Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I didn't realize Kerr Smith is still exist in this world. Okay, I'm exaggerate a bit, but yes I'm quite surprised. He turned out okay by definition and being phrase correctly chosen by his latest TV Series - Justice, 'the good-looking, all-American-face of not-guilty' lawyer. I also happened to not realized that he looks quite alike with Julian McMahon. Why why, what a beautiful small world we live in.

Who is Kerr Smith anyway? Well, he's Andy's gay little brother in old-school-movie Dawson's Creek (used to love the series up until Pacey and Joey broke up.. again)

Anyway, this TV series Justice is about a bunch of top-level-hot-shot lawyers called TNT&G (cute name me think) who, well, defending all 'innocent' trial-suspects out there. I'll admit, I just watched the first episode but I'm quite thrilled. Mostly because of that Kerr Smith guy, but that's come in nature, mind you.

By the look of the movie, all the scenes were taken with high technology compatibility (or should we called it, special effect?). I mean, they discussed one trial preparation like they would've discussed a software development. Every stage is thoroughly prepared and prepared. Did I mention it twice? It's because they don't kid.

It's cool law movie, compared to the traditional-psycho-law movie called Damage, Justice is much more refreshing. Give it a try, you might even be more surprised.

One thing I took note from this movie is one cozy room, called the supposedly their office, with all glass-thick-window and futuristic-glassy-looking stairs. O my God didn't the stairs will look amazing? One of the character just walking from room to room elegantly whilst dictating about what should and what should not to do in one's court. "Don't miss anything, because if you miss anything, it could cost our client everything."

Did I mention that there's Victor Garber, Sam Trammell, et cetera et cetera also playing in this movie?

Anyhoo, sneak peak on Project Runway season 5, after loving the whole last season AND the brilliant winner (Christian Siriano you bloody smart-ass), I haven't decide it yet as to whom I would pour my heart upon. Only one tiny comment though, what is it with Wesley Nault and his short pants? Gosh, dude!

This young designer (he's only 23) has this peculiar business men look alike from the waist above. Well, being working with Marc Jacobs for the last year, who doesn't? I mean, the suit, the tie, the clean shirt, even the handsome face, but holy-mother-of-hell why on earth did he keep wearing that gay-like short pants? It's not even a decent one, being way too short in my sense of fashion, and what is he trying to brag on? His hairy feet? God, he doesn't even have hairy feet. He has this smooth skinny leg which reminds me of a balerina leg. Too bad he's out in second round. I would've love to see his next collection of short pants.

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