Monday, May 9, 2005


What is it?
The murderer was finally arrested! Alleluia! Yes, considering it's a full one month of desperation, for crying out loud =(

The shocking news was... he's just only a kid, 18 yrs old and from the look he had, he's that kinda 'innocent-type-of-kid'

The motive?
Pure criminal (somehow I thanked God because of it).
The suspect was hanging around Balhut after commited a robbery in FE in the early morning of that day, and he was also JUST got out from the prison only 2 days before, so he was like running out of money. He intended to rob anyone passing by alone (which unfortunately my dear friend did) and BAM... it happened.

The details? This is what I got from the pre-reconstruction, he met Daliu, he asked for Rp 10.000, Dal said no, and then he asked again, and Dal once again said no, and then he pushed Dal, grabbed his bag, Dal pushed him back and kept his bag with him, then they fought, he put out the knife (which by the way just only a screwdriver, big one), he stabbed Dal, first on the stomach, Dal black out and then fell, he fell also, and when Dal's trying to get up, he mistook it as another attempt to hit him so he practically stabbed Dal once again on the back (bastard!). Yes, Dal fell once again, lost so many blood, and during that moment, he opened up Dal's bag, took the wallet, took another money inside the bag (so he took more or less than Rp 400.000) and then ran away to the FISIP football field, acrossed Pintu Air, and take the bus.

Any other issues?
Uh-huh, the murderer ironically didn't realize that he had killed Dal until the day he got arrested. Ha-ha!

You see, he escaped and ran to Psr.Minggu, so he didn't actually tune on the news on TV. Unfortunately (or is it fortunate?), a month later, he came back to removed the weapon that he buried deep inside the forest (man, my language -_-;), and by the exact moment, the police were patrolling in that area, so they met, said hi to each other, and he got arrested.

Where's the wallet?
He threw it to the lake near 'kawasan tanaman obat' along with the smaller knife (fyi, he always brought 2 weapons)

Interesting fact...
1. All the criminal suspect somehow returned to the TKP
2. They also had sumkinda nostalgical feeling about the weapon they used to commit the crime, so they intentionally kept the thing. For old times' sake, if I may say -_- (go to hell lah)
3. They usually didn't afraid to die, but scared of the possibility for being crippled. So when the gun was pointed on their leg, it usually works for the investigation.
4. The long-haired guy that me and most of my friends suspected months ago as the killer turned out to be just an ordinary person trying to report the crime.
5. I still underestimated the police, since they did nothing but wait for the news from my university's security, but I must admit, the cops do look great when they acted. Imagine, for whole month, they were EVERYWHERE, undercovered as begglar, preman, and pengemis2 ngga jelas berbadan sehat di sekitar hutan UI.
6. For security in my campus, there will be a strict-mechanism-door for small path that connecting UI and the area outside, such as KuTek, KuKel, baRel, and so on. The door will be opened at 5am and will be closed at 9pm. Personally, I didn't mind at all, as long as I could study at the safe place =(
7. The punishment for unintended murder act was approximately 15 years and minimally 12 years.
Lucu juga waktu nanya yang ini =)
Syn : "Hukuman maksimalnya berapa tahun, Pak?"
Pak Acik : "Yaah, 15 tahunlah"
Pak Donny : "Tapi sesuai dengan keinginan Syntia deh, kalo Syntia mintanya mati ya kita bikin mati."
Syn : "Wah, tanya temen2 dulu ya, Pak. Tapi kayanya sih mati kalo nanya mereka."
and we're all laughed, but I secretly wanted it to happen. Bad me!

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