Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vegan Much?

I usually never give a crap about where the food I ate came from. I largely enjoy meat, especially beef. Yes, whenever possible, I chose beef rather than chicken. And not to mention, I rarely eat vegetables. So I’m a big ‘fat’ carnivore, I guess.

stock-vector-vector-sticker-apple-quot-go-vegan-quot-49674679Then, we might say, yesterday’s dining experience was a bit new to me, since I had a discussion with my friends about the reason they chose the vegan lifestyle. As it turns out, the world has changed so much that the need to consume the meat endangers whole population. At first, me and my simple-minded brain found it ironic regarding the restaurant’s slogan (which is, Be Veg, Go Green and Save the Planet).

How could you go green if all you eat was greenie thing?

Hmm, okay, that was seriously ignorance of me. It was never about consuming the ‘tree’ but more like stopping the growth of livestock. This centuries, people’s demand of a livestock has increased so much, the livestock started to overgrown the demand itself, which made me wonder about a whole new thing, but let’s leave it at that.

Since the livestock increased like hell, the earth space that they took, and the greenie thing that they consume, has been taken largely from the one part that actually dedicated to human being by God. Hahahaha. Do you get it? Hopefully I explains things better in the future.

So for a simple illustration:


The other thing about vegan people is, they tend to humanize animal. Let it be cow slaughter, chicken slaughter, fish slaughter, etc. they simply think that animals have feelings too. Me, personally, have no opinion regarding this. Cause you know me, I‘m the one who watched men-slaughter in Hostel and SAW without so much as a blink of an eye, and even took notes on how real the blood property really looked. Hmm, so the animal-humanizing thing doesn’t really had me on my nerve.

However, here’s an agreeable quote:

If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.
~ Paul McCartney

You cannot deny how cruel human is to other being, and the way they slaughter something is remarkably creative. They forcefully gut a chicken, cut its leg, throw it to another batch (most likely still alive) to have their insides thrown out. And cow.. hmmm… okay, next.

Yeah, so that’s basically what intrigued me the whole day yesterday. Honestly, if we’re talking about non-meat meal, I‘ve done it for like several days every week. Certainly not because of the vegan lifestyle, but it’s more about the financial condition. Hahahahaha.

Oh yeah, the restaurant I had dinner yesterday was Loving Hut (I have no idea that it’s a vegan restaurant, for real) where the wall was mainly decorated by actor/actress/activist/musician’s face (including but not limited to *halah* Tobey McGuire, Gandhi , Tom Cruise, Avril Lavigne, Brad Pitt, etc etc etc). The food is awesome, HAHAHAHA.. okay, so I’ve underestimated vegan food after all. Never knew how on earth can they create such texture and taste using only non-meat ingredients. I mean, HOW? The Cha Siu (sted pork) is uh-mazing, really-really good. And there’s cute lil drink called Popeye Juice (interesting!) that consist of red spinach + orange + pineapple. Absolutely delicious, though not really sure about the healthy part xD I mean, they did put sugar in it, right?

One of my friend piqued my interest about having lunch in Dharma Kitchen, since she insisted that that restaurant got the best menu ever. Really?

Anyway, overall, I’ve only been to two vegan restaurants (the other being Padmanadi), and the price is quite pricey, so I’m not sure whether I’m ready to slowly change the way I eat or not.

Yeah, maybe after May Winking smile

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mungkin bisa dimulai dengan makan vegan2 yang murah.. indomie vegan, misalnya.. wkwkwkwkwkw...