Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Running Man

This is the latest crack in my office. Officially succeeded in making everyone laughs. Like for real.

The thing that I love about Korean variety show is that they keep changing the format as the show goes on. First episode concept is A WHOLE LOT different than (let's say) 27th episode. And it's still as hilariously funny.

Anyway, Running Man is hosted by the very same MC that I adore back then when I was watching X-Man, MC Yoo Jae Suk. You know rite, that old variety show, with its famous "Dangyunhaji - Of Course" segment? With its rising star, the infamous Eagle Eye and his deathly words of seduction? Hahaha, I miss that show...

Along with MC Yoo, there's also Kim Jong Kook (the mosquito singer, also the nickname he obtained from X-Man back then, since his voice is not what you expect from his body size) and Ha-ha (also a gag master from X-Man back then). The additional regular player is the ones I put my interest on. There's Song Joong Ki (shockingly came up as the genius brat, I really envy his brain capacity, and yes, he's the playboy in Sungkyunkwan Scandal), Gary (hip-hop rapper slash singer), Song Ji Hyo (actress, played in Frozen Flower and Goong), Lee Kwang Soo (actor, and a vewy dorky guy, I love him!) and Ji Suk Jin (MC and comedian, one good example of 'age do him good' kind of thing.)


Ok, the concept of Running Man show is obviously the man who is running. In every episode, there's this obligatory game called Hide-And-Seek with sometimes additional rules and restriction. The games they're playing is so damn simple but so damn hilarious. That's the perks of having Korean playing variety show, I guess. They play it to the max.

The other thing that I love about Running Man issss... they always play in a Korean landmark. Let it be the Suwon World Cup Stadium, Gwacheon National Science Museum, Seoul Metro and other interesting places. Gyaaah! I'd love to visit there sometimes, especially that disaster place, Boramae Safety Experience Center, that one is absolutely brilliant. You can experience the natural disaster and learn to cope with it. An earthquake, fire, and so on and so on. Waaaaw.. *norak*

Okay, on with the next episodes...

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This one is really good. =))... Can't wait to watch all of the episode..

Lee hyo ri nya mana? ga disebut?