Part 1: She Knows He Knows

He touched her finger that was still pointed at his chest, "Still manage to scare the day out of me, I see." She smiled. Too sweetly. "Are you trying to get us killed? Not a good day to die, you say?".

How To Cross Road In Margonda

Somebody should publish this kind of booklet long before I even got enrolled in University of Indonesia. Duh! 1. If there's eventually a traffic light for passerby, please DO pay attention. It's not there for decoration purpose (only).

Dream High

Once upon a time, in one particular high school, lived one particular girl student. Let's call her Suzy. Not only that she got the looks, she also had the wealth and singing talent and lots of antis. All things other girls could only imagine.

Story From Far Java

On my last visit to Jogja (seriously this city has something captivating), I happened to visit Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat and Kraton Surakarta in one-day-trip to Solo.

Letting Go

The big question of letting go bugged my mind around these last couple of months. Some things.. are they worth to keep, or should I let them go. Think I'm pretty good of letting things go, but when inputs and comments started to coming in, I'd have to reconsider my decision.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Onrop Musikal!

P19-11-10_22-49Hihihihi, finally I made it, I actually watched musical show here in my home town, not in some strange countries with foreign cultures.

Onrop Musikal! is a performance mainly intended to insult criticize our current government and mainly the whole gang of community. It’s about defining what exactly the real important norm is, not some pre-defined morale in some sort of ridiculous so-called Law. It’s about tolerance, and my personal fave quote, “Di pulau kami ada norma yang berlaku. Namanya toleransi. Di pulau kami semua orang punya agama, hanya saja tidak ada yang memaksakan agamanya masing-masing.” Or something like that.

The show was pretty much entertaining, and despite the nonstrategic placement of viewers bench (hello, I think they could do better than that 45 degrees of viewing experience, say enlarge the theater perhaps?) I could see the choreography and the singing tune is also clear. The jokes is splendid, given that you’re up to-date with the news, that is.

I couldn’t help but to compare it with Siam Niramit theater in Bangkok, though. The stage was significantly smaller, and the way they made transition in-between scenes is a bit disappointing. The stage was not dark enough, and we could actually see they moving the props around. Just saying.

BUT, the singing part was tremendous. When (afterward) I realized that the actors were actually singing live on-the-spot, pheww, that brought a whole lot new dimension. Indonesian people can actually sing, people!

The story set in 2020 where Indonesia’s government established one distinctive island called Pulau Onrop. Everyone that committed act against the moral law will be banished to that island. Pretty much like Nusakambangan right now minus the security guard and the actual prison building. it’s just an island, where people were supposed to die when deserted in there.

The thing is, in 2020, there’s so many law dictating (mostly female’s) way of dressing, no gay-related thing, the prohibition of saying porn-related words (i.e. naked, horny, human reproduction organ, etc) –all being replaced with a phrase of, “Ho-oh”. The impact is pretty harsh. Statues being cloth-covered, there’s 9pm curfew, no-leg-showing clothing, aaaaand women will have no say whatsoever (depicted in a dialog where one book author announced his latest book, entitled How To Glorify Your Husband, which is cih-cih-cuih for me).

Which is actually not a non-common practice here in Indonesia. Ugh!

Oh yeaaaah, one of the best quote,

People with no particular skills in Indonesia only got two choices in life. Either being a politician OR a bum. We are bum BY CHOICE, cause we don’t wish to bother other people.

I kinda hope this show will be a regular tourism play. Cause that would be cool. And the director should put some sort of subtitle placement so that everyone will understand.

This is the video of Onrop Musikal! teaser trailer.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dolphin Racing in Kiluan

Okay, that was one awesome experience!

It started with tweet-talks, you know, the kind with no-action-tweet-only conversation? HAHAHAHAHAHA, so I’m pretty impressed with the result. It gathers six different people, from different working hours and different working places and from different crowd, with only one tiny history-relationship.. college mate.

Persiapan traveling paling parah seumur hidup, secara yaa even pas H-1 aja masih ngga jelas siapa jemput siapa di mana naik apa. JRENG JRENG! Paling banter yang udah dibeli adalah tiket bus Jakarta – Lampung seharga IDR 150.000 untuk periode embarkasi *halah* jam 9 malem. Juragan Arab di Lampung sana udah wanti-wanti, kalo jam 9 malem berangkat dari Jakarta, paling jam 5 pagi dah nyampe Lampung, so there’s plenty of time to spend to have (early) breakfast and berangkat ke teluk Kiluan.

Alas, the damn bus got lost in translation (._.) Instead of following the normal route as usual, he decided to sharpen his skill in driving through extreme off-road condition. Bener-bener deh, naik bus lebih heboh gonjang-ganjingnya daripada naik kapal ferry di laut. Well, that’s not entirely his fault tho, berhubung ada longsor di jalur Pantura. But nice, initial schedule in the vacation went to dumpster. We spent like 12 hours on the road, waiting frantically for a particular person to show up (and boy, did he show up in his working suit from yesterday =_=) then hunting for breakfast to a noodle-shop called Son Haji – Sony VI. What’s the deal with that name? The son of Haji Sony or what?

Next, took a bath in one of Juragan Arab’s mistress house, apparently this friend of mine has been engaging in some sort of vacational-husband activity for a while (HAHAHAHAHA, j/k). The house is pretty.. pretty abandoned, I mean. There’s one gigantic spider in the front door, enuff to make girlish gasp from the boys.

Next, we headed to Tour and Travel to pick-up the tour guide (merangkap sopir) to go to Kiluan. Aaannnnnddd, the trip lasted for another 5 hours in the road, you know why? Cause there’s so many ill-mannered-bridge-which-decided-to-break-down-exactly-at-our-arriving-hour. Gahh! What is it with this journey? Was it some sort of sign to not to go to the sea? Gilanya lagi, pas lagi enak2nya nungguin jembatannya kelar dibenerin, ada penduduk nyamperin trus nanya, “Mau ke Kiluan ya? Wisata ya? Hati-hati aja, kemarin ada turis yang meninggal.” WTF???

My friends and I were like, staring with idiotic faces and started to ask (LOTS OF) questions. “Hah? Kenapa Pak?”. “Iya. Yaaah, jangan aneh-aneh aja lah.” “Aneh-aneh gmana?”. “Yaaaah. Tau sendirilah.”

What a helpful guy!

Me, personally, thought he was speaking about mystical and supernatural thing about the sea (you know, we’re still in Indonesia anyway), while the others (I had no idea where the idea came from) thought that he was speaking about pre-marital sex. Errrr. What exactly is the relationship with pre-marital sex and dying in the sea, people?

Yah intinya selain kita dapet teka-teki horor dari si Bapak, kita juga dapet bonus serangan jantung saat melalui jembatan2 konvensional yang ada di Kiluan. Udah jembatannya sempit pas badan mobil, cuman dari dua bonggol kayu pohon, ngga ada pembatas kiri-kanan (nyungsep ya nyungsep aja), ada tikungan2nya, kayu-kayunya bikin bemper mobil rusak, dll dll.. despite all that, AKHIRNYA KITA NYAMPE JUGA DI KILUAN!


You see, somehow I think we got robbed for this trip. The cost is about IDR 170.000 per person, only to have rumah panggung minim listrik (yang cuman dinyalain setelah jam 6 sore dan dimatikan setelah jam 5 pagi), HORROR bathroom, no phone signal, lousy traditional food from local citizen (seriously, I was expecting at least there’s some seafood available) and the dolphin tour is not even included. Cih! Yeah, at least that was my first impression. Very-very expensive. Even Novotel only charged about IDR 900.000 per night.

On the other hand, there’s this distinctive feeling that I was on my KKN (kuliah kerja nyata) duty. Hahahahaha, tinggal di remote area with no bathroom and having simple traditional meal. If only we brought some tents and fire equipment, we could go camping instead.

ANYWAY, since the first day we arrived at 6pm already, there’s nothing we can do (misalnya untuk nyebrang ke Pulau Kelapa, dst dst berhubung itu laut sudah super gelap), so jadilah we went to bed.. err.. rumah panggung earlier than usual and having some midnite talks. As usual, there’s this one particular person that passed out immediately once she saw a pillow. Tsk tsk. You never really get to know your friends until you travel with them, eh? =P

In early morning, we get up at 5am to see the dolphins in the middle of the sea. Yay! Scary thought flashed in my mind berhubung gue ngga bisa berenang dan itu perahu yang dipake, alamakk, kek perahu sampan yang kalo diterjang ombak gampang kebalik. Dan ini tengah laut pula, so nasib ada di tangan Pak Perahu, Laut dan Tuhan. Perjalanan ke tengah lautnya last for like (scary) 30 minutes sampai akhirnya kita nyampe di antara teluk Kiluan dan Gunung Krakatau (+_+) daaaan.. here they comeeee.. hundreds of dolphins swimming around near the boat and jumping here and there. Oh My God, that was like the BEST feeling ever, looking at them swimming under your feet, and following your boat, and ignoring everything, just swimming freely. VERY-VERY COOL!

Yak, seeing the dolphins made me forget the fear of the ocean. Adrenaline rush is gold, man!

The rest of the day kept getting better cause it’s time to go home. We packed in rush after sightseeing in the island. Went back through the same hell of bridges but this time we surrender our live to the driver (baca: molor di jalan). Arrived in Lampung at 4pm, buying dinner and oleh-oleh untuk yang di kampung halaman, then Juragan Arab lend his car to us. So no more lost bus in our way back home. Hahahaha.

The problem is, we have no idea about the road map. So basically it went like this,
M: Ntar lu belok kiri, kanan mentok trus kanan lagi, liat patung gajah kiri, kiri, trus kanan, trus Novotel belok kiri, 100 m belok kanan, dst dst..

A: OKEH, Bos!

M: Kalo ada apa-apa telfon gue ya.



5 menit kemudian..

Gw: “M!!!! Kita nyasar neeeeeeeeeh! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, abis kiri , trus kanan, trus kok keknya kita masuk terminal angkot gtu yak?”

Doenk! (O_o) There goes the first doubtful five minutes of our road trip.

Setelah (akhirnya) nyampe di Bakauheni, temen gue yang beralih-profesi jadi sopir ternyata ragu-ragu milih jalur masuk pelabuhan, DAN kebetulan di depan sana lagi banyak satuan polisi. JRENG JRENG! Diberhentikan loh mobil kita, teman-teman. Smua orang digeledah (wow, I’ve only seen this on movies and criminal news) termasuk dashboard mobil dan karpet mobilnya dan tas-tasnya dan kantong-kantong bajunya. At first, I tawt that was standard protocol, but then, after our car, there were four other cars yang dibiarin lewat gtu aja (padahal imho tampang penumpangnya lebih kek penjahat dibandingkan tampang rombongan gue). Sigh.

Polisinya itu bukan polisi berbaju dinas, but he’s actually polisi cute berbaju preman *istilah macam apa ini* yang ada tulisan SAT NARKOBA di jaketnya. Setan! Kita dikira manusia dugem dan penyalur narkoba sepertinya =_= What a trip! Udah dikira pelaku seks bebas, sekarang sama polisi dikira dealer and prostitute trafficking. Hahahahahahaha.

Untungnya si polisi gendeng ngga nemu apa-apa (sebab temen gue ngumpetin obat di celana dalemnya.. you think??) dan kita di-let go. Abis itu naik ferry yang perjalanannya hanya makan waktu 2 jam sajah, dan ngebut di tol Jakarta-Merak tengah malem. Really-really horror sport even until last minute. Ngepot-ngepot ngindarin truk-truk gede di jalan penuh tikungan dan gelap. OMG.

Hasilnya, I absen from working today due to extreme headache. Cihuy!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Short hair

Okay, I’ll admit, ever since I cut my hair, I’m obsessed with shorty hairstyle. So damn light, so damn practical, and so much cheaper.


Basically I only copied this particular kdrama character’s hairstyle, showed it to various hairdresser in my town, but as it turned out, they gave me so many MAJOR DIFFERENT results -_- Bah, so much for a guidance picture.


140307edd6cd8350785dc58974b453dd_large  minam137

See? Is it really too much to ask to give me such simple haircut?


Anyway, lately I’m enjoying the initiative and creativity of those hairdressers when they giving me the cut. I mean, I waited patiently while looking at my face blurry in the mirror (due to the inexistence of my glasses during the cut) and wondered briefly about how will I look like after this session.


It was fun. They are hair, anyway, so if I did get the wrong style, they’ll eventually grow back. Thus, no need to freak self and others by the end of the cutting session.


One of my fave short hairstyle belongs to Kim So Yeon (Prosecutor Princess, IRIS, Dr. Champ) cause she looked so mighty fine with that hair. If only I got the nose and the jaw like her *yeah, rite*


KimSoYeon_1 KimSoYeon_KimSeungWoo_IRIS