Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bad Guy

It took me three months to watch the first ten episodes, but it takes only three days to watch the rest.

I initially wanted to watch this because the trailer was some sort of dark story with twisted character. And yes, it does not disappoint me at all, for Bad Guy is ultimately one sick drama.

Anywaaaay, basically it tells us about one young man, named Shim Gun Wook, scheming a vengeful act against one big chaebol family (think Oliver Twist against Tao Ming Tse - Gu Jyun Pyo's family), and in between those revenges, he met with a (commoners) girl who's actually trying to be a member of that family as well.

Do you get it?

The big chaebol family consist of (wait, lemme count) six persons, the mom and dad with four of their children. The children was introduced one by one, not necessary in sequential episodes, but in a clever way that would pull you deeper through the plot. Aish, clever director and script-writer.

So, why does this young man hold a grudge against the Hong family? See, that's because long long time ago when he was a child, he was taken into that family (by force, separated from his true parent) only to be trashed away months later cause there seemed to be paperwork mistakes. He's not what they claimed him to be. Argh, confusing explanation and struggling language.

Okay, now what exactly induced me into this drama?
1. The picture color. Hahahahaha, have you ever tried the pin light effect on Photoshop? That's the exact sense of color I'm getting from this one, soft pastel color. Very-very impressive. Gave you the sense of old-time-movies.

2. The directing is awesome. Now, I dun usually pay attention as to how a movie was directed, but in this one, I couldn't help but to notice. Every scene is beautifully made, the dialogue is not necessarily there but the viewers could get the essence. Hmm, some might say the plot is confusing cause the conversation took place is rare, but I personally think that's beautiful. It reminded me of Harry Potter 3, where camera often took close shot at some properties, like flowers, trees, benches, etc. Love this.

3. The soundtrack. The main song captured my mood immediately. I fell in love with that song. Nooo..

4. The ENDING! Hahahahahahaha. I shall speak no more.

Okay, to give people better understanding, let's break the character description, shall we?

1. Shim Gun Wook (Kim Nam Gil)
A young man separated from his original family, eventually changed his name from Choi Tae Song to Hong Tae Song since he was the illegitimate child from Mr. President Hong's affair. From nothing to something, this guy (or maybe child) lived in that big house with the royal family, only to be thrown out months later since apparently he's not the original Hong Tae Song (red: cape deh).

2. Hong Tae Song (Kim Jae Wook)
The original Hong Tae Song. Jreng-jreng! He was also taken into that Hong family when he was a child. But apparently, he lived up the name of illegitimate child. Grow into one (bloody handsome) jerk guy, spoiled as hell and changing women as often as he changed his underwear. Not interested with Hong Family Business (called Haeshin Group) and prefer to play all the way. He's a smart-mouthed guy, too. Really need good smack in the head, I'd say.

3. Hong Tae Ra (Oh Yun Soo)
The oldest child in the family. One elegant (married with one child) lady. From all of Hong children, I like her the most. Presumably cold and very-very beautiful. And her hair is short, gyaah! Throughout the ending, I love her even more T_T Damn she's one cool Vice President and a great noona.

4. Hong Mo Ne (Jung So Min)
The youngest daughter of the family, predictably spoiled and always get what she wants. Bleh, I hate the character already. Anyway, she went head over heels toward Shim Gun Wook, calling him regularly, inviting him to lunch and dinner and brunch, etc. One way or another, I think this girl is actually kind-hearted, only spoiled. Spoiled is definitely an annoying trait for a character.

5. Madam Shin (Kim Hye Ok)
The mother of Hong family, typical character, think Tao Ming Tse's mom. Despise any cockroach trying to slip into her family and a true defender of their blue blood dynasty. I think this woman is one insane character, she loveeeees to yell, dude, her voice is hurting my head =_=

6. President Hong (Jun Gook Hwan)
The main trigger of all the conflict in this drama. Personally, if he kept his pants off, this whole dramatic drama wouldn't take place at all. As a character, I think he resembled a good company man, kind-hearted father and weak husband. Hahahaha.

7. Moon Jae-In (Han Ga In)
A commoner (baca: rakyat jelata), works in Madam Shin's art gallery as an art curator. She often wear shorts to office, makes me wonder whether to change my occupation or not. I love her boots, by the way. Her sense of fashion is not like the true commoner, with all cute clothes (and shorts and boots, or maybe because this is Korea we're talking about). Gyaah! At first, she mistook Shim Gun Wook as Hong Tae Song (I know, that's complicated) and by the end of the chapter, they're getting closer in a comfy manner.

Ok, in overall, this Shim Gun Wook guy got involved with ALL three female characters, having kissed them thoroughly (ha-ha) and making them crazy about him. Me personally, have no idea what attract those girls to Shim Gun Wook when there's this Hong Tae Song dude right in front of their nose. Or maybe because it would be incest. Hahahaha.

Anyway, among all romance relationships, I prefer the one with Shim Gun Wook and Hong Tae Ra in it. Their relationship is truly romantic. The fluttering butterfly, the hidden closet kiss, the level of their conversation, really-really good. Ah, I like that woman.

If you look for a dark drama, Bad Guy is one recommended piece. Hehehehe. Me and my sick taste of movie material.

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