Sunday, December 18, 2011

Letting go

The big question of letting go bugged my mind around these last couple of months. Some things.. are they worth to keep, or should I let them go. Think I'm pretty good of letting things go, but when inputs and comments started to coming in, I'd have to reconsider my decision.. hence the state of dilemma I've been dwelling in.

Uhm, so.. not so much on progress.. but last week someone told me something, things that I would usually shrug off my shoulder, things like, "Well, you should try praying, perhaps miracle would happen.." Aww, very nice of you to say, and to think that we hardly know each other..

So yay.. big decision.. big decision.. to just f*ckin do it or to put it on hold. I'm big at making decision, which of course that's just one pretty fat lie.

To tell or not to tell, that's also one big decision to come up with. It's not that I won't tell, but more like when will be the right time to deliver the lovely message. Now or the upcoming month, now or not at all?

Ow man, can't I just go through with it without telling anybody? Lovely berondong, now I know how you feel, even though the scale of our decision is as wide as the Red Sea (which apparently not that wide if Moses could part it in two).

And yes, the state of my life is so-so to the low point. Extra point gathered when I see or do something interesting like seeing the musical or something. So yeah, not much interesting news on that part.

Ah, it's almost New Year so we better make some plans..

  1. Visiting the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Have no idea why so many people are against this idea (or to present alternative one that doesn't appeal to me that much). Is it me or the crowd I'm hanging out with?
  2. Watching Cirque du Soleil anywhere in this world. Shallow, isn't it? Hehe, I dunno why but I'm so damn thrilled every time I think of it. And guess what, Korea held on of its performances. One stone, two birds, anyone? click here for more info
  3. Shrugged off any dull comments to any of my trip plan, things like, "Iya deh lo kan tajir..", "Susah deh yang gaya hidupnya beda..", "Gue sih ngga bakalan ikutan lifestyle lo.." (O_o) Which are weird comments, haven't they seen where I live? That 3x4 meter size of a dung hole?
  4. Keeping on not planning the future to the smallest detail, cause it always prove that however you plan you life, things can go way further than your original one, since.. you know.. you're not God or something..
  5. Being grateful on whatever things I'm receiving, simple things like thank yous, smiles and dinner invitations (hahaha! such a code..)
  6. Staying true to myself. Okay, this one sounds bull, but I like it. So what if I like to change my wigs *lho* and if I like to paint my nails with black, drooling over cute ring (but unfortunately not my size) in shape of a blinky spider crawling upon your fingers, not caring whether I lose one or two of my clothes in the laundry, pile up my collection of (unwear) shoes.. that's me, so why bother?
  7. Having my own furniture shop, just because I want it.
  8. Being dorky girl is fun, so why the pretentious that I'm graceful and lady-like? I'm not, even my doctor think I'm still 17 and need parent's consent on doing things (O_o) So yes, just accept the fact that I tend to be childish and not growing up.. like ever.
  9. Swearing as much as I like. Making dirty comments without care. And wearing my beanie everywhere even tho people will stare.

By the way, I love one of those tweets I read yesterday, something like..
People who hated Monday should start thinking of resigning, because Monday is just fine.

Well said, lady. Well said.

4 tasted the wine:

go maya go :) sayang gak ada musical performance di jakarta dalam waktu dekat :(

Cirque du Soleil ada di Macau juga may...any trip plan to Hong kong? xD

twitnya keren deh, yeahhhh i'm always looking forward to MONDAY!

Cep, you're looking forward to Monday for a waaaaaay different reason than me xD