Friday, November 28, 2008

Lace - Shirley Conran

I'm currently reading the old novel found in some old bookstore in Pasar Festival. It's called LACE and written by Shirley Conran. I must admit, I have never heard of her name, or her fancy work whatsoever. I picked it up randomly from the shelves, and for-God-sake's even it's cover is already gone. The book condition is like a used-up-old-wench as it may say within the book. Hehehehehe.

The most interesting part before I choose to buy alien book is to look upon the review. Although I kept getting disappointing reading in oppose to good reviews on its back cover, I kept looking and searching for every new book reviews.

Anyway, almost every review of the LACE contains the word "Sex". Quoted:

"LACE is Glamorous Careers... Movie Stars, Greek shipping Magnates, French and British Aristocrats, Arabian Royalty, and Mind-Boggling Sex... Rapture!" --Harper's

"All the Women Are Wildly Successful, and... Their Sex Lives are Explored in Loving Detail." --People

"A High-Paced, Globe-Trotting Novel... Crammed with Exotic Locations, High-Pressure Career Decision and Loads of Sex" --Los Angeles Times Book Reviewetc etc..

Cool huh? And honestly, the book IS interesting despite the vulgar aspect mentioned above. It reminds me of Sydney Sheldon's work for its tragedy and mind-boggling-almost-scary sex, Danielle Steel's work for its romance and marriage and sorrow, Mallory Tower's series for its girls and boys school adventure, and lots of capturing scenes.

It is about a movie star named Lili (with no surname) who gathered 4 adult women to United States just to say, "All right, which one of you four bitches is my mother?"

Jreng jreng! That alone caught my interest, given that the four ladies are all wealthy successful women, which at first didn't seem connected whatsoever with one another, but actually they are best friends since middle school in France. What an inspiring story indeed. They began in France, but ended up in London, New York, Paris, etc etc and live a prosperous life.

I also need to admit that the story does not really fair. I mean, along their life, there has been no major setback or steep trouble happened to all of them. Well, if you called miscarriage, divorce, married to an actually-a-transvestite husband, or else is a tragic thing, then we shall agree upon something different then (ngomong apa sih gue?).

Anyway, it's a good read though.

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