Friday, October 23, 2009


Damn, I envy one of my clients. He’s only 24 yet he already became somewhat in Finance Department within one of the well-known logistic companies in the world. Whoa… he’s so damn cool, I mean he even looked like he enjoyed his position, wearing no suit whatsoever, he’s comfortable with his style (which is so damn casual) and he’s happy. After he told me his age with playful tone, “Seriously, I got to be younger than you, so please don’t call me Sir, I’m only 24”, heck! I’m genuinely surprised. My colleague told me he must be one of those who graduate from the Management Training program and successfully having the vast knowledge of Finance Department. Crazy, I want to be like him. Maybe it’s mainly because I long for a casual working environment (but ‘fcourse with willing-to-die-for kind of salary) and yet I gain more knowledge aside from things that I already know, like finance area but minus the headachy calculation. Is it possible, ladies and gentleman?

Anyway, this time is pretty much the only time I really envy my client. Never in my life have I envied my client’s job or his office or even their bathroom. For your information, I took it very seriously when it comes to bathroom area. So far, mine is the best, I. Maybe not the freaking trendiest (like the automatically water pouring water tap when you past you hand beneath it, or maybe equipped with auto-dry toilet seat, now that would be cool) but it is most definitely the cleanest, coziest and most unique with its waste tissue being put into the toilet itself and not into trash bin. So cute. Never seen it before. And another bonus point is the cool elevator and lobby room. Hahahaha, I’m so into my elevator and lobby room. They can escalate your self value incase you need to hold a meeting with somebody. Ask anyone who ever been in my office. Too bad the salary is not that good. I mean, it’s good but not that good. You feel me?

Hmm, what was it that I need to say, eh? Oh yeah, it’s dreaming time. I have never seriously considering the idea of having my own business in the future time (not until I am settled and have logical amount of money)… at least, at first. But now, having to think about it over and over, I really-really dig the idea of having my own furniture shop. Yeah, that would be nice. I love reading the interior design magazines and astounded by their wide capacity of styles. I would fill my shop with affordable, practical yet personal designed stuff, with colorful items and bright theme. The design of my own shop will be decided by me and a bunch of trusted crew of mine. And then, I will collaborate with numbers of local carpenters or artisan for providing my items at reasonable price. Hence, I and the local industry will prosper altogether. Yay!

The alternative is, obviously, having my own clothing line, or maybe my own clothing store. As others always do, I will sell anything that suit my taste and my colleague’s taste (and that would mean the collection will be essentially black or solid dark color) and accessories that is simple yet look adorable. Since I don’t have the gift of fashion sketching, I will surely work together with designers who can satisfy my need (err). I am not going to working solo; instead I will be having partnership with some others who share the same taste or maybe the extension of my taste. Aw, cute. Shoes, boots, coats, army jackets, hooded jackets, black mini dress, blazers, Korean beanies, socks, hand warmer, headband, necklace and bangles will be among my things. Can’t wait for it to happen *excited*.

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