Saturday, April 4, 2009

Flower Boys

Yay, finally got the chance to taste the Korean version of the infamous F4 fever thoughout Asia. I really, really, like the stereotype story of this chick-movie filled with pretty faces since it came out in Taiwan version back in 90's. Eventhough it's cliche, but the drama successfully captured my attention for its funny scenes and witty dialogue and touchy plot and mushy-mushy love stories (Haaa, Tao Ming Tse! Haa, Hwa Ce Lei!).

Then, at my final year of college, I spent more time to watch the Japanese version (although this is supposed to be the original version, but I watched it later). Hmm, can't remember much about the first season, but definitely (again) I was captured by the second season since the story is very much different from the Taiwan version and it ended up as the girl being proposed inside a soccer stadion. Tsk tsk, not much thinking in spending money, aren't you, Doumyoji?

So now, hearing that Korea (largely known for its modern drama season) is making its own version, imagine how excited I was.

Til I got the first episode anyway.

Well, it's not that the drama is very-very bad one, it just didn't have its own plot, the originality of the story and character, and even worse, it combined the Taiwan and Japanese version of F4! While watching it, my friends and I kept arguing whether the scene adapted the Taiwan version or from the Japan's. Very very sad. Not to mention the main girl character is absolutely looked like Nodame from Nodame Cantabile. Can't they even create their own image?

Sigh. The only thing that made me keep watching it is the character of the two lesser known members of F4, played by cute boys and funny actors, which one of them named Kim Bum. Better and bearable looking version than the Taiwan's and Japan's. Hehehehe.

Well, actually after skipping for like 20 episodes forward, I must say that the main actor (the one playing Tao Ming Tse's character - Gu Jun Pyo) is not that bad and he has thousand of face expression in which resembles so many people, starting from Aldi Taher to Lee Teuk - Super Junior. Hahahahaha.

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