Monday, January 10, 2011

drama.. more drama..


Secret Garden (2010)

Okay, I went as far as making my own wallpaper out of it. That ought to tell you how obsessed I am with this drama. The quirky (if not insane) characters, the mental humor, the fantasy plot line, Hyun Bin, the huge library, awesome white sport car, simply the greatest house ever been, Hyun Bin, beautiful directing, awesome scriptwriter, hilarious supporting roles, have I mentioned Hyun Bin?

b4848ba3e145b97ad97ccf47ba03fe5f_largeSecret Garden is one of those rare K-Dramas where the male lead go straight into his woman. Uh-huh! He simply run after her, putting so much effort to get to know her, insisting (and being uber narcissist) that she should have liked him too. Hahahaha, love that character to the core.

Okay, the sole reason why I watch this one is because of the Hyun Bin factor. Granted, never knew him before, but I did marathon-ing his old dramas to get to know him more (and a bad move, if I may say, for he is WAY more developed in Secret Garden), i.e. My Name is Kim Sam-Soon, World’s Within and Friend Our Legend.

It’s about a man and a woman (duh!) who got mixed up in a complicated fate and had to swap bodies every time it’s raining. So Ranma 1/2, eh? No! This is even wackier, damn sexier and hello… that sit-up scene really changed my world. This drama has the potential to turn even a simple eye-staring and hand-grabbing into one R-rated movie. Hahahahaha.

Secret Garden, however, didn’t triumph my ultimate obsession toward Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Dunno, I felt like SKKS relieve my thirst of dynamic youngster-life so nothing beats that.. or maybe Dream High will? Depends, though, whether there will be bromance in that drama or not. Hahaha, I’m such a sucker for a cute bromance.


drChamp1 drChamp2

Doctor Champ (2010)

This is another drama with the male lead run after his woman without so-much as bullshit act. He sees her, he likes her, he helps her, he get her. That’s it! No need for munchy-munchy conflict whatsoever. Love this one.

The very first thing I noticed about Doctor Champ is how they use the 35mm camera to produce such BEAUTIFUL cinema-like scenes. Damn I love it, love the genius director and editor of this drama. Watching it is like watching a high quality pictures in theater. Supported by good-looking (and good-bodied) actors, what more could I possibly ask? xD

The story took place around Korean Olympic-training camp, where athletes got trained and supervise privately in order to gain as many medals in world-class tournament. The main focus is the two doctors working in that camp, physical-and-sometimes-psychological-consulting to the athletes. And the main sport-major involving in this drama is from Judo. Yay for six-packs guys running around topless here and there =D


There are basically two things attract me to Doctor Champ, one of them is how cute the male lead act (despite his muscle size, he’s just simply adorable teddy bear). Both his relationship to the female lead AND his fellow judo athlete made me tune in non-stop from start to the end. Okay, that’s not fair, I’ll admit it, mostly why I drawn into this drama is because of their bromaaaanceee..


Hahahahahahaha.. okay, these two deserve the award as the hottest-buddies ever. They bicker to each other, supporting each other beyond anyone’s imagination, and who knows? The latter conflict in Doctor Champ is actually about these two. Sigh.


Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)

This is my last year drama obsession, nothing beats the exciting feeling I got from this one. Mein gott I’m such a sucker for any youthful dramas. I adore the damn moral lesson in this drama, which is not to give up and pursue your education no matter what kind of given situation that you’re in. Aaw! Wish every kids nowadays seeing this one, especially my brother =_=”

bscap0071qnAnyway, the story took us back in Joseon era, right on time when I missed this kind of era-setup. Sigh. Everything was so simple back then, eh? No open-kiss scene, no outright dating, no vulgar-relationship. Everything is simply sweet and that’s why I love it when the hero(es) of Sungkyunkwan Scandal thrives to better future.

skks19-00265 The story is about a girl (let’s call her A), dressed as a guy, trying to earn a living by translating scriptures (and stuff) to mostly Sungkyunwan’s scholar. Good to know things didn’t get that much different from nowadays, huh? Anyway, she is apparently a bright mind, which made certain male scholar (let’s call him B) felt shame that this girl (whom he perceive as a man) didn’t go to the proper school. That’s how all the chaos started.

bscap0020g0 Later in the story, they will team up as a flower-four-type-of-group along with the other characters (read: MAIN REASON why I watched this drama xP) Hahahahahahaha.

This guy (let’s call him C) and that guy (let’s call him D) were two old-friend back from childhood (not sure, I just assumed) so we can say they’re both pretty close. C posed as a flamboyant kind of guy, always wearing beautiful clothes and a fan, pretty much a noble son, whilst D resembles more of a gangster-noble son. Aww.. such cute setup.

OurBromance This two (for me) were the one that actually made the scandal in the Sungkyunkwan campus. Hahahaha. What differs them both from any other bromance I’ve seen is that I ACTUALLY wish happiness and long-lasting marriage for them both T_T And hello, apparently I’m not the only sinner one thinking it like that xD They were elected as the BEST COUPLE in SBS Drama Award last year, so yeah, imagine that!!! The world approve of them!!! *laughing out of control*


7 tasted the wine:

May, lo nonton Oh! My Lady-nya Choi Siwon ga? Bagus tuh.. walau jarang disebut tp menurut gw termasuk drama 'seru' 2010

Haaa??? that is one of my black-list drama ever, Kan.. seen it until episode 8-9 and cannot push myself to continue forward..

it's watching a mother's romance relationship with her son... big Eww..

hate the cliche (and standard, almost like sinetron) storyline.. which is too bad, secara gue suka Siwon di Athena dan Chae-Rim di Oh Dalja.

i mean.. "It's like watching dst dst dst"

Gw udah suka Hyun Bin dari awal nonton di Kim Sam Soon. Tapi di film ini dia kurusan banget yah.

yah gpp lah toh aslinya juga ada yg kaya begitu walau gw ga kenal siapa2 yg punya hub may-december macem mereka gtu hehe... but overall it's a good drama imo and Siwon's acting is so not disappointing at all! although banyak mimiknya dia yg kurang pas tp okelah main jd aktor sok ganteng yg ga punya bakat sama sekali :D

siwon's acting.. mmm.. yeaaa... ketutupan ma muka dan perutnya sih..


tapi yang gue ngga suka abis itu mainly WRITER dan STYLIST-nya, like.. hello? This is 21st century and you give us that kind of ahjumma style in K-Drama (nonetheless).. is that reaaalllyy the best you can do? Are you sure? Chae Rim di Oh Dalja juga umur karakternya 30an but dear God she looked amazingly chic and beautiful.

And the writer.. haa... pecat aja tu orang.. cheating wife vs cheating husband.. birth-secret.. maid-to-be-wife.. childhood trauma.. actors who cannot act meet with amateur manager meet with obsessive bitchy fan..

gaaah, can't they even pick one major plot?

*ranting all the way* =P

you may forget one thing:
in Dalja, Chaerim is a single 30 yo woman with career in marketing (home shopping, if im not wrong) and at My Lady she is a divorcee with a toddler and long gone career bc she had given up job for being full time mother and then suddenly the husband cheats and decided to leave her... so yeah, obviously different style needed then :P