Thursday, October 15, 2009


There are particularly two movies that I am currently eyeing. First, the infamous best-seller-book, Eat Pray Love and secondly, Valentine's Day. Why?

Here's the reason why, for the first movie, I read the book and I simply love it (except for the last part where she wrote about gold-digging Balinese woman who seemed very ungrateful and greedy, but she blame it on the culture, bleh!). I like the honest writing style of hers and her sense of moronic humour. She refers to Elizabeth Gilbert, the writer.

And then, all of those are added with the fact that her character is going to be played by none other than Julia Roberts. Damn lucky woman. Who would've thought your own-character will be played by someone as famous as Mrs. Roberts?

Not only that, character 'Felipe' - the man she met in Bali, who lived there for over than 5 years - will be played by Javier Bardem. Hellooo? That sexy guy is actually going to visit my country, dude! *grinning*

Anyway, aside from the fact that I didn't buy the slightest chance that a character as sexy as Bardem living in Bali over than 5 years but still unnoticed and available, I really dig this movie. Hopefully it turned out well. *finger crossed*

Second movie. Yesterday I was told by my friend that there will be a new movie whose casted by so many infamous actors/actresses/artis named Julia Roberts (again), Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper (He's Just Not That Into You), Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Foxx, the cutie Topher Grace (Win a Date with Tad Hamilton), the McDreamy  Patrick Dempsey, the McSteamy Eric Dane, Queen Latifah, Emma Roberts (Nancy Drew), and artist such as Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas.

Heck, its genre surely gotta be drama, since the producer might not have enought budget left to afford special effect for any other genre, ain't it so?

Yes, just hearing about the cast is enuff to make me wait patiently here, surrounded by client's documents and stuff, yearning for car and own apartment.

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