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Onrop Musikal!

Hihihihi, finally I made it, I actually watched musical show here in my home town, not in some strange countries with foreign cultures.

Onrop Musikal! is a performance mainly intended to insult criticize our current government and mainly the whole gang of community. It’s about defining what exactly the real important norm is, not some pre-defined morale in some sort of ridiculous so-called Law. It’s about tolerance, and my personal fave quote, “Di pulau kami ada norma yang berlaku. Namanya toleransi. Di pulau kami semua orang punya agama, hanya saja tidak ada yang memaksakan agamanya masing-masing.” Or something like that.

The show was pretty much entertaining, and despite the nonstrategic placement of viewers bench (hello, I think they could do better than that 45 degrees of viewing experience, say enlarge the theater perhaps?) I could see the choreography and the singing tune is also clear. The jokes is splendid, given that you’re up to-date with the news, that is.

I couldn’t help but …

Dolphin Racing in Kiluan

Okay, that was one awesome experience!

It started with tweet-talks, you know, the kind with no-action-tweet-only conversation? HAHAHAHAHAHA, so I’m pretty impressed with the result. It gathers six different people, from different working hours and different working places and from different crowd, with only one tiny history-relationship.. college mate.

Persiapan traveling paling parah seumur hidup, secara yaa even pas H-1 aja masih ngga jelas siapa jemput siapa di mana naik apa. JRENG JRENG! Paling banter yang udah dibeli adalah tiket bus Jakarta – Lampung seharga IDR 150.000 untuk periode embarkasi *halah* jam 9 malem. Juragan Arab di Lampung sana udah wanti-wanti, kalo jam 9 malem berangkat dari Jakarta, paling jam 5 pagi dah nyampe Lampung, so there’s plenty of time to spend to have (early) breakfast and berangkat ke teluk Kiluan.

Alas, the damn bus got lost in translation (._.) Instead of following the normal route as usual, he decided to sharpen his skill in driving through extreme …

Short hair

Okay, I’ll admit, ever since I cut my hair, I’m obsessed with shorty hairstyle. So damn light, so damn practical, and so much cheaper.Basically I only copied this particular kdrama character’s hairstyle, showed it to various hairdresser in my town, but as it turned out, they gave me so many MAJOR DIFFERENT results -_- Bah, so much for a guidance picture.See? Is it really too much to ask to give me such simple haircut?Anyway, lately I’m enjoying the initiative and creativity of those hairdressers when they giving me the cut. I mean, I waited patiently while looking at my face blurry in the mirror (due to the inexistence of my glasses during the cut) and wondered briefly about how will I look like after this session. It was fun. They are hair, anyway, so if I did get the wrong style, they’ll eventually grow back. Thus, no need to freak self and others by the end of the cutting session. One of my fave short hairstyle belongs to Kim So Yeon (Prosecutor Princess, IRIS, Dr. Champ) cause she…