown his sorry ass like 15 minutes ago," he thought grimly, "but here I am, waiting like a fool for something I thought would be worth it."

Deciding not to bother any longer, he picked up his suitcase and started to walk. No hurry, like everybody else in Rogue. He, too, had been infected by the culture of the people here. Walk easy, eat easy, live easy.

'Die easy.' he silently cursed.

She looked up from her coffee and saw him got out from the building. With no apparent moves, she grabbed her phone and started to text, "Confirmed."

Standing up, she's watching him from the corner of her eyes. He seems not to notice but for safety measure, she decided to wore her large brimming hat. 'Don't need things to go south anyway.' she chuckled.

She followed him at steady pace, not wanting to let him out of sight but still weary of him noticing. He stopped at the red light, crossing the street full of people and taking a left turn. She followed. He stopped to buy some random newspapers, savoring the taste of mid-noon weather and leaning on the newspaper stand. Checking people out. She disappeared.

When he was about to continue his walk, a soft hand stopped him, pointing at his chest, "You are not supposed to be here." She tilted her head, eyes still covered by the brimming hat, lips smiling. "You are supposed to be dead, Morocco."

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Clothing piece

I think I never wear anything uncomfortable, ever. Let it be my beggar cropped jeans during campus time, or short pants that made me look like a kindergarten kid, or even my loose blazer that I wore nowadays to the office.

The thing is, every time I had a reunion or whatsoever, people took note of how I dress that day. So I guess I might be the queen of mismatch or something. Or maybe Korean freak as some would say, eventho I don't quite agree as Korean tends to dress formally-casual (if you know what I mean)

Yesterday was one of my proudest attire ever. Hahaha. I totally wore the gem-studded tank top and cropped-jeans wannabe (by flipping it inside out, kekekeke, so me likey) with rocker's chain and lovely Lee-Minho's pink (or is it salem as one would say) blazer and the tennis shoe. Kekekekeke. Okay, apparently I'm not good with clothing names.

The one that made me happy is that my boss doesn't comment anything after seeing my clothes. HAHAHAHA. Dude, at what part of the country does a KAP allow their employees to wear things like that? So giggly around the day. Especially after my idol-in-clothing, my berondong that is, keep wearing things like top-button white polo shirt and preppy pants and cute washcloth-shoes. HAHAHAHA. Okay, I blabber non-sense.But yesterday there was this funny moment when I got into an elevator ALONG WITH THE REST of the audit-tax team and I think I had to hide my nametag xD 'Cause one glimpse at the elevator and you'd think there are eight auditors and one magazine reporter inside. HAHAHAHAHA. So moron.

Mmm.. anyway, these days I have no motivation to go out and shop for clothes. (Except for that gem-studded tank top and rocker jeans, kekekekeke). Why? I blamed it on lousy collection of the malls right now. I often check out things online, ow the bliss of online shopping never cease to impress me, but I cannot afford the delivery cost T__T Like, craaaap holy de moly so pricey laaa. ~sebal..

Things I really fond of (at least now) are the jackets, the blazers, the coats, whatever you named them. The simplicity of the design is what struck me the most. And here is one of them, ih so simple but yet no store in Jakarta sell these things. ~Hadeuuh..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scent of a Woman

One thing that I appreciate the most from Dr. Champ drama last few months is the damn camera they use. Gave you the feeling of watching a movie instead. And now the team is BACK with another drama, including their PD and cameramen, so yayyyyyy!!

Scent of a Woman is about a woman (duh!) who is diagnosed with 6 more months to live. She was struck by that knowledge, hence the life-style-changing she'd done in this drama. The life style changing is not as shallow as straighten your hair and wear fabulous dresses (well that, too) but it's all about different perception of life.

Before, she was just like the rest of us, working hard and swallowing her pride just to kiss some asses of the bosses in order to keep her job intact. (ps: jadi inget pengalaman seseorang, "Level lo tu kerjanya ngga usah pake mikir! Kerjain aja!" xD) And yes, she got blamed for something she didn't do, and according to Korea's term, no matter how not-guilty you are, just bow your head to the elder and admit your wrong. Well, she ain't taking that crap anymore, apparently!

Which I love. Cause now she struggles to make the most of her life.

And then, there's this typical type of chaebol, a Korean term of wealthy kid from wealthy family, who's apparently got bored of his life. Seriously, all the time, his expression was this boring-almost-dumb look, like well-I-am-rich-so-what kind of look. Seriously annoying for me.

But.. things about to change when these two met.

And the tango lesson following afterwards. Just... /hot/


Aaaaa... aaaa... okay, I'll spoil.. The girl, having zero indulgence in her life, decided to do something that isn't her normally things-to-do. Such as tango class.

And hellow, that wealthy punk, also join this class for the sake of proving his growing-curiosity-of-this-new-girl is no more than.. a curiosity.

So off they go, starting awkwardly at tango steps, holding the shoulder, yada-yada-yada.. and some episodes later..

Uh-huh. Get a room, some might say.

The actress (Kim Sun Ah) is what attracted me at first, cause she did wonderful in City Hall and My Name is Kim Sam Soon, and I extremely love this girl and her depressed-acting.

But who knows, even though Lee Dong Wook is /so/ not my type (riiiight!) he made it clear that he can act without words.. ahahahahahaha.. but with his breath and his body instead.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Things I Hate The Most

1. Spoiler
2. Got bitten by mosquito at my feet palm
3. The phrase "We need to talk.." and "Whatever.."
4. Intrusive, annoying and highly egoistical cats
5. Goodbyes
6. Being used and/or being taken for granted
7. Unpacking

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Midnite Rambling

Hurrah for taking a sick leave for two days. Now I know how much it hurts when your body suffers from lack of water. Thank you very much -__-"

These last couple of days I was basically, well, stranded in bed, although not as romantic as it sounds. Can't sleep well, can't sit well, always had this tendency to throw everything up, and pretty much in dilemma. To eat or not to eat.

Funny thing is, I managed to distract my mind from my pain and suffering *halah* by doing my office work. Yeah, go figure! I stayed up late trying to finish the goddamn interest accrue calculation that REALLY REALLY starting to get on my nerves. I mean, I didn't realize I was actually /that/ stupid not to know how to calculate interest accrue. Dude, by the time I finished this assignment, I'm so not gonna work in a bank. Ew. Ew. Ew.

But then, I grew obsessed with this string of numbers, this matrix of formula, this magnificent data that is trying to tell me something. Kekekekeke. I suddenly enjoyed sitting in silent, just looking at those numbers and calmly tried to 'talk' to them. Okay, I am nerd when needed. Especially when it had become life and death matters.

Mmmm.. but then again, maybe the reason why I became so obsessed with this thing is because my client is finally appointed me someone who can explain things carefully to me, this freakin accrue idiot. This guy, whom I never met, whose existence is only sejauh kabel telfon *ihiy*, subconsciously motivated me to just finish this calculation. Hey, that's what I call soft skill. I never seen any of my client has this high level of enthusiasm *err* of calling and following /me/ up for progress.

I mean, hellowww.. I'm the auditor not you, dear Mister. Stop being so initiative.

Kekekekeke. But who am I kidding, I love it when someone's pinpointing me something that is honestly my fault, yet I can dodge easily by saying, "Sorryyy, just recovered from severe illness. Not my fault, blame my weak brain at that time.." And then he went, "Ha!"

Wait, was the heck was my point by writing this post? o_O

Oh yeaah.. lately cause I suffered from lack-of-client syndrome, I tend to be the self-introvert, just like the old time. Not having too much client to talk to, to communicate with, made me awkward with socializing term. I almost forgot how to say hellow on the phone with this sucking-up-ass-kissing tone. Kekekekekeke.

Second point.

The drama I've been watching while taking the sick leave is Myungwol The Spy, ultimately just because it has Eric, my long lost pet. I do believe I posted something about him somewhere in this blog, HAHAHAHA... *masa muda* and now he's back from military service, looking yummy.

The story were about some messed up plots which required a North Korean spy-girls to kidnap and marry a certain South Korean idol star and take him back to North Korean to be their asset. Yes, because the North deemed it dangerous for their nation to be engaged in this Hallyu wave syndrome. Better have it their own way, then.

The North Korean spy-girl was accompanied by another North Korean guy-officer who is cold and has no emotion whatsoever. Only The Motherland and Secret Mission were in his head. Oooh, love this character setup already, girls ;P Especially when this NK guy-officer is dear-lord-oh-so-cold-yet-so-hot, if you get what I mean.

Yay for some pictures spam. Kekekekekeke. Can't get enough of this hard-to-get guy-officer. And yeah, I'm so into men-in-uniforms. Hahahahahaha. I'm shallow that way.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

City Hunter

Hmm, I never tawt I would be pulled so hard by this drama. I mean, I ‘m not even a die-hard Lee Min Ho’s fans, not even after seeing him in Personal Taste. But whaddya know, the drama is slick and surprisingly refreshing. In terms of tone and directing, and the genre they picked, and the theme they chose.

City Hunter was supposed to be about a playboy and sly detective catching bad guys all over town. Well, that is what City Hunter is basically all about, but I didn’t expect it to be.. yeah, this cool.

City Hunter was basically run on the revenge premise thing. A boy seeking out to have a pay back with bad guys who killed his father. He was trained by a surrogate father, who was some sort of this creepy obsessed guy with dark personality and clever strategy. I love his dad SO MUCH, it hurts. Cause I /know/ he’s the bad guy, yet I love him. Aaawww… what should I do?

This drama reminded me a lot of Batman, his secret cover and his damn wealth. And the sidekick he got, namely Robin and the police inspector. Pretty much the same, only hotter and more Korean. Hahaha.

The other thing I love the most about this drama is that the girl do not need any rescue. Yay for girl power! She can kick ass, she’s fast learner, she’s witty and hellow she’s not shallow. Love her, especially when this girl was played by Park Min Young, whom last seen as Kim Young Shik of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, the drama I took by heart.

And the rival of City Hunter guy? The prosecutor? Just perfect. Not slow on any take, quickly grasp every situation, had his own father-and-son conflict, and super duper cute. Hahaha. Of course, the fact that this guy was played by Lee Joon Hyuk, the assistant of Jo Gook of City Hall, a character I quickly adore even if his screen time is minimum, was pretty much helps. And this guy is so damn smart it pains me. I mean, stop being so smart! Can't a hero take one or two breath while saving the city? Let him rest, dude. You, on the other hand, could very well pursue your abandoned love life. I mean, the vet? She's hot. Re-marry her!

The story itself, although sometimes cliche, I cannot help but hooked in each and every ending of the episode. They took the word cliffhanger into a different level. Hahaha. Okay, maybe not for first three episode, but the rest? Epic! Someone’s life is always in danger. There's always blood. And Lee Min Ho is always sick from poison, dangerous stuff, and love. Aww.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

trip.. tripped..

Aloha! Been damn too long before I get the chance to write again. I miss you my blog, cup!
Anyway, we have reached the half time of the year, more or less, and there's sad moment happy moment that I'd like to savor.
Along the way, I've been pretty much the labil girl I (so not) used to be. And today is one of those days when I can think clearly about myself and my life. Yes, dear fellow reader, I hail to the "I, Me, Mine" concept so brace yourself.

First, uhm.. I've been to many fun vacations taken with different circles of friends, and I enjoyed each and every one of 'em. Thousand island with the dorky college pals, Seoul with the ladies, and Bali with (basically the only) group I always hang out with at the office.

Didn't mean to compare but each one felt like not enuff. No, not enuff at all. Although there's none that made me cringe at the end of the journey (you know, the feeling of not wanting it to end and stuff?), but everytime I recalled each trip, I always regret the fact that I (for one) should've planned it more carefully.

There's this two kind of journey I've experienced. One is when you REALLY wanna go back there to the same place and explore another part of the place. The other being "Okay, so that was nice, thank you but no more, please."

Hahahaha.. Bali, if given the right time and financial saving, I may want to go back, but seriously, not a beach girl so I only got excited everytime we went to a souvenir places or culinary spots. By default, it's a one-time-experience-is-enough for me. Except for maybe the watersports =___= Want want want...

Thousand Island. Nyaah, not a beach girl AND cannot really swim so that one is also a one-time-experience-is-enough. Maybe if I was to go to another good spot of snorkeling AND not meeting with so-not-mind-your-own-business kind of tour guide, I may want to give it a try.

Seoul, on the other hand... me want to gooooooooo again!!! Cannot get enough of having to stay and experience and feel other country's culture for a limited time. I dunno, I loved to have a new set of life, different from what I have in Jakarta already, and breath literally new air in the morning.

I have the same excited feeling when I travelled to Bangkok last year. Even getting up in the new bed really had me shivered with excitement. Damn! The language barrier, no problemo, I'm so willing to learn one or two lines along the way, as long as it helps me to get what I want. Hehehe. The weather, hah! As if... The people, the places, the photo objects... love it love it love it..

Monday, April 25, 2011


Okay, the title is just some catchy phrase I caught from Gossip Girl episode. Epic, eh?
Recently I experience mid-life crisis, ha-ha, as in fut-the-wuck am I doin here? This is so boring and exhausting and no longer exciting as I thought it would be.. hence the all traveling plans I made.. for the sake of making some refreshment out of my life. Like a candy box.

But then, I face another dilemma. Here comes new engagement, considerably different from my old assignment, and it grab my interest right away. I work with different people, I work with self-motivating coach-wannabe, I work within alien culture (which is totally clashing with my day-to-day working habit) and yes I discover new excitement.

Alas, I grew this signature-of-stress-disease, pimples, oh-nooo.. that is one ultimate sign that I have been stressed out too much. So I self-reflected (again) and I got confused. Do I wanna do this or not? Please wucking made up your mind, girl!

Making small talks with friends always ended up with me thinking alone in my tiny-cubicle-piece-of-mind. Please emphasize on the word alone cause lately I don't feel like sharing too much. So yes, I'm a bit of those loner looney girl in the corner, silently watching and keeping up smiles appearance once in a while (if applicable).

So, I dun know where to start. The current trend is for people leaving their current job, looking for a better future, and always ended up in asking me, "Don't you wanna move on with your career?". And I would smile and say no. Or maybe just grin. Hahahahaha.. I don't wanna move on with my career cause I don't think I'm liking my current career path.

I have this small dream, which required TONS of initial commitment and money (duh!), and sometimes I looked back and wondered, why the heck didn't I go after my lunatic impulse when I was in high school?

Talking about impulse, I suffer from some kind of soul-deprivation for impulsion. Meaning that I crave (hard) for that impulsive action, impulsive buying, impulsive thinking, impulsive talking.. any kind of impulsive things. Ha-ha. But I cannot do it too often since people slash friends already mocking me a lot about that.

You know the feeling when you just imagine you would slapped someone so hard right at that moment.. or if my example was too extreme.. kiss that someone right away? Yeah, that kind of strong impulse. I don't really like to think too much, thus the short-term memory pandemic I've strongly inhabit in couple of these years.

I have not much of interest seeing people having a hard time to made up their mind -whether they want to buy this or that, whether they want to break up or continue the relationship, whether they want to stay or leave, whether they like it or not- it's just damn too tiring.

But still, I sometimes refrain myself from those impulsive action, hence the slo-mo attitude. So sad thinking that I gradually loosing friends because of that. Hmm.. should re-check my calendar once again and see if there's somebody canceling their friendship with me.

Anywaaaay.. this impulsive intuition really brought people close to me rolling their eyes out and sometimes saying things that really.. they shouldn't have said altogether.. Since when does it become their problem whether I choose to do this and not that, to buy this and not that, to say this and not that?

Yes, I'm much more sensitive nowadays compared to those years back then. Words can stung, I know. I used to choose to ignore it and have a laugh at it, but at times I get really tired and bark back. And I'm sad, cause some people then started to stay away cause (I think they think) I can't be that type of friend any longer.

Hmmm... what's all this gotta do with my mid-life crisis blog post theme?

Uhm.. uhm.. so yeah.. let's just list all my impulsive action nowadays, and we'll start working from there (red: quoting the infamous coach-wannabe work colleague of mine)
1. Buying without thinking. Yeah, no argue at this point.
2. Traveling without well-made plans. Suuurree..
3. Saying things without thinking, resulting in people reaalllyy considering everything before they make any move. No fun in that, honestly..
4. Meeting up with my brother and planning for a family-vacation. Yay!
5. and the list when blank

See.. no wonder I craved this impulsive action a lot more.. so why don't I start it with a change of career path? xP Yeah, no guts..

Friday, February 25, 2011

Side job

Last week I got a side project, which is to make an offering to someone's spiritual teacher. This offering basically sum up all the good deeds she did during the last couple of years. Kinda cool, huh?

One of the considerably good deed she did was this one particular orphanage which she maintained and cared for along with her friends. And I was one of those people that used to visit that orphanage. Those were incredible moments.

Making this side project reminded me again of that orphanage. The lil devils and annoying brat, cutie children and really-really adorable one. Aaah, I missed them. The location of that orphanage is amazingly far far away in la la land. So it's been a privilege visiting them with my office mates, actually. Which I don't get to do very often nowadays, given the distance.

Anywaaaay... those kids in the orphanage, they tend to consider strangers as someone they should reaaally not to pay attention to. Not to say that they're wrong, since people do come and go to the orphanage A LOT, sometimes to celebrate a birthday, sometimes to celebrate religious holidays, and sometimes to claim that they are indeed saint people doing saint deed.

But those visits usually only last for so long.

Then why bother care about people who look at you with pity and sympathy once in a while, rite? I feel you, kiddo. Hahahahaha.

The thing is, my office mates' visits are done continuously and on regular basis. So, at one point, they started to remember your name and your face. That felt so sweet, having those lil brats recognize your face. Hahahaha.

Looking back.. I actually enjoyed being around them, all of them.. neglected child in a deserted place, with lousy caretaker -___-" But let's not talking about that..

Gyaaah... particularly that lil demon!!!! I missed him already, he will grow up as a cute brondong deeeeeh..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Running Man

This is the latest crack in my office. Officially succeeded in making everyone laughs. Like for real.

The thing that I love about Korean variety show is that they keep changing the format as the show goes on. First episode concept is A WHOLE LOT different than (let's say) 27th episode. And it's still as hilariously funny.

Anyway, Running Man is hosted by the very same MC that I adore back then when I was watching X-Man, MC Yoo Jae Suk. You know rite, that old variety show, with its famous "Dangyunhaji - Of Course" segment? With its rising star, the infamous Eagle Eye and his deathly words of seduction? Hahaha, I miss that show...

Along with MC Yoo, there's also Kim Jong Kook (the mosquito singer, also the nickname he obtained from X-Man back then, since his voice is not what you expect from his body size) and Ha-ha (also a gag master from X-Man back then). The additional regular player is the ones I put my interest on. There's Song Joong Ki (shockingly came up as the genius brat, I really envy his brain capacity, and yes, he's the playboy in Sungkyunkwan Scandal), Gary (hip-hop rapper slash singer), Song Ji Hyo (actress, played in Frozen Flower and Goong), Lee Kwang Soo (actor, and a vewy dorky guy, I love him!) and Ji Suk Jin (MC and comedian, one good example of 'age do him good' kind of thing.)


Ok, the concept of Running Man show is obviously the man who is running. In every episode, there's this obligatory game called Hide-And-Seek with sometimes additional rules and restriction. The games they're playing is so damn simple but so damn hilarious. That's the perks of having Korean playing variety show, I guess. They play it to the max.

The other thing that I love about Running Man issss... they always play in a Korean landmark. Let it be the Suwon World Cup Stadium, Gwacheon National Science Museum, Seoul Metro and other interesting places. Gyaaah! I'd love to visit there sometimes, especially that disaster place, Boramae Safety Experience Center, that one is absolutely brilliant. You can experience the natural disaster and learn to cope with it. An earthquake, fire, and so on and so on. Waaaaw.. *norak*

Okay, on with the next episodes...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dream High

Part 1
Once upon a time, in one particular high school, lived one particular girl student. Let's call her Suzy. Not only that she got the looks, she also had the wealth and singing talent and lots of antis. All things other girls could only imagine.

The thing is, Suzy's bloody cold and heartless. She always thought she deserved all those luxuries. She actually took it all for granted. Not a very noble girl, our girl.

Until one day, the world turned against her. Or so she thought. The dad went bankrupt, and she abruptly thrown into one lousy lifestyle, but managed to seal it from others. Her fanatic girl admirers, mostly. She acted and talked like life still going on normal.

At some point, she had to face the fact that dad's bankruptcy needs to be settled, and she needs to help the dad to solve the problem. Since the only talent she got is singing, the only thing possible was for her to get into the art school that will somehow boost her career. Fast.

Alas, fate decided the other way around. Life seems to have some sense of humor on this particular girl, since she got rejected at the audition of the so-called-famous-art-school. Hello? This girl with abundant talent of singing? Ha! That hurt her dignity. A lot. Especially since her plain-and-nerdy-faithful-admirer got into that school, easily.

One slap to her pride didn't turn our girl into one goody-two-shoes girl. No. She still possess that arrogant look and high level of vanity. Tsk tsk. Not a fast learner girl, our girl.

Then how? How can we turn this egotism girl into one lovable character? Fate decided to give her two companions. Hm, not one but two. Too much, no?

Luckily, she got that one of those rare second-chances of getting into that art school, and there she met two VERY different male students. Let's call them Jin and Sam.

Things doesn't go smoothly for Suzy, because immediately for her sole attitude, she's placed into worst-of-the-worst classroom by the teachers. Let's call the class... Misfit Mafia.


Part 2
Jin, our foreman student, at one quick glance, seems to be a typical-if-not-cliche kind of guy. He is the baddest of all bad boys. The one you'll always find in every school. A loner, rebellious and ignorant student, but still has one good trait. Either the look, the brain or the talent. In this case, he possessed two of the three.

Jin always thinks of Suzy as one snotty girl, really-really need to be smacked on the head for her lousy attitude. Same goes for her, but not as passionate. As mentioned earlier, Suzy is a pretty heartless (and passionless) kind of girl.

Despite their annoyance of each other, the two shares one similar trait. They're both stubborn and gain high dose of pride. Match made in heaven, you say?

In real life, Jin is a son of a wealthy politician. He got his life mapped by daddy by the time he was born into the world. Get into good school, obtain good grades, work in politics and be a successful man.

However, things didn't go that smooth for the daddy. Jin happened to be one talented dancer and entertainer, so naturally he chose that art school for two reasons. One, cause he really enjoys dancing, and two, he's a bit sick of his daddy-interference with his life.

Given his temper, Jin nearly got rejected in the audition. Yet, somehow he's also being given the rare-second-chance of school-admission (maybe because he threw tantrum for the greater good at the audition and the school-director happened to see through his aggressive appearance). Anyway, naturally he got placed into that Misfit Mafia class, too.

Part 3

Sam is a country boy, not a city boy. He's lack of that sophisticated look and attitude, and mostly he's just one simple straightforward guy. Okay, scratch that. He's totally naive and adorable. If he likes you, he'll say he likes you. Just like that. No drama whatsoever.

Given the rural background, he also had the typical rural history. He is an abandon son of those non-responsible-men who left his pregnant wife to pursue career as singer in the big city.

Sam loves his mom (who's as simple and straightforward as he is) so much, he hides the fact that he could actually sing very well. As a matter of fact, he is one child prodigy, who can catch the tune and rhyme so fast you'll be picking your jaw off the floor every time you see Sam in action. That's how good he is.

Suzy met Sam in her way of obtaining that rare-second-chance of getting into the art school. You see, Sam is hand-picked by the school director to enter the art school. But given the fact that Sam lives in rural area, he will not aware that there's an opening in that art school.

This is where Suzy played her part. For her to be able to be admitted into the art-school (that and many other reasons), she needs to convince Sam to go with her to the art-school.

There, when he met Suzy for the very first time, he practically fell for her. Hahahaha. Or at least, the manipulative side of her, since she's not normally bubbly and cheerful. All fake, for the sake of greater good.

In the end, Sam knew Suzy is a total fake, and a bloody self-centered girl that she is. That, however, didn't erase his infatuation for the girl. Have no idea why. Maybe love at first sight does exist.

Anyway, eventually Sam agreed to enter the art-school. Unfortunately, having the so-called-rare-second-chance really has it perks. Sam entered the Misfit Mafia class since the teachers there decided that one who didn't do the audition needs to prove oneself.


Part 4

IU is a girl with beautiful voice and beautiful heart and beautiful personality. She is everything an artist could hope for. A full package. The thing is, the outer look is not that impressive.

She is one major heavy weight girl. And in that entertainment industry, look is everything. Or at the very least, every one but her thinks like that. She's absolutely okay with the way she looks, but apparently the world doesn't hold the same judgment.

Passing the audition to the art school is an easy matter, cause she got the voice material. Getting through with how her looks is whole different thing. Teachers there agrees that she needs to workout her appearance.

Alas, she didn't achieve the target. That's how she got herself into the Misfit Mafia class.


Part 5

Jason is one transferred student from abroad. Not transferred-transferred, but he was raised abroad before high school. Every school got this type of guy also. A popular, humble and talented student. He spread his charms to everyone, since being raised in the abroad only meant one thing for him, which is to treat everyone as equal.

That's why, he didn't seem mind at all when the heaviest girl in school had crush on him. IU practically bombarded him with secret gifts and swoon over him every time he passed by. That kind of silly-head-over-heels-crush you've experienced in high school.

He thinks of IU as one interesting friend, whom he can ask for karaoke night at anytime AND despite her appearance, he really loves her voice. That's one major adorable factor from this guy.

As a matter of fact, this two has been destined together right from the start. You will never miss the chance to see cutie-awkwardness triggered by IU's crush to Jason. And since Jason is an over-the-top cool-but-chipmunk-ey person, they both look adorable. Totally.


Part 6

Becky is formerly known as the best friend of Suzy and her greatest admirer. She cares about Suzy a lot and practically worshiped the land Suzy just walked by. She nearly lost her self-identity in order to match everything Suzy did. The hairstyle, the wardrobe, the bags, the shoes, everything.

Things turn around 180 degrees for this lovely girl at the art school audition. Suzy was enraged since she didn't make it while Becky actually got admitted. How come? They're both performing a duet, nonetheless. Suzy spat hatred words towards her, in front of every jury at that audition, practically shattered her dreamy-world into pieces.

That's how Becky changed. She is no longer the innocent girl like everyone used to know. She grew hatred for Suzy and highly annoyed knowing that Suzy was admitted to the art-school anyway. She thrived for being the best at school, at stage performance, and in everyone's eyes. Using cheapskate trick, that line has already been crossed. That's how the rival begin. Best friend to become the worst enemy plot line.

And oh yeah, she fell for Jin.


I love these story lines. I love I love I love the base plot for everyone. And ultimately, I adore the loser-to-winner stories. Argh!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vegan Much?

I usually never give a crap about where the food I ate came from. I largely enjoy meat, especially beef. Yes, whenever possible, I chose beef rather than chicken. And not to mention, I rarely eat vegetables. So I’m a big ‘fat’ carnivore, I guess.

stock-vector-vector-sticker-apple-quot-go-vegan-quot-49674679Then, we might say, yesterday’s dining experience was a bit new to me, since I had a discussion with my friends about the reason they chose the vegan lifestyle. As it turns out, the world has changed so much that the need to consume the meat endangers whole population. At first, me and my simple-minded brain found it ironic regarding the restaurant’s slogan (which is, Be Veg, Go Green and Save the Planet).

How could you go green if all you eat was greenie thing?

Hmm, okay, that was seriously ignorance of me. It was never about consuming the ‘tree’ but more like stopping the growth of livestock. This centuries, people’s demand of a livestock has increased so much, the livestock started to overgrown the demand itself, which made me wonder about a whole new thing, but let’s leave it at that.

Since the livestock increased like hell, the earth space that they took, and the greenie thing that they consume, has been taken largely from the one part that actually dedicated to human being by God. Hahahaha. Do you get it? Hopefully I explains things better in the future.

So for a simple illustration:


The other thing about vegan people is, they tend to humanize animal. Let it be cow slaughter, chicken slaughter, fish slaughter, etc. they simply think that animals have feelings too. Me, personally, have no opinion regarding this. Cause you know me, I‘m the one who watched men-slaughter in Hostel and SAW without so much as a blink of an eye, and even took notes on how real the blood property really looked. Hmm, so the animal-humanizing thing doesn’t really had me on my nerve.

However, here’s an agreeable quote:

If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.
~ Paul McCartney

You cannot deny how cruel human is to other being, and the way they slaughter something is remarkably creative. They forcefully gut a chicken, cut its leg, throw it to another batch (most likely still alive) to have their insides thrown out. And cow.. hmmm… okay, next.

Yeah, so that’s basically what intrigued me the whole day yesterday. Honestly, if we’re talking about non-meat meal, I‘ve done it for like several days every week. Certainly not because of the vegan lifestyle, but it’s more about the financial condition. Hahahahaha.

Oh yeah, the restaurant I had dinner yesterday was Loving Hut (I have no idea that it’s a vegan restaurant, for real) where the wall was mainly decorated by actor/actress/activist/musician’s face (including but not limited to *halah* Tobey McGuire, Gandhi , Tom Cruise, Avril Lavigne, Brad Pitt, etc etc etc). The food is awesome, HAHAHAHA.. okay, so I’ve underestimated vegan food after all. Never knew how on earth can they create such texture and taste using only non-meat ingredients. I mean, HOW? The Cha Siu (sted pork) is uh-mazing, really-really good. And there’s cute lil drink called Popeye Juice (interesting!) that consist of red spinach + orange + pineapple. Absolutely delicious, though not really sure about the healthy part xD I mean, they did put sugar in it, right?

One of my friend piqued my interest about having lunch in Dharma Kitchen, since she insisted that that restaurant got the best menu ever. Really?

Anyway, overall, I’ve only been to two vegan restaurants (the other being Padmanadi), and the price is quite pricey, so I’m not sure whether I’m ready to slowly change the way I eat or not.

Yeah, maybe after May Winking smile

Monday, January 10, 2011

drama.. more drama..


Secret Garden (2010)

Okay, I went as far as making my own wallpaper out of it. That ought to tell you how obsessed I am with this drama. The quirky (if not insane) characters, the mental humor, the fantasy plot line, Hyun Bin, the huge library, awesome white sport car, simply the greatest house ever been, Hyun Bin, beautiful directing, awesome scriptwriter, hilarious supporting roles, have I mentioned Hyun Bin?

b4848ba3e145b97ad97ccf47ba03fe5f_largeSecret Garden is one of those rare K-Dramas where the male lead go straight into his woman. Uh-huh! He simply run after her, putting so much effort to get to know her, insisting (and being uber narcissist) that she should have liked him too. Hahahaha, love that character to the core.

Okay, the sole reason why I watch this one is because of the Hyun Bin factor. Granted, never knew him before, but I did marathon-ing his old dramas to get to know him more (and a bad move, if I may say, for he is WAY more developed in Secret Garden), i.e. My Name is Kim Sam-Soon, World’s Within and Friend Our Legend.

It’s about a man and a woman (duh!) who got mixed up in a complicated fate and had to swap bodies every time it’s raining. So Ranma 1/2, eh? No! This is even wackier, damn sexier and hello… that sit-up scene really changed my world. This drama has the potential to turn even a simple eye-staring and hand-grabbing into one R-rated movie. Hahahahaha.

Secret Garden, however, didn’t triumph my ultimate obsession toward Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Dunno, I felt like SKKS relieve my thirst of dynamic youngster-life so nothing beats that.. or maybe Dream High will? Depends, though, whether there will be bromance in that drama or not. Hahaha, I’m such a sucker for a cute bromance.


drChamp1 drChamp2

Doctor Champ (2010)

This is another drama with the male lead run after his woman without so-much as bullshit act. He sees her, he likes her, he helps her, he get her. That’s it! No need for munchy-munchy conflict whatsoever. Love this one.

The very first thing I noticed about Doctor Champ is how they use the 35mm camera to produce such BEAUTIFUL cinema-like scenes. Damn I love it, love the genius director and editor of this drama. Watching it is like watching a high quality pictures in theater. Supported by good-looking (and good-bodied) actors, what more could I possibly ask? xD

The story took place around Korean Olympic-training camp, where athletes got trained and supervise privately in order to gain as many medals in world-class tournament. The main focus is the two doctors working in that camp, physical-and-sometimes-psychological-consulting to the athletes. And the main sport-major involving in this drama is from Judo. Yay for six-packs guys running around topless here and there =D


There are basically two things attract me to Doctor Champ, one of them is how cute the male lead act (despite his muscle size, he’s just simply adorable teddy bear). Both his relationship to the female lead AND his fellow judo athlete made me tune in non-stop from start to the end. Okay, that’s not fair, I’ll admit it, mostly why I drawn into this drama is because of their bromaaaanceee..


Hahahahahahaha.. okay, these two deserve the award as the hottest-buddies ever. They bicker to each other, supporting each other beyond anyone’s imagination, and who knows? The latter conflict in Doctor Champ is actually about these two. Sigh.


Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)

This is my last year drama obsession, nothing beats the exciting feeling I got from this one. Mein gott I’m such a sucker for any youthful dramas. I adore the damn moral lesson in this drama, which is not to give up and pursue your education no matter what kind of given situation that you’re in. Aaw! Wish every kids nowadays seeing this one, especially my brother =_=”

bscap0071qnAnyway, the story took us back in Joseon era, right on time when I missed this kind of era-setup. Sigh. Everything was so simple back then, eh? No open-kiss scene, no outright dating, no vulgar-relationship. Everything is simply sweet and that’s why I love it when the hero(es) of Sungkyunkwan Scandal thrives to better future.

skks19-00265 The story is about a girl (let’s call her A), dressed as a guy, trying to earn a living by translating scriptures (and stuff) to mostly Sungkyunwan’s scholar. Good to know things didn’t get that much different from nowadays, huh? Anyway, she is apparently a bright mind, which made certain male scholar (let’s call him B) felt shame that this girl (whom he perceive as a man) didn’t go to the proper school. That’s how all the chaos started.

bscap0020g0 Later in the story, they will team up as a flower-four-type-of-group along with the other characters (read: MAIN REASON why I watched this drama xP) Hahahahahahaha.

This guy (let’s call him C) and that guy (let’s call him D) were two old-friend back from childhood (not sure, I just assumed) so we can say they’re both pretty close. C posed as a flamboyant kind of guy, always wearing beautiful clothes and a fan, pretty much a noble son, whilst D resembles more of a gangster-noble son. Aww.. such cute setup.

OurBromance This two (for me) were the one that actually made the scandal in the Sungkyunkwan campus. Hahahaha. What differs them both from any other bromance I’ve seen is that I ACTUALLY wish happiness and long-lasting marriage for them both T_T And hello, apparently I’m not the only sinner one thinking it like that xD They were elected as the BEST COUPLE in SBS Drama Award last year, so yeah, imagine that!!! The world approve of them!!! *laughing out of control*