Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Tatto and all new thingy

Already boring with my campus life, oh-I-have-nothing-to-do-in-here... so I decided to (again) take a pee at deviantArt... and I soon got excited >_< Waw, they even have tatoo design!

Speaking of which, once upon a time I remembered I had this weird conversation with my friend about tattoing myself. He didn't really agree with the idea and well... honestly speaking, I'm quite scared of having the idea about it myself.. but I can't help it, tatoo sounds cool.. hehehe..

And if you ask me where should I put the tatoo (if there's any chance), ehem...unlike my pervert friend (mention above) who suggest to put it below the hip at the center of your back (yah, you know lah).. I actually prefer the Sanchai-type =P
Between my thumb and my forefinger but not on my palm. (Wadooh, bahasa Inggrisnya punggung tangan apaan sih??)

Got the image? Good!

Isn't that cool? Wuuoooo >_< *mupeng mode on*

And then, I picked some of those tatoo design which I'd love to put it on my hand, here they are...

Image hosted by Image hosted by

And if I had a chance to put it at where my previous friends suggested, it'll be these kinda tatoos, just pick one...
Image hosted by

HEY HEY... whay do you think of this?? i like it actually...really RED...huehehehe..
Image hosted by

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