Monday, August 1, 2011

Things I Hate The Most

1. Spoiler
2. Got bitten by mosquito at my feet palm
3. The phrase "We need to talk.." and "Whatever.."
4. Intrusive, annoying and highly egoistical cats
5. Goodbyes
6. Being used and/or being taken for granted
7. Unpacking

6 tasted the wine:



what do ya wanna know that u dont wanna know from anyone? xD

~oh, and btw... Snape's pensieve-scene
is touchingg xPPP

Are you reading Indonesian movie reviews? No wonder you got spoiled... :P

spoiled brat? xD

iya tuh, so sweet banget ya si snape.. kyaaaaaaaa...

@kusut: seriously? that's the best you can get? I'm an avid reader of Harry Potter, dun you remember? that's hardly a spoiler. Pfft.

spoiler itu kek ngasi minjem pelem ke gue, dan ngomong, "Seru abis, My, anak kecilnya mati.."


i put no thought about it til i watch the movie, and there you have it.. a kid.. well and ALIVE...


you clearly missed the joke xD or rather the joke isnt funny, sorry