Thursday, September 18, 2008

Re: Jay jay

Weird day

Yesterday I went home only to find a bunch of homeless people sitting on my floor and playing cards. Wow, a game I barely played anymore. With that in mind, I mingled immediately and start playing like crazy. It's fun, it's awesome, it's brutal, it's SEVEN SCOPE!!

We played for like centuries, cursing and singing like moron =D, being defensive and offensive as much as we could muster, and eventually it's already 3 a.m in the morning. Yaiks. I got meeting and client document processing tommorow morning! Aaah, who cares! =D

Played and played like there's no tommorow, huhuhu, and then my roommate prepared their early breakfast (tsk tsk, that's like the earliest breakfast I've ever seen, hehehe). She cooked some meal then join us again after few brutal and bloody losses she suffered. Looked like she didn't want to be humiliated just like that, ladies and gentleman. That's why we changed the pace and the game into CAPSA!

I sucks at capsa, I gotta tell you. I have no sense of strategy whatsoever whilst playing my card. Shame on me, dude! Even the two newbies who just recently learnt how to play could beat me at once. Damn! That showed how terribIy dumb I played =D Hihihi, I miss playing TRUF, especially PAIRING TRUF, the telepathy, the intuition, the sixth sense, the eye contact, it's all ART in there, my fellow.

Times when my campus hasn't banned that particular game was an amazing moment. I miss those..

Anyway, being tired from lack of sleep somehow left me in a very weird aura this morning. I showered and prepared to go to my office then sitting quietly under a tree, waiting for the bus to pick me up.

The bus showed up late, as usual, but in the middle of that waiting moment, I was 'distracted' by uneventful event. (What is the meaning of uneventful anyway?).

There's some old man, saying that he's trying to go to St. Bogor by train from 4 a.m this morning and still in need for additional cash. Well, well, well.. unfortunately I ain't Tommy. Cause if I were Tommy, I guessed I already gave the old man all money I got and even showed him the way to go to St. Pondok Cina (no pun intended to you, friend =P)

Anyway, seeing him reminded me of a woman I met the day before. She told me that she's in great hurry to RSCM but also in desperate need to seek for additional money to buy 'infus' (what's the English word?). She asked for 27.000 IDR, but unlucky for her, she happened to ask me when I'm in my lowest financial condition level EVER. Hahahahaha. I said no (duh!) and explained that I got no money left on me except for my bus fare.

Hm, it looks like the trend for new alternative way to has begin already during this fasting month, yes? Honestly I did not thought of anything until the woman said something like, "Begini ya, Nak. Ibu ngga ada niat jahat." Buset, jadi malah berasa horor pas denger dia ngomong gtu. Kurang cerdas ya cara persuasinya.

ANYWAY.. aside from the old man, there's another (actually there's two) old women who kindly made conversation with me whilst waiting for the bus. This is weird, because I'm not used to little chat with stranger, either cause of my mood or maybe my look. Hehehehe. After little chit chat, one of the old woman offered me Oriflame new catalog. Waw! I didn't even ask! Coolness! You know why I'm happy? It's because I happened to look for that catalog to browse for new items. Hehehe, jiwa materialistis. Yah, ternyata si ibu ini keluarga yang punya Puri Marsini, ckckck, dan dia kebetulan pengen ke Otista. Doenk gtu gue pas dia nanya naik apaan. Bah, gue kan buta jalan.

Yah, that's how my weird day began, and who knows, maybe there's still more waiting ahead. Semangat!

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