Sunday, October 2, 2011

Let me just say

... that there are things that were not supposed to be said or done, but yet there are lots of things that were not supposed to be regretted.

I always tried not to left my wish list things unattended, err.. I mean.. not accomplished. But these days, I kept forgetting my long-lost-wishes and thrown back to doing mundane things every day every week every friggin year.

So here I am, trying to fulfill one of the biggest wish of my life, becoming a writer.

...Eh, ternyata susah ya, bok! Ya menurut lo?

Hahaha, okay I'm not a strong-willed person apparently, but the idea kept bugging me over the years. And by the way I do know there are even people that are far more talented that I am, even within my friendship circles. But that's okay, I learned a lot from 'em. And by learning I mean copying their styles x)

Speaking of which, this is actually why I wrote this post in the first place. I found glimpses of words in my Ipod, written a couple of months back, and I never.. NEVER seems to be able to finish it.


Everybody dies.. but not everyone lives..

That's what crossed her mind whilst looking at the gigantic statue of Lady Justice. In Rogue, time seems to slowly pass. At mid noon like this, people still walk at briskly pace, no hurry. She's been here for like what, three months? Surely by no means did she plan to stay. But here she is, still sipping the coffee while stealing glances at the major building in front of the plaza.

It's been more than two hours, yet still no sign for her sole reason being here. She sighed. This is obviously not going to be the leisure work-life balance she thought it would be. At least at first.

Not far away from her, within the building, a young man kept checking up his watch, tapping his fingers impatiently on receptionist desk.

'This guy should have shown his sorry ass like 15 minutes ago," he thought grimly, "but here I am, waiting like a fool for something I thought would be worth it."

Deciding not to bother any longer, he picked up his suitcase and started to walk. No hurry, like everybody else in Rogue. He, too, had been infected by the culture of the people here. Walk easy, eat easy, live easy.

'Die easy.' he silently cursed.

She looked up from her coffee and saw him got out from the building. With no apparent moves, she grabbed her phone and started to text, "Confirmed."

Standing up, she's watching him from the corner of her eyes. He seems not to notice but for safety measure, she decided to wore her large brimming hat. 'Don't need things to go south anyway.' she chuckled.

She followed him at steady pace, not wanting to let him out of sight but still weary of him noticing. He stopped at the red light, crossing the street full of people and taking a left turn. She followed. He stopped to buy some random newspapers, savoring the taste of mid-noon weather and leaning on the newspaper stand. Checking people out. She disappeared.

When he was about to continue his walk, a soft hand stopped him, pointing at his chest, "You are not supposed to be here." She tilted her head, eyes still covered by the brimming hat, lips smiling. "You are supposed to be dead, Morocco."

5 tasted the wine:

heh, at least you got something written. I myself can only create characters with detailed particulars, pasts and backgrounds. I cant create conflicts at all.

And I suck at narrating.

do you suppose we could collaborate? ;) I'm pretty good at creating conflict.. but not good at finishing them.. HUAHAHA!

pembukaannya bagus kok. tinggal dilanjutin.


let's :D I actually told the characters to some people (are you one of them?). It's a crime-thriller story (well not much of a story yet) I had for years. I am too lazy to flesh it out, dont know jack shit about law either xD

can't recall... can't recall..

but heck, I've short term memory syndrome as well so yeah.. not helping