Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Midnite Rambling

Hurrah for taking a sick leave for two days. Now I know how much it hurts when your body suffers from lack of water. Thank you very much -__-"

These last couple of days I was basically, well, stranded in bed, although not as romantic as it sounds. Can't sleep well, can't sit well, always had this tendency to throw everything up, and pretty much in dilemma. To eat or not to eat.

Funny thing is, I managed to distract my mind from my pain and suffering *halah* by doing my office work. Yeah, go figure! I stayed up late trying to finish the goddamn interest accrue calculation that REALLY REALLY starting to get on my nerves. I mean, I didn't realize I was actually /that/ stupid not to know how to calculate interest accrue. Dude, by the time I finished this assignment, I'm so not gonna work in a bank. Ew. Ew. Ew.

But then, I grew obsessed with this string of numbers, this matrix of formula, this magnificent data that is trying to tell me something. Kekekekeke. I suddenly enjoyed sitting in silent, just looking at those numbers and calmly tried to 'talk' to them. Okay, I am nerd when needed. Especially when it had become life and death matters.

Mmmm.. but then again, maybe the reason why I became so obsessed with this thing is because my client is finally appointed me someone who can explain things carefully to me, this freakin accrue idiot. This guy, whom I never met, whose existence is only sejauh kabel telfon *ihiy*, subconsciously motivated me to just finish this calculation. Hey, that's what I call soft skill. I never seen any of my client has this high level of enthusiasm *err* of calling and following /me/ up for progress.

I mean, hellowww.. I'm the auditor not you, dear Mister. Stop being so initiative.

Kekekekeke. But who am I kidding, I love it when someone's pinpointing me something that is honestly my fault, yet I can dodge easily by saying, "Sorryyy, just recovered from severe illness. Not my fault, blame my weak brain at that time.." And then he went, "Ha!"

Wait, was the heck was my point by writing this post? o_O

Oh yeaah.. lately cause I suffered from lack-of-client syndrome, I tend to be the self-introvert, just like the old time. Not having too much client to talk to, to communicate with, made me awkward with socializing term. I almost forgot how to say hellow on the phone with this sucking-up-ass-kissing tone. Kekekekekeke.

Second point.

The drama I've been watching while taking the sick leave is Myungwol The Spy, ultimately just because it has Eric, my long lost pet. I do believe I posted something about him somewhere in this blog, HAHAHAHA... *masa muda* and now he's back from military service, looking yummy.

The story were about some messed up plots which required a North Korean spy-girls to kidnap and marry a certain South Korean idol star and take him back to North Korean to be their asset. Yes, because the North deemed it dangerous for their nation to be engaged in this Hallyu wave syndrome. Better have it their own way, then.

The North Korean spy-girl was accompanied by another North Korean guy-officer who is cold and has no emotion whatsoever. Only The Motherland and Secret Mission were in his head. Oooh, love this character setup already, girls ;P Especially when this NK guy-officer is dear-lord-oh-so-cold-yet-so-hot, if you get what I mean.

Yay for some pictures spam. Kekekekekeke. Can't get enough of this hard-to-get guy-officer. And yeah, I'm so into men-in-uniforms. Hahahahahaha. I'm shallow that way.

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