Thursday, December 4, 2008

Twilight the movie

First thing I noticed is (obviously) the absolutely ridiculous amount of make up that the Cullen family wears. What happen with all special effect team that supposedly getting better along these years? Even I could point out blank that Edward Cullen is wearing too much white powder he almost looks like a transvestite. Geez. It really turned off the mood so I made up my mind to comment out as much as I can during the whole movie.

Jasper Cullen actually looked like Justin Timberlake (the hair!) with Charlie Chaplin character (except when they're playing baseball, he looked cool in that cap) with his being silent and stiff. Yes I know Jasper is supposedly become this empathy strong character but I don't get that in the movie. It doesn't even being explained, so newbie could only assume this Jasper guy is just another weird vampire.

Neeways, the utmost mockery scene was when, out of nowhere, Bella suddenly felt in love with Edward the vampire. Uh, hello, their interaction is basically seeing the onion through microscope together, avoiding each other during class, and yeah that grand rescue of Bella. That's it and suddenly Bella said, "I don't care, it doesn't matter (if you're a vampire)".

I strongly believe most of the audience last night has read the book first, because their reaction was simply based on the Edward cuteness and Edward coolness. Edward this and Edward that. Yes, sometimes he is easy in the eye, but that's only when he doesn't wear that much make up. It's not a great movie whatsoever, it's just a plain based-on-the-book movie, no surprise there and yes for you who even haven't read the book, DO NOT watch this in the movie theatre. It's boring, just a chick flick drama. This one is nothing more than a refuge for those girls who are in love with Edward character. Period.

Oh yes, the enemy looked so much cooler than Edward Cullen himself, hehehe, the name is James.. Cute, I love the pairing between Bella and James..

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