Thursday, June 16, 2011

trip.. tripped..

Aloha! Been damn too long before I get the chance to write again. I miss you my blog, cup!
Anyway, we have reached the half time of the year, more or less, and there's sad moment happy moment that I'd like to savor.
Along the way, I've been pretty much the labil girl I (so not) used to be. And today is one of those days when I can think clearly about myself and my life. Yes, dear fellow reader, I hail to the "I, Me, Mine" concept so brace yourself.

First, uhm.. I've been to many fun vacations taken with different circles of friends, and I enjoyed each and every one of 'em. Thousand island with the dorky college pals, Seoul with the ladies, and Bali with (basically the only) group I always hang out with at the office.

Didn't mean to compare but each one felt like not enuff. No, not enuff at all. Although there's none that made me cringe at the end of the journey (you know, the feeling of not wanting it to end and stuff?), but everytime I recalled each trip, I always regret the fact that I (for one) should've planned it more carefully.

There's this two kind of journey I've experienced. One is when you REALLY wanna go back there to the same place and explore another part of the place. The other being "Okay, so that was nice, thank you but no more, please."

Hahahaha.. Bali, if given the right time and financial saving, I may want to go back, but seriously, not a beach girl so I only got excited everytime we went to a souvenir places or culinary spots. By default, it's a one-time-experience-is-enough for me. Except for maybe the watersports =___= Want want want...

Thousand Island. Nyaah, not a beach girl AND cannot really swim so that one is also a one-time-experience-is-enough. Maybe if I was to go to another good spot of snorkeling AND not meeting with so-not-mind-your-own-business kind of tour guide, I may want to give it a try.

Seoul, on the other hand... me want to gooooooooo again!!! Cannot get enough of having to stay and experience and feel other country's culture for a limited time. I dunno, I loved to have a new set of life, different from what I have in Jakarta already, and breath literally new air in the morning.

I have the same excited feeling when I travelled to Bangkok last year. Even getting up in the new bed really had me shivered with excitement. Damn! The language barrier, no problemo, I'm so willing to learn one or two lines along the way, as long as it helps me to get what I want. Hehehe. The weather, hah! As if... The people, the places, the photo objects... love it love it love it..

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