Saturday, April 4, 2009

Seeing, watching, imagining

Tristan And Isolde

Hm, this a story about once a warfare between Britannia and Ireland. At that time, Britannia was still herd of tribes (Angles, Saxon, etc) and attempted to unite under one king. The fight against Ireland cost them so many lives, including Tristan’s parent. Later he was saved by one of the leader of the tribes. In the other hand, Isolde was the daughter of King of Ireland and from that point, you can guess that this is some sort of Romeo-Juliet epic love story.

Yet I watched it anyway, since I’m a sucker for classic stories like these, hehehe. Also because the cast of those young princes are well-build and easy-in-the-eye, so yeah I love it. Tristan was played by James Franco and there this young man named Melot who is played by Henry Cavill. The young Tristan is also played by familiar face, Thomas Sangster. Overall, it’s a bit dragged with a bit sense of ‘sinetron’ but semuanya termaafkan karena tampang Tristan =D

Ip Man

I actually thought the title was pronounced ai-pi-men instead of yip-man. Geez, so much for the title, huh? Anyhow, this was taken after Wong Fei Hung era in 1940’s where World War II took place. It’s about one doujo master called Ip Man who was well-respected and admired, no wonder since his skill was beyond imagination (I especially love the thousand fist scene, so freaking cool!).

Later I acknowledge that the movie is inspired from a true story, about the spirit of redemption for the mainland against the Japanese army. Very-very touchy, and I like its pride aura the whole duration. Ah, you should watch it.

Slumdog Millionaire

Okay, I noticed this piece when I saw Academy Award awhile back then. I was so curious as to why this movie won so many categories, I ended up looking for it. The tiny fact that I didn't aware was that the movie is also known as 'From Rags To Raja'. Jreng jreng. Now, /that/ movie has already been circled around my office for quite some time, thus I felt like a dork not knowing about that.

Anywaaay, this one me likey. Hehehe. Its theme is so simple and yet ironic at the same time. I love heart-painful scenes and yes there's so many in it. Yay! The actors and actresses played in that movie range from (very) young and older range of age, brought me a delightful surprise. Love it. Love the color of the picture, love the music, I even love the trademark dance (typical Indian movie, eh?) at the end of it.

Incase you haven't figure it out yet, it's about one servant boy (a chai-walla; to server chai tea, I suppose) who manage to enter a pride show called Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. A well-known quiz even in my country. Surprisingly, he can manage to answer ALL but one last question asked in that show. Magnificent, yet hurting. So it's only natural when the local police suspected him for such a fraud. Eventhough I can't imagine what kind of fraud you could possible apply when you are in that kind of show. What? What exactly? Unless you got an insider, 'fcourse.

The Illusionist

Ay, this one is uniquely adequate to my taste. Love the magic scenes, starting from Orange Tree sampai trik-trik kecil yang dilakuin sepintas lalu. Waw, I'm such a sucker for magician. Kemaren aja nonton iklannya reality quiz The Master-nya Dedy Corbuzier ampe takjub. Keren juga ni peserta-pesertanya. Daaan, btw, sejak nonton ni pelem, I immediately affected by Edward Norton. Mein gott, tu orang got sumtin inside. Udah gtu, pas tau Hulk 2 juga dimaenin oleh Edward Norton, yaiks, langsung nontoooon.

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