Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Moon Child

Okay, so I watched this last night because I thought hell why not? This is Hyde and Gackt movie after all, and since there's so many things I read refer to this movie, it's gotta be an interesting watch session.

It turned out to be exactly as I previously thought. An interesting watch. I like how the scenes were taken, even though the special effect is not as good as these days, but I enjoy it nonetheless. Please be warned that this post contains heavy spoiler.

Moon Child is about a vampire named Kei (played by Hyde - L'arc en Ciel) who travel across time (not in Hiro Nakamura's way) and meet a young boy named Sho. Later this young boy grows up and become mafia-look-alike (played by Gackt) and they become close friends. Vampire Kei ended up being in friendship circle between five people, four guys and one girl. Since their friendship is surrounded among mafia world, then there's no surprise when one by one those five people eventually died.

I almost expected this is a kind one movie started with Kei and ended with (also) Kei. But well, I was wrong. That's why I like it actually, hehehe, I adored those movies which are not predictable.

Anyway, I prefer Gackt's acting much more than Hyde's. Even if Hyde's easier in the eye. I love how Gackt resembles a troubled young man (later on, a troubled man adult) with his mascara, his make up, and his style (a bit girlish I think). And I love the feeling that all the faces playing in Moon Child is familiar to me.

So that is why I paid attention to the credit title. Holy cow, there's Wang Lee Hom and Kanata Hongo. Kyaaaaaa...! No wonder they looked so damn familiar. I knew them!
Hehehehehehe. Kanata Hongo was still a very very young kid, how old was he? Five? Six? And now he's playing Hinokio - Inter Galactic Love, Nana 2, Tennis no Oujisama, and became the model for Yui's video clip - Tomorrow Way. Sigh. Time flies.

Ah, I love the ending. Okay, I need to state that I love the entire movie which is not predictable AND got a nice ending scene. Usually those with lame ending scenes will be easily forgotten, zap, just like that. Say, Twilight? =P I can't even remember Twilight's ending scene now, omigod.

Moon Child's ending is taken at a beach, at sunrise, where vampires mostly fast asleep by then. But these two characters (Hyde and Gackt, who else?) decided to watch the sunrise instead. So, right before the sun came up, Hyde gave Gackt a picture of five of them (past life reference).

Then the camera spots the sun high above the head.

Then the picture.

Then the picture with red nuance. I mean, you get the whole idea that the vampire has been burned by the light. Beautiful. Brilliant. Sad.

Then the camera spot the car (did I mention they sit in a car? A roofless one). But of course, the car is empty.

And then I was like, "Aaaaw"-ing myself. Crazily fond of that scene. Blimey!

We watched the setting sun
A perfect orange glow
Both about to cry
For our final farewell

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