Saturday, April 4, 2009


Such a vewy vewy long time since I wrote any review about a bunch of books I read. Okay, so here we go:
1. Tales of Beetle the Bard - JK Rowling
Cute fairy tales and fables, I dunno, it made me ache for wanting more of her work. I think anything she'll write in the upcoming years will always bring great success, as long as it has anything to do with Harry Potter tidbits. Anyway, this book is mentioned in the seventh chapter, where Dumbledore gave Hermione children's book for her to translate. So cute. And when you read each tales, the stories serve you good. I always have this yearning for children fairy tales, and I do appreciate original stories and characters. Read it, English version is preferable.

2. Wedding Officer – Anthony Capella
After his first book (The Food of Love), I immediately recognized his name while browsing in bookstore. Anthony Capella is a great author, with his Italian recipes and love stories. What can be more Italian than its love and food? It’s an eminent marvel that Italian women still can’t get heavy no matter how many food they eat. Geez. Anyway, this book is not an ordinary-daily-chicklit since, well, it’s a long book with a long journey within it. The story is taken in 1940’s with World War II as the background. It’s about British soldier who served as a wedding officer. His job is mainly to ensure that no Allies Army marries the Italian women, at least not those who work as a prostitute. Ironically, he’s infatuated with a nice Italian young lady whose cooking skill is beyond imagination. Since no wedding officer can’t be seen together with (any) Italian women, he started to permit more marriages, in order to soften the rule, I guess.

3. The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini
Since I read his second book in earlier times (A Thousand Splendid Suns), it's kind of boring at first. His writing style is still the same, with all these metaphors and wordy symbols, which gave me clues as to how the book will end. Thankfully, the subject is different, it’s about friendship between two young boys and it’s nothing like his second book (which is basically about the misery of female kind). After a while, I was captured by the simple line of, “For you, for the thousand times” or something like that. Made me shiver if I remember what will happen next. It’s worthy of reading, though.

4. Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert
It’s an Oprah book, I must tell. I recognized the title as soon as Oprah said that it was the best selling book in US and imagine how happy I was when I know that my friend got it. Yay! The book is undeniably appealing, with so many quotes that I could rephrase in my own sentences, and since it’s a true-story book, I adore her blatant words. Elizabeth Gilbert is one hilarious person, I can tell from her language. The book is about her post-divorce experience, in which she traveled to three nations, named Italy, India and Indonesia. In each country, she eats, she prays, and she loves. So cool to be like her. And I mean, who doesn't? Having taught by native tutor in Italy (handsome twin nonetheless), totally devoted to God through meditation and lots of praying in India (even managed to make friends with people from around the world who seems to gather in that one single ashram), and finally, finding her soulmate in Bali, a Brazillian chef/an enterpreneur/great sense of humour/not a demanding guy/marvelous in bed.

5. Dragon Keeper & Garden of the Purple Dragon & Dragon Moon - Carole Wilkinson
It turned out to be a children book. Bah! I tawt it was some sort of dragonical (is that a word?) adventurous legend. But sadly nope. It will suit your children, though.
Very light reading material about a girl deciding to be a Dragon Keeper (what else?). But, in the other hand, having finished the second and the third book of its chronicles, I eventually got hooked by the story. So easily to understand and didn't need that much of effort to finished it. Lovely.

6. Mehrunissa the Twentieth Wife & Nur Jahan The Queen of Mughal – Indu Sundaresan
I love this kind of stories, about Mughal and all its glory kingdom. It's about Mehrunissa (later known as Nur Jahan), once an important woman slash queen before the Taj Mahal period. She's practically the one who managed to make it all possible. This first book is telling us about the period before she got married to the king and later become the most important woman of all Hindustan. You'll have intrique and sinister plot within zenana (or harem, you might prefer), clash amongst kings and princes, et cetera et cetera. Quite an intriguing book, I must say.

7. The Alchemist – Nicholas Flamel
Now now, this genre reminds me of Bartimaeus trilogy, with all its golem and witches and genies and so forth. But this one is about Nicholas Flamel's adventure, the infamous immortal creature together with his wife, Perenelle, whilst fighting against the Dark Elder. Along their journey, they met the twin, brother and sister, who happened to be destined to be the hero somewhere down the Propechy of Abraham The Mage. Okay, that's the main plot. This one is actually readable indeed, for its light theme and cute cover design. Hehehehe.

8. Kumpulan Cerpen Akutagawa Ryunosuke
Nice cover design, and I always such a sucker for short stories. Last time I collected Indian writer's collection, now this time I collected Japan's. His stories are all served in a metaphor language, starting from nose, bush, frog, etc. Quite an interesting read.

Sadly, I managed only those to read in my spare time. There are still stacks of books I haven’t got the chance (or motivation) to just rip open its cover and start to read. Since when did I turn into this type of person? I never (never!) in my life time (at least previously) to ignore any reading material, let alone buy it and just leave it there. Damn my shopping habit! Let’s see.. *checking my collection* Ah, I still got New Moon – Stephenie Meyer, Eclipse – Stephenie Meyer, The Lovely Bones – Alice Sebold, Three Cups of Tea - Greg Mortenson, not to mention my roommate collection, Tunnels – Gordon & Williams, The Thirteenth Tale – Diane Setterfield, Darren Shan’s saga, The Wednesday Letter – Jason F Wright, etc.


Speaking of which, yesterday I buy another adult edition of Harry Potter ^^ Hurray! One step to a comple collection. Yay! Five more to go, people. Five more to go.

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