Tuesday, June 14, 2005

In Hurry

I made myself write this post as soon as possible. I should've learn sumtin about OSK and yet I still eager to tell you what's really goin on inside my head...

Guys, lately I found out that I frequently TALKING TO MYSELF!!!

That's horrible, even when I walked alone on the way to campus, I would started saying things like, "How do you spell a refrigerator?" and then I would answered (God, I answered my own question, LITERALLY, for the sake of speaking!) by, "I think it's a refrigerator. Why?". "Well, because it sounds a lil British and surely you knew how I love the British sounds, rite?". "Yeah, kinda..."

See? And the dialogue would continue on and on till I arrived at Fasilkom.

I took it as a mental sign, a vital one! Help!!! I don't want people to start seeing me as if I'm a nuts =(

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