Sunday, December 5, 2010

Getaway Part 2

In Jogja, we arrived at 1pm. Walking to the so-called hotel in Sosrowijayan (not recommended by me, though, unless you absolutely have no budget for accommodation. The toilet was creepy with strange smell), then going back and forth across the Malioboro area. That area reaaaallllyyyy reminded me of Patpong-Bangkok, with so many street vendors, becak (instead of Tuk-tuk), and familiar-oldies-vibe. I dunno. Maybe that’s just me.

We had lunch in Mirota Batik 3rd floor (strongly recommended) whereas the 1st and 2nd floor is the perfect place for Batik-shopping and photo-hunting. Loving it there, with the creepy statues everywhere and so-damn-polite waiters and SPLENDID food altogether. Sigh. Nice place to eat.

One thing about Jogja that I immediately notice is the attitude of the people. Maybe it’s because of the Javanese tradition still very much endorsed in their life ya, so every time you bumped into someone and said, “Oops, excuse me!”, they will immediately go nodding their head and remarked, “Monggo.” So nice having this change of refreshing air once in a while, eh? Unlike in Jakarta, when you accidentally bumped into someone, they will plainly ignore or worse, cursing you -_-“

Rest of the day went well, cause we get to eat seafood Jogja Pas, cmiiw (another delicious street vendor place across Tugu station) where the crab cost IDR 100,000 =_= Originally we headed toward the Angkringan Tugu, but alas, that place is scary if you don’t bring any male friends. My friend told me, the Angkringan place usually served Kopi Joss which is a coffee with burned-wood (red: arang) directly dipped in it. Err…. Okay..

The next day is the best day cause we went to Borobudur and Prambanan temple. Hurray! *norak* Never been to those temples before so it’s kind of exciting seeing it up-close and personal. There’s something different when you visited these kind of places in your adulthood. You appreciated the hard work more and can’t help but felt awe about it. Unfortunately, due to Merapi eruption, the top of Borobudur still closed to visitors. And btw, the sun blister is killing meeee… Prepare umbrella and hats when you go there.

Before heading up to Prambanan temple, we had lunch in Jejamuran, once a mushroom plant site, but now a very successful restaurant. Impressive food, everything made with mushroom, either Shiitake, Portobello, etc etc. Delicious delicious delicious!

Aside from Jejamuran and Mirota Batik, we also got the chance to taste another unique restaurant, named House of Raminten. Absolutely recommended for you who would like to dine in a eccentric place. The truth is, so many interesting places to eat in Jogja if you got the right tour guide =P

Oh, and btw, I also got to have a rendezvous with an old friend of mine..

"You know, if not for your friends, I would've bring horse instead.. so we can horse-riding together.."

Okay.. still moron, I guess.

Anyway, next to culinary trips, I got the chance to go to supposedly-hype places like Ground Zero area? Huh? Jogja Titik 0? What's the English? This place, uhm, is similar like Bundaran HI Jakarta where people with no apparent reason just hang-out there and have a chat, even by midnite. Interesting, since one of the habit of its people is basically to sit down by the road and have a nice long chat or simply sightseeing. Or in Indonesian word, nangkring.

Another place I visited was Alun-Alun Jogja where there's this myth, if you manage to go across the field and pass through the two big Beringin trees with eyes closed, then your wish maybe granted. Hihihi. That place is insanely crowded at 11pm on weekdays, so imagine what it would be like on weekends. There's so many colorful tandem bikes also, whereas you pay IDR 15K for three laps around the field. Interesting spot. Hahahaha, and yeah, I failed with that test. Dang! Simply hit one of the tree -_-

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pathong tuh di mana May? gak pernah denger gue..

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