Friday, February 25, 2011

Side job

Last week I got a side project, which is to make an offering to someone's spiritual teacher. This offering basically sum up all the good deeds she did during the last couple of years. Kinda cool, huh?

One of the considerably good deed she did was this one particular orphanage which she maintained and cared for along with her friends. And I was one of those people that used to visit that orphanage. Those were incredible moments.

Making this side project reminded me again of that orphanage. The lil devils and annoying brat, cutie children and really-really adorable one. Aaah, I missed them. The location of that orphanage is amazingly far far away in la la land. So it's been a privilege visiting them with my office mates, actually. Which I don't get to do very often nowadays, given the distance.

Anywaaaay... those kids in the orphanage, they tend to consider strangers as someone they should reaaally not to pay attention to. Not to say that they're wrong, since people do come and go to the orphanage A LOT, sometimes to celebrate a birthday, sometimes to celebrate religious holidays, and sometimes to claim that they are indeed saint people doing saint deed.

But those visits usually only last for so long.

Then why bother care about people who look at you with pity and sympathy once in a while, rite? I feel you, kiddo. Hahahahaha.

The thing is, my office mates' visits are done continuously and on regular basis. So, at one point, they started to remember your name and your face. That felt so sweet, having those lil brats recognize your face. Hahahaha.

Looking back.. I actually enjoyed being around them, all of them.. neglected child in a deserted place, with lousy caretaker -___-" But let's not talking about that..

Gyaaah... particularly that lil demon!!!! I missed him already, he will grow up as a cute brondong deeeeeh..

4 tasted the wine:

I miss them too =( Kapan kesana lagi, gw ikutan. Yang kiri atas itu anak baru yah? Dan kenapa di posternya, that little brat dikasih panah? Not objektif you! =P

And I'm glad you post something asides those feminine actors *gyaaah*

hahahaha... that top-left kid is Viki, dude.. a kid that my fren has chosen particularly as her fave one.. and he's not newbie..

in real poster, there is no red arrow laa.. I just put it there so anyone would know my preference =P

And nope, I dun really like putting my thoughts and daily life in this blog anymore, I did that too much already in FB and Twitter xD wkwkwkwk..

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