Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Movie Freak

Kemaren saking bosennya ndak ada kerjaan, akhirnya sayah memaksa Tjepo untuk nomat and got a treat =D And the lucky movie was Mr. n Mrs.Smith.

Honestly speaking, this movie didn't actually come up with a great plot whatsoever, it was quite predictable, but the lil scenes and dialogue turned out to be hillarious =D

Ooooh, you know how I love the marriage idea without actually wanting one, SO this one gave me another view of marriage =D

They're literally killing and shooting against each other =D And those Pitt-Jolie pairing was so damn HOT, ladies and gentleman, kinda wished they're together >_<

Yah, overally filmnya lumayan =) Looking forward to Harry Potter IV, Fantastic Four (the trailer was promising =P wakakakaka, I'm one of those trailer freak!), Ungu Violet, and yah..Batman sih (didn't really interested, anyway)


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