Friday, June 27, 2008

Gossip girl

Hahhhh... it's been weeks since I saw the last episode of this series, but the drama and the after-effect eventually got me just now. The moment when I have nothing to do in particular at my client's office =D

Blair and Chuck

I really really really amazed by how this two love birds (if you may say so) interact and maintain their chemistry. Snow White meets Mr. Wolf. So fun when finally Blair (sort of) gave Chuck a chance to be non-jerk-human-being AND actually accepted his invitation to spend summer holiday in Europe. Well, but Chuck will always be Chuck, I can't imagine having the sweet-lovey-dopey-Chuck of all people, he changed his mood at the very last minute, giving us viewers a jaw-dropped sensation and the urge to shoot the British lad with firefighter.

Nate and Serena

Yes, I know this couple is so outdated, their relationship existence (as a couple) is not even there anymore. But come on, people, they're both cute. I had enough with the real Serena's boyfriend, Dan Humphrey, who had lost his mind by leaving Serena out of nothing. So so unclear this guy is. (baca: ngga jelas amat ni cowo.)

Serena and Nate is a perfect picture of Upper East Side couple. Blonde, tall, handsome and beautiful, and yeah, so filthy rich.


The funny thing about those quartet above is they can change their partner with ease. I don't think people would mind if the director actually put Blair and Nate back together (how lovely those two are) and the image of Chuck and Serena is simply hillarious. In a good way. He teased his sister with certain annoying yet adorable act. Hahahahahaha, I quote:

phone conversation
Serena: Chuck, I need your help.
Chuck: Only if you're begging for it, sister.
Serena: CHUCK!!!
Chuck: Fine. Hearing you scream for my name is more than enough. What can I do for you?

I felt very very happy watching the scene where the four of them finally being in the same room (like old times) and with one hell of a purpose. To protect Serena. How delicious. Hahahahaha.


Anyway, I love the last episode of Gossip Girl so much it leave me with desire to see more. Can't wait for the next season. Hopefully it won't turn into one of those cheap crappy series with looooong story plot and murderous character add-on. *cross finger*

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