Sunday, November 7, 2010

Short hair

Okay, I’ll admit, ever since I cut my hair, I’m obsessed with shorty hairstyle. So damn light, so damn practical, and so much cheaper.


Basically I only copied this particular kdrama character’s hairstyle, showed it to various hairdresser in my town, but as it turned out, they gave me so many MAJOR DIFFERENT results -_- Bah, so much for a guidance picture.


140307edd6cd8350785dc58974b453dd_large  minam137

See? Is it really too much to ask to give me such simple haircut?


Anyway, lately I’m enjoying the initiative and creativity of those hairdressers when they giving me the cut. I mean, I waited patiently while looking at my face blurry in the mirror (due to the inexistence of my glasses during the cut) and wondered briefly about how will I look like after this session.


It was fun. They are hair, anyway, so if I did get the wrong style, they’ll eventually grow back. Thus, no need to freak self and others by the end of the cutting session.


One of my fave short hairstyle belongs to Kim So Yeon (Prosecutor Princess, IRIS, Dr. Champ) cause she looked so mighty fine with that hair. If only I got the nose and the jaw like her *yeah, rite*


KimSoYeon_1 KimSoYeon_KimSeungWoo_IRIS

4 tasted the wine:

eh eh jangan salah sangkah lhoo
short hair girl terlihat tough but somehow terlihat sexy juga..

how are you girl? udah lamaa gak berbincang2

eh ym lo masih sama gak sih?
add my ym dong di :)

cheap dari hongkong.. kalo orang kayak elu yang potong rambut seminggu bisa 2x di johnny, dimane letak cheapnya nyong?

anyway, gua udah ilang minat dengan rambut pendek, kalo model2 itu ya jelas tampangnya dan jenis rambutnya emang bagus.. lah kalo kek gua dipotong kek gitu?? -_- disaster lah.. gua masi lebi pede dengan rambut panjang gua :))

lo mang disaster jay hahaha

@badrul: Heeeey, dude.. hahahaha, long time no see laaah.. masih di FE dirimu? harusnya dah lulus dong ya?