Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sulawesi? Oke mi..

Okay, this is the very first time I’m using Windows Live Writer 2011, sooo.. so far it's a bit weird coz it downloads my blog template, and I’m not used to it.. but yeah.. not so bad… considering that you no longer need to login into browser anymore.

Anyway, this couple of weeks (‘kay, let’s face it, only the last two weeks) I’ve been visiting Sulawesi, one stranger island that I’ve never set my foot upon. And it’s in Sorowako, anyone ever heard of it? Mixed feelings when I heard that I actually gonna go there, you know, weird thoughts flying around inside my head.. wild tribe, cannibal ethnicity, creepy bugs, dense rain forest, no asphalt road.. scary (and super hyperbolic) thoughts.

P18-10-10_11-08Since apparently it’s not feasible to fly straight from Jakarta to Sorowako, I need to take another flight using Fokker 550 airplane which is a small airplane that could carry only 26 people in it. Ihiy! Cool, huh?

First time arrived in Makassar (used to be called Ujung Pandang AND I just found out about that capital-city-name-changing *shame*), first impression was.. that city is hotttt! Not hot-hot.. but HOT! 35 degrees in Celcius, methink.. damn hot, felt dizzy right away. Ugh, not good. Thank heavens for my cute cap.

P23-10-10_10-13I got lost in the Makassar airport, you know. Really moronic experience, I had trouble getting to the next flight when I still need to, like, manually do the check-in and register my luggage. Not to mention, my client (A Brazilian wax.. err.. I mean, guy) is not helping at all. Well, maybe that was entirely my fault, I went here and there, took pictures (of the airport) and sotoy-ly trying to figure out the right path. Lots of short text messages sounded like, “Where are you?” sent that day, hahahahaha.

P19-10-10_14-58In Sorowako, there’s nothing but the hills.. the scenery was A LOT different from the cities I’ve been visited. Rare houses, single track of path and the sky is soooooo big and blue. One thing that you don’t get to see very often in Jakarta. Hah!Unfortunately, with me being an annoying-whining-all-the-time-brat in the first week, complained about everything (i.e. not enough car sounds, not enough supermarket, not enough ATM, not enough shoe-store, etc), the first half of my staying is not spent efficiently. Not so much quality time, per se. And I hated it, I really wanna go back to that moment and give my-past-self a good ‘ol smack in the face. Ungrateful lil brat!

P24-10-10_15-54I stayed in a dorm (apparently there’s only two types of housing there, either you got placed in the guest-house or the dorm, which in my humble opinion, doesn’t have that much different anyway) and despite the name, it works like a hotel. You went to work in the morning, leaving a thrashy bedroom, and you would find it sneaky clean in the evening… YAY! Me love that lifestyle. PLUS to reach my workplace, there’s a driver standby and it took only 10-15 minutes. PLUS there’s buffet meal in a place called TAB (Taman Antar Bangsa) where you could eat three times a day (a luxury for me =P) and it’s bule-style. Hahahaha. Appetizer, main course, and dessert. I think (and hope) I gained some weight there. PLUS you got sum yummy view in that TAB place.. if you know what I mean =P

P19-10-10_15-07Overall… I loveeeeed that experience and I’m saddened by the fact that I have to go back to Jakarta so soon. Hiks. Not after knowing so many new people, exchanging names and greeting, and speaking English in a nonchalantly way. A.k.a super messy English. Not after having tremendous demonstration incident (causing cute hitchhiking experience). And certainly not after I saw beautiful landscape and sky-view such as that place. I missed them all. I missed having new friends. And I miss the feeling to be a stranger one more time.

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Nice trip ... Sounds like fun!