Wednesday, June 22, 2005


This is exactly what happened when you have nothing to do a.k.a bored to death while your friends were doing the exam =)

Taking up all quizzes =D

So far, the results are:
- i'm a fun flirty kisser
- my IQ is 100 (is it good or is it bad?)
- my inner european is Russian
- i should've born under the dog year
- my biggest sin is ENVY
- i like the sweet and shy guy -___-;;
- my jap name is Akako Inokuma
- I am devilish kinda girl

to be continued..

- i am somewhat honest
- people see me as a slow and steady person
- i'm an experimenting thinking style
- my summer love type is open and free
- my music taste is adult alternative (whatever that means)
- i am 50% left brained, 50% right brained (yea!)
- right now i'm in the decent mood (Some ups, some downs, but overall i'm coming out ahead.)
- my EQ is 153 (waw!)

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