Friday, April 4, 2008

Project Runway

Have you guys ever watched Project Runway? Well, I love this show, it's about the competition among designers and all its drama. In season 4, I set my eyes upon this one guy, named Christian Siriano (21 yrs old). It's not (actually) because of the way he look (like the reason I always had) but more to his design skills. I'm telling you guys, this boy is a whack. He can sew so freakin fast he's always almost finished in day One of every challenge. Another thing about Christian that I really loved is his personality and his
attitude. He's funny, he's witty, he's on the edge. He's totally my favourite, I'd freaked out every time he's at the bottom two. Damn it, he's talented you lousy judges!! Not to mention that he's sorta cute =P
And well well well... (after several clicking and typing in the google) you know what??? He IS the winner of that season!!! Aaaargh, spoiled wikipedia... but it's okay, I'm thrilled, I'm excited, I'm HAPPY!!!! He might be the next big item, I love him a lot. I'm thinking into buying one of his collection but hullo, it gotta be so freakin expensive T__T Huhuhuhuhu... Please check out his collection at
Cute cute cute...
Love it love it love it love it love it...
Ah, Project Runway always gives me this kind of entertaining warm breeze, you know, the one that could put me in this exciting-mood-of-watching-and-watching-again. Hehehehehehe...
Di season 3 yang lalu I set my eyes upon one talented designer named Keith Michael, but too bad he got disqualified. But then I chose another one named Jeffrey Sebelia (who also turned out to be the season wineer, yipee!!!) After a second thought, I did choose designers with troubling behaviour. Keith Michael tend to be an arrogant, cocky, need-to-be-slap kinda guy but I personally love his design. And speaking of Jeffrey, hell just look at his style. Tattoo all around the body, asymmetrical hairstyle, cut and loose clothing, but in the end he manage to bring out the real romantic guy he really is. I kinda got sad everytime he deserve to win a challenge but ended up in the runner up place. It's like, "Goddamnit judges!! Where the heck did you put your eyes and your brain??"
Ada juga Uli Herzner, woman kelahiran Jerman yang ciri khas designnya tu berasa banget, pretty dresses that has prints, flowing, layering, smooth and silky. Nice, collectionnya dia itu yang paling ready-to-wear secara simple banget tapi pretty and elegant. Sigh. Ni designer jago (I mean like, JAGO) milih bahan dasar kaen yang bermotif. Semua yang dia pilih turn out to be not-stupid, not-crazy but gorgeous..
Another thing about Project Runway, it made me wanna have my own personal and exclusive clothing designer. For me. For myself. It gotta be fun, after seeing all those models/clients got measured up and asked what kinda dress/cloth they wanna wear, it felt.. tremendous. Yes and it will also felt pricey, I know. But it's so cool having your own unique cloth you know no one will ever have it (or if they did have it, there must be only several of those lucky bastards).
Hahahaha, lumayan sekedar cuci mata dan ngeliatin model baju yang dibuat, ada sih satu-dua yang bikin gue mupeng, but I haven't look the exact detail (read: pictures) on the net about that piece I want. Ntar de gue cari. Rada lucu-lucu bajunya euy. Setiap kali mereka
belanja kain ke Mood, I was like, "Aaaa, I wanna be like them, choosing materials and colors and buttons..." Fun and nyenengin ngeliatin material kain yang dipilih, mulai dari polos sampe print, dari cotton biasa sampe silk and leather, dan seterusnya dan seterusnya... wooohooo.. seruu..

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