Saturday, December 11, 2010

Secret Garden

Okay, right now I’m way over Sungkyunkwan Scandal (it’s been a pleasure to know you, thank you) and major addicted to a new drama featuring Hyun Bin and ha Ji Won, called Secret Garden. The genre is fantasy, telling us a story about body swap between male and female, and resulting in FREAKIN hilarious scenes after scenes.


Okay, the picture below is not him trying to hold a major poo, but that’s one of the scene where his body was possessed by a female AND some guy was busy searching him up and down. Hihihihi. This Hyun Bin guy (formerly I saw him in The Worlds Within, but I swear to God, I didn’t recognize that guy here.. in Secret Garden, Hyun Bin is WAY cuter) possessed a jerk but sexy characteristic. He’s taken “rich bastard” into a new level, I’m telling you. That guy could make women want to slap him hard, but in the same time, kiss him senseless. *halah* He’s that hot.. no kidding… Hahahahahaha..


Anyway, that’s not what I want to tell you about. One of the crazy factor that pulled me through this drama is the HOUSE. Oh-My-Goat is that house awesome or what? That Hyun Bin guy (aside from being a true narcissist and psychotic, I mean, hello, he got his psychiatrist in SPEED DIAL) suffered from claustrophobia. So he managed to bought convertible car and one goddamn-huge-house.


And there’s not a single room in that goddamn-huge-house! Damn, they’re good.


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