Monday, May 2, 2005


Kemaren baru nonton the Biography of Stalin and Hitler - The Root of Evil, and that show made me wonder..

They're just unlucky child with an unlucky family to be born with, and with a bad past, and BAM, what a history they created..

Not that I'm their fans or anything -.-;

Yeah, and the most stunning thing about the show was... the way Stalin made a second death to all of his opponents..

He practically erased them from the history, once and for all... Stalin didn't leave anything memorable after he killed his opponents, all the pictures and photos were banished, and the followers of Stalin just removed all the evidents that his enemies were once alive..

What a sick bastard!

Imagine if you're happened to be a member of Stalin's opponents' families and you have no (I repeat, no) trace, not even a single thing, to remind you to them... aga-aga parah..

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