Monday, May 4, 2009

Honey And Clover

That's the one most amazing -sugoi- Nihongo series I've ever watched. And I loosely define myself as a quite serious case of a dorama viewer. Out of every Nihongo dorama that I've been watching for so long, Honey and Clover effortlessly grabbed my attention. The plot and directing were excellent, the actors/actresses playing were great; the soundtrack was a marvelous job, and the whole scene
were was -really enjoyable to watch. I laughed and I cry during the whole season.

Honey and Clover was mainly about the friendship between five people, three boys and two girls, in which one of the girls was a newbie to that university. And they studied art, a major I long for quite some time now. How great is that? Anyway, I watch the movie version first, the one that according to my friends was pretty tedious and boring, but not to me. Have no idea why, but even in the movie version, there's something about it that really linked to my life. Or so I thought at that time, considering the movie version /was/ quite plain.

But once I knew there's the series version, and furthermore, it was played by one of my favorite actor, Ikuta Toma, I felt none other than astounded. Heck, the series version is much much better than the movie (doesn't mean that the movie version is suck though, did I mention that?). I'm crazy about the tone color they used in that series, totally warm and light, reminds me of spring and autumn in
Japan (I think. Well, it's not like I've been there myself). But yes, they used different tone color than the other series.

Anyway, the most important measure for such doramas to be one of my favorite one is that they gotta have some great lines and quotable dialogue. And as you all might very well know, most of Japan's dorama /obviously/ offered deeper meaning out of something simple within our life, but several of them were working it too hard. Some turned out to be cheesy lines, and some other became such a corny quote. And obviously, it's fairly depressing when you watch that kind of movie.

Anyhoo, some of my favorite quotes are:
:: Energy will transfer to others. So, if there's someone you want to give strength to, it's important for you to be energized first.
Romaya senpai

:: I hope you can find what you like to do, Takemoto-kun.
Hanamoto Hagumi

:: When you take off, it's better to leave with a smile. People want to see you again because of that smile.
Romaya senpai

:: Until now, I always wondered if there was a point to a failed relationship. I wondered if something which disappears and something that never happened was the same thing. But, now I
understand, that there was a meaning to it. Because I met Hagu-chan, the person I am today, is here now.

:: Why do you not want to graduate so much?
Yamada Ayumi
:: When you're a child, didn't you always hate being the first one to go home after playing with your friends? If something big happened when you weren't there, it'll make you feel very depressed.

:: If I fall in love with someone else, I feel like the love I've been feeling up till now were all lies.
Yamada Ayumi

Well, I gotta admit, almost every line being mentioned in that series were somewhat meaningful to me. You have no idea how I love it so much, but I did. Very-very recommended series for you who
haven't watched it yet.

Anyhow, Romaya senpai is one of the thoughtful characters in Honey and Clover. At first, I dun get how ridiculous this person is every
time he showed up in one scene. But later on, I actually enjoyed all his worthy quotes. Hehehehe. Can't help it if something just
happened to be interesting while you're watching it, huh?


Speaking of which, a bit of scary feeling colored my day last week. Don't know why, I was somehow reminded of my past adolescence. My youth, a very naive moment yet the most cherished, has someway slipping away from my fingers. Not the age, but more the courage to dream and to hope, or even to plainly plead for childishness. And I got sad. But then, I felt numb. Is it supposed to be like that? As far as growing old matter, people are taught to impose themselves into a more proper manner. Meaning, some of us got to sacrifice
something. As for me, I lost my chance to act foolishness. And I regretted it. So much.

I hate to admit that I regretted something out of my life. Ever. I really wished someday I'd be able to proudly say that I have nothing to be regretted for. But then, here comes the very first
thing I'll ever regret for the rest of my life. Not doing one small thing, probably insignificant thing when u saw it from some perspective, could bring the midget hammering my heart, making it
ache. And that sucks. I loathe it.

Argh. From now on, please just do something whilst you still got the time, dear My. Don't let the second regrettable thing happened to you in any way. Do remember the pang, so that the courage will
be granted upon you.


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