Part 1: She Knows He Knows

He touched her finger that was still pointed at his chest, "Still manage to scare the day out of me, I see." She smiled. Too sweetly. "Are you trying to get us killed? Not a good day to die, you say?".

How To Cross Road In Margonda

Somebody should publish this kind of booklet long before I even got enrolled in University of Indonesia. Duh! 1. If there's eventually a traffic light for passerby, please DO pay attention. It's not there for decoration purpose (only).

Dream High

Once upon a time, in one particular high school, lived one particular girl student. Let's call her Suzy. Not only that she got the looks, she also had the wealth and singing talent and lots of antis. All things other girls could only imagine.

Story From Far Java

On my last visit to Jogja (seriously this city has something captivating), I happened to visit Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat and Kraton Surakarta in one-day-trip to Solo.

Letting Go

The big question of letting go bugged my mind around these last couple of months. Some things.. are they worth to keep, or should I let them go. Think I'm pretty good of letting things go, but when inputs and comments started to coming in, I'd have to reconsider my decision.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Lost in snowy days

I'm writing this while listening to Rehab - Sittin in A Bar

Juat listen, kinda brought back my mood to write. Hehehe.

Anyway, Happy Christmas everybody, so great having another Christmas in the middle of people you love. As for me, I visited the old time uncle families and amazed at how fast the children grow. Dude, it's just been a year since I met them. Geez.

This past week made me realize something (unimportant) which is.. Vino Bastian itu maen di banyaaak pelem and in each movies he acted better as a macho cool guy instead of this flamboyant man. Adore this hunk, but I guess world is not fair indeed since his voice is so pitchy high nanny-sound-alike. Hahahahaha.

And then, now I'm a bit obsessed with the couple Luna Maya and Ariel - Peterpan. So cute, ini adalah hasil tiap hari nonton acara Dahsyat di RCTI kayanya, selera tontonan gue jadi kaya selera ibu-ibu. Huhuhuhuhu. Tapi seriously, they are cute eventhough the boy is shorter than the girl =P

In a more serious news, I visited Bandung a couple of days ago and I'm in love with the city, yeah well after spending 3 days in a row there, no wonder. A lot more trees give shocking impact, fresher air and not to mention the rainy season, made my night wandering shivered in a thick coat. Not long after I reached Jakarta again, mein gott, udaranya kering. Keriiiing, walopun banyak angin bertiup tapi kering abis. Abis-abisan. Jadi pengen beli rumah di Bandung.Eric Shinwa

Hm, apalagi? The recent movie I watch is like... none. I tried to avoid my laptop during my annual leave, cause somehow that thing reminds me of my clients. Aaargh. Hush hush.

That's it, quick recap from indigowine. See you all folks in the same channel and IP address. Ta-ta.

ps: Nama lengkapnya Ariel Peter Pan tu opo toh??


Edited at 1:15am

Eric ShinwaWhy the heck did I stay up this late? Hayah, the only sole reason is because I'm obsessed with this guy, a personnel of Shinwa named Eric. First time I noticed the very existence of this guy was after watching XMAN. He is adorable, his smile, his dorky jokes, and his elegant aura. Not to mention his shy nature. So kawaii.

Eric is also known, aside as a member of Shinwa's band, but also as an actor and starred in a lot of commercials. His poetic figure brought him a lot of fortune, I think. Currently, he serves his time in military duty, hopefully he came back alive. Geez.Eric Shinwa

Anywaay, browsing til this late of hour, I stumbled upon a cute website containing everything about Eric Shinwa. His commercial clips, his video shoots, his video clip, and even his movies. One of them is Banjun Drama called Sweet Room. The cool thing is he played with Chae Rim, an actress once mentioned in this blog for her role in Dal Ja's Spring. What a great coincidence!

Chae Rim itu emang selalu cocok dengan daun-daun muda dan brondong-brondong segar. Huhuhuhuhu. First Lee Min Ki and then Eric. Gila, lucky bastard!

For further infos, can be clicked here

Banjun drama itself has a cute meaning, it's like Sketsa show in Indonesia where stars acted in a minidrama with funny and witty scenario. Love it. Not only Eric starred in those dramas, but others like Rain, Se7en, etc are also has their own episodes. Coolness!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Moon Child

Okay, so I watched this last night because I thought hell why not? This is Hyde and Gackt movie after all, and since there's so many things I read refer to this movie, it's gotta be an interesting watch session.

It turned out to be exactly as I previously thought. An interesting watch. I like how the scenes were taken, even though the special effect is not as good as these days, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Please be warned that this post contains heavy spoiler.

Moon Child is about a vampire named Kei (played by Hyde - L'arc en Ciel) who travel across time (not in Hiro Nakamura's way) and meet a young boy named Sho. Later this young boy grows up and become mafia-look-alike (played by Gackt) and they become close friends. Vampire Kei ended up being in friendship circle between five people, four guys and one girl. Since their friendship is surrounded among mafia world, then there's no surprise when one by one those five people eventually died.

I almost expected this is a kind one movie started with Kei and ended with (also) Kei. But well, I was wrong. That's why I like it actually, hehehe, I adored those movies which are not predictable.

Anyway, I prefer Gackt's acting much more than Hyde's. Even if Hyde's easier in the eye. I love how Gackt resembles a troubled young man (later on, a troubled man adult) with his mascara, his make up, and his style (a bit girlish I think). And I love the feeling that all the faces playing in Moon Child is familiar to me.

So that is why I paid attention to the credit title. Holy cow, there's Wang Lee Hom and Kanata Hongo. Kyaaaaaa...! No wonder they looked so damn familiar. I knew them!
Hehehehehehe. Kanata Hongo was still a very very young kid, how old was he? Five? Six? And now he's playing Hinokio - Inter Galactic Love, Nana 2, Tennis no Oujisama, and became the model for Yui's video clip - Tomorrow Way. Sigh. Time flies.

Ah, I love the ending. Okay, I need to state that I love the entire movie which is not predictable AND got a nice ending scene. Usually those with lame ending scenes will be easily forgotten, zap, just like that. Say, Twilight? =P I can't even remember Twilight's ending scene now, omigod.

Moon Child's ending is taken at a beach, at sunrise, where vampires mostly fast asleep by then. But these two characters (Hyde and Gackt, who else?) decided to watch the sunrise instead. So, right before the sun came up, Hyde gave Gackt a picture of five of them (past life reference).

Then the camera spots the sun high above the head.

Then the picture.

Then the picture with red nuance. I mean, you get the whole idea that the vampire has been burned by the light. Beautiful. Brilliant. Sad.

Then the camera spot the car (did I mention they sit in a car? A roofless one). But of course, the car is empty.

And then I was like, "Aaaaw"-ing myself. Crazily fond of that scene. Blimey!

We watched the setting sun
A perfect orange glow
Both about to cry
For our final farewell

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Twilight the movie

First thing I noticed is (obviously) the absolutely ridiculous amount of make up that the Cullen family wears. What happen with all special effect team that supposedly getting better along these years? Even I could point out blank that Edward Cullen is wearing too much white powder he almost looks like a transvestite. Geez. It really turned off the mood so I made up my mind to comment out as much as I can during the whole movie.

Jasper Cullen actually looked like Justin Timberlake (the hair!) with Charlie Chaplin character (except when they're playing baseball, he looked cool in that cap) with his being silent and stiff. Yes I know Jasper is supposedly become this empathy strong character but I don't get that in the movie. It doesn't even being explained, so newbie could only assume this Jasper guy is just another weird vampire.

Neeways, the utmost mockery scene was when, out of nowhere, Bella suddenly felt in love with Edward the vampire. Uh, hello, their interaction is basically seeing the onion through microscope together, avoiding each other during class, and yeah that grand rescue of Bella. That's it and suddenly Bella said, "I don't care, it doesn't matter (if you're a vampire)".

I strongly believe most of the audience last night has read the book first, because their reaction was simply based on the Edward cuteness and Edward coolness. Edward this and Edward that. Yes, sometimes he is easy in the eye, but that's only when he doesn't wear that much make up. It's not a great movie whatsoever, it's just a plain based-on-the-book movie, no surprise there and yes for you who even haven't read the book, DO NOT watch this in the movie theatre. It's boring, just a chick flick drama. This one is nothing more than a refuge for those girls who are in love with Edward character. Period.

Oh yes, the enemy looked so much cooler than Edward Cullen himself, hehehe, the name is James.. Cute, I love the pairing between Bella and James..

Friday, November 28, 2008

Lace - Shirley Conran

I'm currently reading the old novel found in some old bookstore in Pasar Festival. It's called LACE and written by Shirley Conran. I must admit, I have never heard of her name, or her fancy work whatsoever. I picked it up randomly from the shelves, and for-God-sake's even it's cover is already gone. The book condition is like a used-up-old-wench as it may say within the book. Hehehehehe.

The most interesting part before I choose to buy alien book is to look upon the review. Although I kept getting disappointing reading in oppose to good reviews on its back cover, I kept looking and searching for every new book reviews.

Anyway, almost every review of the LACE contains the word "Sex". Quoted:

"LACE is Glamorous Careers... Movie Stars, Greek shipping Magnates, French and British Aristocrats, Arabian Royalty, and Mind-Boggling Sex... Rapture!" --Harper's

"All the Women Are Wildly Successful, and... Their Sex Lives are Explored in Loving Detail." --People

"A High-Paced, Globe-Trotting Novel... Crammed with Exotic Locations, High-Pressure Career Decision and Loads of Sex" --Los Angeles Times Book Reviewetc etc..

Cool huh? And honestly, the book IS interesting despite the vulgar aspect mentioned above. It reminds me of Sydney Sheldon's work for its tragedy and mind-boggling-almost-scary sex, Danielle Steel's work for its romance and marriage and sorrow, Mallory Tower's series for its girls and boys school adventure, and lots of capturing scenes.

It is about a movie star named Lili (with no surname) who gathered 4 adult women to United States just to say, "All right, which one of you four bitches is my mother?"

Jreng jreng! That alone caught my interest, given that the four ladies are all wealthy successful women, which at first didn't seem connected whatsoever with one another, but actually they are best friends since middle school in France. What an inspiring story indeed. They began in France, but ended up in London, New York, Paris, etc etc and live a prosperous life.

I also need to admit that the story does not really fair. I mean, along their life, there has been no major setback or steep trouble happened to all of them. Well, if you called miscarriage, divorce, married to an actually-a-transvestite husband, or else is a tragic thing, then we shall agree upon something different then (ngomong apa sih gue?).

Anyway, it's a good read though.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ssst, si ganteng..

Honestly, it's been like years ago I'm planning to write this, but I didn't have much time to do the research (baca: nyari gambar) so I guess it would only be proper if I included a lot of his faces in this one.

Okay, who didn't recognize the hunk next to this article? You might have heard his song, such as "Breathless", "If That's OK With You", "Damaged", etc etc. Yeah, he's Shayne Ward, the winner of X-Factor 2005! Yipee!
At first I infatuated truly only by his song ('fcourse, what else?) Berhubung lagu pertamanya yang so-so lucu di telinga itu "If That's OK With You" jadi akhirnya gue nyari-nyari yang lain. "Breathless" is also one of my fave since I could sing along at the high-pitch-part (ask my roommates ;P)

Terus, usut punya usut, ternyata pemilik si suara indah ini bertampang lucu pula. Hehehehe. Reminds me of Michael Scofield waktu masi muda, hihihihi. Abis bertato dan liat begituh, duuh, napa ngga semua penyanyi aja punya pretty faces like him?

Sekilas tentang Shayne Ward, ngutip-ngutip dari Wikipedia,
"Ward was born in 1984 in Clayton, Manchester to Irish parents.He has a twin sister named Emma and five other siblings: Mark, Martin, Michael, Lisa and Leona. He is a Manchester United supporter, and in 2002, he reached the final thirty of Popstars: The Rivals, the television show that created the massively successful British girl band Girls Aloud. Prior to his participation in The X Factor, Ward was in a band called Destiny with two women named Tracy Murphy and Tracey Lyle, performing at pubs, clubs and weddings. He currently resides in Manchester

In early 2005, Ward auditioned for the second series of The X Factor. He impressed all three judges (Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh) and passed through to the next round. Ward quickly became the Bookmakers' favourite to win the show, and after making it to the grand final, he defeated Simon Cowell's duo Journey South and Sharon Osbourne's over-25 singer Andy Abraham and was crowned as the winner of The X Factor 2005. "

Yep, kesimpulannya, si ganteng Ward ini angkatan 2002, beraksen British, damn sexy, and can sing! Eligible bachelor.. eligible bachelor.. eligible bachelor..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tropic Thunder

What happens when you put Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr, Nick Nolte, Tom Cruise, and Matthew McConaughey all in one movie? Well, apparently something called Trophic Thunder. It's somehow a slapstick-comedy-action sort of movie btw. First of all, this sort of movie is not into my liking. So I skipped it to the very end of the movie, the part where co-stars playing in it are being showed. Jreng jreng, then I was amazed at those bunch of names so I forced myself to actually watch it.

It's still ridiculous movie, but I love Tom Cruise there, he's been barely recognized as himself, if it wasn't for the title under his face that read "Tom Cruise", I would've not noticed. Hell, he's so different, and he's so norak, bo! He looks like the guy playing Veronica Mars' dad in Heroes. Heck, I forgot the real name of Veronica Mars character, and heck I even forgot her name in Heroes. Sue me.

Anyway, Trophic Thunder is about some Vietnam war's experience that about to be made to a movie. So this is the movie about the guy who attempted to made that movie. Confusing? Just watch it. It's pretty funny.

Speaking of which, the interesting part of Trophic Thunder is those trailers slash commercials before the actual movie. Oh my God, do those movies really exist? The hillarious one is about Kirk Lazarus (actually played by Robert Downey Jr) and Tobey Macguire.

"In a time where to be different was to be condemned" *showed lit of candles, a man praying in front of the altar, maybe within 16 centuries background*
"And to be condemned was to die" *showed another man in a cloak, staring at the man in the altar, nudging his jaw and moving his eyes, but the man in the altar shook his head in disapproval*
"One man chose to question his God" *the man previously at the altar is now shouting outside the castil, anger to God presumably*
"From Fox Searchlight" *Gregorian music as backsound, man-in-the-cloak slowly grab man-in-the-altar's rosario, and then you got the chill for guessing that it might be some gay movie*
"Five time Academy Award winner, Kirk Lazarus" *so that's the name of the man in altar*
"And MTV Movie Award Best Kiss Winner, Tobey Macguire" *at this point I gasped, OHMIGOD, Tobey?*
*then both man grasp for each other's hand, faces still to the altar, but down there they're holding hands, and my jaw still dropped open*
"Winner of the Beijing Film Festival's coveted Crying Monkey Award"
*then I heard a whisper sound of 'I've been a bad, bad boy, Father'*


If that's supposed to be part of the movie Trophic Thunder then hell yes it's genious! Hahahahaha.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Waw, I really need to say WAW after watching this movie. The whole plot is hillarious, not to mention the nostalgic-remake-oldies-songs of ABBA, the quality of each co-stars' voices, the name casting for the movie (Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, etc) and my-oh-my they all can sing.

Mamma Mia is one hell of a musical movie (in a good positive interpretation), light-themed (unlike Sweeney Todd) with colourful scenes taken in Greek. All the guys filming in this pictures has muscles, darling! Really-really refreshing, entertaining, dan noraknya Meryl Streep itu mantab abis! Ngga nanggung-nanggung, ngga setengah-setengah, ngga malu-malu, keren!

I love it when characters act, sing, dance, all in one crazy compact movement. The whole movie scenes cheered me up, made me laugh, brought me to aaaww-moment, ngga abis-abis adegan-adegan sweet, adegan kocak, adegan norak, adegan yang bikin gue mikir, "OMIGOD, Pierce Brosnan nyanyiii, kyaaa!!!"

Hahahahaha, this is full of laughter kind of movie. Pemeran-pemerannya mantab, including yang maenin temen-temennya si nyokap (apalagi si Julie Walters, I LOVE this woman!). Favourite scenes of all time was when the groom's friends dance ridiculously stupid in the shore.

Ngakak abis. Pol noraknya.

Amanda Seyfried itu pertama kali gue notice waktu maen jadi Lily di series Veronica Mars, and then as a guest star in Justice (waaa, cool series!), dan gue baru ngeh suaranya bagus yaa.She's so much resembling Juliet in this movie, kurang Romeo doang >_< But truly she's a lot cuter (and fitter) than the one in Veronica Mars where she looked chubby and montok. Hehehehe.

Anyway, Mamma Mia is about a girl named Sophie (or Donna? I barely remembered since I kept calling her Lily at whole time, hehehehehe) who's about to hold her wedding in Greek (which reminds me, Meryl Streep gotta do lotsa workout since she's jumping around and practically climbing all of the houses there, gila tu otot!). She intended to invite her unknown-birth-father but since she didn't really sure who her father is between three of her mother's past lover, she decided to invite all of them.

Things are getting complicated because apparently her mother's (played by Meryl Streep) also didn't know who is the father! Hahahahahaha, sumpah bodoh abis. That's when things are getting interested. You will be indulged with three different images of father-material. The flamboyant Pierce Brosnan, the 'spontaneus' Colin Firth, and the realistic Stellan Skarsgard. Choose one, people! Personally I preferred Colin Firth, apalagi sejak dia nyanyi Our Last Summer di kapal layar. Mein Gott, so crazily sweet!

Okay, that's it. It's recommended!

ps: I watched Quantum of Solace yesterday, and is it just me or the film is actually heavily censored? Dang!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I didn't realize Kerr Smith is still exist in this world. Okay, I'm exaggerate a bit, but yes I'm quite surprised. He turned out okay by definition and being phrase correctly chosen by his latest TV Series - Justice, 'the good-looking, all-American-face of not-guilty' lawyer. I also happened to not realized that he looks quite alike with Julian McMahon. Why why, what a beautiful small world we live in.

Who is Kerr Smith anyway? Well, he's Andy's gay little brother in old-school-movie Dawson's Creek (used to love the series up until Pacey and Joey broke up.. again)

Anyway, this TV series Justice is about a bunch of top-level-hot-shot lawyers called TNT&G (cute name me think) who, well, defending all 'innocent' trial-suspects out there. I'll admit, I just watched the first episode but I'm quite thrilled. Mostly because of that Kerr Smith guy, but that's come in nature, mind you.

By the look of the movie, all the scenes were taken with high technology compatibility (or should we called it, special effect?). I mean, they discussed one trial preparation like they would've discussed a software development. Every stage is thoroughly prepared and prepared. Did I mention it twice? It's because they don't kid.

It's cool law movie, compared to the traditional-psycho-law movie called Damage, Justice is much more refreshing. Give it a try, you might even be more surprised.

One thing I took note from this movie is one cozy room, called the supposedly their office, with all glass-thick-window and futuristic-glassy-looking stairs. O my God didn't the stairs will look amazing? One of the character just walking from room to room elegantly whilst dictating about what should and what should not to do in one's court. "Don't miss anything, because if you miss anything, it could cost our client everything."

Did I mention that there's Victor Garber, Sam Trammell, et cetera et cetera also playing in this movie?

Anyhoo, sneak peak on Project Runway season 5, after loving the whole last season AND the brilliant winner (Christian Siriano you bloody smart-ass), I haven't decide it yet as to whom I would pour my heart upon. Only one tiny comment though, what is it with Wesley Nault and his short pants? Gosh, dude!

This young designer (he's only 23) has this peculiar business men look alike from the waist above. Well, being working with Marc Jacobs for the last year, who doesn't? I mean, the suit, the tie, the clean shirt, even the handsome face, but holy-mother-of-hell why on earth did he keep wearing that gay-like short pants? It's not even a decent one, being way too short in my sense of fashion, and what is he trying to brag on? His hairy feet? God, he doesn't even have hairy feet. He has this smooth skinny leg which reminds me of a balerina leg. Too bad he's out in second round. I would've love to see his next collection of short pants.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How I met Your Mother?

I have no idea what’s gotten into me, but after watching several episodes of How I Met Your Mother, the idea struck me like hell. This guy (the main actor) is very much resemblance of my friend.


Not by the look, but by the way he talks and the way he thinks. Man, that suit him up quite a lot. Watch it people. He’s somewhat geeky and yet sometimes aspiring.

The recent quote I call in fave was:
Girl: We barely know each other, and you’re looking at me with that look, and it’s like.. it’s like.. *waving desperately*
Boy: Like.. like what?
Girl: Like “Let’s fall in love and get married and have kids and drive them to soccer practice”
Boy: I’m not going to force sports on them unless they’re interested
Girl: *Giggle* It’s a great look. But you’re looking at the wrong girl.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dal Ja's Spring

Yap, Dal Ja's Spring, a series I recommend to every soul out there. It's refreshing, fun and having so many touching lines right from the beginning. I love it because it's not a typical Korean love stories consist of teenager and honey bunny lovey-dovey things. Huahahahaha, pengaruh umur ni kayanya. Di usia segini, I tend to choose maturity over cuteness, hehehe, and if this movie gave me both, hell why not?

Yang paling jelas sih ni serial ceritanya tentang seorang cewe 33 tahun yang jadi manager di sebuah perusahaan home shopping. Despite her age, she's actually never experiencing such thing as great romance. Gara-gara kebanyakan nonton drama dan pilem-pilem romantis, she sets her hopes so high it becomes ridiculous. Oh yeah, ni cewe kacau banget imajinasinya. Aslilah. Every piece of her imagination always made us, the audience, berasa DOENK! Seriously, even in those sad episodes, selalu ada things yang bikin gue ngakak saking lebainya tu imajinasi.

Trus, line-line di pelem ini suka bikin peresapan episode-nya suka rada lama. Hohoho, biasa, kalo gue berasa ada kalimat yang bagus, suka berasa tertohok dan akhirnya diem dulu meresapi kalimatnya.

Yah, cerita ini juga gue suka banget karena temanya yang ngga mengumbar kalimat-kalimat 'I Love You' dimana-mana. Tsk tsk tsk, great idealism. Love is NOT some thing you can say that easy, you got to mean it, and it came with responsibility, ladies and gentleman. It came with responsibility.

ANYWAY, tentunya yang ngga ketinggalan gue pelototin dari serial ini adalaaaah... COAT-nya yang keren-keren gila. A bit ngga mungkin terjadi di dunia nyata soalnya tiap hari coat yang dipake si cewe ganti mulu dengan berbagai model yang bikin mupeng. Anjrit, keren abis lah! Ngga putih, ngga merah, ngga coklat, semuanya kereeen. Huhuhuhu. Model baju yang dia pake pun so khas, everything with daleman kaos lengan panjang, either black, white, pastel, etc. Mungkin didukung tampang juga kali ya, secara ni cewe lama-lama diliat koq jadi doll-face gtu. Coat dan jaket-jaket yang dipake tokoh-tokoh laen pun sama bikin mupengnya. Even to compare it with Gossip Girls, I prefer Korean coat mengingat modelnya yang unik-unik dan kereeeeen. I'll collect the pictures when I had the time.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Prison Break (the next episode)

There's some things that once you got a hold of it, you just can't let it go. You'll just keep turning back and hang on to it. Like me, for example. I'll never get tired of watching new old series, and eventhough it kept me up and down the hills at times, but eventually I'll still continue watching them and voila, the very same story caught my interest once again.

Yah, Prison Break for example. This series had long gone from its first season, and right now, starting their fourth one and I'm STILL interested in the plot. Hahahaha. Maybe you thought of me as a bit of megalomaniac addict to Michael Scofield, but I don't think so.

Michael Scofield is chubbier now, compared to the first season (in which everytime you set your eyes upon him, you goes like "Aaargh, kill me, he's adorable.") So, no, his looks is not something I chase anymore, cause right now I'm looking at Sara Tancredi. Hehehehe, big spoiler, yes?

Despite the ridiculous plot which turned more and more like Indonesian electronic cinema, I think in this season Prison Break has more important (if not confusing) missions to solve. Yah, we'll see lah.

Anyhow, kalo lu nonton dan ngikutin Prison Break dari season satu, laju plot-nya dari season tiga ke season empat koq aga-aga gmana gtu yah. Di season satu Scofield planned to get his brother out of Fox River penitentiary gara-gara dituduh ngebunuh entah siapa yang ada hubungannya ama capres US. Udah gtu di season dua, Scofield berhasil kabur tapi jadi fugitive. Dia 'kenalan' ma agen polisi jenius namanya Mahone. Di season tiga, Scofield ketangkep lagi di penjara Sona di Panama yang konon once you get in, you'll never get out. Dia sengaja dimasukin ke penjara Sona itu buat ngeluarin seorang pria ngga jelas yang kerja buat The Company. Gilanya, di Sona ini, yang ketangkep is not just Scofield tapi sekalian si agen jenius Mahone itu. Jadi kalo dipikir-pikir, mau lo jadi insinyur, agen polisi, kepala penjara, pembunuh pedofil, maling henpon, apa kek, sekalinya lo maen di Prison Break, ujung-ujungnya pasti masuk penjara juga.

Nah di season empat ini, Scofield kan berhasil kabur dari Sona, si tempat angker itu. Eeeh, baru di episode satu tiba-tiba dibilang kalo tiga hari yang lalu Sona being burned down due to riot held by the prisoner. Intinya tahanan-tahanannya pada kabur gitu aja. Anjrit, Scofield aja butuh satu season buat kabur itu juga dah empot-empotan mikirinnya, ini tahanan-tahanan yang laen koq gampang amat. Bah, tau gitu bikin kekacauan aja dari dulu, bos!

Ini kayanya emang sengaja biar Scofield reunited with his old buddies from prison(s). Kocak juga kalo dipikir-pikir. Scofield tu kan dulu kerjanya kantoran, pake jas, insinyur cerdas bertampang clean, eh sekarang gaulannya orang-orang napi, dong.

Yang paling mirip sinetron adalah tokoh Sara Tancredi. Perannya pas di season satu tu sweet banget de, jadi dokter tahanan di Fox River, tempat Scofield ditahan. Trus suka ma Scofield, trus ikutan rencana kabur dari penjara, trus terpisah gara-gara Scofield dikejar-kejar polisi, trus ketemu lagi pas dah mau ending season dua. Trus pas Scofield dipenjara di Sona, Sara jadi sandera (along with LJ) buat nego ama Scofield biar mau disuruh ngeluarin si pria ngga jelas yang kerja buat The Company ituh. Trus during season tiga, Sara Tancredi dipenggal dong palanya gara-gara Michael Scofield berulah. Matilah kawan kita, I shocked, Scofield shocked, everybody shocked.

Eh di season empat tiba-tiba dibilang kalo itu semua palsu, bohong, tipu-tipu. Bukti penggalan kepala hanyalah kepala cewe laen yang diambil dari ruang mayat yang mirip ma Sara. Saranya sendiri ternyata berhasil kabur pas disandera. Jreng jreng.

A bit like telenovela kan? Hehehehe. Quotenya si Lincoln sih lucu, "Yeah it was dark. But if you're asking me if I picked up the head to check if it was Sara, no, Michael, I didn't do that."

However, all and all, I'm happy Sara's still alive, cause this movie is lack of women. It's all men and men. Besides, Sara and Michael is cute together. Hihihihi.

Oh and by the way, I won something recently. A poster competition. Yay. But I thought maybe the jury had low level of taste if I could win such contest.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Re: Jay jay

Weird day

Yesterday I went home only to find a bunch of homeless people sitting on my floor and playing cards. Wow, a game I barely played anymore. With that in mind, I mingled immediately and start playing like crazy. It's fun, it's awesome, it's brutal, it's SEVEN SCOPE!!

We played for like centuries, cursing and singing like moron =D, being defensive and offensive as much as we could muster, and eventually it's already 3 a.m in the morning. Yaiks. I got meeting and client document processing tommorow morning! Aaah, who cares! =D

Played and played like there's no tommorow, huhuhu, and then my roommate prepared their early breakfast (tsk tsk, that's like the earliest breakfast I've ever seen, hehehe). She cooked some meal then join us again after few brutal and bloody losses she suffered. Looked like she didn't want to be humiliated just like that, ladies and gentleman. That's why we changed the pace and the game into CAPSA!

I sucks at capsa, I gotta tell you. I have no sense of strategy whatsoever whilst playing my card. Shame on me, dude! Even the two newbies who just recently learnt how to play could beat me at once. Damn! That showed how terribIy dumb I played =D Hihihi, I miss playing TRUF, especially PAIRING TRUF, the telepathy, the intuition, the sixth sense, the eye contact, it's all ART in there, my fellow.

Times when my campus hasn't banned that particular game was an amazing moment. I miss those..

Anyway, being tired from lack of sleep somehow left me in a very weird aura this morning. I showered and prepared to go to my office then sitting quietly under a tree, waiting for the bus to pick me up.

The bus showed up late, as usual, but in the middle of that waiting moment, I was 'distracted' by uneventful event. (What is the meaning of uneventful anyway?).

There's some old man, saying that he's trying to go to St. Bogor by train from 4 a.m this morning and still in need for additional cash. Well, well, well.. unfortunately I ain't Tommy. Cause if I were Tommy, I guessed I already gave the old man all money I got and even showed him the way to go to St. Pondok Cina (no pun intended to you, friend =P)

Anyway, seeing him reminded me of a woman I met the day before. She told me that she's in great hurry to RSCM but also in desperate need to seek for additional money to buy 'infus' (what's the English word?). She asked for 27.000 IDR, but unlucky for her, she happened to ask me when I'm in my lowest financial condition level EVER. Hahahahaha. I said no (duh!) and explained that I got no money left on me except for my bus fare.

Hm, it looks like the trend for new alternative way to has begin already during this fasting month, yes? Honestly I did not thought of anything until the woman said something like, "Begini ya, Nak. Ibu ngga ada niat jahat." Buset, jadi malah berasa horor pas denger dia ngomong gtu. Kurang cerdas ya cara persuasinya.

ANYWAY.. aside from the old man, there's another (actually there's two) old women who kindly made conversation with me whilst waiting for the bus. This is weird, because I'm not used to little chat with stranger, either cause of my mood or maybe my look. Hehehehe. After little chit chat, one of the old woman offered me Oriflame new catalog. Waw! I didn't even ask! Coolness! You know why I'm happy? It's because I happened to look for that catalog to browse for new items. Hehehe, jiwa materialistis. Yah, ternyata si ibu ini keluarga yang punya Puri Marsini, ckckck, dan dia kebetulan pengen ke Otista. Doenk gtu gue pas dia nanya naik apaan. Bah, gue kan buta jalan.

Yah, that's how my weird day began, and who knows, maybe there's still more waiting ahead. Semangat!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pop the Question

Interesting quizzes, like always, charmed me in a certain way, especially when the quiz had cute questions to ask. Recently, okay maybe not that recent, I entered a quiz which cost me quite a minute to figure out the answer. Why? Because I imagine what the answer would likely be. Hehehehe. It's fun, actually.

The cute question happened to be: What would your ideal time and place be when the question being popped?

a. In a middle of a big game, maybe soccer, basketball, football, hockey, etc. During the halftime, the big screen up there read "Will you marry me?" and the whole hall scream for you both, dazzle you up.

b. At the beach, in the middle of the slow dance, with Frank Sinatra - Moon River song played in the background, moon shone up above. He stared deeply into your eyes, kissed you, then popped the question.

c. By bunch of clues, trails, signs that lead you to the end of a path, and by the time you reach the place, he stood there nervously, gingerly, then asked you the question.

d. In the crowd, say a Count Down to New Year celebration, in the middle of a club/pub/party, he suddenly ask you loudly, nearly yelled for it in joy, and surprised you he did. Fun!

e. In the middle of casual conversation. Something like, "Yeah, and I like that bread, too. By the way, would you marry me?"

f. He added initiatory to your blackberry/agenda/meeting schedule something like, "Plaza Building, 5 o'clock. Don't be late." without any prior notification. Sweet when you get there, isn't it?

Some I added it myself from random magazines and books. Hmm, please feel free to add.

Btw, I stumbled on a very sweet proposal story. It came from a French guy (what is it with France and Amore?) and I dunno, I just love his story. Nothing too big, but it's not that ordinary too. Check it out here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who's this cutie?


Duuh demen dah kalo ada maenan baru buat dikecengin

This guy's apparently named Alex Watson, yeah, the brother of Emma Watson, the Hermione 'Know-It-All' Granger. Pertama muncul di pers masih lucu-lucu balita, eeeh sekarang dah jadi good looking lad. Hehehehehehe.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hair, oh Hair..

These days I often caught myself in between some dull thinking activities. Which is meaningless, and totally unimportant. But not necessarily un-fun(??). It is fun, in fact, it's enjoyable actually. Hehehehe.

Salah satunya adalah ketika di siang bolong, saat sedang sendirian di kamar, tiba-tiba terbersit (terbesit? tebersit?) keinginan untuk ke salon buat ngegunting dan ngeriting rambut.


That was such a brilliant idea! Magnificent! Genius!

Melangkahlah saya dengan hati riang ke salon dan menanyakan kalo ngeriting kira-kira tahan berapa lama ya? Oh 3 bulan. Ya udah de ga papa. Yuk, keritingin rambut, yuuk.

----satu jam berlalu----


----dua jam berlalu----


----tiga jam berlalu----

"Anjrit, ni obatnya bau amat sih, Mbak!", gue protes tiba-tiba.
"Oh, biasa itu mah", balas Mbaknya.


----empat jam berlalu----

"Buset, ni prosesnya lama banget, mana belom makan siang. Ah, tapi gapapa, beauty need sacrifice kalo katanya Sun Tzu."


Pas dah selese, diliat-diliat di cermin, dipandang-pandang atas bawah kiri kanan.


Alhasil gue matut-matut di kaca kaya orang bego, dan menanyakan hal yang sama ama orang-orang yang gue kenal,
"Eh, nyadar ngga lo kalo gue motong rambut?"
"Kalo gue bilang gue abis ngeriting rambut??"


Monday, July 7, 2008


What a freaking boring morning, and not to mention a lazy Monday to begin with. Up to this second, I idly browsed through, trying to find a great deal with minimum purchase =P Aaah, shopping (eventhough) online is refreshing indeed.

I found (but not necessarily bid) a cute Kate Spade handbag, gorgeous Bebe trench coat, nice Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt, lovely yellow Bebe flowy dress (and I mean it, really lovely >_<), Banana Republic hoodie jacket, and tons of great other items.



Then my colleague came to me with this bunch of documents, UAT documents, and asked me to REDONE my bug-free-proof screen shot AGAIN just because they asked for it.

Muooonyong kampreeeet.....

Napa ngga dulu aja sekalian?? Sumpah gue males banget ngulang2 aplikasi dari awal, bikin nasabah baru dan customize the freakin database biar bisa dites ulang. MALAS! MALAS! And I heard he wants to get out from this assignment and made it a secondary assignment? Wtf?

Yah, mood merosot jauh saja lah seharian ini. Koneksi internet juga bikin marah, putus nyambung ngga jelas. Di kantor juga masih ngga jelas. Meja blom punya, cubicle apalagi. Bah! Dah kaya anak tiri yang diperas tenaganya aja gue. MALAS!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Gossip girl

Hahhhh... it's been weeks since I saw the last episode of this series, but the drama and the after-effect eventually got me just now. The moment when I have nothing to do in particular at my client's office =D

Blair and Chuck

I really really really amazed by how this two love birds (if you may say so) interact and maintain their chemistry. Snow White meets Mr. Wolf. So fun when finally Blair (sort of) gave Chuck a chance to be non-jerk-human-being AND actually accepted his invitation to spend summer holiday in Europe. Well, but Chuck will always be Chuck, I can't imagine having the sweet-lovey-dopey-Chuck of all people, he changed his mood at the very last minute, giving us viewers a jaw-dropped sensation and the urge to shoot the British lad with firefighter.

Nate and Serena

Yes, I know this couple is so outdated, their relationship existence (as a couple) is not even there anymore. But come on, people, they're both cute. I had enough with the real Serena's boyfriend, Dan Humphrey, who had lost his mind by leaving Serena out of nothing. So so unclear this guy is. (baca: ngga jelas amat ni cowo.)

Serena and Nate is a perfect picture of Upper East Side couple. Blonde, tall, handsome and beautiful, and yeah, so filthy rich.


The funny thing about those quartet above is they can change their partner with ease. I don't think people would mind if the director actually put Blair and Nate back together (how lovely those two are) and the image of Chuck and Serena is simply hillarious. In a good way. He teased his sister with certain annoying yet adorable act. Hahahahahaha, I quote:

phone conversation
Serena: Chuck, I need your help.
Chuck: Only if you're begging for it, sister.
Serena: CHUCK!!!
Chuck: Fine. Hearing you scream for my name is more than enough. What can I do for you?

I felt very very happy watching the scene where the four of them finally being in the same room (like old times) and with one hell of a purpose. To protect Serena. How delicious. Hahahahaha.


Anyway, I love the last episode of Gossip Girl so much it leave me with desire to see more. Can't wait for the next season. Hopefully it won't turn into one of those cheap crappy series with looooong story plot and murderous character add-on. *cross finger*

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My day Of Hunting

Hari ini, dan hari-hari sebelumnya, again I have nothing to do in particular at my office. Alhasil, gue jadi browsing-browsing dengan gagah berani, menyelip sana-sini di antara koneksi internet klien gue yang menggemaskan. Itu imagenya lucu ya, iklannya armani eyewear. Hehehe.

Lucu amat tu internet, ngeblokir situs tergantung mood, detik ini semua lokal bisa tapi internasional ngga bisa, trus 5 menit kemudian, lokal dan internasional sebagian doang yang bisa.. AAARGH.. emosi jiwa sayah..

Anyway, setelah browsing-browsing ke , liat-liat ad-nya Emporio Armani for the sake of finding picture of Kaka (.___.) akhirnya gue kepikiran buat belanja online cara tradisional. Dimulai dengan iseng-iseng ngeliatin butik online temen kantor gue ( yang tas-tasnya luthu-luthu, akhirnya berimbas ke google dengan keyword "jual harlem beat" HEHEHEHEHE.

Seru juga tawar-menawar ma orang ngga dikenal via email dan sms. Rata-rata ngasi harga Rp 9000 - Rp 10.000 per buku belum termasuk ongkos kirim. Mahal amat yah. Mengingat itu komik dijual jaman gue smp-sma... Dan mengingat itu ada 29 eksemplar, for God's sake, masa ngga dikasi diskon? Gue kan ngga beli sebiji-2 biji...

Udah gitu dari Harlem Beat beralih ke Beyond The BlindFold. Ni komik seinget gue sih bagus, cuman gue masi ragu buat ngebeli setelah mengingat dan menimbang bahwasanya temen saya, Cecep, kayanya sih punya. Tapi gue masi napsu aja ma si Harlem Beat. Keren sih tu komik seinget gue.

Hal yang sama terjadi waktu gue berjalan-jalan ke toko buku dan kalap membeli Poor Prince lengkap 1-14. Waw. Untung harga yang dipasang masih harga lama Rp 7500-an jadi sih ngga mencekik leher.

Ah, memang kalo beli buku gue bisa lupa diri dan lupa ingatan (akan kondisi tabungan) T___T Kemaren berhubung Gramedia promosi disc 20% all item (dan tambahan 10% lagi kalo make BNI card) diperpanjang sampai akhir Juni, serta-mertalah gue ke sono dan memborong buku senilai setengah jutaan dan ternyata hanya di-charge Rp 300rb SAJAH! Hohoho. Aku senaaang. >__< Pengen ke sono lagi tapi takut ngga bisa makan sampai akhir bulan =( Hiks.

Duuuuh... I love books A LOT. Prefer beli buku daripada beli makan/sepatu/baju/tas. Hahahahahaha. Prioritas yang aneh. Mungkin ini akibat didikan orang tua gue yang keras (baca: PELIT) dalam hal pembelian buku cerita. Bayangin gue ngga pernah, not even once, dibeliin komik ato buku cerita whatsoever kecuali that one time emak gue kesambet entah apa tiba-tiba ngebawain gue oleh-oleh serial misteri sebiji. HEBAT! That was master card moment. Nothing can buy it =D Masih gue inget sejelas-jelasnya sampe detik ini gmana rasanya menerima tu buku dari tangan emak gue.

Nah, thanks to that childhood memories, I got my own revenge now. Huhuhu, tiap kali ada duit gue langsung beli buku. Pake duit sendiri. Pake hasil keringat sendiri. Ngga minta-minta nyokap. Ngga pake uang jajan yang disisihkan (karena pada prinsipnya tu duit dari ortu juga jadi sama saja BOHONG!) dan ta-da. Saya bangga. Hehehehe.

Speaking of books, recent reviews yang belum sempat gue tulis.
Taj Mahal
Unexpectedly this book turned out to be an interesting reading material. Ceritanya (walaupun terjemahan) bagus, menggambarkan kecantikan sang ratu yang menjadi inspirasi pembangunan Taj Mahal dengan sangat apik dan mengesankan, dan karakter-karakternya berbekas di ingatan. Hehehe. Gue suka de novel-novel budaya gini yang bahasanya ngga berat-berat, ngga filosofis/agamais/politik banget-banget dan ada story line-nya. Reminds me of my other book Dreamer yang tentang Yusuf ituh.

For One More Day - Mitch Albom
Yeah, all his books are that good. Dan gue suka karena dia bikin kalimat-kalimat sederhana yang menohok hati. Huhuhuhuhu. Cerita tentang pengalaman seorang pria yang menghabiskan satu hari lagi bersama ibunya yang sudah meninggal beberapa tahun yang lalu. A bit mirip (kalo dari sinopsisnya) ama sebuah film Jepang yang gue lupa judulnya. Tentang keluarga yang dapet kesempatan menghabiskan waktu lagi bersama ibu/istri yang sebenernya dah meninggal. Tapi antara buku ini dan film Jepang ituh, ya beda lah. Jauh.

The Life of Pi - Yann Martel
Well, actually gue belum menamatkan bacaan yang satu ini. Tapi bahkan dari 85 halaman pertamanya saja saya sudah suka. Bagus de, tentang kisah seorang anak India yang terkatung-katung di tengah laut sampai berbulan-bulan bersama hewan-hewan lain dan Richard Parker. A Bengal tiger. Konon katanya setelah membaca buku ini, you'll believe the existence of God. The God.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Sometimes, a dream is better be just a dream.
Never wish for it to become real, unless you're ready to face the mad truth that your dream is way better to be just a dream.
Since in the reality, dream doesn't exist.
Dream has no stand point.
Dream is just not real.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

One taste of my say

Minggu kemarin I finished season 7 The Celebrity Apprentice and I got to say Omarosa is the first real living bitch I've ever seen in my entire live. Hahaha. I hardly called anyone as a bitch before, I'm not that rude, mind you. But she is unbelievable. Un-be-lie-va-ble. The devil herself. She's sly, she's suck up, she's a traitor, and definitely a character murderer. Wow, I've never seen anyone so blatantly pitiful like herself.
Considering I'm quite an open minded person about certain weird things, this is pretty ironic. At first I thought she's just another killer apprentice, a great business woman, but then I realize something. There's a fine line between great business woman and plain pathetic kiss ass. She just did something that crossed the line. A great business woman knows when and where to put herself into any difficult situation. You got to have decent thinking AND attitude to be a great business woman. But that's not enough. You also need to create your network, to socialize and build a strong relationship with your peers. And not consistently stab them in their back every freaking 5 minutes.
Bedanya The Celebrity Apprentice ama the rest of those 6 seasons is their status. They're celebrity, they don't need the job, they just did it for fun, and for charity 'fcourse. They acted differently in the board room, they tend to do everything on their own accord, akhirnya mereka tu cenderung santai and .. well.. more likely to enjoy the new friendship and the continuously new task. Ok gue jadi lupa mau bilang apa.
Intinya, kehadiran tokoh Omarosa yang notabene bukan celebrity, itu tuh kaya ular mau masuk kerumunan gajah. Bikin para gajah jadi heboh, sekaligus bikin mereka marah. Gila ya, gue yang nonton aja bete, dasar perempuan laknat, what sort of great business woman yang insulted your family every ten minutes in front of your face? Pusing gue, tu orang macemnya tokoh sinetron yang minta digampar, too good to be true. Is it her real self?
Kocak de quote2 pemaen Apprentice yang lain, "Marilu for Omarosa? There is a God.", "Replacing Marilu with Omarosa, is like replacing the devil with.. Nelson Mandela, to be honest.", hueahuehauehuahea, ok emang itu semua quote-nya Piers Morgan. Never thought I'm gonna throwing some sympathies toward this guy, but he deserved it. In fact, I love every male players in this season. They acted all fun, natural, not bitching like women do, and played along. I don't buy any silly fight between them, even with Vincent Pastore or Stephen Baldwin or anyone else. I think they'll make a very happy reunion once it's all over.
So far though, my most favourite player of the season is Gene Simmons. Typical, but nothing to be ashamed. He rocks! Despite his scary outfit band performance (KISS), he's a nice and very cool gentleman. Aaaaah, paling sedih waktu he got fired, kocak pake bawa2 nama Omarosa segala. Emang tuh wanita biadab, walopun waktu episode itu dia ngga salah apa2, tapi seharusnya dia aja yang dipecat instead of Gene Simmons.
Speaking of which, the most questioning episode was when Donald Trump fired Nely Galan (Latino TV producer), heran ya masalah Gene Simmons sacrificed himself itu dibawa-bawa mulu. I don't think he got the right reason as to why he fired her. Seharusnya Omarosa dong, kan dia PM-nya?????? The idea is all hers, she's accountable to every product they made, dan kalo ini episode dimaenin di season2 sebelumnya, si Trump bakal mecat Project Manager kalo emang staff2nya not responsible enough for their loss. Gila ini mah sentimen pribadi gara2 Trump temenan deket ma Gene Simmons. Pusing gue, Gene aja ngga keberatan si Nely ngga dipecat, napa Trump yang dendam?
Hosh hosh...
Emang Apprentice season 7 ini paling berwarna. Tapi untuk episode 5 yang katanya mendapat skor 10 dari 10, I don't really think so. Hehehe, biasa aja, it doesn't even look real. Masih lebih seru yang Piers vs Omarosa di episode selanjutnya. Sampe Trump batal mecat siapapun dari grup yang kalah just because he intended to fire Omarosa cuman sayangnya si Omarosa ada di grup yang menang. Hahahahhahaha, enak euy jadi bos reality show. Ubah peraturan seenak dengkul.
Anyway, talking about other favourite character, Trace Adkins is the most sweetest guy I'd pick among them all. He's one 'little' down to earth shy guy. I love him, the God's voice he has, and his behaviour, cool, calm and confident =P Like Ivanka Trump said, "Trace Adkins is the good moral compass in this team."
Stephen Baldwin is another favourite character of mine. He's funny, he loves to laugh, he's smart, full of ideas, and he sort of gives me pinch in my heart for his love to God. Quote, "They all think I'm crazy!! Well, I am crazy... for Jesus." *Laughs heartily* Doenk!
Again, review review review...
August Rush
A light yet beautiful story about music, family and compassion. Ide ceritanya sederhana yah, tapi penggambarannya bagus. Endingnya ngga maksa yang aneh-aneh, simply beautiful in my opinion.
Yang paling exciting about this movie is of course.. the SOUNDTRACK, especially Father's Song yang dinyanyiin ma Leon Thomas III (si gimbal pengamen jalanan di Central Park). Keren bangeeet, gue shock pas dia nyanyi itu akustikan. So freakin bening wae suaranya.
Trus trus, gue baru ngeh ternyata bocah cilik yang maen di August Rush is also playing in Spiderwick. Si Freddie Highmore ni tampang bocah ganteng (pedofil mode on, hohohoho) Gue jadi pengen nonton Spiderwick, is it good?
And then,
Chronicles of Narnia
Ahahahaha, apalagi yang awak tonton di pelem ini selain Edmund (Skandar Heynes). Kalo di Narnia 1 si bocah ini dah keliatan luthu-luthu gtu (walopun geblek jatoh ke tangan si jahat), nah di Narnia 2 si Edmund grew up jadi bocah cool. Cool as in very-very cool =D Tak sungkan-sungkan awak menghela nafas panjang tiap kali tampangnya si Edmund disorot gede-gede ke layar. Hehehehehehe.
Untuk ceritanya sendiri sih, well okelah, cuman ngga suka karena settingnya malem-malem mulu, apa-apa gelap. Kalo di Narnia 1 kan perangnya keren banget, karena settingannya siang dan alam Narnia yang indah itu diekspose gede-gedean. Nah di Narnia 2 sih kaga =(
And then, yang jadi Prince of Caspiannya minta ditabok. Belagu banget, apanya yang 'si tampan dan gagah berani'. Amit-amit. Mending Peter kemana-mana.
Udah namatin Artemis Fowl looh, ternyata ceritanya seru euy, hahahaha, ngga ngebosenin kaya cerita-cerita fantasi standar. Soalnya setting perang manusia dan kaum peri tuh dah kaya FBI lawan CIA =D Teknologinya canggih-canggih. Hahahaha.
Kemaren browsing Gramedia again, ada buku lucu judulnya Neverwhere, cuman lupa pengarangnya sapa. Ceritanya tentang pria yang terperangkap dalam dunia London Bawah, yang tentunya beda dengan dunia London Atas, dimana di London Bawah ini penuh dengan kejahatan-kejahatan, and so on and so on... Pengen beli tapi malah ended up beli sendal -____-
MInggu kemaren setelah berhari-hari ngabisin vacation di Bandung, akhirnya Senin kemaren bisa tiba dengan selamat kembali ke Jakarta. Di Bandung sono, selain ketemu dengan mahluk-mahluk lama jaman SMU, tentunya tak lupa gue mencicipi kafe-kafe yang ada di sono. Hehehehe.
Well, hari pertama gue makan di Tizi Cafe. Menurut salah satu oknum, Tizi cafe ini bagusnya dinikmati pas malem-malem, tapi berhubung ngga ada waktu buat keluar malem yah apa bole buat. Di Tizi makanan khasnya tuh steak-steak segede babon, untungnya gue cuman nyobain omelette jamur pake roti. Ada juga schaslichk (halah, susah bener nulisnya, ini pokoknya sate2an gtu lah, daging sapi tapinya) yang satu tusuk harganya 21rb, 2 tusuk harganya 35rb (more or less) dan seterusnya.
Trusss... abis itu nyobain Cabe Rawit. Ini berbeda drastis ma Tizi di atas. Kalo di Tizi makan 3 orang bisa abis 150rb-an, kalo makan di Cabe Rawit 150rb-an bisa buat makan 5 orang. Hehehehehe. Ended up di Cabe Rawit sampe jam 3 pagi, ngobrol ampe teler antara temen-temen SMU gue. Bandung tuh hebat de, nelpon sana-sini, bisa ngumpul2 juga, walopun mayoritas gue ngga kenal.. hohoho, abis pas SMU beda kelas jadi ngga ngeh =P
Stupid thing was, karena selesenya jam 3 pagi, alhasil gue ngga dapet tempat nginep T__T Temen gue yang seyogyanya jadi tumpangan tidur gue mendadak didatengin tamu dari keluarga suaminya seabrek-abrek. Jadilah gue dan 2 temen gue yang lain (dengan rasa solidaritas yang tinggi berhubung saya wanita yah) nyari2 motel yang nerima tamu jam 3 pagi. Wakakakaka, sumpah kalo diinget lagi aga2 dodol. Udah jalan kali sepanjang Dago, nemu Hotel tapi penuh, trus ditunjukin arah ke sana ke mari. Nyaris loh saking suntuknya kita pada niat nginep di warnet 24 jam. Lumayan murah =D Tapi gue horornya sih kalo di warnet ntar gue malah ngga tidur T__T padahal hari esok masih panjang, ngga lucu dong kalo siang2 di Bandung malah ngabisin waktu buat tidur.
Ya intinya akhirnya kita bayar hotel 1 kamar 150 rebu cuman buat ditidurin 6 jam, karena besoknya jam 9 langsung pada cabut. Euuh, tuh kamar hotel ngga banget >_< Debunya gila-gilaan, kamar mandinya walopun gede tapi geli2 gitu makenya, aaargh, untunglah gue keingetan akan seorang teman lama =P yang kost-nya bisa ditumpangin tidur besok paginya.
Begonya (again), karena status teman lama itulah, gue malah ngga tidur =D Kita berdua malah ngobrol panjang and akhirnya dia nunjukin tempat makan murah meriah di Bandung. Yay! Suka de saya ma ni orang, anaknya tau tempat2 kuliner asik di Bandung, hohoho.
Awalnya pengen makan di Kafe Halaman, tapi rada-rada bokek gara2 hotel biadab tu, jadinya makan siangnya di Kedai Mie Dago deeeh, cuman modal 10rebu dah macem di Mie Berkat Margonda. Trus dilanjutkan dengan makan sop buah (yang walopun di Jakarta ada tapi gue ngga pernah nyoba, aneh sih ya namanya).
Hmm, sebenernya masi pengen nyoba es duren 10rebuan tapi ngga kesampaian. Belum lagi Bandung Milk Center, Sate Maranggi, dll.
Sigh, but it's okay, cukup oke juga tinggal di Bandung beberapa hari (ampe bolos kerja segala), udaranya masih sejuuuk, Depok ngga ada apa2nya. Hahahaha, begitu balik langsung heboh gara2 kepanasan =D Mana rumah temen gue tu di daerah bukit-bukit ala vila gtuh, nice house, girl!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Review Time

Well, at my office there's a wellknown term for those auditor who claimed that they already
finished the report and the assignment. That term called THE REVIEW. Biasanya review ini
berjalan biasa-biasa aja cuman kadang-kadang ngebetein kalo yang nge-review elu kebetulan rada-rada galak dan bawel. Hehehehe.
Anyway, that has nothing to do with what I'm gonna post today =D
Kemaren gue baru nonton Iron Man (after couple days previously I watched Forbidden Kingdom), and unexpectedly I love the movie. Hahahaha, that is one clumsy yet adoring superhero, not to mention bloody rich and wealthy -___-! Even Batman lose his charm. Deskripsi karakternya so funny, with all AI machines 'talking' to him and the sweet Pepper Potts, and crazy special effect with the Iron Man suit. Waw, so many things I like from this movie, but the credit gotta go to the ending and the opening.
I really enjoy those movies who left memories within your brain after you left the studio. And
yes, the ending provided me with some eagerness for wanting to see the sequel. Unlike the quite lousy movie entitled The Forbidden Kingdom. Waaaw, first of all, gue ngga expect tu movie ada bulenya T__T I'm not a real fan with chinese-ly western movie or vice versa. Bad dialogue, bad English pronounciation (why can't they all speak Chinese instead?), bad major plot, and boring martial art. I dunno, everything looked so freakin fake, even the white-hair-witch yang suppose to dilahirkan dari serigala ut turned out to be very very girlie girl.
I'm so not against Chinese movie. In fact, I really like Hero (yang dimaenin ama Jet Li juga),
Kungfu Hustle, Kungfu Dunk, dll. Sinting tu pelem (baca: Hero), gue cinta banget ama visualization and color theme yang mereka pake. Kasian kan The Forbidden Kingdom dah make 2 bintang besar malah alur ceritanya cupu gituh.
Speaking of which, gue juga baru nonton The Warlords (yang ada Jet Li, Andy Lau dan Takeshi Kaneshiro). Damn, it was one of my favourite epic movies. Plotnya bagus, endingnya bagus, akting pemaen2nya bagus, dan nuansa megah movienya berasa. Cerita tentang tiga sahabat yang jatuh bangun memenangkan pertempuran demi pertempuran, awalnya demi segenggam beras dan secuil keping perak, but at the end it's about their ego, idealism, and blood oath.
Huhuhu, nontonnya ampe nangis =( Keren banget loh ceritanya.
Aside from eastern movie, let's move on with pelem Barat. Kemaren baru nonton Sweeney Todd. Doh, ni film genrenya dah lama ngga beredar di permukaan. Musical gory movie. So many blood been drawn, hehehehe, nontonnya bikin merinding, bukan gara2 gory-nya, tapi lebih ke arah alur ceritanya. Love it, thanks to Cecep yang ngerekomendasikan =D Gue suka ma suasana pelemnya, dark-dark kaya Pan's Labyrinth ato From Hell, tapi sekalinya ada suasana terang dikit, eh nuansa The Corpse Bride nongol. Konon gara-gara tu sutradara (Tim Burton) demen ngasi signature-nya dia (black 'n white stripe).
Anyway, bagi yang belum tau, Sweeney Todd (the demon barber of Fleet Street) ini mengisahkan balas dendamnya seorang tukang cukur yang istrinya diambil paksa ama seorang juri. Udah gitu doang sebenernya, tapi banyak aspek2 horor laen yang kudu ditonton. Waaw, ada Broadwaynya lucu juga kali ya.

Okay, I'm obsessed with Grey's Anatomy not only for their stories and characters and cutey quotes, but also for their soundtracks. My music taste agrees with almost anything they played in that series. Saking cintanya gue suka bela-belain puter ulang just to hear sepenggal lirik and then google it and dapetlah artist n the title, lalu DONLOD =D
There goes the history of my weird taste of music. Tee-hee.
Recently gue lagi demen Brandi Carlile - Turpentine and The Mary Onettes - Explosions. Ok, gue denger yang Brandi Carlile pas nonton Private Practice, and The Mary Onettes song reminds me of those dissapointment feeling I had when Burke came down the aisle to (I presumed) pick up Christina Yang. And it turned out to be... NOT! Grrr...
Oh iye, kebetulan dah beberapa bulan ini gue suka dengerin Putuss-nya Prambors tiap kali jalan ke kantor, jadi suka filtering some item juga. Lucu kalo gue dengerin lagu yang dah gue punya duluan n then denger di tu radio. Kaya jaman2nya lagu Mika nongol, and pas jaman2nya Kate Havnevik. That's when I decided pilihannya Prambors ngga jauh-jauh dari selera sayah. Huhuhu, lagu-lagu Nu Buzz juga kadang-kadang bagus. Gila how seniman indie Indonesia yang masih jauh dari label rekaman amazed me sumtimes. Cinta berat ma lagunya Sindentosca - Kepompong dan Adhitya Sofyan - Memilihmu. Ada juga yang jazzy abis cuman waktu itu ngga ngeh judul dan artisnya sopo.
Hmm, beberapa minggu ini rajin ngebantai couple of fantasy books, named Twilight, Magyk, and Artemis Fowl. Huhuhuhu, lagi keranjingan baca buku santai, though still there's none yang bisa menyaingi intricate-nya Harry Potter. Memang buku hebat yang satu itu.
Anyway, Twilight ended up not as good as I expected, still interesting karena the nocturne creature is sweet, but I'm not fond of the fight and all those chasing and hunting with other vampire. Biasa sajah. Ngga ada yang mati. Ngga asik.
About Magyk, sekarang dah ngabisin setengah buku, ugh bad translation. Unlike translationnya Harry Potter yang menurut gue masih kocak, terjemahannya Magyk itu suka aneh. Most of them I tried to figure it out on my own. Aneh-aneh lah, ada mantra Menyebabkan, Mantra Menjadikan, Mantra Pembalikan, Mantra Membuyarkan, Mantra Menata Ulang, dan mantra-mantra weird aneh lainnya. Mungkin ngga seaneh itu kalo dia stay with the original term. Dry Clean Spell, Reverse Spell, apa kek.
Then about Artemis Fowl, hmm reminded me A LOT about Bartimaeus Trilogy. Sama-sama dimulai dari usia 11-12 tahun (what's with all that???) dan sama-sama berambisius buat jadi kaya. Well, belum selesai baca sih,but I think this one is quite interesting.
As much as I wanted to brag about my culinary experience, tapi sejak travelling ke Sate Dombrut bareng Boby dkk waktu dulu itu, I only had time to visit one more place to eat. Nasi Uduk Kebon Kacang. Bermula dari temen kantor gue yang mengaku pernah baca reviewnya di Kompas terbitan entah kapan yang katanya orang kantoran pada berbondong-bondong ke tempat tersebut saking enaknya, akhirnya pergilah gue dan anak-anak kantor menyambangi tu daerah Kebon Kacang.
Ternyata Kebon Kacang itu punya 30 anak jalan -____- Dari Kebon Kacang 1 sampai Kebon Kacang 30. Hahahaha, akhirnya kita ended up ke tempat yang temen gue pernah makan, entah apa namanya.
Pretty lumayan, di situ nasi uduknya dibungkus kecil-kecil, jadi gue makan tiga =D Satu
bungkusnya Rp 1500, trus lauk2nya yah standarlah harganya. Ayam kampung Rp 8000, empal Rp 8000, tahu/tempe Rp 1000, dll. Ada bumbu kacangnya yang temen gue bilang enak, tapi menurut gue sambal terasinya lebih enak. Ngga pedes-pedes amat, ehehehe.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


After a while, watching and listening to most of the series' soundtracks, this song strangely came up more often than the other song. Hell, I heard it when I watched Journey Man, Las Vegas, Private Practice, Sexy Dirty Money, Big Shots, Gossip Girl, House, and now Grey's Anatomy?
Geez, this song is laku, yah???
Peter, Bjorn and John - Young Folks.
Anyway, just wanna update this thing with my recent playlist,

01. Miley Cyrus - See You Again
02. The Cranberries - Saving Grace
03. Bitter:Sweet - The Mating Game
04. Landon Pigg - Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop
05. T.Pain ft Florida - Low
06. Yael Naim - New Soul
07. Dream Theater- The Spirit Carries On
08. Jay Chou (ft Du Guo Zhang) - Zhou Da Xia (OST Kungfu Dunk)
09. Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah
10. Light House Family - Postcard From Heaven
11. Mariah Carey - Touch My Body
12. Emmy Rossum - Slow Me Down
13. Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love
14. Jordin Sparks Ft Chris Brown - No Air
15. Chatmonchy - Daidai (Ost Bleach)
16. Panic At the Disco - Nine in the Afternoon
17. Bird York - In The Deep
18. Butterfly Boucher - Life is Short
19. Gym Class Heroes - Cupids Chokehold
20. Isabelle Antena - Le Temps Qui Court
21. Jem - Flying High
22. Mae - Giving It Away
Miley Cyrus sounds a lot like Avril Lavigne, but maybe it's just me. Hehehehe. It's okay, I still like her song. Oh yes, ada yang punya Panic at a Disco - Nine in The Morning versi normal ngga? Yang gue punya tu versi live-nya, which is lousy. Don't think the artist bisa nyanyi live. And also OST Kungfu Dunk yang judulnya Mi Mi Hua Yuan (by Jay Chou) yang normal juga? Soalnya yang gue punya tu ada suara adegan filmnya, which is sucks.
Anywaaaay, baru-baru ini gue belanja buku lucu, judulnya Twilight by Stephenie Meyers. It turned out that eventhough it's a translated book (yang kadang terjemahan Indonesianya bikin ilfeel), the book came out surprisingly good. Maybe better in English. Yah but who cares?
Okay, the actual thrilling part is... IT'S A DAMN SERIES!!!
Yipeee!!! *squeaking in joy* Sudah lama gue pengen ngoleksi fun-reading-material lagi, dan sejak I bought the trilogy Bartimaeus by Jonathan Stroud, I practically loosing touch in buying novels.
Okay, Twilight is about 17 yrs old girl (btw, it won as the best book at sumtin) Isabella Swan who moved out to some small city and met interesting friends and neighbours. And one of them turned out to be the cold-blooded kind. Cold-blooded as in a vampire thingy. And cute. And cool. And gorgeous. Okay, I'm such a looser for pretty faces =D Or somewhat describes.
Anyway, the story is fun and light, and I actually enjoyed it. Tiap malam dibaca 3 bab dan ngga terasa dah mo habis aja T___T Jadi bayangkan how thrilled I was when I saw in Google kalo Twilight adalah series. Alleluia!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Becoming Jane

Becoming Jane, a tremendous literate English movie about the famous author, Jane Austen, is indeed a very nice movie. Kind of brought me the same reminiscence like when I was watching The Notebook. The same undying love, uncontrollable yet unbearable passion among the couple in love. Sigh. Its plot flows slowly, sweetly and in the same time make my heart gasp for air (or rather, blood).
Significantly changing my mood, I tell you. I mean, you can tell from the way I was writing this post. There's this whole weird aura about England (specifically Hampshire and London) surroundings in the past and it really affected my hearing ability especially because now I'm hearing myself reread this post in a loud foolish British accent.
The line in the movie is gorgeous, very hard to understand for a poor fellow like me, the girl who had only 500 in her TOEFL and God-knows-what in her IELTS score. Mein Gott, tu vocabulary bikin merinding, saking horornya bisa bikin gue introspeksi terhadap kemampuan bahasa Inggris gue yang ternyata semakin parah .___.
My favourite quote:
Weasley: Sometimes an affection is a shy flower that takes times to blossom
Lord LeFroy: It is in my consideration that irony is an insult with a smiling face
Jane Austen: No, irony is the bringing together of contradictory truths to make out of the contradiction of a new truth with a laugh of a smile, and I confess that a truth must come with one or the other, or I account it as false and a denial of the very nature of humanity itself
What a damn long interpretation of an 'irony', don't you think? I smile widely upon hearing her definition and seeing the expression of all people at the table (of the scene, 'fcourse).
The next good thing about this movie is (predictably) the lead actors and actresses. Namely James McAvoy (whom formerly known as Mr Tumnus of Narnia for me) and Anne Hathaway (the classic beauty). They're both create the perfect spark. The chemistry is there, I'm telling you. They teased, they kissed, they exchanged insults, it's all there.
And of course, Mr James McAvoy is a slimy handsome fellow with a perfect face proportion especially when you look at him from both side, right and left. This guy came up in my IMDB search list couple of weeks ago because I was planning on watching his movie 'Atonement' (which I still didn't have the time to do it, is it good?). Turned out that he's an old player, Mr Tumnus. Yay, padahal waktu jadi Mr Tumnus di Narnia, all I can think about is, "Apa gantengnya ni orang? Tampang kambing begini?" while my friends keep whining about the cuteness (and apparently the glorious) of James McAvoy.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Project Runway

Have you guys ever watched Project Runway? Well, I love this show, it's about the competition among designers and all its drama. In season 4, I set my eyes upon this one guy, named Christian Siriano (21 yrs old). It's not (actually) because of the way he look (like the reason I always had) but more to his design skills. I'm telling you guys, this boy is a whack. He can sew so freakin fast he's always almost finished in day One of every challenge. Another thing about Christian that I really loved is his personality and his
attitude. He's funny, he's witty, he's on the edge. He's totally my favourite, I'd freaked out every time he's at the bottom two. Damn it, he's talented you lousy judges!! Not to mention that he's sorta cute =P
And well well well... (after several clicking and typing in the google) you know what??? He IS the winner of that season!!! Aaaargh, spoiled wikipedia... but it's okay, I'm thrilled, I'm excited, I'm HAPPY!!!! He might be the next big item, I love him a lot. I'm thinking into buying one of his collection but hullo, it gotta be so freakin expensive T__T Huhuhuhuhu... Please check out his collection at
Cute cute cute...
Love it love it love it love it love it...
Ah, Project Runway always gives me this kind of entertaining warm breeze, you know, the one that could put me in this exciting-mood-of-watching-and-watching-again. Hehehehehehe...
Di season 3 yang lalu I set my eyes upon one talented designer named Keith Michael, but too bad he got disqualified. But then I chose another one named Jeffrey Sebelia (who also turned out to be the season wineer, yipee!!!) After a second thought, I did choose designers with troubling behaviour. Keith Michael tend to be an arrogant, cocky, need-to-be-slap kinda guy but I personally love his design. And speaking of Jeffrey, hell just look at his style. Tattoo all around the body, asymmetrical hairstyle, cut and loose clothing, but in the end he manage to bring out the real romantic guy he really is. I kinda got sad everytime he deserve to win a challenge but ended up in the runner up place. It's like, "Goddamnit judges!! Where the heck did you put your eyes and your brain??"
Ada juga Uli Herzner, woman kelahiran Jerman yang ciri khas designnya tu berasa banget, pretty dresses that has prints, flowing, layering, smooth and silky. Nice, collectionnya dia itu yang paling ready-to-wear secara simple banget tapi pretty and elegant. Sigh. Ni designer jago (I mean like, JAGO) milih bahan dasar kaen yang bermotif. Semua yang dia pilih turn out to be not-stupid, not-crazy but gorgeous..
Another thing about Project Runway, it made me wanna have my own personal and exclusive clothing designer. For me. For myself. It gotta be fun, after seeing all those models/clients got measured up and asked what kinda dress/cloth they wanna wear, it felt.. tremendous. Yes and it will also felt pricey, I know. But it's so cool having your own unique cloth you know no one will ever have it (or if they did have it, there must be only several of those lucky bastards).
Hahahaha, lumayan sekedar cuci mata dan ngeliatin model baju yang dibuat, ada sih satu-dua yang bikin gue mupeng, but I haven't look the exact detail (read: pictures) on the net about that piece I want. Ntar de gue cari. Rada lucu-lucu bajunya euy. Setiap kali mereka
belanja kain ke Mood, I was like, "Aaaa, I wanna be like them, choosing materials and colors and buttons..." Fun and nyenengin ngeliatin material kain yang dipilih, mulai dari polos sampe print, dari cotton biasa sampe silk and leather, dan seterusnya dan seterusnya... wooohooo.. seruu..

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Nah, abis baca blognya Andin, akhirnya gue kesandung ama beberapa situs yang ngasi tau info properti. Well, mengingat gue adalah manusia minim pengetahuan apalagi tentang masalah beginian (say politik, investasi, perbankan dan properti) jadilah gue tertarik untuk mencari lebih banyak info lagi, betul?
Anyway, mahal juga properti jaman sekarang ya? Belum lagi ada isu inflasi parah mirip '98 lalu di tahun 2009 yang akan datang. Nooo... Semua investasi dan maenan saham/indeks yang dilakukan sekarang jangan2 bisa merugi bandar =( Di usia gue yang bentar lagi mencapai 'the quarter of life' aka 25 tahun, gue jadi refleksi diri. Ya ampun, pencapaian apa yang dah gue capai di usia segini? Kerjaan masih begitu2 aja, kredit rumah blom bisa jalan, credit card aja masih mencla-mencle applicationnya, dan oh no... I have no saving!! What a boros woman I am indeed!
Pengennya nyari tau tentang Rusunami (rumah susun sederhana hak milik) macemnya The Gateway - Ciledug, East Park - Jaktim, Gading Nias Residence, Kalimalang Residence, dst. Tapi itu juga harganya 144jt (kalo dapet subside, kalo ngga ya bisa 170an jt) dan cicilan maksimal 15 tahun. Hitung2 kasar dikit, well, perbulan harus bisa nyisihin sejuta-dua juta buat beli apartemen (sederhana).
Belum lagi kalo mau survive di Jakarta berarti kudu punya kendaraan, asuransi dan jaminan masa tua, which bisa dipake buat sekolahan anak, ato biaya kesehatan emergency. Fiuh, nyisihin another sejuta buat dana-dana important begituan. Okeh, sisa gaji abis buat makan nasi kecap sama bayar duit kost. OmigodOmigodOmigodOmigod....
Itu baru biaya buat diri sendiri, as in gue pengen punya investment berupa properti tanah rumah tinggal, belum lagi kalo ntar2an mau married. Waoo, makin pusing aja yah? Mending buat yang emak-bapaknya udah punya rumah, jadi kalo elo beruntung, tu rumah bisa diwariskan buat dihuni or direnovasi, lah kalo yang kaya gue? Merantau seorang diri ke tanah asing =D Hahahaha... Kudu survive!
Anyhoo again, ada info tentang beberapa perumahan terbaik ditilik dari aksesibilitas dan kondisi infrastruktur dalam lingkungan perumahan, kualitas lingkungan dan udara, kelengkapan fasilitas, kualitas bangunan dan value rumah (properti).
And they are..
1. Lippo Karawaci
2. BSD City
3. Kota Wisata
4. Sentul City
5. Bogor Nirwana Residences
Yang familiar di telinga gue sih cuman 1 - 4 walopun I've never actually been in Sentul City, tapi Bogor Nirwana Residence tu yang mana ya?
Well, so far yang gue ubek2 sih berkisar antara dan Yang mana gue juga baru tau kalo situs ituh nyediain info indekost... wekekekeke.. Tapi bo, harga rumah yang dijual disono kacau banget, 4M ngga tanggung2! T____T Mahaaaal....
Please let me know if there are others (ya iyalahhh) yang juga ngasi info berguna buat newbie macem gue ini, ok? Hehehe..
Trus trus, tadi siang gue makan siang bareng anak-anak kantor dan bos gue. Ujung2nya ngebahas pajak yang peraturannya mulai ketat sejak 2008 ini. Rame juga pertanyaannya, maklum bos gue tu mantan audit pajak sejak dia posisinya Junior di company ini.
Anyway, form pajak tu ada yang isinya mengharuskan kita ngedaftar harta dan pendapatan laen serta kewajiban2 yang kita punya per akhir tahun pajak. Nah, barulah gue ngeh kalo credit card, reksadana dan saham, claim asuransi, KPR, KKB, serta harta2/utang2 pritilan laennya macem saldo dan bunga bank kudu dilaporin. Baru de berasa ribetnya ngisi tu form pajak T__T Sayangnya kemaren gue dah submit tu SPT Tahunan via kantor pos, dan di dalemnya gue ngga nyantumin saldo bank gue per 31 Desember '07. Yah bodo
amatlah, tanggal segitu saldo gue pasti lagi kere-kerenya mengingat gue masuk rumah sakit gara-gara DBD geblek. =D
Sigh, bos gue mah sarap. Dia punya laporan versi dia sendiri yang isinya bunga tiap tabungan (untuk nantinya dipilah2 mana yang kena pajak dan mana yang ngga. He said that yang saldonya di bawah 7jt berarti blum kena pajak. Thank God!), aktivitas jual-beli saham dan reksadananya (buat diitungin kena pajaknya berapa), dan list kewajiban kartu kredit tiap akhir tahun.
Nyaa nyaa nyaa...
Dan menurut bos gue pula (yang diamini oleh senior2 gue), isilah laporan pajak pertama lo dengan sejujur2nya dan sebesar2nya, soalnya orang pajak tu bakal ngebandingin pendapatan sama harta lo di awal pelaporan, dan ngebandinginnya dengan harta dan pendapatan lo setelah beberapa tahun kemudian. Jadi dia bakal ngecek kalo out of nowhere harta lo bertambah tiba2 sementara penghasilan lo segitu2 doang. Jadi dia tadi nakutin gue, hehehehe, soalnya kan gue ngga nulis saldo bank gue. "May, kalo taun depan tiba2 di tabungan lo punya 20jt, dia bakal meriksa elu tau!". Which is impossible, secara pengalaman gue membuktikan kalo gue ngga pernah sukses nabung selama setaun =D Boro2 20jt, nyisain sejuta setelah setaun gue susah =P
Yah, demikianlah berbagai hal baru yang menarik yang gue pelajari hari ini. Euy, dah tambah dewasa ni =)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Simple things

Couple of days ago, I did something spectacular. Hehehe, I tried on contact lens, yipee! Berhubung I always -always, always- curious about that kind of stuff, I felt pretty good after that. Ternyata ngga seserem yang gue bayangkan. Ngga sesakit yang gue bayangkan. Dan ngga segampang yang gue bayangkan juga. ~___~

Duh, jadi pengen de, tapi horor ya kalo ternyata tiba-tiba gue stuck di tengah jalan and the lens won't come off. Oh no! Tapi gue pengen.. huhuhu, tapi berasa rugi kalo beli pake duit ndiri, ahahahaha... Dilema..

Anyway, selain wearing those contact lenses, there are other silly things I'd like to do.. say, rock climbing, grabbing a flying fox (pretty ironic mengingat MK dulu gue batal flying fox gara2 ngeliat Theresia stuck diem di tengah2 tali, kelewat ringan katanya, buset.. gmana gue?), seeing stars above from wide open area kaya jamannya gue perpisahan pas SMU dulu, ikutan kegiatan seru kaya Greenpeace/WWF/dll, and learning how to swim. Yang terakhir sebenernya gue rada enggan, tapi gue pengen nyoba sea-diving, dan apakah kalo mau diving perlu swimming?

Okeh saudara-saudara..I planned to go to these cities sometime in this year, maybe with my best friends, maybe with my long-time-no-see kind of friend whom I missed so much, maybe on my own..

1. Bandung
This is a must. Some people may see the city as home-sweet-home and nothing-so-special about the place. But for me, Bandung is so fun to browse in. So many foodilicious and fashionista scattered around the city. Pengalaman pertama gue ke Bandung after all this time yang dulu tuh membekas sekali di ingatan, hahahaha, maybe partly because I spent so much fun then, dengan guide temen gue yang ngasi tau tempat2 asik via jalan kaki!! Or malemnya gue ngabisin waktu ngga penting di Blitz nongkrongin jadwal film sampe jam 12 malem dan ended up cuman beli caramel popcorn (which enak yah) dan go straight home gara2 takut ketiduran di bioskop.

Gue suka bingung napa gue suka banyak mikirin persiapan2 kalo mao ke Bandung. So far yang paling nyebelin sih nyiapin waktunya. Suka sedih kalo cuman cabut Sabtu pulang Minggu. So next time I'll prepare better, termasuk nyiapin sneakers buat jalan kaki kemana-mana. Hehehehe.

2. Jogja
Hmm, ini sih gue belom pernah kunjungin. But sounds cool. Gue pengen ke sana partly because I have somebody I could count on whom live there. And partly because gue mau browsing toko2 Batiknya yang keren-keren. Hopefully sih harganya ngga sesadis yang di Jakarta. Woo, sepupu gue dapet sendal jepit Batik yang keren banget (and considering that she's still 9 years old, that's pretty awesome) dari nyokapnya waktu jalan ke Jogja. Jadi mupeeeeng.. huhuhuhu..

Yah, sangat sedikit sekali memang target gue tahun ini, tapi kalo tercapai sih gue seneng banget. Hehehehe. Soalnya jarang-jarang gue planning something and it happened. Wish me luck.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dirty Sexy Money

Another new running series for this season. Oooh, how I love new series and its first season. Well, for those of you who have watched Gossip Girl, you probably gonna stick it out for this too.. whatever 'stick it out' means anyway..

First line said is interesting.. The love of money is the root of all evil.

Dirty Sexy Money is about a filthy rich family, practically the richest dynasty lived in Manhattan (surprise surprise). And they're called The Darlings. So rich their only problem was to decide whether to spend 1 million USD for a bday party in a family house (like any normal kid would do) or in the middle of Brooklyn Bridge (which would acquire another million to prevent any other car to go through that bridge). Sick, huh?

Nevertheless, I love the characters in the movie, they're just... unimaginable. There are seven members of the family, the parent and the 5 children. Specifically I love the character named Brian Darling, one of the children, 40 sumtin and working as the man of God (or reverend). He made me laugh cause he's way too cynical to become a reverend, and he's way too skeptical to even live in this bloody world. He's even questioning God, duh! He's a reverend, for crying out loud.

Dear God, I don't ask you for much. Well, 'cause I know I don't deserve much. But please help the arbitrator to understand that I love my son. And please give her the good sense... to accept my donation. Thank You. Amen.

Doenk! He's actually bribing the man of law! Hehehehehe, he's quite the living proof about being balance between prosperity and poverty. Hidup secara 'sederhana' ama anak istri dan jadi pastur di gereja, but at the same time he could spend a ridiculous amount of money to bribe (aka commit a sin) if necessary.

Enak ya bo jadi dia. Hehehehehe.

Watching this movie reminds me a famous quote from someone (crap, I can't recall who he is). You wanna know the real characteristic of a man, give him money.

Hmm.. pantes aja gue rada sucks, nge-handle money aja belepotan.. Kapan ya akan tiba saatnya gue punya lebih dari seratus rebu di tabungan pas bulan-bulan tua kaya sekarang? Ya oloh, kemana tu gaji-gaji gue selama setaun?