Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Move on with the current interest of mine. P.A.S.T.A.

Oh how I love the main actor in this KDrama ever since he played the distant cousin in Coffee Prince back in 2007. At one scene in Coffee Prince, he was singing to the main actress at Coffee Prince (Yoon Eunhye) and I instantly felt head over heels with this man. Huhuhuhuhu, the best thing about him is his smile, his annoyingly wicked yet genuine smile. Aaaw, he doesn’t even fall into pretty boy category yet I infatuated strongly with Lee Seon kyun.

I was /that/ crazy about this guy, I actually broken-hearted when he got married. But on top of that, I still adore his pre-wedding photos. Aaaargh, he’s so sweet…

Hmmpff, okay. Enough with that fan-girl moment, on with the review.

Pasta will strongly reminded you of Hell’s Kitchen, a gruesome (and loud) chef with his mean demeanor and bunch of sous-chef, line cook, commie, etc and pretty much food. Err, more like nouvelle cuisine with its tiny proportion and expensive price. This series will also reminded you of most JDorama since the main topic is “strive for the best” and not mainly love and romance movie.

It has romance in it, ‘fcourse, but not overly made and not cheesy. In fact, the love scene was so rare I gasped for some air in episode 9 and the rest since suddenly the scene turned into some freaking cute ones. And they only hold hands, people, not some wild make out episode. That’s just sweet. Ahahaha, I love it when I like a movie more and more within each episode, and not vice versa. I can spare the plain expression on my face during one or two episode but if they can spike my interest in later scene, hell yeah I’ll vote it be a movie recommendation.

It’s like when I watched You’re Beautiful all over again. Not interested in the first 3 episodes until suddenly the characters mimicking Sorry Sorry dance by Super Junior.

Okay, maybe not exactly the same since I shared huge interest upon the main actor in Pasta in the first place (like mentioned above).

The plot is about a girl wanting to become a great chef in the restaurant she works for, La Sfera. She spent three years working as kitchen assistant, working her ass off. But by the time she finally will hold a pan, the chef in that restaurant got replaced by new infamous chef who is back from Italy. This new chef apparently dislike any female in his kitchen, so in his own way, he managed to fire them all, including our heroine.

It’s actually funny, she always managed to successfully return to La Sfera but at the same time, she always managed to be fired all over again. Hahaha, so damn stubborn, but I can relate with her. Dude, you spent three years working like a slave and now you got fired only because of your gender? Hah! Over my dead body.

Hence, basically in the first three episodes, she has been fired four times. Hahahaha, so crazy!

Anyway, the plot is getting interesting since in order to replace female chef in the kitchen, the new chef brought back with him three replacement, male chef, from Italy. And yes, it’s not a problem with me as long as the this new dudes are easy in the eye. And yes, you bet your ass they are.

Hohoho, so there goes my main point of watching this drama. In City Hall, I mentioned there were three good looking guys playing some interesting character, but in Pasta, ladies and gentlemen, there are nine, I repeat, NINE eye candies altogether in that one drama. The chef, the regular guest of the restaurant (it's Alex from Clazziquai, OMG! OMG!), the butler, the sous-chef, the three musketeer from Italy, the goldfish's brother and one Korean chef responsible for doing salad dishes.

Ah, heaven!

This, however, made me remember something. Alex from Clazziquai, hah, too long no see.. This is the guy who actually swayed me with his voice, ever since he sang soundtracks from Seducing Mr. Perfect, 200 Pounds of Beauty, My Name is Kim Samsoon, etc. Imagine how surprised I was knowing that he's in this movie. Man, thus, there are at least two good voices in Pasta (Alex and Lee Seon kyun), hail no regret!

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pinjaam >__<<

pinjaam?? Ngopi kaleee..

nyaaa... the butler....

hahaha.. sampai sekarang gw cuma inget namanya phillip doang diantara ketiga italian chefs :D

imho, i don't think the goldfish's brother THAT good looking.

that picture (in this post) might not do him justice, tapi di pelemnya dia lucu ah, brewokan gtuuuh.. hehehehehe...